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Only the cutscenes with dialogue have been transcribed here. All of the cinematics are included in GoldfishGam3r's HD TR4 cinematics on YouTube. The 'video' links below point to the relevant section of GG's video.


This section consists primarily of snippets of dialogue in which Von Croy instructs Lara (and the player) in the game controls. Except for the first one, these brief cutscenes can be skipped by pressing the Look button.

Von Croy: And so, we breach the sanctum of the ancients. The first footfalls in this tomb for centuries.

Young Lara (moving out from behind him): This place gives me the creeps. After you.

Von Croy: Careful. All is not as it seems. Concealed traps and pitfalls await the unwary. You must stay close and follow my instruction.

Just ahead, Von Croy pauses near a gnarled, old tree. When Lara approaches, he pulls a notebook from one of his jacket pocket.

Von Croy: Good men have died for the information contained herein, and cruel men have bartered the information for their own ends. For this we must respect it. We will not deviate from its route and you will not deviate from my instruction. This way!

In the room beyond the first set of spikes, Von Croy explains how to use a standing jump to cross a gap.

Von Croy: The first obstacle. A small hop to test your—how do you say—pluck. Press and hold Walk. Now, push Forward.... Come, come, child. Do not fear. This is merely an appetizer for the perils ahead. Push Forward and Jump together.

In the area with the waterfall, Von Croy explains how to do a standing jump and grab, then a running jump and grab.

Von Croy: Patience child. Disrespect is the route to carelessness. Our route lays beyond the stream.... This gap is wider, and the edges treacherous. First walk to the edge, then press Forward and Jump together. When you are in mid-air, press and hold Action. You will grab the outcrop.... Ah, the pace is quickening now, ja? One more crossing, child. Or do you wish to stop for tea?

Young Lara: Oh, I think I can just about hold it together. Wouldn't want to spill it your nice suit at any rate.

Von Croy (at the next gap): This one calls for a run-up. I will go first.... Be careful now, child. We have little time for incompetence. Walk to the edge, then tap Back to give yourself a run-up.... Now, press Forward and immediately press and hold Jump. Now hold down Action to grab onto the ledge.

Next, Von Croy waits for you in one corner of the waterfall area. He then explains how to traverse along a horizontal ledge.

Von Croy: A useful crack, rendered by the hand of time, invisible to the untrained eye.

Young Lara: You're a regular superhero, Werner.

Von Croy: Ah yes, the Hmph! Is enough comedy.... Run to the wall. Now press Forward and hold Action to grab on. Now press Right to shimmy across.... Good! Good! Now press Forward to climb up.

As you enter the room with the deeper pool, Lara's mentor explains how to do a safety drop.

Von Croy: This is a high fall. You should lower yourself down to be safe. Turn around to face away from the door. Now press Back and hold Action. Let go of Action to fall to the floor.... (Then down below.) Your chance to earn your keep, fräulein. The mechanism to activate the bridge lies at the other side of the stream. These rivers cascade through chambers and caverns deep below these prehistoric foothills. As a consequence....

Young Lara: Freezing! I guess. The old gout playing up again Werner?

Von Croy: In deep pools, you can swim by pressing Jump. Use the directions to navigate through the water. There may be artifacts, trinkets, at the bed.

When Lara surfaces after swimming, whether or not you picked up any items, she'll say the same lines.

Young Lara: Your average priceless seaweed.

Von Croy: No prizes for you this time Lara! Ah well, use Forward and Left and Right to move across the surface until you reach the shore. Then press Action to climb out.... Look for a lever or pressure pad. There must be one close by. When you find it, use action to activate it.

Then, once you've pulled the lever to lower the drawbridge....

Von Croy: You will catch your death in those clothes my dear. A quick sprint up that ladder will dry you out again.

Young Lara: Such concern. I never knew you cared.

Von Croy: Dear Lara, you are a valuable asset to the quest.

Young Lara: You old romantic, you.

Von Croy: Yes, quite.... Walk up to the ladder. Now press and hold Action to climb up onto it. Keep this button pressed, and use Forward to climb to the top.... There will be another lever up there. Pull it, then get back down here quickly. The quest is nearly at an end.

When you reach the section with the climbable ceiling, Von Croy gives more direction.

Von Croy: Swiftly across the vines now. Press Jump, then hold down Action to grab onto the vines. Now press Forward to swing across. Don't let go of Action, or you will again be for the plunge.

Next, in the room with the huge stone disk blocking the exit, Von Croy consults his notebook once more.

Von Croy: There is no mention of this in the texts. I fear this must be opened internally. We must enter through the grate and be wary of snares.

Young Lara: I presume by "we" you refer to me.

Von Croy: Ja. My heavier frame may activate traps you will pass unnoticed.

Young Lara: How convenient.

Von Croy: Stand facing the grate. Now, press and hold the Crouch button. Push Forward to crawl into the gap. Be alert!

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At the beginning of the level, Lara slides down a chute and meets Werner below.

Von Croy: And now for the last. You are an exemplary student, Lara, although you have not yet learned the root of all adventuring: the craving to win, at whatever cost. I throw down the gauntlet to you, my child. Whoever is first to the Iris claims the prize.

Young Lara: Watch your back old man. I warn you, I'll pull no punches.

Von Croy: I expected no less. On the count of three. One, two....

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The end cutscene plays out slightly differently depending on whether Lara beats Von Croy to the Iris chamber. [video]

If Von Croy reaches the Iris first:

Von Croy: Ha! I am not such an old man after all, ja? Come here, child. The mechanism will require us both to release it.

Lara: The plinth inscription warns vengeance on those who remove it.

(The rest of the cutscene is the same regardless.)

If Lara reaches the Iris first:

Von Croy: And so, the pupil excels the master. I congratulate you on your agility. Take your prize from the plinth. You have earned it.

Lara: In the time you took to find your way here, I've examined the inscriptions. It warns of vengeance on those who remove it.

Von Croy: Ah, ancient hocus pocus. Forget this nonsense and come over here!

Lara: I don't count poison darts and triggered entombment your average child's tea party. I feel we should lend this some respect.

Von Croy: Ah, and you are the world-famous archaeologist-adventurer, Lara Croft, ja? No, no, I am the renowned archaeologist-adventurer, Werner Von Croy, and you will do as I say! Go to the wall, and pull the lever!

Lara: What was it you said? Disrespect is the route to carelessness?

Von Croy: I am weary of this. Pull the lever now, Miss Croft.

Lara: On your head be it...Von Croy.

Regardless of the outcome of the race, Lara and Von Croy use a pair of levers to open the large sphere in the center of the room, revealing the IRIS artifact on a pedestal at the center. A bridge then unfurls toward the platform in the middle of the room, and Von Croy makes his way across.

Von Croy: Have faith in experience, child, and you will learn more than simple.... (gasps)

As Von Croy reaches for the Iris, the temple begins to crumble.

Lara: You were saying?

Von Croy loses his footing and slips off the edge, his foot wedged in a crack in the platform.

Von Croy: My leg! My leg! I am trapped! My leg is trapped! Help me Lara! Help me!

Lara: Hold on! I'm coming back to get you! Werner!

Lara attempts a rescue, but the sphere closes around Von Croy. At the last minute, she flees, barely escaping with her life.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to The Tomb Raiders Traveler's Guide for assistance with these transcripts. Their versions are quite complete and include numerous details provided by the developers, some of which have been incorporated here.

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