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This Lara Croft GO Strategy Guide includes both video and text walkthroughs with annotated screenshots. Scroll down to choose video or screenshots for each level. Or check out this YouTube Playlist for the complete video walkthrough.


Controls: Swipe or click your mouse and drag in the direction you want Lara to move. Tap or click on objects to use or break them. If you're using a controller, move Lara by pushing the left stick in the direction you want her to go. Easy peasy. Other controls and movable objects are covered in the walkthroughs for the levels where they first appear. There are also plentiful on-screen button prompts.

To reload a checkpoint, tap/click on the diamond icon in the lower left corner. Then tap/click the top left icon, which looks like a "rewind" arrow. To exit to the main menu ring, tap/click the diamond icon in the lower left corner then the middle left icon, which looks like a back arrow. If you're using a controller, press Start/Options to open the pause menu. Then choose 'Restart' to attempt the current puzzle again or 'Quit' to get back to the main menu.

The unlockable outfits are shown on a separate outfits page. To change outfits, while in the main menu ring, swipe/click and drag to rotate the menu items until the watch (labeled "Outfits") is visible. Tap/click it to examine and equip any outfits you've unlocked.

Follow this link for details on all Lara Croft GO Achievements and Trophies.

Download the Lara Croft GO original soundtrack free from Crystal Dynamics' SoundCloud.


Relic: The Gilded Skull (4 fragments)
Relic Unlocks: Bomber Jacket Outfit
Gems: Quartz (6 pieces)*

1: A Forgotten Path - video | screenshots

2: A Sleepy Cave - video | screenshots

3: A Ruined Route - video | screenshots

4: A Clever Climb - video | screenshots

5: A Key to an Unknown Gate - video | screenshots


Relic: The Twin Snakes (10 fragments)
Relic Unlocks: Area 51 Outfit
Gems: Emerald (19 pieces)*

1: The Swamp of Fangs - video | screenshots

2: Snake Pit - video | screenshots

3: The Bridge of Many Sides - video | screenshots

4: The Tower of Blades - video | screenshots

5: Scaling by Danger - video | screenshots

6: The Canyon of a Thousand Snakes - video | screenshots

7: Dodging a Fang - video | screenshots

8: One Deadly Step - video | screenshots

9: Cold-Blooded Cliff - video | screenshots

10: The Key of Stones - video | screenshots

11: Return to the Gate - video | screenshots


Relic: The Frozen Spider (12 fragments)
Relic Unlocks: Antarctica Outfit
Gems: Sapphire (32 pieces)*

1: Through the Web - video | screenshots

2: Down a Spider's Leg - video | screenshots

3: The Terrace of Forked Tongues - video | screenshots

4: Blades of Prey - video | screenshots

5: Pushing Right Back - video |screenshots

6: The Dam's Edge - video | screenshots

7: The Temple of the Wise - video | screenshots

8: The Balcony of Stone - video | screenshots

9: The Chamber of Balance - video | screenshots

10: A Narrow Escape - video | screenshots

11: Rolling On - video |screenshots

12: The Key of Spirits - video | screenshots

13: Through the Gate - video |screenshots


Relic: The Blood Salamander (7 fragments)
Relic Unlocks: Wetsuit Outfit
Gems: Ruby (17 pieces)*

1: The Lowest Point - video |screenshots

2: The Doorstep of Spirits - video | screenshots

3: The Cliffs of Fire - video | screenshots

4: A Well-Placed Arrow - video | screenshots

5: Using the Trap - video* | screenshots

6: The Wall of Blades - video | screenshots

7: The Throne of the Ancients - video | screenshots

8: The Queen of Venom - video | screenshots

9: The Atlas of Beyond - video | screenshots

*My original solution for the second puzzle in the level Using the Trap does not work in the PS4/Vita and Steam versions. This video shows an alternative strategy.


Relic: The Necklace of Dreams (3 fragments)
Relic Unlocks: Catsuit Outfit
Gems: Topaz (7 pieces)*

1: A Closing Door - video | screenshots

2: One Last Challenge - video | screenshots

3: A Bridge to Daylight - video | screenshots


Relic: Sacred Beetle (11 fragments)
Relic Unlocks: Angel of Darkness Outfit
Gems: Obsidian (13 pieces)*

1: A New Adventure - video | screenshots

2: Fields of Lava - video | screenshots

3: Help from an Enemy - video | screenshots

4: The Burnt Tree - video | screenshots

5: A Restless Chase - video | screenshots

6: A Slow Ascent - video | screenshots

7: Twilight Below - video | screenshots

8: A Crystal Cavern - video | screenshots

9: Deadly Steps - video | screenshots

10: The Wreathing Depths - video | screenshots

11: Core of the Mountain - video | screenshots


Relic: Eye of the Abyss (10 fragments)
Relic Unlocks: Spirit Lara Outfit
Gems: Crystals (14 pieces)*

The Mirror of Spirts expansion was first released in conjunction with Lara Croft GO's launch on PlayStation 4 and Vita. These free bonus levels are now available on Steam, iOS and Android as well.

1: The Croft Trophy Room - video | screenshots

2: The Cellar- video | screenshots

3: The Foyer- video | screenshots

4: The Great Hall - video | screenshots

5: The Library - video | screenshots

6: The Chapel - video | screenshots

7: The Tower - video | screenshots

8: The Ballroom - video | screenshots

9: The Gallery - video | screenshots

10: The Attic - video | screenshots

11: The Void - video | screenshots

*Finding all gems in all chapters unlocks the Midas Lara outfit.

Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen
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UPDATE HISTORY: 8/28/15 - 9/17/15 - Walkthrough begun. Links added as each level is completed.
9/6/15 - Began adding videos for completed levels.
9/10 and 9/14/15 - Added general tips section and later modified it to include mouse as well as touchscreen controls.
2/16/15 - Added link to Roli's Shard of Life walkthrough.
12/13/16 - Added link to Treeble's Mirror of Spirits walkthrough.
3/19/17 - Finally added Shard of Life levels.
4/1/17 - Added Mirror of Spirits levels.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to Treeble and Roli for lending their videos and puzzle-solving expertise to this walkthrough. Thanks also to Eldin for the PS4 controls, and to Rident for treating me to the Steam game so I could play the Mirror of Spirits expansion. You guys are the best!

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