Stella's Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough - For Windows PC, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One

SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. If you encounter a serious bug, I encourage you to visit the Official Shadow of the Tomb Raider Support Forum and or put in a support request with Square Enix. PC save files are available for download here.


Updated: 1/13/19()

Weapons/Gear: Six Sky's War Bow, Fear Arrows, PN-TF 267 Light Machine Gun
Camps: 2 (The Beach, Destroyed Bridge*)
*The second camp appears after you clear the level and move on.
Relics:Documents:Murals:Archivist Maps: 1
Annotated Level Map: Porvenir Oil Fields


As Lara and Jonah paddle along the river toward Kuwaq Yaku, a Trinity helicopter appears and fires on their small boat, and they're separated. Lara's arm is grazed by a bullet, but she manages to make her way to shore, where a low-level Trinity mercenary attacks her. They struggle, and she manages to stab the man, then takes cover as she notices more enemies ahead.


RIVERBED: When you first enter this area, Lara does not know exactly where she is, only that it's somewhere along the riverbed north of Paititi. A photo and some info about Commander Rourke have been added to your Artifacts collection under Lara's Notebook. Lara needs to find Jonah, but in order to do it, she must fight her way along the river, which is crawling with Trinity mercenaries. She's lost all her weapons, but somehow doesn't think to take the first mercenary's gun. So you need to do everything with stealth and a knife. (#TombRaiderLogic!)

You can play each of these encounters in various ways. Here are a few ideas in case you run into trouble.

FIRST ENEMY ENCOUNTER: From the starting position against the vine-covered wall on the right side of the path, move forward and around the corner to the right. Use the mud patch to apply some camouflage. Then conceal yourself against the nearby mud-covered wall. There are 4 enemies in this area: 3 just beyond the wall where you're hiding and another on the far (northeast) side of the clearing. Sidle along the wall to the right so you have a good view of the 2 of the men while staying hidden. When one of them walks away, wait until he's out of sight. Then move stealthily into the bushes near the second man. When he stops near the bush where you're hiding, inch forward a little at a time just until you see the Melee icon above his head but not so far that he sees Lara. Press the button to stab him and drag him into the bushes. (screenshots)

Move forward to the next vine-covered rock outcrop. Once Lara is hidden among the vines, move around to right. From here you can see the 2 men standing around a supply crate they're using as a table. Soon, one of these 2 men will approach along the right side of the rock outcrop. Move back around to the left just far enough so the other men can't see you. Wait for the searcher to pass by your hiding place. Press Melee when you see the prompt for another stealth takedown. (screenshots)

Now, before too much time elapses and the others start to get curious, move forward to hide behind the storage boxes on the right. Grab one of the empty jars sitting on top and hold Alt Fire (Middle Mouse/R1/RB) to craft a smoke bomb. (There's also a jar of oil just to the left if you need it.) Then, when the third man moves in close to the fourth, toss the smoke bomb so it lands between them. Then run forward and Melee kill them both while they're still choking and sputtering. (screenshots)

NOTE: Sometimes, the roving man who started out on the left (west) side of the clearing will be the one to come up the slope toward Lara while she's hiding near the rock outcrop. If that happens, you can still use the same basic strategy. Just wait for him to approach, make sure Lara is screened from the others' view, and melee kill him. Then use the smoke bomb tactic on the other two men. Or, if you prefer, throw an empty jar for distraction to draw one of the men away so you can stealth kill them one at a time. Even if the last man notices Lara, she should still be able to aggressively melee attack him without giving him time to do too much damage.

If you don't have the Boa's Coil Skill that allows Lara to automatically loot enemies killed with stealth takedowns, be sure to search the bodies after the fight. Gather a few resources around the clearing. Then climb onto the ledge with the floodlights to the north. (screenshot)

SECOND ENEMY ENCOUNTER: Take the salvage sitting near the generator if you have room for it. Then walk across the fallen tree to rock ledge on the right. As you go, Lara overhears the men ahead talking. Move out onto the jutting ledge. Wait for the lone man below to approach and crouch down. You should then see the Melee icon above his head. Press the button to leap down upon him. (screenshots)

