Stella's Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough - For Windows PC, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One

SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. If you encounter a serious bug, I encourage you to visit the Official Shadow of the Tomb Raider Support Forum and or put in a support request with Square Enix. PC save files are available for download here.

AREA 11: THE HIDDEN CITY (Upper Paititi)

Updated: 8/5/19()

Weapons/Gear: Finely-Crafted Knife, Heart of the Eagle Bow (plus various from Merchants)
Camps: 4 (Skull Cave, Upper City Main Gate, Subterranean River*, Temple of Kukulkan*)
*The Subterranean River camp is outside the city proper so is not counted in the total on the in-game map. The Temple of Kukulkan camp only appears after you've completed this part of the story.
Outfits: Serpent Guard, Ch'amaka's Greaves, Yaway's Battle Tunic, Ch'amaka's War Vest, Yaway's Wooden Greaves (plus various from Merchants)
Challenge Tombs:Challenges:Treasure Chests:Crypts:Relics:Documents: 14  Murals:Survival Caches:Monoliths:Archivist Maps:Explorer Backpacks:
Side Missions: 6 – Freedom - Free The Rebels, Freedom - Save Colqui, Widow's Tears, Ancient Studies - Decipher the Mural, Ancient Studies - Stop the Ritual, Stay of Execution - Rescue Hakan
Annotated Level Maps: Upper Paititi | Hidden City Complete

NOTES: This level is BIG so I'm breaking it up into three separate pages: Lower Paititi (before the CENOTE); Upper Paititi (this page), and Hidden City Revisit (after MISSION OF SAN JUAN). This walkthrough covers the events after Lara returns from the CENOTE. There are a few areas on the west side of the city that are included in this section because the plot takes you there. The item totals above are for this section only and do not include the items found in the AGE MAKERS SIDE MISSION and the PATH OF HURACAN CHALLENGE TOMB, which are part of the second DLC pack, THE PILLAR, covered separately.


OBJECTIVE: Return to Unuratu's Home

RETURNING FROM THE CENOTE: Lara re-enters the city at the north end of the river, near the Fishing District Base Camp. A brief cutscene shows her stowing her guns, and your objective is updated.

In the middle of the river, just east of the camp, there's an island where a young girl is trying to decipher a mural. She won't talk to Lara while she's wearing the Blue Heron tunic, but make a note of her location. She'll give you a Mission later in the game. For now, head up the staircase on the far side of the river. (screenshot)

As you head toward Unuratu's place, Jonah contacts Lara by radio. He tells here the rebels are now hiding in a nearby cave, with a heron-and-eclipse symbol marking the entrance.

OBJECTIVE: Find the Rebel Cave

SKULL CAVE: The rebel hideout, "SKULL CAVE," is marked on your map, and your goal is updated. Climb the ledges to the cave entrance and go inside. (screenshots)

Lara tells Jonah and Uchu that when she reached its hiding place, the Silver Box was gone. They're already aware of Unuratu's capture and are working on a plan to rescue both the queen and Hakan. Lara proposes that she sneak in first, free Unuratu, and then signal the rebels to attack. Jonah agrees and suggests that Lara rendezvous with Etzli, who can help her find a way into the temple in upper city. Uchu then gives Lara a green Serpent Guard uniform, which will enable her to move freely through the upper city.

OBJECTIVE: Meet Etzli in Upper Paititi

Before leaving SKULL CAVE, pick up a few collectibles. There's a document (25/42), Resist! (Quechua/The Resistance), sitting on a table just to the right (east) of Lara's starting position after the cutscene. (screenshot) There's a relic (18/28), a Copper Mace (Quechua/The Resistance) in a little enclosure just east of the document. (screenshot)

You'll also discover the SKULL CAVE Base Camp and various resources scattered here and there, including some jade embedded in the wall in the northwest corner of the pool. If you have skill points to spend, you may want to choose the Scavenger Skill Viper's Lure, which allows you to craft lure arrows, and the Seeker Skill Owl's Meal, which lets you harvest the venom from beetles, so you don't have to buy it in the MARKET. As you work through the next two Side Missions, collect the components for lure arrows (wood, feathers, cloth, and beetle venom). The female merchant in the PAITITI MARKET also sells both. Lure arrows will come in handy during the upcoming Ancient Studies mission (below).

