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Only the cutscenes with dialogue have been transcribed here. All of the cinematics are included in GoldfishGam3r's HD TR4 cinematics on YouTube. The 'video' links below point to the relevant section of GG's video.

LEVEL 23: CITADEL GATE (first cutscene) [video]

Lara comes upon Sergeant Aziza sitting on a low wall. He is clearly quite badly injured. She kneels beside him and tries to make him more comfortable.

Aziza: What in God's name has happened here? Where are the rest of my men?

Lara: I banged into a couple of them. They appear to have sealed off all the exits.

Aziza: Yes, yes. This, this is good. You must help us liberate the city.

Lara: I'm just here for directions. I need a route to the Citadel.

Aziza: This is not so good. This is where the main activity takes place.

Lara: Activity?

Aziza: We encountered it as the skies began to darken. A creature from our ancient past. It tore through my men like a firestorm. I managed to station an ammunition truck before the beast. Had a mind to ignite the explosive device in the area, but with renewed vigor it forced us back. It was as if it knew of our plans.

Lara: Beast or no beast, Sarge, I've got to get into that building.

Aziza: You have spirit. Perhaps.... As we retreated we have mined some of the streets to prevent contamination. Two of my men are still in the area out by the northern cemetery. One of them holds the frequency for the mine detector. The other holds the second half of the code for the explosive device.

Lara: And if I find them?

Aziza: Tell them Sergeant Aziza sent you. I heard your motorbike. Once you have the codes, take me on it to the ammunition truck. I shall eradicate the blockage. But hurry. I am not long of this world.

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LEVEL 23: CITADEL GATE (mid-level) [video]

When Lara returns to Sergeant Aziza after obtaining the Nitrous Oxide Canister but before returning to the CHAMBERS OF TULUN, he gives her a pep talk.

Aziza: Your bike will need modifications to clear some of the larger obstacles. Nitrous oxide connected to the carburetor should give you the extra punch. Go! Bring me the codes!

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LEVEL 25: STREET BAZAAR (first cutscene) [video]

Lara approaches the dying soldier in the garage. Startled, they both draw their weapons.

Lara: Put your gun away. Aziza sent me.

Soldier: Help me, Englisher. I bleed to death. I tried to hide, but those things smell the blood on me.

Lara: I've come for the mine frequency. I need to get back to Aziza through this rabbit warren with both legs intact.

Soldier: I do a good job with the mines. Ah, not that it does us any good. We are all dead or are dying.

He tosses the mine detonator to the floor near where Lara is standing.

Lara: Where are the rest of you? I need the explosive codes.

Soldier: Saida, my colleague, lies across the roof bridge in the mosque. As we retreated, something new that we had not encountered before came from the shadows like lightning and took his head.

Lara: The codes?

Soldier: Inside his head! Inside the creature!

Lara: I need those codes!

Soldier: Search his body. I don't know. Leave me for now, for I am weak and wish to prepare myself for my God.

He rolls over, turning his back toward Lara.

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LEVEL 23: CITADEL GATE (end of level) [video]

This short revisit is included at the end of the STREET BAZAAR walkthrough.

Lara parks the motorcycle and hops up onto the ledge near the injured sergeant. Cut to the dragon, still defending the citadel entrance. Lara drives the motorcycle, with Aziza in the sidecar, into the area near the dragon. She hoists the sergeant onto the ledge near the munitions truck.

Aziza: You are a strong woman....

Lara: Lara. And you handled yourself pretty well, Sergeant. You've got the codes. What now?

He struggles to his feet, drawing his weapon and aiming at Lara as he backs toward the truck. She takes a defensive posture and glares at him—as much as she can glare with only three facial expressions.

Aziza: After all we've been through, I think not. This is merely insurance.

Lara: Against what?

Aziza: Against your stopping me from doing my duty. Someone needs to drive that truck in there.

Lara: Kamikaze.

Aziza: Whatever it takes for my country. In the next life, then, my friend.

He climbs into the truck. Lara hides behind a column. Then Aziza crashes the truck, laden with explosives, into the dragon. The blast knocks Lara off her feet. We see the dragon in its death throes, then Lara ready to enter the CITADEL. Before she does, she gives a small salute.

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LEVEL 25: CITADEL (beginning of level) [video]

Lara enters the CITADEL to find Jean-Yves tied to a pillar. She frees him and they exchange information.

Jean-Yves: Thank God you made it! Von Croy...I saw it myself. I would not have believed such a thing. He is possessed of Seth!

Lara: Get out of here, Jean. I have a feeling things may turn nasty.

Jean-Yves: He is digging under the Citadel into the Crusaders' vaults in search of the ceremonial tablet. The tablet which contains Seth's binding incantations. Be careful, Lara. (He hugs her.) I fear there are things in the vaults man was not meant to see.

Lara: I am not a man, Jean, and I am always very, very careful.

Cut to Von Croy, with Seth's glowing eyes, crouching on the ground, brushing the dirt away from a stone tablet.

Von Croy (whispers): We have it. The ancient ceremonial tablet. (He hands it to one of his assassins.) Take it and prepare it...and see if the Croft woman has arrived with our armor.

Von Croy then uses the Amulet of Horus to open a nearby door. He enters and uses his newly acquired powers to reanimate the skeletons of two long-dead crusaders.

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LEVEL 25: CITADEL (end of level) [video]

Lara stumbles upon Von Croy/Seth and a few of his charming puppies. His glowing red eyes and ashen skin give her a start and she gasps.

Von Croy (whispers): Come in, Lara. I have been expecting you. Come to me, child. Do not fear your old colleague. I merely require the armor that you hold in your possession.

Lara: And in return...?

Von Croy: I will grant you vigor as those around you fall. You shall command the ultimate power: that of life or death over those you choose at your side. And in return they will bow at your feet and give worship.

Lara: Got my fair share of that already. (She begins to back out.) And besides...give a jackal your hand and he'll bite off the whole arm.

She runs to the receptacle and removes the amulet, sealing Von Croy/Seth and his dogs behind the big door.

Lara: Barking mad.

She climbs out a window and dives into the water below.

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