Tomb Raider 4 Cutscene Transcripts - Valley of Kings

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Only the cutscenes with dialogue have been transcribed here. All of the cinematics are included in GoldfishGam3r's HD TR4 cinematics on YouTube. The 'video' links below point to the relevant section of GG's video.


Lara emerges from the ruins and takes the Amulet of Horus from her backpack. She begins to read the inscription aloud.

Lara: I, Semerkhet, High Priest of Horus, forewarn....

As she continues, Lara's voice fades into the priest's.

Semerkhet: ...that he who removes the amulet shall have released Seth. He who walked abroad with the jackal at the dawn of man shall once again violate the earth.

We flash back to ancient events: The gods Seth and Horus...the human priest Semerkhet...Set being entombed in a sarcophagus lined with spikes.

Semerkhet: Seth, ruler of evil, will again be free at the turn of a distant millennia [sic]. At his heel, plagues of locusts....

The scene shifts back to Lara kneeling in the desert, still reading from the amulet. As the incantation nears its end, the skies darken with roiling clouds.

Lara: Harvests fail under the broken skies.

The guide approaches silently and cocks a pistol at Lara's temple.

Lara: My trusty companion returns.

Ahmed: The amulet, woman!

Lara, not easily frightened, continues reading the inscription aloud.

Lara: Once called forth shall the heavens split asunder and the light of the sun god, Horus, banish the lord of darkness, Seth.

As she speaks the evil god's name, a lightning bolt strikes the nearby tomb entrance, scattering rubble everywhere, knocking the guide off his feet, and giving Lara time to go for her weapons. Ahmed struggles to sit up and locate his gun, but Lara manages to get the drop on him.

Lara: I wouldn't advise it.

We then hear an auto horn as a Land Rover, driven by another of Von Croy's henchmen, arrives on the scene. The shockwave from the explosion spreads outward toward the vehicle, and we fade to black.

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LEVEL 6: KV5 [video]

Lara races through the desert in the Jeep. She reaches the Nile only to find that Von Croy's men have set up a blockade at the ferry landing. Amid a hail of gunfire, she runs the blockade and jumps the Jeep onto the boat. Pigs and chickens everywhere!

As the ferry pulls away from the dock, Von Croy arrives in a shiny, black car and berates his men for letting Lara get away.

Von Croy: Fools! The Croft woman has outsmarted you, ja? And now she escapes!

Ahmed: The amulet, Herr Von Croy, it talks of the priest Semerkhet.

The camera shifts to the ferry motoring away and we hear a disembodied voice intone, Semerkhet....

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KV5 Second FMV [video]

Some time later, Lara arrives at the home of her old friend Jean-Yves. She enters and they embrace.

Jean-Yves: Mon Dieu, Lara!?

Lara: Jean-Yves, my faithful friend.

Jean-Yves: I fear this is not a social visit?

She moves away from him and peers out the window into the darkness.

Lara: Only if you want Von Croy gatecrashing the party.

Jean-Yves: Van Croy?

She shows him the amulet, now wrapped in a piece of cloth.

Lara: I think he was looking for this.

Jean-Yves: The Amulet of Horus, an almost legendary artifact. So you have found and opened the tomb of Seth. This doesn't bode well.

He crossed the room and turns on a light, revealing an ancient manuscript arranged on a desk.

Jean-Yves: Translating from the Hebrew, "He who removes the amulet shall once more release the dark power of Seth. And Seth sayeth: 'I am the shadow across the sun. I am the bringer of plagues. My wrath will consume all lands and shall be ceaseless.'"

As Jean-Yves continues reading aloud, we again hear the voice of the ancient priest, and we see visions of fire, smoke, and a ruined temple.

Semerkhet: The power to summon the sun god, Horus to rebind the evil Seth shall only be revealed to the bearer of the amulet within the temple of Semerkhet at Karnak.

Lara's vision of the temple is replaced by a framed picture of that same temple on Jean-Yves's wall.

Jean-Yves: The ceremony is complete as the Armor of Horus summons the sun god.

He continues speaking as he prepares dinner.

Jean-Yves: The armor of Horus. At the dig site in Alexandria, my men talk fearfully of this.

Lara: The armor must also be Van Croy's goal.

Jean-Yves: Only one so ignorant of the prophecies would dabble with such a prehistoric evil.

Although he clearly meant Von Croy, Lara scowls, knowing that she was the one to inadvertently release Seth.

Jean-Yves: Ah yes, releasing Seth. But how could you have known, my dear?

Lara: Time to put things right and remove the thorn in my side in the process.

She leaves her friend's house and immediately sets off for Karnak.

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