There are 3 more mercenaries on the other side of the river. Two of them can be seen from here. The other is a bit farther to the right. Swim across on the left side, so they don't notice you. Climb out of the water and quickly scramble up the tree just ahead. Wait here and one of the men should move away toward a fourth man, while the other approaches the tree where Lara is hiding. Wait until the man below is isolated (yellow in survival instinct) then press Melee to leap down and stab him. (screenshots)

Use the mud patch just ahead to reapply the camouflage that washed off when you took a dip in the river. Then move into the bushes ahead on the left and from there to the vine-covered boulder between Lara and the remaining enemies. Sidle along to the left so you can see what they're doing. When one of them heads back toward the guy you just killed, move quickly toward the other enemy and melee kill the other before he notices Lara. (screenshots)

By now, the last man will have seen his buddy's corpse and start hollering. So quickly move back against the vine-covered boulder. Sidle to the right. The last man should move directly toward you, in which case all you have to do is wait for the Melee prompt then finish him off. Or, if the last man heads back toward the third man, follow him and stab him from behind. (screenshots)

There are also some bottles you can use for distraction and ledges along both canyon walls that you can climb on, but you won't need these if you use the above.

CLIMBING TO THE BASE CAMP: Climb onto the ledge with the little waterfall at the east end of the combat area. (screenshot) Continue forward along the right side of the canyon to find a document (1/4), Journal of T. Serrano 9 (Gates of Hell), lying on the ground. (screenshot) Continue forward to the cliff's edge. Move out onto the jutting ledge, jump out, and grapple the ledge on the other side of the gap. (screenshot) Climb the cable to reach the ledge. Then climb the rock wall and the overhang above it to reach the top of the cliff. (screenshot) Here you'll find The Beach Base Camp, along with some salvage and other supplies, as well as another document (2/4), Not Yet? (Trinity). (screenshot)

NOTE: If you have If you have Skill Points to spend, consider taking the Scales of the Serpent, Scales of the Serpent II, Scavenger Skills, which slow time when aiming while using Focus mixtures. You won't need these skills during the stealth sections, but they will come in very handy during the big firefight at the end of the level. Also be sure to collect all the focus herbs you can carry as you make your way through the level. The Scavenger Skill Viper's Lure, which allows you to craft lure arrows, will also be helpful once you get your hands on a bow again. You can also change outfits again if you like. Finally!

As you follow the path to the north, Rourke hails Lara on the radio to taunt her for her mistake in taking the dagger.

Continue through the narrow canyon with the oscillating flame where fuel is leaking from a broken pipeline. At this point you transition from the RIVERBED into the PORVENIR OIL FIELDS proper. Duck under the fallen tree to enter the next area.

Lara crouches in the bushes and listens to another group of mercenaries receiving orders to be on the lookout for her. As if things weren't bad enough, they've just received a shipment containing thermal goggles. A note on screen explains that enemies equipped with thermal vision can detect Lara through vegetation but not through solid walls.

THIRD ENEMY ENCOUNTER – THERMAL GOGGLES: Again, this is just one possible strategy to get through this area. By all means, experiment. You may find a better way. After the initial cutscene, stay where you are and watch your opponents. There are 5 enemies in all: 2 soldiers with armor and thermal goggles and 3 ordinary guys. Only 3 men are visible at first. The first soldier with thermal goggles moves off to the left. He thinks he's spotted something in the trees, but it's just a monkey. As soon as the other men head back to the right, leaving the goggle guy on his own, sneak through the bushes on the left until you see the Melee icon above him. Press the button for a stealth takedown. (screenshots)

Now you need to move quickly in order to take out the second thermal-goggles guy before he starts moving around. After the first stealth kill, Lara should be standing with her back to the tree where the monkey was. Run forward along the path between the vine-covered rock outcrop and the left (north) side of the clearing. Pass by another section of vine-covered wall. Then turn right just before the storage crate with the empty cans sitting on top. You should see the second soldier with thermal goggles just ahead. If he's still out of sight of the other men (yellow in survival instinct, not red), rush in behind him and press Melee for another stealth kill. If he's red, or turns red as you approach, the other men will notice and attack. You can either reload the checkpoint and try again or just do your best to run, hide, and continue to fight. (screenshots)

If you do manage to take down the second soldier without being seen, immediately run back the way you came (i.e., away from the other enemies) and move into the vines on either side of the path. Wait in the cover of the vines for a moment just to make sure none of the other mercenaries have spotted Lara. Watch as 2 of the men enter the shack on the east side of the clearing. Move past the storage box with the tin cans and into the shack to the left of it. There's a second storage crate just ahead with some bottles on top. If you crouch behind this crate, the enemies in the shed just around the corner shouldn't notice Lara. You can then grab a bottle, craft a Molotov using cloth from your inventory, and throw it at the 2 enemies. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't have cloth but do have salvage, you can use a tin can from the crate you passed a moment ago to make a shrapnel grenade instead.

