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Only the cutscenes with dialogue have been transcribed here. All of the cinematics are included in GoldfishGam3r's HD TR4 cinematics on YouTube. The 'video' links below point to the relevant section of GG's video.

LEVEL 27: SPHINX COMPLEX (mid-level cutscene) [video]

Lara kneels near the monument in front of the Sphinx and examines it closely. She then reads parts of the inscription aloud.

Lara: The inscription reads, "One dreaming...came to me...the spirit of the sphinx. In his passing, he spoke unto me words of great wisdom. 'Thutmosis, here is your true destiny: This land of Egypt is forever yours to rule. In return, protect me always from the sands of time. As you are, I must be free from head to toe. So that we both may see the divine beauty of creation.'"

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LEVEL 29: MENKAURE'S PYRAMID (mid-level cutscene) [video]

If you succeed in saving the guard from the giant scorpion, you'll see this cutscene. Lara receives the GUARD'S KEYS even if he dies, but if you manage to save him, you'll also get the ARMOURY KEY, which will enable you to obtain the secret in the KHUFU'S QUEEN'S PYRAMID level.

In the cutscene, the scorpion flings the guard against the wall. Then Lara finishes off the huge creature with her pistols. She kneels by the injured guard.

Guard: Allah be praised! For a moment, I thought I was dead for sure. Please, for your own safety, take these keys and hide in the pyramid of Menkaure. Save yourself from these abominations!

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LEVEL 35: TEMPLE OF HORUS (mid-level cutscene and FMV) [video]

Cutscene: After you place the Holy Scriptures on the pedestals and approach the statue of Horus, Lara arranges the armor on the statue and places the amulet on its chest.

FMV sequence: High in the heavens sparkling light coalesces into a shining falcon, which dives through space into the pyramid. It smashes into the statue, bringing the god into physical form. Then, outside, a swarm of locusts gathers and speeds toward the pyramid. The insects penetrate the tunnels and surround Horus. The god then explodes, his energy scattered. Lara is blown off her feet, and the amulet flies through the air landing in the water nearby. Seth now appears in Horus's place.

Set: My weakened cousin is once again returned to the stars. It is I who shall rule over this world once more. Come forth and kneel and bow before your god before he extinguishes your worthless life.

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LEVEL 35: TEMPLE OF HORUS (final FMV) [video]

Moonset and sunrise in the desert near the pyramids. Lara, out of breath and limping, makes her way toward the exit as the tomb crumbles. A shadow passes across the sunlit doorway. Lara looks up and sees Von Croy. She draws back instinctively. As he motions for her to hurry, we see he's once again wearing glasses and his eyes no longer glow.

Von Croy: Quickly girl, before it collapses around you!

She is knocked back as a tremor rocks the tomb.

Lara: You back, Werner? No more Seth?

Von Croy: No time! Your hand, Lara. Give me your hand!

Lara dashes for the opening and just manages to catch onto a ledge as a the floor falls away beneath her.

Von Croy: Take my hands. I can pull you to safety!

Lara: Good to see you again, Werner.

Von Croy: I couldn't leave you!

But before he can reach her, the doorway collapses, bits of rock flying everywhere. Von Croy manages to get to safety, but Lara is sealed inside the tomb. He turns and looks back toward the temple, removes his hat, and bows his head.

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