THE PILLAR DLC - The Age Makers Side Mission and
Path of Huracan Challenge Tomb

Updated: 2/10/19()

Weapons/Gear: Oathtaker's Bow and Oathtaker's Bow - Eternal Sentinel variant
Outfits: Sinchi Chiqa Battle Dress and Sinchi Chiqa Battle Dress - Honor Guard variant
Challenge Tombs:Missions:Relics: none  Documents:Murals: 3
Annotated Level Map: Hidden City Detail

NOTE: None of the collectibles in this DLC count toward 100% completion for the HIDDEN CITY or the main game. The basic outfit and weapon are unlocked as soon as you install the DLC. The elite outfit and weapon variants and the Thousand Eyes Skill are unlocked upon completing The Age Makers Side Mission. There are no base camps in the side area, so good luck if you're trying to complete this mission on Deadly Obsession difficulty.

ABOUT THIS DLC: The second major DLC pack for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, titled The Pillar, was released December 18, 2018. It is included in the Season Pass but can also be purchased separately from Steam, the Xbox Store, and the PlayStation Store.

The Forge includes a story mission, which takes place in Paititi, after Lara returns from the Cenote, as well as a Challenge Tomb that can be played either from within the main game or from the CHALLENGE TOMBS section of the Main Menu in either Exploration, Score Attack, or Time Attack mode. Unlike the previous DLC, The Forge, this tomb does not include co-op play. It does have 5 Achievements/Trophies.

BUG NOTE: If you're playing the PC version and encounter any invisible walls in Upper Paititi after installing this DLC, reverting to an earlier build of the game, at least temporarily, should help. See this page for details.

Follow this link to skip down to the CHALLENGE TOMB WALKTHROUGH. Check out Treeble's videos for Score Attack and Time Attack runs.

THE AGE MAKERS SIDE MISSION: To start the mission, you must have completed the CENOTE level in the main story. Then use the network of base camps to Fast Travel to the Skull Cave Camp in THE HIDDEN CITY. (If you haven't reached that location yet in the main story, just keep playing until you do.) When you arrive, the mission giver, Q'orianka, should be marked on your map. She's the bald woman arguing with a male warrior on the north side of the cave. Like other NPCs involved in missions, she'll glow green in Survival Instinct. Poma, the mission giver for the Freedom Side Mission can also be found here. (screenshots)

Talk to Q'orianka to learn about an artifact, the Shield of the Age Maker, which belonged to Paititi's first emperor, Unuratu's ancestor, Sinchi Chiqa. Q'orianka believes the shield will prove Unuratu's claim as the rightful ruler and the one destined to lead Paititi into the next age. Lara agrees to follow the Path of Huracan into the mountains in order to find the shield.

After the cutscene, THE AGE MAKER is noted on the Side Missions screen, along with its first objective: Locate the Entrance to the Path of Huracan.

NOTE: There is a fairly intense combat sequence near the end of this mission and no base camps within the side area, so you may want to take some time to spend Skill Points, upgrade weapons, and buy/gather/craft supplies and ammunition for all of your weapons before proceeding. If you've just returned from the CENOTE, you could also do a few of the other Paititi Side Missions first, since you'll probably earn a skill point or two in the process.

When you're ready to tackle the Path of Huracan, exit SKULL CAVE and head for the waterfall at the north end of the river, just beyond the Fishing District Base Camp. (screenshot) While you're here, check to see if the jade deposit below the falls has respawned. Then climb out onto the ledge and scale the climbing wall on the left. The CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE is on the ledge above. (screenshot)


SCORE & TIME ATTACK: If you're playing this tomb from the Challenge Tombs section of the main menu and need tips for the various Attack modes, check out these videos from Treeble: Score Attack or Time Attack.