If your timing and aim are good, the fire should kill both of the enemies in the shed, leaving only one more. He'll definitely start looking for you now. Head back the way you came, following the path between the rock outcrop and the north wall, toward where you killed the first guy with the goggles. Hide among the vines at the end of the rock outcrop, and the fifth enemy should soon come looking for you. Wait for him to get close enough so you see the Melee icon then let him have it. (screenshots)

Search the area for supplies and loot the bodies. Even if you have the Boa's Coil Skill, which allows Lara to automatically search enemies during a stealth kill, you'll still need to examine the men you killed with the Molotov. Then move through the gap at the back of the shed to enter the next area to the east. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you want to play it differently, there are plenty of other bushes, crates, and walls to hide behind. The little plateau above the vine-covered walls also has some empty jars you can use to craft smoke bombs, and there are lots of objects lying around to use for distraction and/or improvised explosives. Or you can take out the first soldier with thermal goggles and hit the 2 in the shed with the Molotov, as described above. Then, skip the rest of the combat and just make straight for the exit to the next area. The enemies may notice, but once Lara gets through the opening, they won't pursue.

FOURTH ENEMY ENCOUNTER – MUD CAMOUFLAGE: As you enter the next area, Lara over hears 2 mercenaries greeting each other. (In case you missed the reference, this is a Warner Bros. cartoon Easter egg.) There are 6 more enemies scattered around the clearing ahead (8 in all, 3 with goggles), but this sequence is actually easier than the last one, since you now have camouflage at your disposal.

Start by using the mud puddle to apply camouflage, which will not only allow Lara to hide against mud-covered walls but will hide her heat signature from the men with the thermal goggles. Move forward into the bushes. Wait for all but one of the first 3 enemies to move away, leaving only the guy with the goggles. Inch forward until you see the Melee icon above his head. If you're playing on easy or medium difficulty, tap Survival Instinct just to make sure he's unobserved (yellow rather than red). Then press Melee to stab him and drag him into the bushes. (screenshots)

Move forward to the mud-covered stone wall. Wait here until you see 2 enemies—one with goggles, one without—approach then move away again. Then move around into the bushes on the right, then on into the open shed ahead on the right. The left interior wall is covered in vines so you can hide up against it and sneak forward toward the mercenary standing at the computer. Again, check to make sure he's not being watched by any other enemies (yellow in Survival Instinct). Then inch out toward him until you see the prompt for a stealth takedown. (screenshots)

Return to the left end of the vine-covered wall. Peer around the corner to make sure the coast is clear. Then move across the open area to the generator. Hold Interact to sabotage it. Then hide among the vines on the wall to the right. A lone enemy should come through the building on the left to investigate the power outage. He'll look around for a bit then eventually turn his back on Lara. Move up behind him and press Melee to take him out. (screenshots)

Now move into the building on the left and take cover against the right interior wall, which is also covered in vines. Sidle along the wall until you can see a fourth enemy standing just outside. Again, check to make sure he's on his own (yellow in Survival Instinct) before doing another stealth attack. (screenshots)

Go back the way you came. Exit the building and once again hide among the vines on the wall to the right of the generator. Move forward along the wall, staying hidden in the vines until you're sure none of the enemies ahead are watching. Move quickly across the open area to the next vine-covered wall on the right side of the stacked crates. There's a fifth enemy standing at the end of this wall, but his back should be turned. Inch along the wall until you're close enough to see the Melee icon above his head. If you're not sure where the other 3 remaining enemies are, tap Survival Instinct to make sure this one is out of their line of sight. Then press Melee to stab him and drag him behind the wall. (screenshots)

