HIDDEN CITY – Crypt of Uturunku, The Ferryman

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NOTE: There are five crypts in Paititi. Only four of them count toward the Speak of the Dead Challenge. You can explore them in any order, but if you follow my walkthrough, this will be the third. The second is Manko's Crypt, part of the Savior's Amulet Side Mission and not counted for the challenge.

CRYPT ENTRANCE: The entrance to this crypt is in the river gorge area on the east side of the Upper City. You'll pass near it during the REBELLION LIVES chapter, on your way to free Unuratu from prison. See the main walkthrough for details.

NOTE: If you missed the crypt the first time through this area and want to return later in the game, fast travel to the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp, which only appears after you've completed this area. Then follow the route described here.

After using the rope line to climb across the gorge, you'll come to the ledge with a mural (18/23), The Winged Serpent (Yucatec/Pantheon of Gods). To reach the CRYPT ENTRANCE, climb onto the man-made stone ledge to the left of the mural. Cross this ledge and jump to grab a handhold on the rock wall ahead. Climb around to the left and scramble up onto the ledge above. Loot the condor's nest. (If you haven't completed the Keep Calm and Carrion Challenge, this will add to your total.) Examine another mural (19/23), Uturunku, The Ferryman (Quechua/Resting Places), off to the right. Then enter the crypt. (screenshots)

Move through the low, dark tunnel. Then continue forward through a sunlit doorway. Loot the ceramic jar on the left to get some random resources. Then move out onto the ledge overlooking a deep cavern. Jump over to the climbable wall. Then rappel down to the cavern floor. Follow the passageway to the south. Don't worry; there are no traps or hazards. Squeeze through a doorway that's been partially blocked by dripping limestone. In the next room, use a rope arrow to pull down the wooden barrier blocking the exit. Continue along the dark passageway, through an area where you have to wade through shallow water and scattered bones then up a flight of stone steps, through another narrow opening, and up another flight of steps. (screenshots)

TALL CAVERN WITH CLIMBABLE WALL AND CEILING: Next, you enter a high-ceilinged cavern and Lara notices a carved head above. Loot another resource container and dig up a survival cache (28/34) on the left. Then climb the steps on the right and follow the stone ramp up and around toward the climbable wall. Jump from the end of the ramp to the climbing wall. Climb up and to the left. Then jump to the left and latch onto the next section of climbable wall. Climb up and to the right as far as you can. When you reach the top of the climbable wall, jump straight up and press Interact to latch onto the craggy overhang. Lara's sandals automatically sprout magical climbing cleats! Hurrah! Continue climbing upward along the overhang. At the top, climb to the right a bit and you'll be prompted to rappel. Dangle from the rope line, move the camera to face the barred opening below the huge, carved head. Swing back and forth then jump onto the ledge. (screenshots)

THE CRYPT: Use the jaguar-head switch to open the bars. This also triggers a flood, filling the cavern you just climbed with water. There's no danger, though, since the water stops rising before it reaches Lara. Go through the doorway near the switch and follow the wide hallway to the crypt, looting a resource container and picking up some gold ore before entering the inner chamber. Open the sarcophagus to find a Vestige: Ch'Amaka's War Vest and 750 gold pieces. When this vestige is restored and equipped, it will provide protection against melee attacks. Completing this crypt also counts toward the Speak of the Dead Challenge, in which you must uncover the secrets of 4 ancient crypts in Paititi. (screenshots)

EXITING THE CRYPT: Leave the inner chamber the way you came. Dive into the flooded cavern and swim down and forward (south) through the doorway below the water's surface. Continue forward and downward, through a narrow opening where limestone deposits have partially blocked a doorway over the centuries. Continue along the flooded passageway. At the bottom, you'll pass the area with the loose bones, then the passageway will begin to slope upward again. You're just retracing the path you took earlier, only underwater. The tunnel curves around to the northwest, but there are no side passages, so you can't really get lost. Just beyond the bone area is a pocket of trapped air. Take a breath and continue along the passageway to the northeast. Squeeze through another narrow opening. Swim up a flight of stairs, through a rectangular doorway, then finally up to the surface.

Before climbing out of the water swim down to the north wall of the cavern and pry 3 gold deposits out of the wall. (screenshot) Climb out of the water on the eastern ledge. Then continue up the stairs and through the low tunnel to exit where you first came in.

To get back to the main path, head for the left side of the ledge, near mural #19. Jump down onto the ledge below, then the next ledge below and to the left of that one. This brings you back to mural #18 and the rope line you climbed across earlier. (screenshots)

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