If you're playing The Age Makers Side Mission, as you enter the cavern, you'll receive a new goal, Reach the Shield of the Age Maker, and the approximate location of the shield will be marked on your map. Follow the path up the steps along the left side of the cavern. Jump across a small gap to grab the ledge ahead. Pull up and continue to a fork in the path. Head down the wooden walkway to the right to find a mural (1/3), Pillars of Heaven (Mam/The Age Maker). Examine it, then backtrack to the main path and continue westward. (screenshots)

CAVERN: At the end of the path, scramble up onto the ledge below the wooden archway. Proceed to a wooden ledge overlooking the chasm. Jump out and grapple the climbable wall ahead. Climb down and around to the right. Then jump to the right and latch onto the next section of climbing wall on the far side of the chasm. Rappel down as far as you can. Swing back and forth to build momentum and then jump toward the ledge ahead. Lara will miss the top edge but should grab a handhold below. Scramble up onto the ledge. (screenshots)

Climb onto the next ledge. Move out onto the jutting rock. Then jump across the gap toward the man-made stone wall and immediately scramble up to grab the decorative carved stonework above. Climb along this handhold around the corner and on to the left as far as you can. Then jump to the left and latch onto another climbable wall. Rappel down to the wall-running area below. Run back and forth to get up some speed. Then jump to the left to grab a handhold on the perpendicular wall. Climb along it to the left until you can jump up to another rough climbing wall. Climb up and around to the left until you can't go any farther. Then jump out and grapple the next craggy wall, below the ledge where you can see daylight ahead. Climb the cable and continue climbing up onto the ledge. (screenshots)

Proceed through the pointed arches to another wooden ledge above a wide gap. It's not too wide for Lara to jump, though, so leap down to the campsite below. Unfortunately there's no usable base camp here, but you will find 3 crates of salvage and a document (1/4), Prayer for the Loyal Dead (The Age Maker). Collect everything then continue through the doorway to the south. (screenshots)

WINDY RUINS WITH BROKEN BRIDGE: Crack open another salvage crate just around the corner on the right. Then move out onto the stone bridge and jump across the first gap. As you advance along the bridge, Lara braces herself against the gusty wind. Pause here and observe the pattern. The wind blows strongly for a few moments then abates for a bit before picking up again. Wait for it to die down then move out onto the narrow stone walkway. If you go too soon, or take too long to cross, the wind sweeps Lara off the edge into a safe area below on the right. This is a cheap lesson; next time there will be no ledge to break your fall. To get back onto the bridge, climb onto the ledge in the southwest corner and go around to the right. As long as you wait for the wind to die down, Lara can cross the first section of walkway safely. (screenshots)

The wall on the left shields her from the wind as you jump across the gap between the two stone serpent heads. But don't go any farther until the wind abates again; otherwise Lara will be swept into the abyss. When it dies down, cross the narrow stone walkway just as far as the shaded area. Wait here behind the broken wall until the wind abates again. Then scurry forward through the sunlit (i.e., dangerous) area to the end of the walkway. Turn left and jump down onto the corner ledge. (screenshots)

In order to cross the next narrow walkway, you'll need to create your own windbreak. Shoot a rope arrow into the rope coil off to the left of the bridge to slide the wooden panel toward you. Wait for the wind to die down then scamper halfway across the walkway to the area in the middle that's shielded by the panel. Wait here for the wind to blow and die back again before continuing to the end of the walkway. Grapple-swing across the next wide gap to a room with a large hole in the floor. Jump across the hole to the climbable wall on the far side and rappel down to the ground. (screenshots)

MAKING YOUR WAY ACROSS THE CANYON – GRAPPLE AND QUIPU: Step out onto the fallen tree that juts out into the canyon on the right. Jump off the end and grapple the craggy rock that bulges downward from the clifftop ahead. The next jump is fairly tricky. I found it helped to adjust Lara's position so she's hanging just a little bit below the level of the dangling quipu to the southeast. Point the camera to face the quipu squarely, as shown above. Then swing back and forth to build up some momentum before jumping to grapple the quipu. This one is sturdy, so there's no rush, but with enough forward momentum, you can probably just swing forward once, press Jump to release the cable, then grapple the climbable area at the top right corner of the man-made stone wall ahead. Now climb onto the ledge above and follow the path around to the right. (screenshots)

WINCH AND CLOTH PANEL: Stand near the winch and shoot a rope arrow into the coil on the sail-like panel out in the middle of the canyon. Crank the winch to move the panel toward you. Cut the rope line then quickly move out onto the wooden beam. Without the rope to anchor it, the panel begins to move back to it's original position. Scurry forward keeping the panel on Lara's left so it shields her from the wind. When you reach the end of the wooden beam, jump forward and grapple the craggy wall on the huge stone pillar ahead. Climb upward, around to the right, and onto the ledge above. (screenshots)