Now just wait here, hidden among the vines, and the last 3 enemies should come to you one at a time. Don't get trigger-happy, though. Make sure each one comes all the way around the wall before you attack. If you have Survival Instinct enabled, again, just activate it briefly. If the enemy is still red, wait until he gets a little closer. When he turns yellow, go ahead and press Melee for an unobserved kill. Repeat with the next enemy and the last one. Then just wade out of the pile of bodies and sort out your hairdo. As the Brits say, done and dusted. (screenshots)

NOTE: If this strategy doesn't work for you, there are plenty of other places to hide and lots of objects that can be used for distraction and crafting improvised explosives. If you manage to kill all but the last few men by stealth, go ahead and engage. There's a red jerrycan sitting on the ground near the stacked crates just before that last vine-covered wall. You can pick it up, hold Alt Fire to combine it with cloth from your inventory to make a petrol bomb, and throw it at nearby enemies just like a Molotov. It causes a spectacular explosion, especially if you aim in the direction of the area exit, where several fuel barrels are stored. (screenshots)

When you've cleared the area, search the bodies, gather various resources, and climb the ledges to the north. (screenshot)

As Lara emerges onto the cliffside overlooking the OIL REFINERY, Jonah hails her over the radio. He says he's near the refinery and everything's blowing up. She urges him to get off that channel because Trinity is listening and says she'll find him.

PATH DOWN TO THE REFINERY: Follow the path northward along the cliffisde. When you come to a steep drop-off, jump across the gap to the climbable wall. Then rappel down into the cave. (screenshot)

Approach the altar to trigger a cutscene, in which Lara discovers the SIX SKY'S WAR BOW and unlocks Jaguar's Fear, a Warrior Skill that allows you to craft hallucinogenic Fear Arrows using dart poison harvested from spiders.

You'll be able to examine and upgrade this bow once you reach a base camp in the next level. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but the special arrows will make up for it. Conveniently, there are several wandering spiders crawling around this area. Grab them to harvest their poison. To craft fear arrows, press the Bow selector (keyboard 1 or D-Pad Up) repeatedly until Fear Arrows are selected (rather than Fire Arrows or Lure Arrows). Then, without aiming, hold the Alternate Fire button (Middle Mouse/R1/RB) to combine a regular arrow, cloth, and dart poison to make a fear arrow. Repeat to make as many as you can. (screenshots)

For more info, check the in-game Survival Guide by opening the map, then paging all the way to the right or clicking the Survival Guide icon at top left. (screenshot) Notice the slight difference between dart poison and venom. Dart poison is harvested from spiders and is used to make fear arrows. Venom is harvested from beetles and can be used to make lure arrows (if you have the Viper's Lure Skill) and poison grenades (if you have the Viper's Venom Skill). Harvesting resources from insects requires the Owl's Meal Skill.

This cave also contains various other resources, a mural (1/1), Mama Zara (Quechua/Pantheon of Gods 2) (screenshot), and a document (3/4), The Truth (Trinity). (screenshot)

As you enter the next area to the north, Lara overhears Rourke giving his men a pep talk over the radio. Yes, she's headed their way. No, nobody will be receiving special training as a reward for killing her. ;)

FIFTH ENEMY ENCOUNTER – FEAR ARROWS: Scramble up the tree directly ahead and remain perched there. There are 3 enemies in the clearing below. Shoot a fear arrow at the nearest one. (Aim and press Alt Fire, just like using any special ammo.) Now watch while he flips out and shoots his comrades then drops dead from the poison. If the man on the far right manages to survive the mayhem, just wait for him to approach the foot of the tree. Then, when you see the Melee prompt, either press the button briefly to drop down and knife him, or hold the button to drag him up into the canopy using the Eagle's Talon maneuver. Drop down and loot the bodies. (screenshots)

There are 9 more men in the jungle ahead, a few sporting thermal goggles. You can identify them by the red glow. Until you're able to reach the next mud patch, Lara's heat signature will be visible, so you'll want to avoid them. There lots of places to hide, trees and ledges to climb, objects you can use for distraction and/or improvised explosives, etc. Now that you have a weapon, you can also take more aggressive action if you like. Here's one possible stealth strategy:

After looting the first 3 bodies, backtrack to the clearing where you shot the first guy with the fear arrow. Turn around to face north. Then climb the tree and jump onto the flat ledge between the two paths. Move to the front left side of the ledge and scope out the 3 enemies below. Shoot the one wearing armor and goggles with a fear arrow. (Choose him because he's the most dangerous of the trio.) Then watch him kill the others. If he only kills one of the other men before dropping dead himself, try and get a headshot on the third guy from above. He's not wearing any armor, so this shouldn't be too difficult. (screenshots)