SIDE MISSION – FREEDOM: Speak to Poma, the rebel strategist, who is standing on the ledge on the east side of the cave. (screenshot) A mission giver icon shows his location on the map. He says he sent some men to steal weapons for the rebellion. Four of the rebels have been captured. The fate of their leader, Colqui, is unknown. Poma asks Lara to try and Free the Rebels who have been strung up around the lower city, since her disguise will enable her to untie them without arousing suspicion. After you do this and return to Poma, he'll reward Lara with a Vestige: Ch'amaka's Greaves, plus 300 gold pieces, and introduce a second objective: Save Colqui. Details and screenshots are included in a separate FREEDOM MISSION WALKTHROUGH. Before leaving the cave, climb onto the ledge behind Poma to find black powder and a resource canister.

PILLAR DLC MISSION – THE AGE MAKERS: If you own the Season Pass or the second story DLC pack, THE PILLAR, its mission giver Q'orianka can also be found inside SKULL CAVE. She's the bald woman arguing with a male warrior on the north side of the cave. (screenshot) This mission is covered in the separate PILLAR DLC WALKTHROUGH.

NOTE: Lara must wear the Serpent Guard outfit in order to enter the upper city; however, some citizens who support Unuratu and the rebels will not talk to her if she's wearing it. The game will tell you if you need to change outfits in order to access certain areas/conversations. (screenshot) You can do this at most base camps.

NEW ITEMS IN THE MARKET: You probably have more resources than you can carry at this point. Even if you choose not to do the side mission, you may want to visit the PAITITI MARKET to sell excess resources. The two MERCHANTS there have added a few items to their inventory: a RUCKSACK (3,500 gp) and ADVENTURER'S QUIVER (3,800 gp). You'll also meet the WANDERING MERCHANT MORAEKAH in the upper city soon. (See below.)

NOTE: Many of the minor collectibles, including gold and jade, will have respawned after you return from the CENOTE, so you may want to revisit parts of the city that you explored earlier. If you have already obtained the LOCKPICK, you may want to take some time, either before or after completing the Freedom Side Missions, to return to COZUMEL, KUWAQ YAKU, and the PERUVIAN JUNGLE. With the LOCKPICK and SHOTGUN, you can now obtain 100% completion for both of those areas, and with the larger RUCKSACK, you can collect lots of supplies in both areas. Check the "Revisiting this Level" section at the end of each walkthrough for details. If you still don't have the LOCKPICK, wait until after you meet MORAEKAH again in the upper city.

SIDE MISSION – WIDOW'S TEARS: If you like, you can undertake another mission before proceeding with the main story. Head for the southwest side of Paititi and you'll be notified of a nearby mission. (screenshot) When you reach the area marked on your map, you'll find a group of people talking about a murder. Speak to the Mission Giver, Ikal, who's standing to the right of the house with the guard in the doorway. (Note that he will only talk to Lara if she's wearing the Serpent Guard disguise.) He tells Lara that his business partner, a man named Sumaq, has been killed. Lara agrees to Solve Sumaq's Murder. See the separate WIDOW'S TEARS MISSION WALKTHROUGH for details. During the mission, you unlock an Artifact, an Antique Knife, part of the Pantheon of Gods Story. Upon completing the mission, you are also rewarded with a Vestige: Yaway's Battle Tunic and 450 gold pieces.

SIDE MISSION – ANCIENT STUDIES: These missions also require the Serpent Guard outfit. Once you have it, head for the river near the Fishing District Base Camp and you'll find the Mission Giver, a girl named Awil, standing with her nanny on the little island just east of the camp. (screenshot) Talk to the girl to start the first mission, Decipher the Murals. After you've completed the girl's tasks, the nanny, Mayu, gives you a second mission, Stop the Ritual. The separate ANCIENT STUDIES MISSION WALKTHROUGH explains what to do. Again, I recommend unlocking the Viper's Lure Scavenger Skill before undertaking the second part of this mission, where you must confront a group of cultists in the Abandoned Village. You can certainly beat the mission without it, but it will make things much easier. Completing both missions earns the HEART OF THE EAGLE BOW and 450 gold pieces.

