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IMPORTANT: Levels 13 through 20, set in Alexandria, are interconnected. Some backtracking among them is needed to find all the necessary items. This walkthrough covers what I hope is the most direct route including all kills, pick-ups, and secrets. I have also included an ALEXANDRIA CHART outlining the basic path through the levels. This chart contains minor spoilers, such as keys and puzzle items, so you may want to avoid it unless you get lost/confused. The walkthrough also contains notes on what to do if you missed any crucial items.


Updated: 5/5/19()

Kills: 14  Items: 22 plus Right Gauntlet, Right Greave, Pharos Knot, Ornate Handle, Hathor Effigy, Left Greave, and Breast Plate  Secrets: 1*

NOTES: You briefly enter CLEOPATRA'S PALACES in order to find one of the BLACK BEETLE artifacts needed to complete the previous level, PHAROS, TEMPLE OF ISIS. At that time you encounter a skeleton and pick up some ammo. That visit and those items are covered within the PHAROS, TEMPLE OF ISIS walkthrough.

ROOM WITH FOUNTAIN AND GREENERY: After completing the PHAROS, TEMPLE OF ISIS level, you should now have the MECHANICAL SCARAB and the WINDING KEY. If you don't, go back through the south door to the previous level (screenshot) to get whichever you're missing. Return here when you have both pieces.

Jump into the pool with the fountain. Swim through the narrow, underwater passage on the east wall of the pool (screenshot) to a small room where you can climb out of the water. Reach into the niche to operate a mechanism.

Cutscene: An L-shaped section of floor lowers in a corner elsewhere. (screenshot)

Swim back to the ROOM WITH THE FOUNTAIN AND GREENERY and climb out of the pool.

NETWORK OF HALLWAYS TO THE NORTHEAST: Exit through the doorway at the top of the curved steps in the northeast corner. Pass by the ramp you used earlier when going after the BLACK BEETLE. Shoot the hollow bench on the right to get a large medipack. Proceed along the hallway to the left. Shoot 2 more hollow benches in the alcoves ahead to get normal arrows and revolver ammo. (screenshots)

Continue to where the hallway narrows and there are holes in the floor indicating concealed spikes ahead. Open your inventory and combine the MECHANICAL SCARAB and the WINDING KEY to form the MECHANICAL SCARAB WITH KEY, and use it while standing on the tile with the scarab symbol. The MECHANICAL SCARAB will cross the spikes ahead of you, activating them so you can cross safely after it. Be sure to pick up the SCARAB on the other side. (screenshots)

IMPORTANT: Save the game here and either follow the walkthrough carefully or do not overwrite this save until you've completed this area in case you need to start again. The MECHANICAL SCARAB can only be used 3 times before it breaks, and it's possible to mess up the sequence so you can't get the secret.

Beyond the first spike hallway is a small room with two doorways. Go through the one on the left (north) and follow the ramp up to a small room. There's a scissor-blade trap in the entrance, which is activated as you come in, so don't linger in the doorway. Open the sarcophagus and retrieve the RIGHT GAUNTLET of the ARMOR OF HORUS. A skeleton rises out of the floor to the right of the crypt. Blast it with a grenade or explosive arrow. To return past the blades in the doorway without taking any damage, stand facing the center where the blades come together and run through as they begin to open. Return down the ramp. (screenshots)

Now go through the doorway to the left (east). This short hallway ends in a T intersection with closed double doors ahead. Another skeleton arises on the right. You can explode it or run down the hall to the left, jump over the small pool, roll, and when the skeleton leaps toward you, blast it into the pool with the shotgun. (screenshots)

There are hallways lined with concealed spikes at both ends of this hallway (i.e., just beyond the small pool at the north end and off to the south, beyond where the skeleton came from). You can go either way, but to save backtracking (and not waste the MECHANICAL SCARAB), head to the south. Stand on the scarab tile, open your inventory, select the MECHANICAL SCARAB, and use it to trigger the spikes. Then cross over them and retrieve the SCARAB. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you used the SCARAB on the spikes near the pool, saved the game, and then came looking for help, follow the alternate path in the footnote.

