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IMPORTANT: Levels 13 through 20, set in Alexandria, are interconnected. Some backtracking among them is needed to find all the necessary items. This walkthrough covers what I hope is the most direct route including all kills, pick-ups, and secrets. I have also included an ALEXANDRIA CHART outlining the basic path through the levels. This chart contains minor spoilers, such as keys and puzzle items, so you may want to avoid it unless you get lost/confused. The walkthrough also contains notes on what to do if you missed any crucial items.


Updated: 5/5/19()

Kills:Items: 5 plus Crossbow, Torch, Token, Broken Handle, Hook, and Gate Key  Secrets: 0*

NOTES: The totals above are for this section only. Two more enemies are encountered later when you briefly return to this level from the CATACOMBS, so they are included in the CATACOMBS walkthrough. There are a few more items and one secret. These are covered in the COASTAL RUINS (revisit). Also, you cannot get the REVOLVER in this level. The "official" strategy guide from Prima is officially wrong on this point. You'll need to wait until the CITY OF THE DEAD to get it.

There is a small medipack in the dark stairwell at the beginning of the level. (screenshot) Get it and continue downstairs into a the STREET WITH PALM TREES. Near the second palm tree, turn right into a small courtyard. (screenshot)

EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE: Inside this courtyard is a boarded-up doorway beneath a sign advertising an "Egyptian Adventure." The crowbar doesn't work here. So shoot the boards to break them. Enter, turn left, and go through the doorway between the cage and the painted sarcophagus. (If you peek into the cage, you'll see a key ring hanging on a hook. There's no way to get it yet, but you'll be back.) Proceed downstairs to a room with a model pyramid and and other decorations. When you approach the hinged sarcophagus, it opens and a mechanical mummy lurches out. There's no danger, just a not-so-scary jump scare. Go up the stairs behind the fake mummy. Follow the hall to another boarded-up doorway. Shoot it out and enter carefully. (screenshots)

Mirror room detail

MIRROR ROOM: The floor is laced with concealed spikes. (An Egyptian adventure indeed!) As you enter, Lara looks to the right: a mirror. Like the tricky mirror in the SACRED LAKE level, this one reveals the location of the spikes, as well as the CROSSBOW sitting on the floor in the far corner. Make your way across using the mirror and the diagram at right or refer to this series of screenshots. Once you have the CROSSBOW, return carefully to the stairs. At the top, bear left to get back to the room with the model pyramid and sarcophagi.

Before entering the next area, open your inventory and combine the CROSSBOW and LASER SIGHT, select explosive ammo, and equip the crossbow. Now familiarize yourself with the controls. Hold Look to switch to laser-sight view, Duck/Crouch and Dash/Sprint buttons to zoom in and out, and direction buttons to aim. Release Look to return to normal view.

NOTE: You don't need the LASER SIGHT for the next sequence, but it will be useful going forward. If you missed the LASER SIGHT in ALEXANDRIA, you can go back for it now. Exit the pyramid room via the stairs to the north. Continue forward to the far wall and turn right. Then head around to the left to get back to the STREET WITH PALM TREES. Turn left, head back to the end of the street, and then follow the dark passageway back to the previous level. Refer to the last section in that walkthrough, REVISITING ALEXANDRIA, to get back to JEAN-YVES'S STUDY and retrieve the LASER SIGHT. Then return here. If you do choose to revisit Jean-Yves at this time, you'll get another short cutscene, detailed in the Cinematics section. If you don't want to bother retrieving the laser sight now, you'll be able to get it in later levels. There are alternatives for the shooting gallery section in the footnote.