ENTERING UPPER PAITITI: When you're ready to continue with the main story, head for the western end of the large bridge that connects the lower and upper city. (The Current Objective marker on the map shows where to go.) Cross the bridge and speak to the cultist guarding the entrance. Now that Lara is wearing the Serpent Guard disguise, he'll let her pass. (screenshot) Squeeze through the narrow opening and follow the wide passageway up several short flights of steps. Just before the 3 Jaguar Warriors blocking the way, there's a braided rope barrier on the right. Assuming you've purchased the REINFORCED KNIFE UPGRADE from the female merchant in the MARKET, you can cut down the barrier and go inside to find a relic (19/28), Year Bundle (Yucatec/Cult of Kukulkan), and a small pile of jade ore. (screenshots) Squeeze between the Jaguar Warriors and continue along the passageway. In the dimly lit room ahead, pick up some gold ore in the south alcove and exit up the steps to the southeast. (screenshots)

There's a Proficient Yucatec monolith (6/7), in the courtyard. If you've been collecting documents and relics, you should have enough Yucatec to read it. The clue leads you to survival cache (23/34). If you need help solving the riddle, check this page with screenshots.

After examining the monolith, continue up the stairs to the north to find the Upper City Main Gate Base Camp. (screenshot) Either before or after searching for the monolith riches, head back to the south along either of the walkways running along above the staircase, to find a relic (20/28), a Tlaloc Vase (Yucatec/Pantheon of Gods), sitting on the table overlooking the monolith. (screenshots) Examine it, talk to some upper-class Paititians if you like, then return to the base camp and continue up the steps to the north to meet Etzli. (screenshot)

The boy compliments Lara's disguise then tells her he's discovered the passphrase needed to enter the prison where his mother is being held: "Innocent eyes will blink at dawn, when weakness falls away." He also asks her to help free Hakan, who happens to be his friend Kayara's father. Lara agrees to help.

OBJECTIVE: Enter the Temple of Kukulkan

After speaking with Etzli at the entrance to the temple courtyard, your main objective is updated. Kayara is also marked on your map as a Mission Giver, with the mission goal Rescue Hakan. It's your choice, but I'd suggest doing the Hakan mission first, since it's fairly quick and easy.

SIDE MISSION – STAY OF EXECUTION: Look for the little girl, Kayara, on the east side of the upper courtyard. Speak to her to get the ball rolling. Details and screenshots are included in a separate FREEDOM MISSION WALKTHROUGH. When you complete the mission, Hakan gives you 400 gold pieces and the FINELY-CRAFTED KNIFE, which allows Lara to harvest more resources from animals, along with all of the other features of the previous knife upgrades you've unlocked.

BUG NOTE: If you're playing the PC version and encounter any invisible walls preventing you from exploring the upper city, reverting to an earlier build of the game, at least temporarily, should help. See this page for details.

UPPER CITY MARKETPLACE/COURTYARD: Before entering the temple to look for Unuratu, explore the rest of the upper courtyard. There are various resources sitting out in the open, including the jade at the bottom of the stairs leading down to the old barracks mentioned in the mission walkthrough (screenshot) and some gold in the little pool to the left of the stairs leading up to Hakan's cell. (screenshot)

In the northwest corner there's another relic (21/28), a Wooden Rifle (Quechua/Inside Out), sitting on a table inside what looks like a store selling housewares. (screenshots) In the northeast corner, just behind a food vendor's stall, there's a raised opening in the stone wall. Climb inside to find an archivist map (5/7) and 2 documents (26/42 and 27/42), Yaaxil (Yucatec/Myth, Magic & Monsters) and The Prophecy (Quechua/The Resistance). (screenshots)

TRAVELING MERCHANT MORAEKAH: About halfway along the east side of the upper courtyard is a little, sunken room. If you're visiting this area during the 'REBELLION LIVES' part of the story, you'll find Moraekah here. She offers the same wares as she did earlier, including the ROPE ASCENDER and LOCKPICK if you didn't buy them earlier. Check the FIRST HIDDEN CITY WALKTHROUGH for details. If you miss her here, you can find her later in these locations. There's also a treasure chest (3/3) in this room containing an Artifact, Ear Spools (Yucatec/Day in the Life of a Paititian). (screenshots)

NOTE: Once you enter the TEMPLE OF KUKULKAN (below), you will not be able to return to the rest of the city for a while. At the end of this level, there's a fairly intense combat sequence, in which you will be able to use all of your weapons, not just the bow. So if you need to buy and sell resources, stock up on ammo, make upgrades, etc., this would be a good time to do it. If you have Skill Points to spend, consider taking the Scales of the Serpent and Scales of the Serpent II, Scavenger Skills, which slow time when aiming while using Focus mixtures. You probably won't need them here in Paititi, but they will come in handy in the next level, PORVENIR OIL FIELDS.

