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LARA CROFT GO Unlockable Outfits/Skins

Updated: 4/8/17()

There are 12 outfits available in Lara Croft GO. The Classic and Core Classic outfits are available at the start. The next 7 outfits are unlocked by completing the relics in each chapter. See the table below, along with the overview page and walkthroughs for details. The Square Enix Universe Outfit Pack includes the Hitman, Deus Ex, and Just Cause outfits. This pack is $1.99 on iOS/Android and included free in the Steam and PS4/Vita games.

Lara Croft GO default outfit
Default Outfit

Lara Croft GO Core Classic outfit
Core Classic
Alternate Default

Lara Croft GO Bomber Jacket outfit
Bomber Jacket
The Entrance
Gilded Skull Relic

Lara Croft GO Area 51 outfit
Area 51
Maze of Snakes
Twin Snakes Relic

Lara Croft GO Antarctica outfit
Maze of Stones
Frozen Spider Relic

Lara Croft GO Wetsuit outfit
Maze of Spirits
Blood Salamander Relic

Lara Croft GO Catsuit outfit
The Escape
Necklace of Dreams Relic

Lara Croft GO Midas Lara outfit
Midas Lara
Cave of Fire
Sacred Beetle Relic

Lara Croft GO Spirit Lara outfit
Spirit Lara
Mirror of Spirits
Eye of the Abyss Relic

Lara Croft GO Hitman outfit
Square Enix Universe
Outfit Pack

Lara Croft GO Deus Ex outfit
Deus Ex
Square Enix Universe
Outfit Pack

Lara Croft GO Just Cause outfit
Just Cause
Square Enix Universe
Outfit Pack

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