CLIMBING UP TO THE WHIRLING MACHINE: Move out onto the jutting rock near the post with the red flag. Wait here for the gusting wind to abate before jumping across the gap to the next climbable wall. If you try to cross while the wind is blowing, Lara will be swept into the canyon. Climb up to the narrow handhold then around the corner to the right, up to the handhold above. Continue climbing to the right as far as you can. Then jump across the gap in the ledge, on to the right, then straight up to grab the overhanging ledge. Pull up. (screenshots)

Climb onto the ledge where the wooden beam juts out toward the rotating contraption with cloth sails. Ignore the contraption for now and step out onto the beam .which collapses under Lara's weight, causing her to slide down toward the chasm. Just before the end of the beam, jump forward and grapple the climbable wall on the next rocky tower. Climb onto the ledge above. Then follow the path around to the left. At the end, jump over to another rough wall and climb up and around to the left until you can scramble onto the top of the stone pillar. (screenshots)

WALKWAY NEAR WHIRLING MACHINE: Now you're on a ledge at the same level as the spinning contraption. You want to cross the stone beam on the right, but the wind prevents you from making it all the way across. Stand near the rope-wrapped post and watch how the contraption spins each time the wind blows, then stops briefly. When this happens, quickly shoot a rope arrow into the rope coil below one of the arms of the contraption to anchor it to the post. This will hold the thing in place, so the sails act as a windbreak, but only for a little while. Scamper across the beam as quickly as you can. Jump across the gap, continue to the end, jump again, and latch onto the craggy wall ahead. Climb up then scramble onto the ledge above. Then follow the stairs up to the next area. (screenshots)

OPENING THE DRAWBRIDGE: You're headed for the ornately carved building on the northwest side of the canyon. A wooden beam juts out in that direction. There's a drawbridge just beyond the beam and another sail-like panel ahead on the right. Below on the left is another rope-wrapped post and the upper level of the whirling contraption. The goal is to open the drawbridge, keep it open, and cross over to it without being blown away. (screenshots)

Go down the stairs onto the landing near the contraption. Wait for it to stop spinning momentarily. Then jump out onto the arm that nearly meets the walkway and hurry forward to the center platform. Crack open the salvage crate. Then stand near the rope-wrapped axle, turn to face the drawbridge, and shoot a rope arrow into the rope coil at the top of the bridge. Now you need to move quickly. When the wind gusts, the contraption spins, winding your rope around the axle and lowering the drawbridge. It will only hold for two of the contraption's spinning cycles, though. So as soon as the contraption stops moving, jump out onto the beam, scamper across, and jump onto the stone landing. Immediately run down to the lower left, stand near the rope-wrapped post, and shoot another rope arrow into the extended drawbridge. The first line falls away, but this second rope will hold the bridge open so you can take your time crossing. (screenshots)

Climb the stairs. Then shoot another rope arrow into the rope coil on the wood-and-cloth panel to drag it toward you. There's nothing to hold it in place, so it immediately starts to move back to the other side of the canyon. Follow the wooden beam toward the drawbridge, keeping the panel on Lara's right to shield her from the wind. When you reach the end of the beam, jump across the gap onto the extended drawbridge and enter the ruins. (screenshots)

If you're playing the stand-alone tomb, climb up and activate the tomb stele to finish. If this is your first time through the tomb, you'll unlock the Achievement/Trophy That Was a Breeze.

If you're playing THE AGE MAKERS MISSION, Lara contacts Q'orianka by walkie-talkie to tell her the shield has already been taken. Q'orianka suspects Amaru, and your goal is updated: Chase after the Shield.