SHOOTING GALLERY: In the room with the small pyramid and sarcophagi, approach the doorway on the right side of the west wall (i.e., behind the pyramid). Save the game and slide down the ramp. You land on a hinged ledge. This ledge stays in place for about 20 seconds. In that time, you need to shoot the bull's-eye targets on the other side of the room to deactivate the concealed spikes below. If you followed the walkthrough and have the combined CROSSBOW and LASER SIGHT loaded with explosive ammo, all you need to do is press LOOK to sight the rows of targets and then fire. You don't even need to aim. (Or, slide down the slope, step forward to the edge, jump straight up, and fire an explosive arrow at the wall of targets.) One explosive arrow should destroy all of the targets, deactivating the spikes. Drop down to the floor, which is now safe. Cross the room and pick up the TOKEN that pops out of the slot below the golden ornament. Then use the elevated crawlspace on the south wall to climb out of this area and return to the room with the model pyramid. (screenshots)

MECHANICAL SNAKE CHARMER: Continue straight ahead, up the stairs behind the fake mummy. Then follow the hallway around to the left, past the MIRROR ROOM, and into the next room on the right. Stand in front of the coin slot, facing the snake charmer, and use the TOKEN. (screenshots)

Cutscene: The machine is activated: The snake charmer plays a tune and a rope rises from the basket.

Climb the rope not quite to the top and backflip onto the ledge. Pick up the BROKEN HANDLE on the floor near the pile of brooms. Go to the alcove with three hooks and face the hook on the left. Use the CROWBAR to pry the HOOK out of the wall. Drop down, exit the snake charmer room, and follow the hallway to the right, then up the stairs on the left to the room with the cage. Stand near the silver rectangle on one side of the cage. Combine the BROKEN HANDLE and the HOOK to make the very aptly named HOOK AND POLE, then use it here. (screenshots)

Cutscene: Lara uses the pole to snag the key ring and fling it to the floor.

Be sure to pick up the GATE KEY key from the floor after the cutscene. It doesn't automatically go into Lara's inventory.

Exit through the door to the immediate right of the cage. Follow the hall around the cage. Turn right at the painted mummy, then right again into the little courtyard with the 'EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE' sign. Go through this courtyard to the STREET WITH PALM TREES.

BUG NOTE: If you have not yet been back to ALEXANDRIA to visit Jean-Yves and decide to do this after picking up the GATE KEY, you may find that when you return to the COASTAL RUINS, the key is gone. So either save your game before going back to Alexandria, or just don't do this until after you've used the key. See the footnote for details.

PASSAGEWAY TO THE BEACH: At the east end of the STREET WITH PALM TREES are two arches. Go through the one on the right and down the stairs to a pool with ledges. Jump or swim to the ledge directly across from the entrance. Jump from the left side of this ledge to grab the edge of the crawlspace above the pool. Pull up, crawl through, and drop down into the next room. Side flip to the right and climb the ladder. Follow the sunlit hall forward and down the stairs to a doorway leading outside. Head up the dunes to the left and take a look around. (screenshots)

Cutscene: A flyby view of the area, including entrances to a few of the buildings.

Coastal Ruins - Beach Map
click to see screenshot click to see screenshot click to see screenshot click to see screenshot click to see screenshot

A = from street/Alexandria

B = alternate exit from Catacombs

C = exit from Poseidon/re-enter Lost Library (later)

D = enter/exit Catacombs

E = exit from Demetrius

F = enter Pharos, Temple of Isis and Cleopatra's Palaces

G = alternate exit from Pharos

= Lara's position in linked screenshots (arrow shows facing)

THE RUINS/HILLSIDE NEAR TIDE POOLS: This area is the hub for entering and exiting the next six levels: CATACOMBS; TEMPLE OF POSEIDON; THE LOST LIBRARY; HALL OF DEMETRIUS; PHAROS, TEMPLE OF ISIS; and CLEOPATRA'S PALACES (accessible through the PHAROS level). You can also return the way you came to revisit Jean-Yves in ALEXANDRIA.

NOTE: There are 'hot spots' on the map on the web version of this page. Click on any of the arrows or on various areas of the map itself to see a screenshot with details about that area.