If you've unlocked the Viper's Lure skill and have the components to craft lure arrows, the rest of this sequence should go quickly and easily. (If not, there are other ideas below.) Switch from Fear Arrows to Lure Arrows and shoot two of them into the staircase on the far right, one near the top and one near the bottom. Then move back to the left side of the ledge and shoot a couple more lure arrows onto the path leading in from the northwest. As you sit back and wait for unsuspecting enemies to stumble into your toxic traps, craft more special arrows in case you need them. Then each time a lure is triggered, shoot another arrow into the same spot. Or, if multiple enemies approach at the same time, hit one of them with a fear arrow and let him do the work for you. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you like, you can shoot out some of the spotlights to make the area a little darker, but I left them in place to make details easier to see in the screenshots.

If you run out of lure arrows, you can also try for headshots on any single enemies who come to inspect their fallen comrades. Just remember that soldiers with helmets will require 2 headshots: one to smash the helmet, and one to kill. Or, use a fire arrow or several shots to the body. (screenshot)

Once you've taken out most of the enemies with special arrows, you can jump down onto the fallen tree to the right of the center ledge. Walk up the tree trunk and jump onto the branch above. Then wait for an unsuspecting mercenary to approach. As long as they're not wearing thermal goggles, they shouldn't spot Lara. If they're on their own, you can use Eagle's Talon without detection. (screenshots)

Or, if the last few enemies aren't attracted by your lures, you'll need to go to them. Return to the left side of the ledge between the two paths and jump down onto the fallen tree. Walk across it and scramble up onto the man-made stone wall. You should have a pretty good view from here. Hit one of the remaining enemies with a fear arrow and let him do as much damage as he can. Then use the tree branch to swing across the gap and take out any stragglers. (screenshots)

If you don't have lure arrows but also want to avoid combat as much as possible, here's an alternative strategy with screenshots.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: If Lara is spotted while you're doing any of this, or you run out of fear/lure arrows, drop down on the back (south) side of the ledge and try to move into cover. There are bushes ahead on the left (west) and a vine-covered wall on the right. There are also other climbable trees and ledges, and a mud patch just below the north side of the ledge between the paths and another inside the tunnel on the northwest side of the area (here and here). You can then wait for things to cool down and try again, or use the other tactics we've gone over in previous sections, such as melee attacks from hiding, shooting arrows or throwing objects to create a distraction, etc. If all hell breaks loose, run away and try to find a safe spot to shoot from, or just shoot/melee attack anyone who gets close enough to mess with Lara.

If you chose to kill all of the enemies in the area, be sure to loot the bodies and gather resources before moving on. Each solder carries gold and supplies. The tunnel on the northwest side also contains boxes of cloth and salvage, as well as a few spiders you can kill for venom. It's very dark here, so don't hesitate to use Survival Instinct to light up any useful items. When you're ready to move on, head for the northwest corner of the area and squeeze through the narrow opening in the wall topped with razor wire. (screenshot)

As you move out into the open, Lara tries to raise Jonah on the radio, but the only answer comes from Rourke. He once again tries to provoke Lara, telling her Jonah is dead and she can come and claim his body at the refinery. Whether or not Lara believes him, she lets him know she's coming.

BRIDGE LEADING TO THE REFINERY: Follow the muddy road southward, picking up a few collectibles along the way. Just beyond the flaming gas jet on the left, there's a document (4/4), A Lost World (Inside Out). (screenshot) A little farther along, you'll find an archivist map (1/1) sitting on top of a barrel on the right side of the road, just before the blue truck. (screenshot) And finally, just before you reach the bridge, there's a box containing a relic (1/1), a Hardhat adorned with feathers (Inside Out), on the ground to the left. (screenshot)

Step out onto the bridge to trigger the next cutscene. It's a trap, naturally. Lara is cornered by a Trinity helicopter and tank. With bullets flying from both directions, she makes a daring leap onto a zip line, sliding down as the refinery platform below erupts in flames.