Before climbing the wide staircase ahead, enter the small room on the right. Go carefully to avoid the scissor-blade trap in the doorway. Open the sarcophagus to get some wideshot shells, 2 boxes of regular shotgun shells, and a large medipack. Blow up the skeleton that rises out of the floor to the right of the sarcophagus. Then exit carefully, running between the blades just as they begin to open. Turn right, climb the stairs, then continue down the stairs on the other side. (screenshots)

ROOM WITH HUGE, SQUARE COLUMNS: Enter this room and run to the far left to trigger the appearance of a golden uraeus, which flies in from the hallway where you entered. Shoot it down, while avoiding its poisoned stinger and energy blasts. Then open the sarcophagus to get a small medipack. (screenshots)

There are several exits from this room. Go through the one with the images of Nekhbet, the vulture goddess, just to the left of the stairs in the northeast corner. Pass the square door with the carved face and enter the next room. (screenshots)

ROOM WITH L-SHAPED PIT AND BARRED WINDOWS: There will be an L-shaped pit in the left corner, provided you swam through the underwater passage and operated the floor-lowering mechanism at the beginning of the level. (See ROOM WITH FOUNTAIN AND GREENERY, above.) Jump down onto the ledge with the hollow bench and shoot it to get some explosive arrows. Take a standing jump from the edge of the alcove to get out of the pit. (screenshots)

Approach the raised black switch in the doorway ahead on the left (west). A skeleton then appears on the other side of the room. If you want to use explosives to blow it up, wait for it to move out into the middle of the room,otherwise you'll risk blowing up a pair of hollow benches in the room on the other side of the wall, preventing you from getting the items inside later on. You can also lure the skeleton to the L-shaped pit and blast it into the pit with the shotgun. Then jump up to pull the switch. This opens the doors on the left, which lead back to the beginning of the level, and raises a block just to the right. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed the mechanism that opens up the L-shaped pit, you can return to the start of the level now to use it. Go through the doors you opened with the black switch and continue westward, up the curved steps (screenshot), through the corridor with the deactivated spikes, then on to the ROOM WITH THE FOUNTAIN AND GREENERY. Check the walkthrough above for details. When you've opened the pit, return here, get the arrows, and continue on. This isn't an official secret, but it probably should have been.

Climb onto the block that rose out of the floor when you used the switch and take a standing jump to grab the horizontal crevice. Traverse to the right, all the way around to the north wall, where you can pull up into a hallway. Shoot the hollow bench to get a quiver of normal arrows. Go up the ramp to another small room with a scissor-blade trap in the doorway. Open the sarcophagus to get the RIGHT GREAVE of the ARMOR OF HORUS. Deal with the skeleton that rises out of the floor to the right. (You can blast it into the small pool if you like.) Then exit carefully past the blades and return down the ramp. (screenshots)

Do not drop into the hallway near the barred window. If you do, just climb back up again. The only other way out is via either of two spiked hallways. If you use the MECHANICAL SCARAB a third time, it won't work again, and you will not be able to get the secret. Instead return along the greenery-lined hallway and drop back into the ROOM WITH THE L-SHAPED PIT AND BARRED WINDOW. (screenshots)

PHAROS KNOT: Return past the L-shaped pit to the southeastern hallway with the painted vultures. Now that you've obtained the RIGHT GREAVE, the square door here should be open. If you didn't accidentally destroy them when you killed the skeleton earlier, there will be 2 hollow benches inside. Shoot them to get a large medipack and explosive arrows. Then open the sarcophagus and take the PHAROS KNOT. (screenshots)

NOTES: The name "PHAROS KNOT" seems to be a typo, since the artifact itself looks like the PHAROS PILLAR from the last level. If the square door to the room with the PHAROS KNOT is still closed, try backtracking through the level and making sure you've opened all of the sarcophagi and destroyed all the skeletons that appear when you do. The door should then open. This is designed to prevent you from leaving without every piece of the ARMOR OF HORUS.