Before you leave this area, examine a document (2/4), Ritual Book (Mam/The Age Maker), on the floor near the empty receptacle where the shield was, a mural (2/3), The Shield's Cradle, (Mam/The Age Maker), on the right wall, and of course the tomb stele. Doing so unlocks a new Path Skill: A Thousand Eyes, which allows Survival Instinct to remain active longer while Lara is on the move. (screenshot)

PURSUING THE SHIELD: If you're playing the Mission, there's still quite a bit to do. Exit through the doorway that opens behind the stele and slide down the zip line. As you do, lightning strikes the ornate sculpture where the line is anchored, and the rope snaps. Lara falls and grabs a second, perpendicular line, then slides down to grab a ledge below on the left. (You shouldn't need to do anything during this sequence except possibly press Interact for a saving grab.) Pull up and continue forward, out to the end of a fallen tree trunk. Jump from there to latch onto the climbing wall ahead. Climb around to the right and jump across the gap to the next section of climbable rock. Rappel down to the wall-running area below. Run back and forth to build momentum, then jump to grab the edge of the huge doorway on the right. (screenshots)

Enter the ruins and pick up some supplies in the alcove ahead, then enter the hallway on the left and advance carefully. Disarm a spear trap by cutting its tripwire. Scramble carefully under the spears, then immediately jump forward to clear the concealed spike pit beyond it. In the next room, as you jump from one side of the broken walkway to the other, the end Lara grabs collapses. As long as you don't deliberately drop, you'll be fine. Just climb up the wooden slats onto the ledge. Loot another resource container. Then scramble up the closed door to grab the lintel, climb/jump all the way across to the right until you can pull up into a low, earthen tunnel. Follow it to the end, picking some mushrooms on the way (not shown). Then jump across to the climbable wall above the cave opening. Climb/rappel down to the ground. (screenshots)

PATH ABOVE THE RIVER: As you follow the path along the cliff's edge, you'll notice the EYE OF THE SERPENT, where you entered the CENOTE earlier, off to the left. There's also a bush with endurance herbs. Continue to the end of the path, jump out, and grapple the craggy overhanging rock. Adjust the length of the cable so Lara is roughly level with the stacked stone ledge ahead. Swing back and forth a few times to build momentum, then jump to grab the right side of the ledge. Climb to the left and upward onto the flat ledge above. Pick some health herbs if you can carry them. Then squeeze through the narrow opening in the stone wall to enter the temple building. (screenshots)

ANTEROOM ABOVE THE COURTYARD: As you enter the building, a new area loads and there's no going back. The goal is now to Move Deeper into the Mountain. Lara goes into a defensive crouch indicating there are enemies nearby, but it's safe to drop down into the empty room. There's a document (3/4), Q'orianka's Orders (Mam/Age Makers), in the alcove on the right (west) side of the room (screenshots) and a mural (3/3), Legend of the Shield (also Mam/Age Makers), in the alcove to the northeast. (screenshots) After examining both move to the doorway overlooking the next area, loot the resource canister sitting next to it (screenshot), and peer out to get the lay of the land.

FIGHTING THE CULT GUARDS: There are 10 cultists in the courtyard below, a mix of Jaguar Warriors (brown uniforms and obsidian blades), Eagle Archers (blue), and a few Serpent Guards (green). If you attempt to shoot any of them from the doorway without first dropping down, more cultists will spawn in the the upper room and attack Lara. So stealth is probably your best bet, at least to start. As always, there are various possible tactics, depending on your play style, which skills, weapons, and ammo types you've unlocked so far, etc. You'll find many vine-covered walls where Lara can hide, ledges and walls she can use for cover and traversal, jars to use for crafting smoke bombs, etc. You also have all of your equipped weapons, not just the bow. However, there's a more challenging fight against some Trinity soldiers coming up, so take out as many cultists as you can with stealth and/or arrows. Then you'll have more ammunition later. Here's one possible battle plan, which should work even if you're playing this DLC soon after reaching upper Paititi.

Wait in the doorway until the man nearest the doorway is isolated (yellow in survival instinct) then move out onto the jutting beam and press Melee to drop down on him. Then move behind the low stone blocks on the left so the others can't see you. There's a basket of healing herbs here in case you need them. (screenshots)

Now we'll take out a few of the archers so Lara isn't completely outnumbered. Remember that archers can be killed with a single arrow to the head, since their helmets are only decorative. You'll need at least two shots to kill the others, which tends to attract attention, so wait and use melee attacks for them. There's a lone archer on the ledge directly ahead. He's partially obscured by another stone block, but if you move to the left and aim around the side of the block, you should be able to kill him with a headshot from your bow. If you need to shoulder swap for a better angle, press Left Shift on the keyboard or click the left stick (L3). (screenshots)