OBJECTIVE: Evade the Helicopter

CLIMBING THE REFINERY TOWERS: You regain control as Lara lands on a metal catwalk. Run forward, jump off the edge, and grapple a metal bar on the tower ahead. Climb the cable until you can grab onto the bar. Then continue climbing to the handhold above. Scramble up the grating to grab the twisted metal bar. In a brief cutaway, a couple of mercenaries appear on a platform to the left and begin shooting at Lara. When you regain control, jump to the right to grab the silver pipe, which then bends alarmingly, swinging Lara around so she's hanging in midair. Traverse along the pipe to the right before it snaps off. (screenshots)

Climb to the handhold above, then scramble up the grating to grab the next horizontal bar. Pause here briefly as a barrel falls past. You don't need to do anything except stop near the middle of the bar. Lara ducks automatically. Scramble up to the next higher handhold, then climb onto the ledge above. As you do, a chunk of falling debris destroys the catwalk on the right. No worries! Lara's been training for this since she was nine! Turn right and walk out onto the narrow bit of railing. When you reach the end, jump forward to grab the broken catwalk. It swings forward flinging Lara into the air so she grabs the ledge ahead. More barrels tumble down nearby, but they aren't an actual hazard, just another bit of set dressing to ratchet up the tension. (screenshots)

Climb around the corner to the right. Then jump to the right to grab a handhold on the back of what looks like an elevator car. Climb/scramble up as high as you can. Just as you reach the top, the elevator drops away beneath you. Again, just drama. Lara will handily grab the solid beam as long as you double-jump to scramble, as usual. Pull up. Walk across the diagonal I-beam and jump to grab the dangling ladder. Climb to the top of the ladder. Then traverse along the metal beam, up and around the corner to the right. Continue climbing to the right until Lara's feet come up up onto the metal grating. Then jump straight up to grab the railing jutting out from the top of the tower. (screenshots)

Just as Lara reaches the top, the helicopter fires a pair of missiles into the tower. She loses her grip and plummets into the pool below. As she sinks, Lara appears to lose consciousness for a few moments, but thoughts of chaos, catastrophe, and—perhaps most of all—guilt, snap her back to alertness. She rises from the water, surrounded by flames, relieves one sorry little mercenary of his machine gun, and prepares to show Trinity what's what.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat Trinity

FIREFIGHT AT THE REFINERY: You begin the fight out in the open, facing 2 men sporting guns and soiled undergarments. Your new weapon is the PN-TF 267 LIGHT MACHINE GUN. It's not super powerful, but it is fast, and it holds an awful lot of ammo. Shoot those first two. Then take cover behind the wooden wall ahead on the left as a third enemy jumps down from the walkway on the right. Shoot him, or even better, the fuel barrel near him. The flimsy wooden barrier won't last long, but with the barrel taken care of, you can advance and take cover below the metal walkway where the third enemy came from. (screenshots)

If you have Endurance and Focus herbs in your inventory and have unlocked the skills to use them (Heart of the Jaguar and Scales of the Serpent, respectively), go ahead and take a dose of each now. For Endurance, press F2 on the keyboard or hold L1/LB on the controller and press Circle/B. For Focus, press F3 or hold L1/LB and press Square/X. Endurance mixtures reduce damage from enemy attacks and, with the second-level skill, also reduce damage from fire and explosives. Focus mixtures speed up Lara's reaction time, so enemies seem to move in slow motion, giving you a big advantage when fighting multiple foes.

The next 3 enemies appear on the catwalk on the far right side of this area. If you linger too long in any one place, they'll start throwing Molotovs and you'll need to move. But if you act quickly, you can shoot the barrel on the catwalk, which then explodes, hopefully killing all of them. If one of them manages to jump down before you hit the barrel, you'll need to finish him off. (screenshots)

Advance to the low wall made of sheet metal, just ahead on the left. There's a box of rifle ammo here in case you need it. Three more mercenaries arrive on and just below the next set of metal walkways. Again, you can shoot them all, or just shoot the barrel on the upper walkway. The explosion should set off a chain reaction, detonating the barrel on the ground and killing all 3 men. (screenshots)

At this point you get a break. Take a few deep breaths as you search all the bodies and pick up that ammunition if you didn't get it before. If you had no Focus or Health herbs before, most of the bad guys carry some, along with bullets, cloth, salvage, and gold.

