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Kills:Items: 14  Secrets: 4*

TOMB ENTRANCE: Lara drives into the tomb close behind Von Croy's henchman, the guide Ahmed. As you approach, his Land Rover takes off up the slope to the left. (screenshot) Before going after him, hop out of the Jeep (Jump + Left on keyboard or Circle on the PS1) in this first small room with the rectangular block in the middle. Pick up a large medipack and 2 boxes of wideshot shells in the southeast corner. (screenshot) Then get back in the Jeep and drive up the steep ramp to an open area with huge, seated statues along one side. Pass by the statues and drive through the opening in the rocks ahead. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you need help driving the Jeep, see the TR4 controls page. It is possible to explore the entire level on foot. However, you must have the Jeep in order to get up the ramp at the end of the level. So you might as well drive the whole way.

FIRST OPEN AREA WITH SCAFFOLDING: There's a blue-robed gunman up on some scaffolding in the next area. Accelerate toward him, smashing through the support poles to dump him on the ground. Then make a tight right turn to circle around the large pile of greenish sand in the middle of the clearing. Ride along the sloping side of the sand pile to avoid sliding into the spike pit next to it. Circle back and run into the gunman from behind. (screenshots)

Now head for the opening in the rocks to the southeast (i.e., farthest from where you entered this area). Before going through, stop the Jeep on a flat spot and get out. Climb onto the block just to the right of the opening and crawl into the low tunnel for SECRET #1 (22/70), a large medipack. Return to the Jeep and drive through the stone arch into the next area. (screenshots)

EXCAVATION SITE WITH SCAFFOLDING AND GATE: Turn left into the alley between the two buildings. Drive along the left wall to knock the scaffolding out from underneath another mercenary. Then make a tight circle to the right to swing back around and run him over. (screenshots)

Get out of the vehicle. Note the closed gate at the end of the alley. You'll need to open it. First get the large medipack in the small, raised alcove to the left of the gate. There are also several pick-ups behind the scaffolding on the right side of the gate. To get them, start by climbing up through the opening near the middle of the scaffolding on the south wall. Turn left, run to the end, and pick up a box of shotgun shells. (screenshots)

Now turn around, equip that shotgun, and run to the other end of the scaffolding. Turn left at the corner, step forward toward the wooden block to trigger the appearance of another mercenary. Hop back, wait for him to climb onto the block, then shoot him twice. Climb over the wooden block and drop through the hole in the scaffolding on the other side. This is SECRET #2 (23/70). Roll and run along under the scaffolding. At the far end, near the gate, pick up small and large medipacks. (screenshots)

Return to the other end of the scaffolding, where you dropped down, and climb back onto the middle level. Climb/jump onto the wooden block. Then either jump past the corner to land on the upper level of the scaffolding, or drop down to the middle level and climb up from there. Notice the yellow switch on the side of the building to the north, and the dangling rope between the two buildings. That's where you're headed, but first grab the large medipack in the alcove about halfway along the wall on this side. Now turn around and take a running jump to grab the rope. Swing across the gap and jump onto the scaffolding on the opposite side. Position Lara directly under the switch with her chest against the wall. Jump straight up and hold Action to grab the switch and pull it down, opening the gate below. Safety drop to the ground. (screenshots)

Run through the open gate to a rectangular area with large, reddish stone pillars. Two of the raised alcoves contain items: a large medipack in the one to the left of the door, Uzi clips in the middle one on the right. (screenshots)

RAMP WITH SPIKE CLUSTERS: Return to the Jeep and drive through the open gate and up the ramp. Three clusters of spikes drop from openings in the ceiling above the ramp and roll down. You can swerve around them by starting the run on the left side, then moving to the right, and then back to the left as each spiked ball passes. Stop the Jeep at the top of the ramp and get out. If you overshoot the top of the ramp, don't worry. You can park the Jeep in the flat area below, get out, and jump up the slope on the left side. (screenshots)

Walk down to the first square opening in the ceiling (where one of the spiked balls came from). Stand beneath the opening facing downhill and jump forward to grab the climbable wall inside the opening. Climb almost to the top then press Jump to backflip onto the ledge behind. This is SECRET #3 (24/70). Turn around and pick up a box of normal grenades. Safety drop down and return to the Jeep. (screenshots)

NOTE: You can do this entire sequence on foot, but you may want to drive the Jeep through the gate before getting out and running up the ramp with the spike clusters. It is possible to go back for the Jeep after the spike clusters roll, since Lara can take a running jump to squeeze between the spikes after they come to rest near the gate (screenshot), but she will take some damage driving the Jeep through the spikes. (screenshot)