SECRET AND PHAROS KNOT DOOR: Exit the sarcophagus room and turn left to get back to the ROOM WITH HUGE, SQUARE COLUMNS. Go straight through and out the doorway in the far left (northeast) corner. This leads to a small room with two spike-trapped hallways leading to the left and straight ahead, and a curved staircase leading up to a closed door. We'll return to this door momentarily. For now, enter the spiked hallway straight ahead. Use the MECHANICAL SCARAB to deactivate the spikes. Then follow the SCARAB to the level's only SECRET (54/70). Be sure to retrieve the SCARAB. Then open the sarcophagus to get explosive arrows, a small medipack, a box of wideshot shells, and 3 boxes of regular shotgun shells (all in one pick-up). Return over the deactivated spikes to the previous room. (screenshots)

Climb the curved steps and pick up the box of shotgun shells on the landing. Place the PHAROS KNOT (or PILLAR or whatever) into the receptacle to open the door next to it. (screenshot)

NOTES: After using the MECHANICAL SCARAB this third time, it will no longer function. In order to avoid a possible bug, described below, pick it up and either keep it in your inventory or run it again to watch it flip out and explode. If you accidentally break the mechanical scarab by using it too many times before you can get the secret, you'll need to reload an earlier save and try again. Or, if you're playing the PC or Macintosh game, you can download a save file before or after the secret. If you're missing the PHAROS KNOT, check the walkthrough above for details.

HIGH-CEILINGED ROOM WITH GOLDEN LARA STATUE: Enter and take the small medipack from the low pedestal. (screenshot)

Cutscene: Helices of light swirl around Lara and the empty pedestal nearby. A golden statue of Lara is magically created on the other pedestal. (screenshot)

Don't shoot at the statue, since doing so will injure Lara. During the cutscene, rectangular blocks also rise out of the floor on the left and right sides of the room. Climb onto the left (north) block. Jump to grab the bars overhead, traverse to the other side of the room, and drop onto the tall, painted block. (screenshot) At the back of the alcove is an opening where you can climb to the level above. (screenshot)

BUG NOTE: A number of players have encountered a bug here in which Lara will not grab onto the overhead bars. To fix this, make sure that you have the MECHANICAL SCARAB in your inventory or that you've run the scarab four times in order to destroy it. There's no apparent connection between the scarab and the bars, but this seems to work. Alternatively, use the crawling corner bug to pop up onto the painted block below the south end of the monkey bars. (screenshot)

When you step out onto the elevated walkway, a golden uraeus flies in from high on the left. Destroy it quickly before it can swoop down and attack the statue, since this will also harm Lara. (screenshot) Cross the walkway to the middle, then take a running jump across the gap to the walkway on the left. (screenshot) Go to the far right (northwest) end and climb into the doorway. Follow the ramp up to a room with a hollow bench and a sleeping skeleton.

The bench is empty; it's just a ruse to distract you. Look sharp because another golden uraeus flies down from the ceiling and starts attacking the statue of Lara, causing the "real" Lara to take damage. If you move quickly, you can shoot the uraeus from the opening near the bench and skeleton. Two explosive arrows should do it. (screenshot) Otherwise, head back down to the elevated walkway and shoot the uraeus from there. Lara will also target the statue, causing even more health loss. So take care where you aim and if you're using Automatic Targeting, remember you can tap the Look button to change targets if necessary.

From the small room with the skeleton and bench, jump over to the central platform. The skeleton awakens and follows. Roll and use the shotgun to knock it off the platform. (screenshot)

HIGH-CEILINGED ROOM WITH GOLDEN LARA STATUE - UPPER LEVEL: There are 3 square doors with carved faces on the east, south, and west ledges, and 2 black switches mounted on blocks above to the east and west. It doesn't matter which switch you pull first. We'll start with the one to the west. Lara will lose a bit of health when she drops to the walkway below, so make sure you've got enough to start. Then take a standing jump from the edge of the platform to grab the switch. This opens the door below it. (screenshots)

When Lara lands on the walkway, run to the right, climb into the doorway, and follow the ramp back to the room above. Jump over to the central platform. Then take a running jump onto the ledge on the right (west) side of the room, angling it carefully to avoid the overhanging block with the switch. If Lara hits the block, she'll fall to her death. Shoot the hollow bench to get a large medipack. The alcove contains a sleeping skeleton. Blow it up with a grenade or lure it outside and blast it off the edge with the shotgun. Then reach into the niche to get an ORNATE HANDLE. (screenshots)