THE TEMPLE OF KUKULKAN: When you're ready to continue with the story, approach the 2 cult guards at the south end of the building in the middle of the courtyard. (screenshot) Since Lara has spoken with Etzli and now knows the passphrase, they let her in. Enter the temple and follow the stairs down to a large room, where Unuratu and Amaru/Dominguez are arguing.

The two rulers attempt to convince each other that the path they've chosen for Paititi is the right one, but clearly there can be no reconciliation when Amaru wants a world cleansed of outsiders and Unuratu believes in the world as it is, where people must come together to work out their differences. Amaru invites Unuratu to be a part of his utopia, but she wants nothing to do with a world ruled by the Cult of Kukulkan and Trinity. Unuratu refuses and vows to find the Silver Box and restore the sun. Amaru tells her that the Box is gone, stolen by the missionary Andres Lopez 400 years ago. She's missed her chance, he says, wasted her life searching in the wrong place. Then he orders his men to return her to her cell.

OBJECTIVE: Reach Unuratu's Prison Cell

After Unuratu and Amaru are gone, Lara is free to explore the temple. There are a few cult guards and a priest hanging around, but with her disguise in place, she can go where she likes.

There's a document (28/42), Priests of the Sun (Yucatec/Cult of Kukulkan), sitting on the floor near the west wall. (screenshot) You'll also find a document (29/42), Trinity Recruits Amaru (Rebellion of Paititi) near the middle of the south wall, and another document (30/42), A King Sacrificed (Quechua/Subjugating Paititi), a little farther along, near the east wall. (screenshot)

Below the ornate altar in the middle of the room is a box with a relic (22/28), Bloodletter (Yucatec/Pantheon of Gods). (screenshot) Drop into the shallow pit to the left of the altar and head for the northwest corner to find a buried survival cache (24/34). (screenshot) Then follow the pit all the way around to the northeast corner to find a resource container and another relic (23/28), Mama Quilla Mask (Quechua/The Resistance). (screenshot)

Scramble up out of the pit and turn left. There's another document (31/42), Conspiracy (Secrets and Lies), sitting on a small table in the northeast corner. (screenshot) This document explains how the people of Paititi learned to speak perfect English. Halfway along the north wall, on the left, you'll find a relic (24/28), Mask of Tezcatlipoca (Yucatec/Pantheon of Gods), and a document (32/42), No One In, No One Out (Yucatec/Secrets and Lies). (screenshot) Finally, in the northwest corner, there's one more document (33/42), Guidelines (Secrets and Lies). (screenshot)

GORGE OUTSIDE TEMPLE: When you have everything here, exit through the doorway on the east side of the temple. (screenshot) Follow the passageway to emerge outdoors on a ledge above a rushing river.

As you go, Lara talks to Jonah by walkie-talkie. She mentions the coming earthquake and says they need to hurry, but this is just gamespeak. You can take your time and explore as much as you like. Unuratu, and the earthquake, will wait. ;)

ANCIENT AQUEDUCT CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: The guards near the wooden bridge spanning the river tell Lara that no one is allowed to enter the prison. So you'll need to find another way to Unuratu. Head to the left (north) and you'll see a climbing wall and the familiar golden totems indicating a nearby Challenge Tomb. If you don't want to explore the tomb, just skip down to the next section, "Reaching Unuratu's Prison." Otherwise, look over the edge to spot a survival cache (25/34) a few ledges below. Climb down and dig it up. Then enter the tunnel on the left. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're returning here later to complete the tomb, fast travel to the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp, which appears at this end of the wooden bridge once you've completed this area. (screenshots) Then climb down the ledges to the north, as described here.

The tomb itself is covered in the separate ANCIENT AQUEDUCT CHALLENGE TOMB WALKTHROUGH. It includes the Subterranean River Base Camp and various collectibles: a relic, Primitive Doll (25/28); a mural, Ancient Aqueduct (17/23); and 2 survival caches (26/34 and 27/34). Examining the tomb stele unlocks the Warrior Skill Jaguar's Paw, which automatically increases Lara's chances of knocking down enemies with melee attacks.

NOTE: Fast travel is disabled here, but you can still make upgrades, and if you have Skill Points to spend, consider taking the Scales of the Serpent and Scales of the Serpent II, Scavenger Skills, which slow time when aiming while using Focus mixtures. These will come in handy in the next level, PORVENIR OIL FIELDS.

When you return to the main area after completing the tomb, climb the man-made stone ledges on the right. (screenshot) Then turn around and you'll be facing the path you'll take to reach Unuratu's prison.

