Stella's Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Walkthrough - For Windows PC (Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4


Updated: 6/26/15()

Point Challenges:
Bronze: 26,000, Silver: 39,000, Gold: 65,000  (Unlocks: Chaingun)


  • Complete Tomb of the Architect in under 7:00 (Bronze Spirit Flail of Heb and Shen)
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls (Bronze Ring of Reach)
  • Survive the Trap Without Taking Damage (Max Health Upgrade)
  • Destroy All (24) Arrow Traps in the Tomb (Max Ammo Upgrade)

Rings: Bronze Ring of Reach
Amulets: Bronze Spirit Flail of Heb and Shen
Weapons: High Powered Rifle, Chaingun
Other: 2 Max Health Upgrades, 2 Max Ammo Upgrades

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

NOTE: In the walkthrough for the first level I attempted to note the location of every gem, breakable urn, etc. In later levels, in order to save space, I don't mention them all. So unless you're attempting a time challenge, stay alert. Try to kill every enemy, light every brazier, and break or blow up every destructible object, including vases, cracked floor tiles, etc., for maximum score.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is located in the northeastern corner of the Cliffside area of the Overworld. (screenshot) It's also marked on the in-game map. (screenshot) You must Bomb Free the Four Frozen Gears in order to open the tomb. Check the Cliffside - third visit walkthrough for details.

STARTING AREA: Upon entering the tomb, a cutscene shows Lara and friends examining a mural that depicts Set before his falling out with the other gods. Head downstairs past a doorway blocked by ice vents. Advance slowly to avoid the 3 arrow traps (1-3/24) below on the left. If you just go partway down the steps, you can then hop down into the left corner and use a remote bomb to destroy the traps for the challenge. (screenshots)

Move to the right and hop across the gap onto the first of 2 giant gears. Pick up the gems and jump over to the ledge on the lower right. Destroy the 7 arrow traps (4-10/24) using remote bombs, grenades, or rockets. Then step on the pressure pad to deactivate the ice vent you passed earlier and activate the bizarre machine that runs throughout this dungeon. (screenshots)

WIDE PASSAGE WITH STAIRS: When you jump back across the gears, which are now turning, and return to the hallway with the now inactive ice vent, several skeletons, skeleton archers, and/or mummies attack. If any of them carry shields, you may want to use grenades, rockets, or the railgun (assuming you unlocked it by completing the score challenge in the Tomb of the Torturer), which can penetrate enemies' shields. Otherwise, use remote bombs to knock them down so you can then shoot them. (screenshot) Alternatively, you could jump across the gears to trigger the enemies, then jump back onto the gears and shoot from there. Most enemies will not pursue, and the low wall on the left offers a little cover. (screenshot)

Go through the doorway that was previously blocked by the ice vent and down the stairs to a landing with a snowmaking machine. If you have any items that confer cold resistance, equip them now. Watch out for the snow jets as you smash the urns and retrieve the gems in the corner. Then continue to the upper right. (screenshot)

A brief cutscene introduces another ambush, this one involving several exploding fire mummies, as well as a few skeleton archers and/or other random enemies. There's plenty of room to maneuver on the wide stairs, just watch out for the snow machine you just passed and the gap ahead on the right you fight. (screenshot)

MOVING GEARS WITH SNOW MACHINES: Afterward, continue to the upper right. Jump across the gap onto the first of several giant rotating gears with snowmaking machines mounted in their centers. Move around the right side of the first gear to collect the gems without being frozen. (screenshot) Jump onto the second gear and move around to the right just far enough to pick up the MAX AMMO UPGRADE without touching the snow jet. Then go all the way around the left side and jump onto the next ledge. (screenshot)

SPINNING GEARS AND COLLAPSING LEDGES: As you move forward a Mark of Set appears. You can use the Staff of Osiris to close it or just destroy the scarabs that swarm out of it until the Mark disappears on its own. Obviously you'll get more points by killing the beetles. (screenshots)

In the single-player game there's a time bomb here. Raise the Staff to slow the countdown as you roll the bomb onto the square pressure pad near the edge. Doing so raises 2 wooden ledges between the spinning gears above the pit lined with icicles. The ledges only remain raised as long as the bomb stays on the pad, so jump quickly but carefully across the ledges, past the gaps that appear as the gears turn, to the other side of the pit. Note that the gears also bear the Mark of Osiris, so you can lower the staff to affect the speed at which they spin, but this is not necessary, and of course it means speeding up the countdown on the time bomb. (screenshots)

