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Only the cutscenes with dialogue have been transcribed here. All of the cinematics are included in GoldfishGam3r's HD TR4 cinematics on YouTube. The 'video' links below point to the relevant section of GG's video.

LEVEL 9A: SACRED LAKE (second visit) [video]

Having opened the door using the AMULET OF HORUS, Lara enters the tomb cautiously. She peers ahead into the darkness, noticing a wall decoration perhaps depicting a priest of Anubis, the jackal-headed god of embalming, standing over a mummy. Lara is surprised to see two glowing reddish-yellow eyes glaring from within the cave. Her fingers move toward her pistol, but she hesitates. Then the eyes, apparently not interested in her, turn away. Before she can decide what to do, she hears a sound in the doorway.

Von Croy: Miss Croft!

Lara turns to see Von Croy's outstretched cane.

Lara (under her breath): Von Croy.

Von Croy: You sound concerned, my dear. Have you misplaced something?

We see the amulet in the receptacle beside the door. Von Croy stands nearby, using the doorway to shield himself from Lara's view.

Lara: Nothing I shan't be retrieving at a later date, liebe.

Von Croy: You know how I admire your perseverance, but I fear this time you may be testing it to would you say...maximum?

Lara: Always griping, Werner. If it's the leg causing all this resentment, I seem to remember that being down to your affinity with pulling hazardous levers.

Von Croy: Enough of this tedious banter, Miss Croft. It is time for you to realize.... Miss Croft?

Lara draws and fires at him, and he ducks back behind the doorway.

Von Croy: Now let us review your sprinting skills.

He removes the amulet and the door begins to close. Lara runs for the opening but isn't able to reach it in time, and she is sealed inside the tomb.

Outside Von Croy raises the amulet to examine it, and all hell breaks loose, so to speak. The clouds above begin to churn, and we see the faint outline of the red-eyed creature—Seth himself?—overlaid upon one of the statues.

NOTE: This cinematic is cut off a few seconds early in the PlayStation version. If you want to see the full version, check out GoldfishGam3r's HD cutscene video on YouTube.

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Lara enters the tomb, switches on her flashlight, and begins to read the hieroglyphs. As she speaks, the scene shifts to the masked priest, Semerkhet, and his voice fades in over Lara's.

Lara: For I have served the god of light, Horus, at the time of plagues. To read this inscription means that....

Semerkhet: ...the ruler of darkness is free. Seth is released to walk abroad amongst the mortals, enlisting his armies of the night to serve him. He who removes the amulet and releases the dark power of Seth shall summon the Sun god, Horus, for whom the power of light will again imprison him.

We see Seth and his skeleton minions unleashed, Horus seated, and Seth's undead army rising from flames into battle. Then Semerkhet reading from a scroll.

Semerkhet: By the power of the amulet and armor of Horus shall Seth, the ever-living, be confined for all eternity.

As Semerkhet speaks, the amulet is placed on Seth's chest and he is bound by a helix of golden light. We then see Horus surrounded by bowing worshippers...stars spinning, and the constellation of the hawk outlined and animated...light pouring down onto the armor of Horus, animating the god.

Semerkhet: Summon the light of Horus through the light of the millennial constellations into his temple beneath the ageless pyramid, into his likeness set in stone. With his amulet and his armor, he is once more poised to battle and defeat Seth.

Lara stops reading. She hears a noise in the doorway and turns toward it.

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Lara emerges from the tomb to find the ex-guide guarding the exit. She draws her guns.

Lara: Hands on your head. Take me to Von Croy.

Their attention is drawn to a helicopter taking off.

Lara: Where's he headed?

Ahmed: You waste your time.

Lara: This attitude problem! You people need to learn some manners. Tell me now, or you've just run out of time.

With both Lara's pistols pointed at his head, the guide relents.

Ahmed: Alexandria.

Apparently that's enough to keep Lara from killing him. Instead she simply whacks him hard with the butt of her pistol. She takes his robes and, in this disguise, makes her way down to the waiting train. She climbs into an empty boxcar and whips off the red robe.

Lara: Your work force is about to be delayed.

Meanwhile, back inside the tomb, the naked guide encounters the evil god. His screams fade into the whistle of the locomotive.

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