After that second kill, wait for the other enemies to move away. Then step forward into the mud puddle just beyond the first enemy's body and press Interact to coat Lara in mud camo. Climb onto the ledge on the left, where that last archer just fell. You can then watch the 2 archers on the center platform from behind the balcony railing. The one on the right paces back and forth. When he moves all the way to the right and has his back turned to the other, they'll both turn yellow in Survival Instinct view. If you act quickly, you can take out the one on the right with a headshot. Then do the same with the one on the left before he notices anything is amiss. Or, if you have the Warrior Skill Howler's Troop, which allows Lara to shoot arrows simultaneously at two locked targets, wait until the 2 archers are close together. Then lock onto one of them by aiming with your bow, holding the fire button, and zooming in (Z/R3). When you see the diamond-shaped headshot reticle over one enemy, shift your aim slightly to target the other enemy. You should then see a second diamond-shaped reticle over his head. Release the Fire button to headshot both of them simultaneously. (screenshots)

Drop back down on the right, where you climbed up, and move behind the low wall between the mud puddle and the middle of the courtyard. Watch the enemies' movements from here. There's one archer that moves back and forth, just ahead on the left. For most of his patrol, he's visible to other cultists (red in Survival Instinct), but at the point where he's closest to Lara he's briefly isolated. Kill him with another headshot. (screenshots)

Now, before the others discover the body, move to the right (west), pick up the arrows leaning against the square stone block, and continue up the steps to hide behind the wall in the middle of the dais. Peer around the corner to make sure the coast is clear. Then head down the stairs on the other side of the dais, hide behind another square block, then grab some health herbs from the basket to the right of the wooden scaffolding. If you like, you can try to make your way over the scaffolding to get the drop on the other cultists, but this doesn't always work. If you've made it this far without being noticed, move down the steps, past the scaffolding, and into the alcove on the right (west) side of the courtyard. (screenshots)

Since she covered herself in mud earlier, Lara can hide against either of the mud-and-vine-covered walls in the alcove. The one on the left as you enter the alcove gives you a good view of both entrances. Soon the other enemies will discover the fallen archer's body and come looking for you. Wait in concealment for them to approach, usually one at a time. When one of them gets close enough to Lara's hiding spot, you'll see the Melee icon over his head. Make sure nobody else is watching (target is yellow in Survival Instinct). Then press Melee for a stealth kill. (screenshots)

If 2 cultists arrive together, you may have to fight. But if you have the Serpent's Fury skill, you'll see separate Melee icons over each enemy, indicating you can press the button twice for a chained takedown. (screenshot) (This is covered in more detail in the Kuwaq Yaku walkthrough and again in the Mountain Temple.)

After each stealth kill, return to hiding and continue sneak-attacking enemies as they arrive. If Lara is discovered, either switch to guns and fight back, or try to run away. Once Lara is out of her enemies' sight, she will be able to hide again. There are several other vine-covered walls scattered around the courtyard and lots of low walls where you can take crouch and shoot.

When you've killed the last enemy, Lara says, "There's a way in somewhere." She doesn't relax her defensive posture, but you're free to explore the courtyard, search the cultists' bodies, and gather supplies, craft arrows and/or special ammo, and get ready for another fight. Then head for the south end of the courtyard and climb the wooden slats to the ledge above the closed door. Sneak through the rectangular opening into the next room. (screenshot)

ROOM WITH STONE AQUEDUCT, STAIRS, AND ROUND DOOR: There are 7 more cultists between you and the exit, but you don't have to fight any of them if you don't want to. The goal is simply to Retrieve the Shield. To sneak through without alerting anyone, wait for the pair on the left to move into the corners below you and the 3 on the right to move down the stairs to the landing. Then walk quietly across the stone aqueduct carrying water down to the next room. Stop just before you reach the end, as 2 Serpent Guards cross directly in front of you. Their masks must prevent them from noticing Lara, even though she's standing in plain sight. When they stop, just to the left of your position, you should be able to sneak past them and squeeze through the partially open door into the next room. They won't pursue. (screenshots)