Move around the outside of the first building, keeping the wall on Lara's left. You'll come to a drop-off overlooking a ramp and pool. (This ramp leads up to a locked gate, marked B in the diagram, one of the exits from the CATACOMBS level. It can't be opened from this side.) Jump over to the light-colored stone ledge on the left. Take a running jump to grab the edge of the alcove across the way. Pull up and get some normal arrows. Then safety drop to the ledge next to the pool. (screenshots)

There are some grenades in a narrow underwater crevice nearby. This next swimming sequence is a little tricky, so you may want to save the game first. Then hop into the pool and swim through the small opening with the purple seaweed. Swim into the triangular opening ahead on the right and pick up some grenades. Then roll and swim out through the wider part of the triangular opening. Turn right to face up the slope. If Lara gets stuck here or the current prevents her from moving, try rolling to get her unstuck. Continue up the slope and surface in a shallow tide pool. You can explore the tide pools if you like, but there are no more goodies to be found. Wade out of the water on the right and follow the rocky bank back to the building with the ramp. (screenshots)

When you took the arrows from the alcove earlier, a skeleton appeared on the hillside where you entered this area. Climb onto the small ledge beside the ramp to get a better shot at it. You can destroy it using an explosive arrow from the crossbow or equip the crossbow with the laser sight and use normal arrows (or the pistol with the laser sight bug) to target the skeleton's head. If you can manage to blow its head off, it will run around aimlessly and not harm Lara. (screenshots)

DANGLING BOULDER/ENTRANCE TO THE CATACOMBS: Climb over the dunes toward the small building to the southwest. Head for the entrance (marked D on the map above). Ready the crossbow with explosive arrows or the grenade gun. (screenshots)

Cutscene: Two skeletons hop across the ledges and head down the stairs toward Lara.

If you act quickly, you may be able to take out the 2 skeletons with a single explosive arrow or grenade. (screenshots) Alternatively, climb up and knock the skeletons off the ledges using the shotgun. When they hit the ground, they'll shatter. Or, use normal arrows (or pistols with the laser sight bug) to blow off their heads. After that, they won't bother Lara.

Avoid the pit with the dangling boulder for now. Climb halfway up the stairs where the skeletons came down. Take a standing jump to grab the platform above the pulley and boulder. Pull up, cross the ledge, and take a diagonal standing jump to grab the ledge above the entrance. Pull up and take the wideshot shells and small medipack. Hop down to the ledge above the pulley, then take a running jump to the high ledge opposite the entrance. Go into the wide alcove and use the GATE KEY to open the wrought iron gate. Follow the passage into the next level: CATACOMBS. (screenshots)

NOTES: If you are missing the GATE KEY, check the footnote for more info. Since you only spend a few minutes in the CATACOMBS this first time, and there are no kills or items, I have not formatted it as a separate walkthrough.

CATACOMBS – ROOM WITH BROKEN PILLARS AND SUNBEAMS: Follow the hall on the right to a room with an unstable floor. It sinks several inches when Lara steps on it, making it impossible to move the big carved pillar. Push the square tile on the wall. (screenshots)

Cutscene: In the room below, a brown block rises up to floor level.

After the cutscene you can peer into the room below through the grate in the hallway. Return through the ROOM WITH BROKEN PILLARS AND SUNBEAMS to the COASTAL RUINS level.

COASTAL RUINS – DANGLING BOULDER: Safety drop from the alcove onto the block below. Then drop into the pit beneath the dangling boulder. Approach the step below the boulder from the side nearest the pulley. Climb onto the step and quickly hop back to avoid being squashed as the boulder drops and rolls away. Or, instead pick up the wooden TORCH lying on the step and very carefully use the brazier to light it. Stand below the pulley and jump straight up and down a few times until the rope burns away, dropping the boulder. Go through the crawlspace that was hidden behind the boulder. Use the CROWBAR to open another wrought iron gate. Go through another raised crawlspace. Then follow the passageway on the other side into the CATACOMBS. (screenshots)

