HIDDEN CITY – Crypt of Qispi, The Merchant

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NOTE: There are five crypts in Paititi. Only four of them count toward the Speak of the Dead Challenge. You can explore them in any order, but if you follow my walkthrough, this will be the fourth. The second, Manko's Crypt, is part of the Savior's Amulet Side Mission and does not count for the challenge.

CRYPT ENTRANCE: The entrance to this crypt is in the river gorge area on the east side of the Upper City. You'll pass near it during the LAST EMPEROR chapter, on your way back from freeing Unuratu from prison. See the main walkthrough for details.

Begin at the western end of the long rope bridge, near the exit from the TEMPLE OF KUKULKAN. When you first passed this way, two guards blocked the bridge, so you would not have been able to reach the crypt. If you are returning to this area later in the game, you can fast travel to the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp, which only appears after you've cleared this area. (screenshots)

Move to the edge of the cliff, just to the right of the bridge. Drop and hang from the edge. Then traverse to the left. Climb down the rock overhang. Then rappel down until Lara is hanging roughly level with the ledge off to the left. Point the camera that way, then swing back and forth to gather momentum, jump to grab the ledge, and pull up. Dig up a survival cache (30/34) just ahead, where the ledge juts out on the left. Then enter the tunnel on the right. (screenshots)

Follow the gore-strewn tunnel to a low opening. Drop down on the other side and slide down a muddy slope. There are no spikes or other hazards to watch out for, and Lara lands safely below. As you enter the next room, you'll pass a jar of supplies on the left. Inside on the right is a document (37/42), Reconnaissance (Quechua/The Resistance) and a pile of jade ore. On the opposite wall, there's a mural you can examine for information, thought it doesn't count as an "official" collectible. (screenshots)

THE CRYPT: Move into the doorway to the north, but don't rush forward. There's a deep pit ahead. Jump over to the dangling wooden elevator and scramble up the slats to grab the bar at the top. Ride it down to the room below. Grab some random supplies from the jar on the right and open the sarcophagus to receive a Vestige: Yaway's Wooden Greaves, which provide extra protection against fire and knockdowns, plus 750 gold pieces. This also counts toward the Speak of the Dead Challenge, in which you must uncover the secrets of 4 ancient crypts in Paititi. (screenshots)

TRAPPED HALLWAYS WITH SECRET PASSAGEWAY: Exit to the north, but instead of disarming the 2 spear traps just around the corner, squeeze through the narrow opening on the right, just before the first trap. Pick up some jade inside this secret passageway then move along underneath the mechanisms that control the spear traps out in the main hallway. It's perfectly safe on this side. (screenshots)

After you clear the area where Lara has to crouch, turn left to rejoin the main passage. Ignore the spike traps off to the left and continue straight ahead (south). The next room contains a mural (20/23), Qispi, the Merchant (Quechua/Resting Places) and a document (38/42), Crime and Punishment (Yucatec/Cult of Kukulkan). When you've examined both, break down the crumbling wall to the left of the mural to exit. (screenshots)

Just around the corner to the left is a spike pit. Jump over it but take care not to run on into the tripwire for the spear trap beyond the pit. Cut the wire to trigger the trap. Then move under the spears. Just watch out for another spike pit ahead. Jump over the pit and crawl through the low opening. (screenshots)

CLIMBING TO THE EXIT: In the next room there are 2 rubble-filled chutes with wooden doors. Use a rope arrow to close either of the doors. Then scramble up the wall to grab onto the closed door and use it to climb onto the ledge above. Grab some supplies here. Then turn around and face out into the room. Use another rope arrow to close the wooden door above on the left. Then jump on top of the dangling cage. Jump from the cage to grab one of the wooden slats on the opposite side of the room and climb/jump around to the left until Lara is hanging below the door you just closed. Climb/jump to the top of the door. Climb/jump around to the right to grab the jutting wooden beam. Traverse out along the beam until you can pull up. (screenshots)

Turn right and walk out onto the ledge made of sticks bound together with rope. There are 2 more wooden doors a little higher up on the wall. Use a rope arrow to close the one on the left. (The right one is already closed.) Jump from the wooden ledge to grab one of the beams set into the wall below and to the left of the doors. Then climb/jump upward and to the right until you reach another jutting beam. Pull up, walk out to the end of the beam, then jump to grab the next dangling cage. Pull up to stand on top of it. Jump over to the man-made stone ledge. Then climb up onto the ledge on the left and hack some gold ore out of the cavern wall. Then jump back down onto the cage and from there to the climbing wall on the other side over the cavern. Climb to the top and crawl into the small opening. (screenshots)

Follow the low passageway to the end and drop into the room below. This is where you found document #37 and examined the minor mural earlier. Exit to the south and climb onto the ledge to the right of the slippery slope. Use a rope arrow to shut another wooden door. Then climb/jump past it to the craggy wall above. Climb to the left, then upward to reach the ledge at the top of the room. (screenshots)

At the top of the stone steps, use another rope arrow to pull down the wooden barrier blocking the doorway. Jump across the opening above the slippery slope to grab the ledge on the other side. (If you fall and slide down, Lara will be OK, but you'll have to climb all the way back up again.) Continue to the end of the passageway and climb out onto the ledge above the gorge. (screenshots)

RETURNING TO THE TEMPLE EXIT: To get back to Unuratu (or the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp, if you're revisiting this area later in the game), return to the left end of the ledge. Jump out into the gap... ...and grapple the overhanging climbing surface. Climb the cable until you can latch onto the ceiling. Then axe-climb to the handhold above. Traverse to the right and pull up onto the ledge outside the TEMPLE OF KUKULKAN. (screenshots)

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