CROSSING THE GORGE TO UNURATU'S PRISON AND THE CRYPT ENTRANCE: From the ledge near the rope bridge and the exit from the TEMPLE OF KUKULKAN, jump over to the climbable cliff wall. Climb up and around to the right until you reach a narrow handhold. Climb to the right until Lara is hanging in front of another climbable area. Axe-climb down as far as you can then rappel down to the wall-running area below. Before following the main path to the right, position Lara little higher on the wall, so she's roughly level with the skeleton (1/3) hanging from the cliffside to your left. Wall run back and forth to knock down the skeleton, initiating the Dunkin' Bones Challenge. You'll need to knock down 2 more skeletons to complete the challenge. Both can be found on the way to the prison. Their locations are marked with pink dots on the annotated level map. (screenshots)

Now rappel down a little farther, wall run back and forth to build momentum, and jump over to the climbable area on the stone column to the right. As soon as you latch on, the climbable surface starts to crumble. So quickly climb around to the left and jump across the gap to grab the narrow ledge on the next column to the left. Once you reach this handhold, you can take your time. (screenshots)

Climb to the left. Then scramble up the wall to grab a handhold at the top of the column. Climb then jump to the left to latch onto the climbable surface on the next column. Rappel down into the gap between the two columns, so Lara is dangling above the rushing river. The next skeleton (2/3) for the challenge is hanging from the column on the left. Use the mouse or right stick to move the camera so it's pointing at the skeleton, rather than the path ahead. Then swing back and forth to knock the skeleton down. Move the camera back around so it's pointing between the two columns. Swing back and forth to build momentum, then jump onto the rocky island ahead. (screenshots)

Move to the top end of the island. Jump from the jutting ledge toward the next stone column. Scramble up the smooth wall and latch onto the climbable rock above. Continue climbing up and around to the right onto top of the column. As Lara approaches the building ahead, she overhears some cultists talking. Grapple-swing across the gap and grab a handhold above the barred windows. The handhold crumbles away, but Lara is able to grab the horizontal ledge below the windows. Climb/jump along the ledge to the left. Then scramble up onto the ledge above. (screenshots)

NOTE: As you pass by the guard room windows, a nearby monolith will be marked on your map. You can't reach it from here, but we'll get to it soon.

Before crossing the river, drop down onto the ledge below the rope-wrapped post to find an explorer backpack (5/6). Examining it reveals the location of 2 nearby crypts, as well as several survival caches. Climb back up and stand near the rope-wrapped post. Shoot a rope arrow into the beam on the other side of the river then climb across. There's a mural (18/23), The Winged Serpent (Yucatec/Pantheon of Gods), just below where you anchored the rope line. (screenshots)

CRYPT ENTRANCE – UTURUNKU, THE FERRYMAN: If you like, you can now take a slight detour to explore a crypt or continue with the rescue operation. Follow this link for the separate UTURUNKU'S CRYPT WALKTHROUGH. which includes another mural, Uturunku, The Ferryman (19/23); a survival cache (28/34); a Vestige: Ch'Amaka's War Vest; and 750 gold pieces.

CLIMBING TO UNURATU'S PRISON: From the ledge with mural #18, jump to the horizontal bar off to the right, swing and jump to grab the narrow handhold running around the broad stone column. Climb around to the right. Jump up and latch onto the craggy wall. Then continue climbing upward and around to the right. When you run out of climbable wall, jump forward/right and grapple the rough stone overhang. Rappel down a bit and look to the left to spot another skeleton (3/3). If you've unlocked the Seeker skill Owl's Wisdom, challenge items like this one will glow when you activate Survival Instinct. Point the camera toward the skeleton. Then swing back and forth to knock it off the wall. This one is a little tricky. You may need to adjust Lara's angle and the length of the cable slightly in order to hit the skeleton. If you've already knocked down the other two, this will complete the Dunkin' Bones Challenge. (screenshots)

Now climb all the way up the cable and latch onto the ceiling. Climb to the right as far as you can, then jump past the gap in the rocks and latch onto the next section of climbable ceiling. When Lara regains her foothold, continue climbing to the right and upward. Naturally, Jonah picks this moment to hail Lara on the radio for a status report. Keep climbing as you talk. When you reach the top of the climbable wall, scramble up to grab the ledge above. Traverse around the corner to the right. Then jump straight up again to grab the overhanging ledge and climb up. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Enter Unuratu's Prison Cell

Finally, climb into the high window of Unuratu's prison cell and drop down inside. (Congratulations! You've just completed the shortest objective ever!)