Jump back onto the central platform, again avoiding the overhanging block. Now take a standing jump from the edge to grab the switch on the east side. As Lara lands on the walkway below, roll and draw the crossbow. Then quickly fire a couple of explosive arrows at the golden uraeus that appears in the alcove off to the left before it can attack the statue. If you're out of explosive arrows, use the Uzis or pistols. If necessary, drop down to the floor (avoiding the pit in the center) for a clear shot. When the uraeus is destroyed, make your way back up to the central platform on the upper level like you did before. (screenshots)

Jump over to the eastern ledge, again aiming to either side of the overhanging block. Reach into the niche to get the HATHOR EFFIGY. Jump back to the center platform, then to the remaining closed door, on the south side of the room. Combine the HATHOR EFFIGY and the ORNATE HANDLE to form the PORTAL GUARDIAN. Place it on the stick near the door to open it. Enter the hallway beyond and destroy the skeleton that arises from the floor, either with explosives, or by luring it onto the central platform and blasting it off the edge. Go through the door you just opened and head down the stairs. Shoot the hollow bench along the way to get some Uzi ammo. Save the game before entering the next room. (screenshots)

Cutscene: Lara decides to play "Queen for a Day." Not a good idea. The side doors open and 2 GUARDIANS emerge.

THRONE ROOM: It takes a boatload of ammo to kill these guys, but at least you can fight them one at a time. The guardian on the right doesn't move at first. The one on the left immediately begins shooting blue energy bolts. Here are several ways of dealing with them:

When both guardians have been destroyed, go into the side rooms and retrieve the LEFT GREAVE and BREAST PLATE of the ARMOR OF HORUS from the sarcophagi. Taking the items opens a pair of trapdoors near the throne. (screenshot) Drop in and go down the stairs to end the level.

FMV sequence: Lara arrives back in Alexandria after nightfall only to find Jean-Yves's study ransacked and her friend missing. A note from Von Croy says he's taken Jean-Yves hostage and will exchange him for the Armor of Horus. Lara sets off for Cairo on her friend's motorcycle. Meanwhile, Von Croy and his band speed across the desert but are soon set upon by a plague of locusts. As he drives through the swarm, Von Croy shows his true colors. Apparently he and Seth have become quite close. (So there is something to all that "magical hocus pocus" after all.) By the time Lara reaches the walls of the city, Von Croy's people are already there. She sees the burning remnants of the helicopters outside. (See the Cinematics section for a full transcript.)

*NOTE ON SECRETS: There are 70 secrets in the entire game. These are marked "(x/70)" in this walkthrough. To check your progress in-game, press Pause (P on keyboard, Start on PlayStation or Dreamcast controller) then choose Statistics. At the end of this level, you should have 54/70.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 10/21/06 - Added trigger bug work-around for missing or broken mechanical scarab, thanks to rr_carroll and Ewil.
1/29/07 - Amended the section on the trigger bug to note that it won't work once you've taken the right gauntlet.
5/5/19 - First major update since 2007. This revision includes many new screenshots as well as various other corrections and clarifications. Unfortunately the trigger bug no longer seems to work with Windows 10, so I removed that section from the 2018 revision, but it is archived here.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to the participants in the newsgroup and the old forum, without whom parts of this walkthrough could not have been written. Thanks also to Alyssa H., Brenton, CMB1988, Ewil, Fred C., Gene, Glynda, Helena, Lyndon, Mudweiser, rr_carroll, Simon H., and VermilionNeko for their help on this level.

FYI: For more information about this level's ceiling decoration based on the Dendera Zodiac, along with many other real-world items and locations featured in the games, check out Tomb Raider Horizons' "Artefactual" series.

ALTERNATE PATH THROUGH SPIKED CORRIDORS: Since the MECHANICAL SCARAB can only be used 3 times, this limits the amount of exploring you can do. The walkthrough above describes one path through this area. If you deactivated the spikes near the small pool, you can still get everything, including the secret, by following the path shown here.

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