In the co-op game there is no time bomb. Instead there are 2 pressure pads, one on each side of the icicle pit. Have one character stand on the first pad to raise the wooden ledges so the other character can jump past the spinning gears. (If you like you can use the Staff to change the gears' speed, but this is not necessary.) Once the second character reaches the other side of the pit, she should stand on the pressure pad there to keep the ledges up so the other character(s) can cross. (screenshots)

DEEP CHASM WITH GIANT GEARS: Continue along the broad walkway and jump across the gap onto another large, rotating gear. Ice vents prevent you from jumping over to the next ledge until you shoot the mummies with bows near the Mark of Set and either close the Mark or wait for it to close on its own. (screenshot) You can use the central column for cover when the mummies shoot at you, but this is not the trap mentioned in the challenge, so it's OK to take a little damage. When the mark disappears, the ice vents shut off, and you can jump onto the ledge where the Mark was.

Grab the goodies on the landing and then head down the stairs to the right, jumping over the gap as the stairs collapse beneath you.

LANDING WITH ARROW TRAPS: At the bottom of the stairs is a low wall with a row of arrow traps (11-17/24) beyond. In the single-player game you can avoid taking damage if you equip the grenade or rocket launcher, step out from behind the wall during the pause between arrow volleys and launch a grenade or rocket to destroy the traps at the right end of the row. Then move forward and blow up the rest with a remote bomb. In co-op one of the Egyptians can move ahead with shield raised for protection from the arrows, plant a remote bomb, then move back behind the low wall to set off the bomb and destroy some or all of the traps. (screenshots)

ROTATING GEARS WITH ICE MACHINES AND MARKS OF SET: Jump across the gap onto the rotating gear on the right, taking care to avoid the snowmaking machine at its hub if possible. (If necessary you can hang from the edge of the gear to avoid being hit by the blast of cold.) Move around the gear counterclockwise to collect the gems. There's a red skull off to the right. It's not too difficult to retrieve it, but if you prefer, you can wait until you've deactivated the traps, as described below, and then backtrack for the skull. To get it now, jump over to the smaller gear on the right. Hop onto the adjacent gear and move around it clockwise to collect the red skull (1/5). (screenshots)

Move back to the other small gear and jump from there to the larger gear on the lower left. Again, move around it clockwise to avoid the snow jets as you pick up the gems. Jump onto the smaller gear directly downscreen. In the single-player or 2-player co-op game, there are 2 Marks of Set sitting on the larger gear on the left. Wait for the gear to rotate until the Marks are lined up ahead of you. Then shoot the Eye of Horus switch to halt the gear. Now you can use the Staff to destroy both Marks at the same time. In 4-player co-op or 3-player with 2 Egyptian gods there are 3 Marks of Set. Shoot the switch to stop the gear from rotating. Then have one Egyptian destroy 2 marks, while the other destroys the third. (screenshots)

Destroying the Marks deactivates the ice vents on the ledge to the left. Jump over there now. In the single-player game use the Staff of Osiris to raise a column so you can retrieve the HIGH POWERED RIFLE on the ledge above. In co-op mode have one player jump on another's shield to reach the weapon. (screenshots)

MORE GIANT GEARS WITH ICE MACHINES AND MARKS OF SET: Continue downstairs to another set of rotating gears. Each of the two larger gears has a snowmaking machine and a Mark of Set. The two smaller gears have switches that control the rotation of the larger gears. Shoot each of the switches to stop the gears so the Marks are arranged in a line ahead of you. Then use the Staff to destroy both Marks at once. (screenshots)

In 4-player co-op or 3-player with 2 Egyptian gods there are 3 Marks of Set. Shoot the switches to stop the gears. Then have one Egyptian destroy 2 marks, while the other destroys the third. Destroying the Marks turns off the ice vents beyond the farthest gear; however, the vents between the two large gears stay on. Avoid them by jumping to the nearer of the large gears, then to one of the small ones with the switches, then to the other large one, and from there to the far ledge. (screenshots)

TRAP WITH ROTATING GEAR AND FIRE TRAP AMBUSH: Continue downstairs to a landing with an AMMO CACHE and health pack. Ahead is the trap mentioned in the Challenge: Survive the Trap Without Taking Damage. Equip a powerful weapon that's fairly easy to aim, like the rocket launcher, railgun, or even the rifle you just picked up. When you're ready, jump across the gap onto the rotating gear. Flame vents activate on the ledges ahead and behind, preventing you from moving off the gear, Marks of Set appear on each ledge, and mummies with bows begin to emerge. (screenshots)

The goal is to avoid taking damage from the mummies' triple fire and/or ice arrows until you manage to kill them all. In the co-op game you might want to have one player use the Staff to close the Marks while the other(s) concentrate on destroying the mummies. In single-player I found it easier to just focus on fighting and avoiding injury, letting the Marks close on their own.