Lara finds a despondent Unuratu sitting on the floor of her cell. With the Silver Box missing, she can see no way forward other than to join Amaru and the Cult. Lara insists that there must be another way. She describes the heron and eclipse symbol she saw on the altar where the Box had been and asks Unuratu about the significance of her tattoos. Unuratu says the one on her left arm is her destiny, "The Crimson Fire of Chak Chel." The one on her right arm, showing the heron and eclipse, represents a connection to the past, "Sinchi Chiqa, the last emperor of Paititi," whose tomb, she says, is located in the Upper City. After some thought, she agrees to take Lara there.


OBJECTIVE: Follow Unuratu

RETURNING ACROSS THE RIVER: Before you go, examine the document (34/42), In Name Only (The Resistance), sitting on the shelf just behind the two characters. (screenshot) Then use your axe to break down the crumbling wall so you can escape.

Lara hails Jonah over the walkie-talkie to tell him they've broken out. Then Etzli confers briefly with his mother. He says they're sending backup and asks her what he should do. Unuratu tells him he's in charge while she's gone and he should trust his own judgement. Meanwhile, the guards notice Unuratu has escaped. She and Lara then split up, with Unuratu riding the zip line down to the island in the middle of the the river, while Lara drops down onto a ledge just below the prison.

Stand under the rope-wrapped beam and shoot a rope arrow into the beam on the island in the midle of the river. Slide down and grab a handhold on the rock wall. Climb around to the left and upward until Lara is hanging just below the archer. When you see the Melee icon, press the button to drag him off the edge. Then climb onto the ledge where he was standing. Meanwhile, Unuratu takes care of another guard on the upper part of the island. (screenshots)

Head down and around to the right, grabbing some supplies from a ceramic jar on the way down. (The wooden barrier on the left doesn't open from this side.) Jump off the end of the wooden ramp and grapple the climbing wall above. Climb up the rope, then the rough wall, until you can grab onto the narrow rock ledge above. Cimb to the left then upward until Lara is hanging just below a pair of Eagle Archers. Again, when you're close enough to see the Melee icon, press the button to drag him off the ledge. (screenshots)

This time, the second archer spots Lara, but Unuratu makes quick work of him. She then uses the archer's weapon to shoot down another guard and continues across the long wooden bridge.

The goal is to follow Unuratu, but you can also take a few minutes to go after the rest of the collectibles in this area. You may spot the flashing light of a survival cache on the west bank of the river. We'll get that shortly. First, turn around and head back to the east. Cross the other rope bridge, beyond where the archer fell. In the Eagle Archers' squad room at the far end of the bridge, you'll find a resource container, an archivist map (6/7); 2 documents (35/42 and 36/42), Cult of Kukulkan (from the Cult of Kukulkan Story) and The Cult's Promise (Subjugating Paititi); and a relic (26/28), Map of Search Areas (Trinity). Return across the bridge to the island. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you didn't get the explorer backpack (5/6) on the ledge below and to the right (north) side of the island earlier, you'll be able to spot it from here easily. (screenshot) To get it, go around behind the right side of the square archway and jump down onto the ledge with the rope-wrapped post. Then drop down to the ledge below to get the backpack. There's no easy way back up to the top of the island, so either take the long route, up to Unuratu's cell the way you went the first time, then down the zip line to the island. Or, just jump into the river, die, and reload, and the game should place you at the last checkpoint with all the collectibles.

Back on the island, head down the stairs to where the western rope bridge is anchored. Before crossing the bridge, examine the Fluent Yucatec monolith (7/7) to the right. If you've been following this walkthrough, you'll have no trouble deciphering it. The clue reads, "A once ferocious warrior, raised as a warning. I fell from his mouth and now lie beneath him." If you select the monolith on the map, a circle marks the area in which the treasure can be found. Head down the steps toward the south side of the island. Use a rope arrow to pull down the wooden barrier. (This is the same one you passed earlier on the other side.) Move up the steps on the right to find the monolith riches, survival cache (29/34), buried beneath a ferocious-looking warrior's helmet balanced on a post. Dig up the treasure. (screenshots)

When you have everything, proceed across the bridge to the west, to the temple entrance where Unuratu is waiting. (screenshot)

CRYPT ENTRANCE – QISPI, THE MERCHANT: Again, the mission seems urgent, but if you like, you can take another detour to explore a crypt. Instead of entering the temple with Unuratu, turn around and move to the edge to the right of the bridge. (screenshot) The crypt entrance is along the cliffside to the right (south). Follow the separate QISPI'S CRYPT WALKTHROUGH, which includes a survival cache (30/34); 2 documents Reconnaissance (37/42) and Crime and Punishment (38/42); a mural, Qispi, the Merchant (20/23); a Vestige: Yaway's Wooden Greaves; and 750 gold pieces.