CATACOMBS – ROOM BELOW UNSTABLE FLOOR: At the end of the passageway is a small room with a movable pillar. Pull it onto the brown block that you raised by pressing the square tile in the room above. (If you missed this, refer to the 'DANGLING BOULDER/ENTRANCE TO THE CATACOMBS' section above.) This will prop up the floor so it no longer sinks when you step on it. Return through the passageway and two crawlspaces to the pit with the boulder. (screenshots)

COASTAL RUINS - CLIMBING BACK TO THE GATE: Climb the ladder out of the pit. (screenshot) Climb the stairs, jump across the ledges, and re-enter the CATACOMBS through the black gate. (screenshot) This time you'll be able to explore the level properly, so the rest is included in its own section.

REVISITING THE COASTAL RUINS LATER IN THE GAME: While exploring the CATACOMBS, you will return briefly to the COASTAL RUINS. This section includes 2 skeletons but no pick-ups. Since it's only one paragraph, it is included in the CATACOMBS walkthrough. Later, after the HALL OF DEMETRIUS, you'll return to the COASTAL RUINS again for a secret. This has its own walkthrough: COASTAL RUINS (revisit).

*NOTE ON SECRETS: There are no secrets in this section, but if you have found all of the secrets up to this point, you should have 44/70. You will be able to obtain a secret when revisiting this level later in the game.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 11/17/00 - Previous minor update. Details not available.
4/25/09 - Minor change to the level flow, incorporating the first visit to the Catacombs into the Coastal Ruins walkthrough.
5/5/19 - First major update since this walkthrough was created in 1999. This revision includes many new screenshots as well as various other corrections and clarifications.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to the participants in the newsgroup and the old forum, without whom parts of this walkthrough could not have been written. Thanks also to Alasdair, Chris M., Haydon, Niels & Pernille, Rardraider, and Simon, who contributed tips for this level.

  1. Equip the grenade launcher loaded with super ammo, slide down the slope, walk to the front edge of the hinged ledge, face the targets squarely, and then jump straight up, firing at the highest point to destroy all the targets at once.
  2. If you have the laser sight but no explosive ammo, you can use normal arrows (or even pistols with the laser sight bug, described in my Useful Bugs section) to break the targets. You only actually need to shoot 5 of them to disable the spikes (screenshot), but this still takes time. So slide down onto the hinged ledge then side flip to the left or right to land in either corner. As long as you don't move, the spikes won't come up, and you can take your time destroying the targets. (If you're using the crossbow and not the pistols, you'll need to aim a little high to hit the targets in the top row.)

MISSING GATE KEY: It's easy to miss the GATE KEY, since Lara must actually pick it up from the floor after using the hook and pole to snag it from inside the cage in the EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE area. If you've reached the entrance to the CATACOMBS without the key, go back and get it now. Drop down into the room with the dangling boulder and head straight out the doorway toward the beach. Go around the dunes to the left (north). Approach the next building and go down the slope to the left. Hop up into the doorway (marked A on the map above and shown in this screenshot). Climb the stairs and continue to a drop-off. Climb down the ladder and go through the crawlspace to the left of it. (Here you are following the path shown in these screenshots in reverse.) Drop from the crawlspace into the pool, swim to the opposite doorway, and climb out. Continue up the steps to the STREET WITH PALM TREES. Turn left into the doorway near the first palm tree. If you already used the hook to snag the key, it should be lying on the floor near the cage. (screenshot) If you haven't done any of this yet, follow the walkthrough for the EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE section, above. Then return to the CATACOMBS entrance the way you came. (Again, follow this section for details.)

BUG NOTE: A few players have reported a bug in which the GATE KEY is missing from inventory and also from the floor in the EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE area. I have not actually experienced this, so I'm not sure what causes it or how to fix it. If you're playing on PC or Mac, you can download a save file with the key. If you have the PlayStation version, use the all-items cheat only as a last resort, since it can result in other problems (details here).

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