Each time you see 3 flame arrows (or occasionally ice arrows) coming toward you, try to shift your position so they pass on either side of you. This gets more challenging as multiple enemies appear and start shooting from both sides. Try and kill them as quickly as you can. Again, one-shot-kill weapons like the rocket launcher and railgun can really help with this. (screenshots)

If you do take damage, it's possible to reset the challenge by opening the pause menu and choosing "Reload Checkpoint." This will put you back on the ledge before the trap is sprung so you can try again. You can do this as many times as needed to beat the challenge, as long as you don't trigger the next checkpoint. When you finish off the last enemy, as long as you avoided injury, you'll receive a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE for beating the challenge. (screenshots)

If you're attempting the 7-minute time challenge, instead focus on closing the Marks of Set. This will prevent more enemies from emerging so you can move on quickly.

After defeating the mummies, you must still deal with the flame traps. In the single-player game grapple the golden ring on the ledge above and climb up. In co-op have an archaeologist grapple the ring so an Egyptian can tightrope walk up the cable to the ledge. Use the Staff to destroy the third Mark of Set there. This deactivates the flames. Jump back down onto the gear, gather up any gems and supplies the enemies dropped, replenish your ammo at the AMMO CACHE if necessary, and continue to the right. (screenshots)

MORE ROTATING GEARS, FIRE, AND ARROW TRAPS: Ahead is another rotating gear. This one has a flame trap on top. If you have any items that confer fire resistance, equip them now. When you jump across the gap onto the gear, 2 mummies with bows appear on the opposite ledge. If you like, you can jump back onto the ledge where you started and shoot the enemies from there. It helps to use a weapon with good long-range capabilities, like the railgun, one of the rifles, or even the Staff. (screenshots)

Jump onto the gear and then grapple the golden ring on the wall above on the left. Jump toward the wall to avoid the flames. Then swing to the left and jump onto the stairs. If you didn't destroy the mummies before, shoot them now at close range, taking care to avoid the flame vents ahead. Then step on the pressure pad to deactivate the vents, as well as the flame trap on the gear you just passed. (screenshots)

If you're playing co-op, Lara or Carter should grapple swing across and step on the pressure pad to deactivate the flames so the other character(s) can jump across. (screenshot)

There's another rotating gear to the upper left. This one has a flame trap on top. Before jumping onto it, use the rocket launcher (see the note below) to destroy the arrow traps (18-24/24) off to the right of the big gear. This will mean one less hazard to deal with and if you've destroyed all the others, finishes the arrow trap challenge, earning you a MAX AMMO UPGRADE. After destroying all the traps, jump onto the moving gear and from there to the narrow ledge where the arrow traps were. There you'll find a red skull (2/5). (screenshots)

Once you have the skull, jump back to the gear, and then carefully move counterclockwise around the gear, avoiding the flames, and then jump onto the ledge ahead. Or, jump from the ledge where you found the skull onto the gear, hang from the edge and ride around to the left, as the flames pass above you, climb onto the gear and jump onto the ledge. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're out of ammunition and can't use the rocket launcher, see the alternate methods for destroying the arrow traps and obtaining the red skull, below.

The walkway to the right is blocked by flame vents. To deactivate them in the single-player game, jump onto the rotating gear to the upper left, timing your jump to avoid the rotating flame jets if possible. Run across the gear and jump onto the tall pedestal with the pressure pad. Stepping on the pad turns off the vents but not the flame jets. Carefully jump back down onto the gear, then to the walkway, and continue to the upper right. (screenshots)

NOTE: It is especially important to have fire resistance here. If your character catches fire, she will not be able to make the jump onto the pressure pad in her injured state. So either make sure you have a fire-resistance item equipped or take extra care not to let the flame jets touch you.