NOTE: If you've already completed this part of the story and are returning later to raid the crypt, fast travel to the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp, which appears here later on. Then refer to the CRYPT WALKTHROUGH linked above. (screenshot)

RE-ENTERING THE TEMPLE: When you're ready to continue with the story, follow Unuratu into the temple. (screenshot)

In a more extensive cinematic, Lara and Unuratu gain entrance to the temple, and Unuratu gets hold of a Serpent Guard disguise. As you move through the temple, she explains to Lara how during the eclipse ritual, she will be tempted to remake the world following her own desires. If her training isn't enough to help her resist the lure of ultimate power, the Crimson Fire will guide her and hold her to her promise. "When the Crimson Fire smokes, seek your mirror," she says, but if Unuratu knows what this means, she doesn't explain. She's also vague when Lara about the "creatures" she met in the caves. Unuratu insists the Yaaxil are much more than "creatures." They have always served as protectors of the city. When Lara and the queen emerge outside. Unuratu says that Amaru is planning a public sacrifice. Lara wants to intervene, but Unuratu says they need to focus on the larger goal: finding the Box and stopping Amaru's plans.

UPPER PAITITI – RITUAL SACRIFICE: During your walk through the temple, a photo of the mural depicting The Silver Box of Ix Chel, appears in the Artifacts menu under Lara's Notebook. As you move through the temple, then the Upper City, here are a few resources to gather along the way, including some gold on a small altar on the stairs beyond the main room. (screenshot) There are no crucial items, however, assuming you didn't miss any of the collectibles the first time through. You can explore the area just outside to pick up a few more supplies. Then continue following Unuratu as she leads Lara up the stairs to the northwest and through the crowd gathered to witness the sacrifice.

When you reach the door on the far side of the square, Lara gives the guards the pass phrase and the two women, unrecognized in their disguises, are allowed to enter the tomb. Unuratu points to a large, golden statue and explains that the actual tomb is up there. She'll keep watch while Lara investigates. Lara and Jonah speak again by radio. He and the rebels are standing by.

OBJECTIVE: Reach the Tomb of Sinchi Chiqa

COURTYARD OUTSIDE THE LAST EMPEROR'S TOMB: There are no enemies here yet, but you will have to fight your way out of this area later. So, if you're low on supplies, explore the area before attempting to climb the statue. You'll find plenty of herbs for healing, endurance, etc., as well as a few other resources.

CLIMBING THE STATUE: When you're ready, return to the northwest corner of the courtyard, where Unuratu is still waiting, and scramble up the wall onto the ledge in front of the statue. If you still have room in your inventory, gather some aquatic plants from the pool at the statue's base. Then jump over the water to the climbable wall on the front of the statue. Climb to the handhold above, around to the left, then up the flat, decorated side of the statue. When you reach the narrow ledge with plants growing above, climb to the right then jump/climb upward until you can pull up onto the statue's hand. (screenshots)

Grapple-swing across the front of the statue and grab onto its other hand. Climb to the right then up onto the statue's palm. Run forward, jump toward the wall, and grapple the slats below the doorway ahead. Climb the rope then the slats to reach the doorway. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Explore the Tomb of Sinchi Chiqa

Inside, gather more resources and examine some well-preserved Paititian ancestors as you make your way along the passageway. As you go, Jonah makes contact by radio to say he's ready and waiting. Just beyond the golden wall decoration, which Lara notes has unmistakable Inca influencea cutscene begins.

Lara enters the inner tomb, which is full of interesting ornaments and offerings. The centerpiece includes the familiar Eclipse and Heron motif, but also a carved object in the center. Lara wonders if this was left by the missionary, Lopez. "The heart of the serpent is in the cup," she reads. But before she can ponder the meaning further, she hears noises from outside. She moves into the doorway and spots Unuratu below, fighting off several attackers. Lara jumps into the pool and scrambles out onto the ledge, ready to join the fight, only to see Unuratu shot down by Amaru's right-hand man, Commander Rourke. Rourke calls in reinforcements then takes off, leaving Lara to comfort Unuratu in her final moments. The queen asks Lara to give her amulet to Etzli, and urges Lara not to give in to the temptation of the Box. "We all create our destiny," she says. Lara barely has time to take in what's happened when more cultists arrive.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Cultist Warriors

You may not notice in the heat of battle, but after the cutscene a photo of the Stone Cup with a translation of its inscription, appears in the Artifacts menu as part of the Path of the Stars Story.

