HIDDEN CITYAncient Aqueduct Challenge Tomb

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SCORE & TIME ATTACK: If you're playing this tomb from the Challenge Tombs section of the main menu and need tips for the various Attack modes, check out these videos from Treeble: Score Attack or Time Attack.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is on the east side of Paititi, just outside the exit from the Temple of Kukulkan. You pass near it during the part of the story where Lara must free Unuratu from prison. Later, you can reach this area by fast traveling to the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp, which appears just outside the temple once you've completed this area. (screenshots)

Move to the edge of the ledge to the north and you'll see a climbing wall and the familiar golden totems indicating a nearby Challenge Tomb. Look over the edge to spot a survival cache (25/34) a few ledges below. Climb down, looting a resource container on the way. Dig up the cache. Then enter the tunnel on the left. (screenshots)

FLOODED PASSAGEWAY: Follow the flooded passageway to the northwest, then north. There are two pockets of trapped air along the way but no major splits, so you can't really get lost. Just beyond the second air pocket, swim through a narrow crevice and surface in a cavern. Climb out of the pool and scale the craggy wall to the ledge above. There's a relic (25/28), a Primitive Doll (Mam/Handmade Dolls), just ahead on the right. Examine it. Then follow the sloping path on the left. (screenshots)

NOTE: You're not imagining it. This artifact collection contains 5 identical primitive dolls. If you found the one in the Cenote, this will be the second.

CAVERN WITH POOLS: Move to the edge overlooking another pool. Jump down to the ledge below on the right to get some jade ore. Jump across the pool to the opposite ledge, gather some mushrooms and hardwood, then move to the far end of the ledge. Dive into the water, gather a few resources on the bottom, then climb out on the northeastern ledge and dig up another survival cache (26/34). Climb the ledges on the southeast side of the cavern to reach the tunnel above. Examine the mural (17/23), Ancient Aqueduct (Mam/Trials of the Gods), on the right. Then continue along the tunnel. (screenshots)

Lara pauses here to unwrap her pistol, indicating you're outside the city limits and can now access all of your weapons.

Just ahead on the left is the Subterranean River Base Camp. I've lit the campfire to make it visible in the screenshot. You don't have to stop here, but you should at least pass nearby to "discover" it, so you can fast travel back here later if necessary. Just beyond the Subterranean River Base Camp, drop into the pool and swim down into the northern corner, dig up another survival cache (27/34), and pry some gold ore out of the wall. Then swim through the wide opening to the east to enter the tomb proper. (screenshots)

AQUEDUCT PUZZLE – REACHING THE MIDDLE LEVEL: Lara moves forward and takes a look around. Her attention is focused on the dangling platform that is almost high enough to reach the room at the top of the tomb. That's where you're eventually headed.

Start by dropping down into the shallow pool on the left. Kick the wooden raft out into the middle of the room. Stand on or near the raft and shoot a rope arrow into the rope coil at the bottom of the wooden door to tether the raft to the door. Now climb back onto the ledge near the entrance and pull the handle along the track in the floor to fill the pool, raising the wooden raft and opening the door, which is now below the surface. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you make a mistake and fill the pool before tethering the raft to the door. Just swim down and pull the handle on the left side of the pool to drain the water. (screenshot) Then you can start again.

Once the door is open, swim through. Stop for air about halfway along the passageway. Then continue to the end. Pry away the wooden barrier, swim through the narrow opening behind it, and surface in a pool on the east side of the cavern. Swim down and pry some gold out of the wall in the southeast corner (i.e., to the left of the narrow oping). Then use the lever in the opposite (northwest) corner to lower the water level. (screenshot)

Use a rope arrow to pull down the wooden barrier between the two pools, now dry. Lara crouches as she senses enemies nearby. There are 4 in all: 2 Yaaxil warriors and 2 archers. If you move to the left, away from the doorway, the archers will not be able to see Lara while you fight the others. Switch weapons if you like and either blast the warriors as they approach. Or, if you've unlocked the Puma's Feint skill, hold Aim to keep your bow drawn. Make sure you have room to maneuver, since this won't work if Lara is too close to the wall. Then, when the first warrior lunges at Lara, press C on the keyboard, Circle or B on the controller, to dodge. This brings up a QTE interface. As the white circle contracts inward toward the center of the colored ring, press Melee to stab the Yaaxil with an arrow. Shoot the second warrior or use the Puma's Feint/Dodge Kill maneuver again. Now switch to the bow or rifle, if you aren't already using it, peer around the edge of the doorway to spot the 2 archers on the ledges ahead. If you're playing on a difficulty setting that allows Survival Instinct, pressing it now will make it much easer to see the enemies in the gloom. Kill both with headshots, fire arrows, etc. (screenshot)

Loot the warriors' bodies. Then go through the doorway and use your knife to cut the rope tethering the wooden raft to the door. Then, either kick the raft through the doorway or shoot a rope arrow into it to drag it through the doorway into the east room. Go through the doorway into the west room and climb up to the ledge where you started, searching the archers' corpses on the way. Pull the handle along the track in the floor, just like you did before to raise the water level once more. Swim down through the doorway into the east room. (screenshot)

NOTE: Again, if you fill the pools before moving the wooden raft into the other room, just use either of the underwater handles to drain the water. Then move the raft, climb up onto the western ledge, and pull the handle on the track to refill the pools.

