Have I helped you with a Tomb Raider dilemma? Did you download a game demo, patch, or save file? Would you like me to continue to offer top-notch walkthroughs and personal assistance as I have done for the past 20+ years? If so, I'd be grateful for your help in return. Buy me a cup of coffee, send me a hot Tomb Raider tip, or donate a prize for my annual charity raffle. This site is my job as well as my passion, and your support means everything to me.

$3, $10, whatever you can afford. 'Official' strategy guides and hint books can cost $20 or more, and half the time they don't even tell you what you need to know. My walkthroughs are right here with the info you need 24/7. And, unlike those guidebooks, I'll personally answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability. That's a much better deal, isn't it?


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Donate Prizes. If you're a Tomb Raider collector, consider donating items you no longer need to our Extra Life charity prize raffle. See the Extra Life FAQ on my blog for details about this annual event benefitting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and contact me if you want to help.

If you're a webmaster looking for a dedicated server, managed VPS, or WordPress hosting, check out Liquid Web, our host with the most. They may be able to meet your needs, and I'll get a referral fee.

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