CANYON WITH DEADLY PITS: Drive on carefully to avoid the deep pit on the right at the bottom of the slope. When you come to the area where you have to make a U-turn between two pits, get out and investigate the large, L-shaped one. There's a climbable surface on the pit's south wall and a secret in the little crawlspace near the bottom, just above the spikes. To get there, stand at the top of the climbable wall, facing away from the pit, and then drop back and grab the edge. Climb down until Lara's hands are at the top edge of the crawlspace and her feet are dangling free. Release Action and then quickly press it again to grab the bottom edge of the opening. Before Lara can pull her legs up onto the wall, press Duck/Crouch and Forward/Up to pull up into the crawlspace. Inside you'll find SECRET #4 (25/70), wideshot shells and crossbow ammo. (You'll receive the weapon a bit later on.) Back out of the crawlspace, taking care not to let go of the climbable wall and fall into the spikes. Climb to the right then up to the top. (screenshots)

Return to the Jeep and continue down the hill to the north. At the bottom, drive carefully around the left side of another spike pit. (screenshot)

NOTE: Here you'll notice an opening in the left wall. There's nothing inside. It's there to allow players to return to the upper area on foot if they accidentally leave the Jeep behind. More on that at the end of the walkthrough.

Stay near the middle as you drive up the next slope. There are two more spike pits just ahead. Drive carefully between them. (screenshot) Just before the canyon dead-ends, there's a ramp leading up to the left. (screenshot) Drive up it and through the stone archway.

GREEN SANDY AREA AND LEVEL EXIT: Drive straight ahead (i.e., northward) over the dunes. Watch out for the spike pit on the right just beyond the first dune, and another pit on the left just beyond the second dune. After cresting the third dune, turn left (west) and follow the rock wall, keeping it on your right. There's one more pit on the other side of the next hill. Stay to the right to clear it and continue toward the stele with scaffolding supporting another mercenary. You can get out of the Jeep to kill him or just drive around the base of the stele a few times to knock the scaffolding down and run him over. (screenshots)

Drive southward away from the stele, keeping the rock wall on your right. Near the end of the rock wall, in the southwest corner of the area, you'll see a dark opening with carvings around it. Drive in to end the level. (screenshots)

NOTE: It is not possible to climb the last steep hill without the Jeep. If you left it behind, you can go back to retrieve it on foot—and/or pick up any secrets you may have missed. Follow this link for details and screenshots. Or, to save time, you can download a PC/Mac save file or use the level-skip cheat to move on. Since you're already at the end of the level, and there are no crucial puzzle items in this level, cheating shouldn't cause any problems.

CINEMATIC: Lara races through the desert in the Jeep. She reaches the Nile only to find that Von Croy's men have set up a blockade at the ferry landing. Amid a hail of gunfire, she runs the blockade and jumps the Jeep onto the boat. Pigs and chickens everywhere! As the ferry pulls away from the dock, Von Croy arrives in a shiny, black car and berates his men for letting Lara get away. Fade to black.

Some time later, Lara arrives at the home of her old friend Jean-Yves. Greetings are exchanged. She shows him the amulet and explains that Von Croy is after it. Jean-Yves tells Lara of the prophecy surrounding the release of the evil god, Seth. The dialogue is covered on the separate Cinematics page.

*NOTE ON SECRETS: There are 70 secrets in the entire game. These are marked "(x/70)" in this walkthrough. To check your progress in-game, press Pause (P on keyboard, Start on PlayStation or Dreamcast controller) then choose Statistics. At the end of this level, you should have 25/70.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 3/4/00 - Added notes on going back for the Jeep on foot if necessary.
5/5/19 - First major update since this walkthrough was created in 1999. This revision includes many new screenshots as well as various other corrections and clarifications.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to the participants in the newsgroup and the old forum, without whom parts of this walkthrough could not have been written. Thanks also to George G., Ian J., Jens V., Louise K., and Sharon E. for their help on this level.

FYI: KV5 is a subterranean tomb carved into the rock in the Valley of the Kings. It is the largest tomb complex that has been found in Egypt and was built to house the tombs of many sons and daughters of the great pharaoh Rameses II. For more information, visit Tomb Raider Horizons.

The character Jean-Yves is very loosely based on real-life archaeologist Jean-Yves Emperereur. For more information about the man, his work, and his complaint against Eidos Interactive, check out Tomb Raider Horizons' article, Jean-Yves Empereur: A Career In Ruins.

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