If you'd rather fight—and get all the gold and other goodies the cultists drop—that's fine too. If you have the Serpent's Fury skill, you can even the odds a bit by taking out a few enemies with stealth before you engage. Start by doing everything described above, except instead of sneaking through the door, approach the 2 serpent guards from behind. You'll see separate Melee icons over each enemy. Press Melee once to kill the first, then again for a chained takedown. Move behind the square column on the left side of the aqueduct trench when facing the entrance. If you peer around the right side of the column, you should be able to land a headshot on the Eagle Archer standing on the landing halfway up the stairs. The Jaguar Warrior the archer was talking to will surely notice this, so run down the stairs, switching weapons as you go and take him out next. (screenshots)

That leaves only 4 enemies: the 2 Jaguar Warriors near the entrance and 2 more Serpent Guards. If you like, you can stand your ground and meet them as they come to you, but you'll probably have better luck if you keep moving. Run up the stairs and partway down the other side. Heal if necessary and use endurance herbs (and focus herbs if you've unlocked that skill) as you go. Don't bother crossing back over to the ledge where you came in. The men will see Lara and start tossing explosives at her. Shoot the 2 nearest enemies as they approach. Then turn and deal with the others, backing up as they come at you. If you get boxed in and Lara starts losing health too fast, try to break out and keep running and healing until you're strong enough to turn and fight again. (screenshots)

When you've killed all of them, loot the bodies for feathers, arrows, herbs, and gold. Then move through the doorway at the top of the stairs.

In the next room, Lara finds the Shield of the Age Maker and contacts Jonah and Q'orianka to tell them. But while they're talking, more cult members arrive.

INNER SANCTUM: This time the objective is to Escape the Cultists, but fighting is the only way. Equip a weapon and move to the right side of the stone table where the shield was. The first enemy, a Jaguar Warrior, comes running in from the cave at the back of the room and around the table toward you. Either shoot him as he approaches or use the Puma's Feint/Dodge Kill maneuver for a stealth kill. (For details see the Cenote walkthrough.) Move to the right side of the stone table and peer out just far enough to headshot the Eagle Archer lurking behind the boulder just inside the cave. If he manages to toss a firebomb before you can kill him, scramble out of the way. Then finish him off. (screenshots)

The next enemies don't spawn until you enter the cave. Loot the warrior's body and pick up some rifle and shotgun ammo near the right wall. Then examine the last document (4/4), Amaru's Diary Page, on a table near the opposite wall, where the cult leader's Kukulkan regalia is on display. (screenshots)

When you enter the CAVE, 3 more enemies spawn deeper inside the cave on the left. First, an Eagle Archer on the far left. You can probably kill him with a headshot. Then a Jaguar Warrior, who rushes in from the upper right and runs down toward you. Shoot him as he approaches. Then another archer pops up behind the ledge where the warrior emerged. Kill him as quickly as you can, since he'll start shooting flaming arrows. (screenshots)

There's another pause in the action, so if Lara took damage, wait for her health to regenerate or use a health mixture. Move deeper into the cave, searching bodies as you go. At the top of the slope turn right and step out until Lara says, "There's more of them." Three more enemies approach. Shoot the first warrior as he runs toward you or shoot the red jar on the left side of the tunnel for an indirect kill. Then move behind the rocks and take out an archer, ahead on the right, and another charging warrior. (screenshots)

The next 4 enemies don't appear until you move farther into the cave. Advance and take cover behind the last rock wall on the right before the electric light. A warrior immediately jumps down from a ledge farther along the tunnel on the left. If you're quick, you can take out one or two of the others by shooting the explosive jar on the ledge before they're able to jump down. Then shoot the warrior as he approaches, or wait for him to attack and use the Puma's Feint. If things get rough, you can run back down the tunnel or just release Aim to crouch in place so you can heal or use other herbs. Finish off the remaining archers and/or serpent guard if they weren't killed when you shot the jar. (screenshots)

Loot the bodies and get ready for the next fight. (Yes, another one!) If you didn't pick up the ammo or document #4 back in the room where you found the shield, you can return there now, but once you enter the next area, you won't be able to backtrack.

When you're ready, continue through the tunnel to the east to the blue-lit opening. (screenshot)

As Lara enters the new area, Commander Rourke appears with a pair of soldiers, one in modern gear, one dressed as a Serpent guard. He spots Lara and orders them to attack. They open fire, shooting the wooden ledge out from beneath Lara's feet and dumping her into the clearing below. Then Rourke takes off, leaving his men to do his dirty work.

