Cambodia (Training)

Level 1: Angkor Wat

Level 2: Race for the Iris

Tomb Raider 4 screenshot

Valley of the Kings

Level 3: The Tomb of Seth

Level 4: Burial Chambers

Level 5: Valley of the Kings

Level 6: KV5

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Level 7A: Temple of Karnak (first visit)

Level 8A: Great Hypostyle Hall (first visit)

Level 9: Sacred Lake (first visit)

Level 7B: Temple of Karnak (second visit)

Level 8B: Great Hypostyle Hall (second visit)

Level 9B: Sacred Lake (second visit)

Level 10: Tomb of Semerkhet

Level 11: Guardian of Semerkhet

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Eastern Desert

Level 12: Desert Railroad


Alexandria Overview

Level 13: Alexandria

Level 14A: Coastal Ruins (first visit)

Level 15: Catacombs

Level 16: Temple of Poseidon

Level 17: The Lost Library

Level 18: Hall of Demetrius

Level 14B: Coastal Ruins (revisit)

Level 19: Pharos, Temple of Isis

Level 20: Cleopatra's Palaces

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Cairo Overview

Level 21A: City of the Dead (first visit)

Level 22A: Chambers of Tulun (first visit)

Level 23: Citadel Gate

Level 24A: Trenches (first visit)

Level 22B: Chambers of Tulun (revisit)

Level 21B: City of the Dead (revisit)

Level 24B: Trenches (revisit)

Level 25: Street Bazaar

Level 26: Citadel

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Level 27: Sphinx Complex

Level 28: Underneath the Sphinx

Level 29: Menkaure's Pyramid

Level 30: Inside Menkaure's Pyramid

Level 31: The Mastabas

Level 32: The Great Pyramid

Level 33: Khufu's Queen's Pyramids

Level 34: Inside the Great Pyramid

Level 35: Temple of Horus

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BONUS: Times Exclusive Level

Tomb Raider Times Exclusive Level

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