AQUEDUCT PUZZLE – MIDDLE LEVEL COMBAT: Climb out of the water onto the wooden raft. Then jump into the doorway. Pick up some shotgun ammo just inside on the right. Then enter the next room to trigger 4 more enemies. If you then move away from the doorway, you can fight them one at a time as they approach. Either blast them with the shotgun (or your weapon of choice), or use the Puma's Feint/Dodge Kill on the first 3 enemies, all warriors. Then either wait for the fourth, a Yaaxil archer, to come to you or move into the doorway and shoot him when he comes into range. (screenshots)

Search all the bodies. Then climb onto the ledge on the far side of the room and follow the ramp up to meet 3 more enemies, an archer and 2 more warriors. If you take out the archer first, with a fire arrow, headshot, etc., you can finish off the others as they charge, without also taking damage from flying arrows. Loot those bodies as well. (screenshots)

AQUEDUCT PUZZLE – FROM THE MIDDLE LEVEL TO THE TOMB STELE: Approach the handle where the Yaaxil archer was standing. Pull it along the track to start the water flowing again. When you finish, the handle breaks off, but that's OK. The pool will continue to fill until it reaches its highest level. The wooden raft should then drift slowly around the tower in the middle of the pool. Follow it around to find some mushrooms and a resource canister on the right bank. (screenshots)

When the raft comes to rest, stand on top of it and shoot a rope arrow into the coil wrapped around the water wheel's axle. As the wheel turns, it pulls the raft, with Lara standing on it, toward the ledge. Scramble up the wall onto the ledge with the axle before the rope breaks and the raft begins to drift away. (screenshots)

Now move behind the axle and shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped metal ring connected to the dangling platform, in order to tether the ring to the axle. The first time you do this, 2 more Yaaxil archers appear. One jumps down onto the dangling platform, breaking your rope tether. The axle offers a bit of cover, but you'll still want to shoot him quickly. Then take out his companion on the ledge above on the right. That's the last of the enemies in this area. (screenshots)

Wait for the wooden raft to float back around to the left side of the central tower. Stand near the axle and shoot a rope arrow into the raft, tethering it to the axle and pulling it toward you. Just before the raft reaches the ledge where Lara is standing, shoot another rope arrow into the ring, like you did before. This time, without enemies to interfere, the ring remains tethered to the axle, raising the dangling platform. (screenshots)

You'll have about 30 seconds before the rope snaps and the platform sinks back to its original position. So jump down onto the raft, or jump into the water, swim to the raft, and climb on top. As the raft drifts past the central tower, jump onto the stone ledge surrounding it. Then scramble up onto the wooden ledge above. Turn right, climb the wooden slats, and then pull up onto the horizontal beam. Turn right, walk quickly out to the end of the beam, and jump to grab the dangling platform. Pull up, run across the platform, and jump down onto the wooden ledge in front of the high doorway. (screenshots)

If you don't make it to the doorway before the dangling platform sinks, just return to the wooden raft and try the sequence again.

Once you reach the doorway, go inside to find the tomb stele and 2 piles of gold. Examining the stele unlocks the Warrior Skill Jaguar's Paw, which automatically increases Lara's chances of knocking down enemies with melee attacks.

EXITING THE TOMB: Climb onto the ledge beside the stele. Follow it to the edge overlooking the pool and slide down the zip line through an opening in the cavern wall. Swim across the smaller pool and climb out near the Subterranean River Base Camp. (screenshots)

If you have returned to this area later in the game to raid the tomb, you can now use the base camp to fast travel back to wherever you left off.

If you're in the middle of the REBELLION LIVES chapter, on your way to rescue Unuratu from prison, this is the last base camp before you leave Paititi for the next area. At the end of this level, there's a fairly intense combat sequence, in which you will be able to use all of your weapons, not just the bow. So if you need to buy and sell resources, stock up on ammo, make upgrades, etc., this would be a good time to do it. Then fast travel to the Subterranean River camp and make your way back through the caverns to the gorge.

To do that, start by following the tunnel eastward from the campsite. Lara pauses briefly to put her mask back on and put her guns away. Continue past mural #17 and dive into the pool below. Climb out on the ledge near the middle of the pool. Now scramble up the rocks onto the ledge on the right. From there, jump to grab the narrow crevice on the left (south) side of the cavern. Climb along to the right until you can pull up onto the ledge above. Turn right and scramble up the wall to grab another handhold. Climb/jump to the right until you can pull up onto a wooden ledge. (screenshots)

Follow the tunnel past where you found relic #25. Jump into the pool and swim through the flooded passageway back to the south. There are 2 air pockets along the way. At the end of the tunnel, you'll surface on a ledge below the rope bridge and the exit from the TEMPLE OF KUKULKAN. Climb the man-made stone ledges on the right to get back to the top. (screenshot)

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