There are 7 enemies in the first group, a Jaguar Warrior on the platform directly ahead and a mix of warriors and archers, who drop down from the doorways on the far left and right. You'll notice many grassy areas and vine-covered walls where Lara can hide, but with so many eyes searching for her, it's difficult to maintain stealth for very long. You now have access to all of your weapons, though, so you can certainly use a combination of stealth and aggressive offense. I'm sure you'll find a plan that works for you, but here are some ideas:

Use an Endurance mixture at the start of the fight. (Press F2 on the keyboard or hold L1/LB on the controller and press Circle/B, assuming you have unlocked the Heart of the Jaguar Skill.) Then, if you have the Viper's Lure Skill, lay down a couple of lure arrows ahead on the right and left. The toxic cloud emitted when the lures are triggered should knock out a few enemies as they approach. Don't wait around for them to work, though. As soon as you stand up to shoot arrows, the warrior on the platform will notice Lara, so take him out first. Either shoot him where he stands, wait for him to come to you and blast him with the shotgun, or use the Puma's Feint/Dodge Kill. (screenshots)

Before the other enemies can close in, run to either of the back corners (northwest/northeast) and make your way up the stairs and along the wide ledge along the side of the room. There's a short vine-covered wall in each of the front corners (southeast/southwest). If nobody has eyes on Lara, she can conceal herself there. Then wait for enemies to approach and stealth kill them when you see the melee prompt, or shoot more lure arrows in their path to kill them with a toxic cloud before they get too close. If enemies are already closing in and Lara can't hide, just use the wall for cover as you circle around and pick off any enemies that come into range. (screenshots)

Don't be afraid to run away if things get too intense. Use another Endurance mixture whenever the effects start to wear off, and of course top up Lara's health if it gets low. As you move around the courtyard, keep an eye out for the Trinity soldiers Unuratu killed. Their bodies don't glow in Survival Instinct for some reason, but they carry rifle or shogtun ammo and other items, which can be handy if you run low. (screenshots)

There are also a number of red explosive jars scattered around the area, which you can shoot to kill or injure nearby enemies, and some small ceramic jars that can be used to make smoke bombs, in order to screen Lara from enemies. I found this to be more trouble than it's worth, but if it helps you, by all means go for it. (screenshots)

Midway through the battle, 5 more enemies, mostly archers, smash through the door at the south end of the courtyard. If you've made your way around to the southeast or southwest corner, you can shoot them from the side as they come through the door, or head back to the north side of the room, find a defensible position, and wait for them to come to you. Once that door is open, you receive a new goal. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Cultist Warriors

At this point, you don't have to finish the fight. You can just run for the exit, blast your way through any enemies standing in the way, then squeeze through the narrow opening. However, you will miss the opportunity to search the bodies and pick up any leftover supplies once the fight is over.

Once you've killed the last enemy, Lara stands up straight, indicating the coast is clear. You can then take your time to search the bodies, both cultists and Trinity soldiers, for ammo, gold, feathers, etc., and gather any other resources you didn't have room for before. Finally, move through the narrow opening on the south side of the courtyard (screenshot) to trigger a series of cutscenes.

Lara meets Jonah at the docks. She then has the sad task of giving Etzli his mother's amulet and telling him what happened to her. The boy rises to the challenge, just as Unuratu knew he would. He orders Uchu to help Lara and Jonah on their way. The two then set off in search of the Box.

REVISITING THIS LEVEL LATER IN THE GAME: There are still a few areas we haven't explored yet: namely the Path of Battle Challenge Tomb; the nearby Crypt of Ollanta, the Potter; and the surrounding jungle on the west side of Paititi. These are covered in the HIDDEN CITY REVISIT WALKTHROUGH, since there is also a side mission that takes you to that area. If you missed anything in the Upper City, you'll be able to return once you complete the Porvenir Oil Fields. A new Fast Travel camp, the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp will then appear in the river gorge area where you rescued Unuratu from prison. It's marked on the annotated level map.

The Quick Collectibles Guide includes detailed instructions for retrieving any important items and completing any challenges you may have missed.

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