Lara has a few choice words for Rourke, but Mr. Tough Guy is apparently too scared to face her. He radios his men to say he's been called away and is turning the op over to someone named Winters.

By this point your first dose of Focus and Endurance herbs should be wearing off. The ambient colors go super-saturated for a moment when a mixture is about to wear off. Take another dose of each. Then follow the path toward the next area.

REFINERY FIGHT PART 2 – WINTERS' HELICOPTER: As you turn the corner, a sniper above on the right takes a few potshots at Lara. Shoot him before he can do too much damage. Then run straight ahead past his position and take cover behind the blue metal barrier. Pick up more rifle ammo here if you need it. (screenshots)

Several mercenaries begin to converge on your position, so immediately turn right and shoot the stack of red barrels. The ensuing fireball should take out the guy coming toward you plus a few unseen enemies. Next, peer around the right side of the metal barrier and shoot several enemies on the walkways on the far side of the area. If you need to shoulder swap for a better angle, press Left Shift on the keyboard or click the left stick (L3). If you're having trouble spotting enemies at this distance, use Survival Instinct. (screenshots)

As you eliminate these guys, the helicopter swings around to the right, moving into position to do some serious damage. You definitely don't want that, so scramble out and take cover behind the cylindrical metal thingy just ahead. There are 2 more boxes of ammo sitting on the ground next to it. (Sorry, I don't know what this is—a well cap?—but I do know it's sturdy.) There are many other places to hide, but as long as you have herbs and ammo to spare, you won't need to move from here, except to shift position from left to right to avoid being shot at. (screenshots)

The biggest danger is the helicopter. Whenever it starts firing, release the Aim button to stow your weapon and crouch behind the metal cylinder. Heal if necessary and use another dose of Focus and Endurance herbs whenever the effects begin to wear off. About a dozen new enemies appear a few at a time on the wall below the helicopter. Each time the helicopter stops shooting, draw your weapon and aim over the top or around the side of the metal cylinder to take out as many soldiers as you can. The time-slowing effects of the Focus herbs should help a lot. Even if you can't line up perfect headshots, just sweep your weapon from side to side, firing when the reticle turns red. Or aim for the fuel barrels to take out multiple enemies at once. (screenshots)

Occasionally one of the soldiers will attempt to flank Lara by moving along the walkway on the left. Be sure to take these guys out right away so you're not taking fire from two directions. (screenshot)

Repeat these same basic tactics: eliminate new enemies as they appear, then release the Aim button to take cover whenever the helicopter opens fire, or when you need to use Health, Focus, or Endurance mixtures.

When the last mercenary falls, you'll hear Winters shout out a mayday as the helicopter spirals out of control and crashes. The blast knocks Lara back and she blacks out.

NOTES: If you have a heavy trigger finger and run out of ammo before the fight is over, you can move out and gather more from the boxes scattered around the area and by searching any corpses that land near you. If you don't have the skills that allow you to use Focus herbs, you can still follow the same basic battle plan. You'll just need to take extra care to duck back down and heal when the helicopter is firing. Then shoot the enemies on the wall each time the helicopter pauses its attack.

In a second cutscene, Lara regains consciousness and sits amid the wreckage on the verge of despair. Then Jonah appears to offer a hand up and a pep talk. Lara has had just about enough of cryptic clues and dead ends, but something Jonah asks makes her pause and think. "What kind of cup are we talking about, some kind of chalice?" Lara replies that a chalice wouldn't be very Mayan...which sparks an epiphany! The clue doesn't refer to local legends. Lopez was a Jesuit. The serpent in the cup is a symbol of Saint John the Apostle. They should be looking for a Christian holy site. On we go!

REVISITING THIS LEVEL LATER IN THE GAME: It is possible to achieve 100% completion the first time through the PORVENIR OIL FIELDS, but if you missed anything, you can return later by fast traveling between base camps. Note that the Destroyed Bridge Base Camp appears on the north side of the level once you've completed it, making it much easier to get back to that area.

The Quick Collectibles Guide includes detailed instructions for retrieving any important items you may have missed.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 12/19/18 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
12/24/18 - Accidentally referred to 'perception' instead of 'focus' herbs at a few points in this level. Fixed that. Whoops!
1/13/19 - Added note about shooting out spotlights in the combat section after you obtain Fear Arrows.

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