CLEARING WITH STORAGE CRATES AND SUPPLIES: The current objective is to Survive the Trinity Ambush. This is the final fight of the mission, but it can be a challenge. A dozen Trinity soldiers, some with guns, some with bows and obsidian weapons, arrive on the scene in waves. This is a fairly small area, but there are still quite a few places to hide; health, ammo, and other supplies scattered here and there; empty bottles to use for Molotovs, etc.

Here's one possible strategy: As soon as you regain control after the cutscene, move behind the storage crate on the left. There's a first aid kit here if you need health. Take a quick dose of Endurance herbs then aim at the red fuel barrel below the right side of the ledge where the enemies are coming in. When two or three of them have dropped down, shoot the barrel to kill as many as you can. Then target the barrel on the left side of the ledge to take out another. If you've taken some damage, release Aim to crouch behind the crate so you can heal. Of course, if any of the remaining enemies start throwing explosives, scramble out of the way before they detonate. But if you act quickly, you can probably take care of the first 5 enemies from here. (screenshots)

Run behind the storage shed on the left as 3 more enemies arrive. There are several vine-covered walls here: one on the west cavern wall, one on the north side of the storage shed, and another on the cavern wall opposite. If you run around the corner and hide in the vines on the back of the shed, you can spot approaching enemies from either side. Heal and top up your Endurance meds as you wait for the next few enemies to come to you. Then use stealth attacks to take them out one at a time. If Lara is spotted, switch to the shotgun or rifle and blast away. Or, if one of the Jaguar Warriors attacks, wait for him to lunge at you with his obsidian-edged blade, and use the Puma's Feint for an instant kill. (Again, check the Cenote walkthrough for details if you've unlocked the skill but haven't practiced it yet.) (screenshots)

When Lara kills the 8th enemy, 4 more Trinity soldiers slide down rope lines from above. If you don't see this happening because you're hiding, you'll probably notice the glow from the flare they drop and hear Lara say, "Are you serious?" in a sarcastic tone. If you're still near the vine-covered wall on the north side of the storage shed, quickly move out and take cover behind the sheet metal barrier near the west wall. From here you can target the partially buried fuel barrel in the middle of the clearing as the men descend. Then shoot the barrel to take some of them out and pick off any survivors with your weapon of choice. (screenshots)

If you're out of ammo or just don't like confrontation, you could also return to hiding in the vines behind the shed. Or, if Lara is discovered, run to the south side of the clearing to find more vine-covered walls where you can hide and finish off the last few enemies when they approach.

RETURN TO PAITITI: Search all the bodies and scour the area for supplies and ammo. Then climb onto the metal ledge and follow the path to the southeast. Scale the climbing wall to the ledge above, where your objective is updated: Exit the Mountain. (screenshots) Follow the path through the jungle and move under the fallen tree (screenshot) to be transported back to SKULL CAVE in the HIDDEN CITY. You must now Return to Q'Orianka to complete the mission. She's squatting near the fire near where you left her. (screenshot)

When Lara presents the shield, Q'orianka realizes it doesn't support Unuratu's claim as she thought it would. So she and Lara decide to destroy it, rather than letting it fall into Amaru's hands. But the real priceless artifact was the friend we made along the way. Right? :D

Q'orianka gives Lara a few rewards for completing the mission: the OATHTAKER'S BOW - ETERNAL SENTINEL and the SINCHI CHIQA BATTLE DRESS - HONOR GUARD. If this is your first time playing the mission, you'll also unlock the Go With the Flow Achievement/Trophy. To unlock the Eyes of the Storm Achievement/Trophy, go to any Base Camp and equip the elite weapon and outfit combination (i.e., the Eternal Sentinel and Honor Guard variations).

The other Achievements/Trophies for this DLC, Float Like a Butterfly and Sting Like a Bee, require you to earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal in Time Attack or Score Attack mode, respectively. To do this, select CHALLENGE TOMBS from the Main Menu. Then choose Path of Huracan from the list. Select Score Attack or Time Attack on the next screen and proceed. Again, check out Treeble's videos for Score Attack and Time Attack tips.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 12/27/18 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
2/10/19 - Added Score Attack and Time Attack videos, thanks to Treeble.

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