In the co-op game there's a grapple ring here instead of the moving gear. There is also an Eye of Horus switch that reverses the rotation of the flame jets. Have Lara or Carter grapple the ring so one of the others can tightrope walk across and jump onto the pressure pad. Either go carefully or plant a remote bomb near the switch and detonate it to reverse the direction of the flame jets if necessary. After stepping on the pressure pad, jump back down to the cable, return past the flames, and continue to the upper right. (screenshots)

If you didn't destroy the arrow traps and pick up the second red skull before, move to the gap in the right wall just beyond the deactivated flame vents. Use grenades or rockets to blow up the arrow traps. You can destroy them all this way or just destroy the first few and then jump across and finish the job with remote bombs. Then pick up the red skull (2/5) and jump back to the walkway. (screenshots)

If you're out of ammo, you can instead jump toward the arrow traps and grab onto the ledge below the nearest one. Shimmy a little to the right (i.e., toward the back of the row of traps) and pull up. Then you can walk behind them to get the red skull and destroy the traps with remote bombs. (screenshots)

SPINNING GEAR AND COLLAPSING LEDGES: Proceed to the upper right. Pull the golden handle to temporarily extend a set of wooden ledges in the gap ahead. Meanwhile, hold the Staff aloft to slow the spinning gear between the ledges. Let go of the handle just before the gap in the gear is about to pass between the two ledges. Continue holding up the staff as you jump across to the other side. If you're playing co-op, one character can hold the handle to keep the ledges extended while the others jump across, and then carefully follow them, as in the single-player version. (screenshots)

LEDGES WITH ENEMIES, SPINNING GEARS, AND WALL OF FLAMES: Continue to the right. Grapple the golden ring and climb onto the ledge above. (There is a ring in the co-op game, but you could also use the Egyptians' shields for a boost onto the ledge.) Climbing up triggers the appearance of a Mark of Set, which spawns several enemies. You may want to drop back down to the walkway so you have room to maneuver as you fight them. Afterward climb up again and work your way over to the left, carefully jumping across the gaps with the spinning gears. You can raise the Staff to make them spin faster, but this is not necessary. (screenshots)

If you're going for the 7-minute time challenge, just ignore the enemies and continue to the left past the gears.

Beyond the spinning gears, head up the stairs to a wall with a series of cycling flame vents. Grapple the ring on the ledge above and wait for the flames to move about halfway up the wall before you begin to climb up. Ignore the red skull (3/5) for now. Just climb up on the right side of the wall, following the flames. At the top, wait for the flames to cycle off again. Then hang from the left side of the ledge to snag the skull. Quickly pull up again before the flames reach you. (screenshots)

In co-op mode, Lara or Carter can grapple the ring to make a tightrope so the other character(s) can climb up, before following them carefully, as in the single-player game. Retrieve the red skull by hanging from the ledge, or have one character lower another down to the skull using the grapple. (screenshots)

Continue to the right, jumping carefully past the gaps with the spinning gears. Again, if you like, you can use the Staff of Osiris to adjust the speed at which they spin. (screenshot)

COLLAPSING STAIRCASE AND ROTATING GEARS WITH FLAME JETS: As you move forward the stairs crumble beneath you, so either go quickly or trigger the collapse before jumping across. At the top, various enemies, including skeletons and exploding mummies, jump up out of the chasm ahead. Destroy them and gather supplies and gems from the urns and beneath the cracked floor. (screenshots)

Jump onto the nearest of the rotating gears, taking care to avoid the flame jets as much as possible. Again, equipping items that confer fire resistance helps immensely. As soon as you touch down on the first gear, an archer appears on the column to the lower right. Shoot it down and then ride the gear around to the left. Another archer materializes on the next column. Take it out as well. These two may drop ammo, which you can retrieve if you need it. (screenshots)

Now hop over to the adjacent gear on the upper right. Move around the left side of it, avoiding the flame jets if possible. Then jump across the gap to the next gear. The flame jets here do not spin. To get past them without taking damage, hang from the edge and ride along beneath the flame as the gear turns. Once you've cleared the flame, pull up and jump onto the ledge with the MAX HEALTH UPGRADE. (screenshots)

Hop back down onto the gear, hang from the edge once more, ride around beneath the other flame jet, and then pull up. Jump back onto the next gear downscreen. Move carefully along its right side and jump onto the gear to the lower right. A third archer appears on the column to the right. Shoot it, collect any goodies it drops, and then jump back to the gear with the single flame jet. From there, move carefully counterclockwise to avoid the flame, hop onto the next gear, move clockwise over the top of it to avoid the double flames, and finally jump onto the wide, stone ledge ahead. (screenshots)

LEDGES WITH FLAME TRAPS AND PRESSURE PADS: When you descend the steps ahead, several skeletons and possibly a mummy or two spring up out of the pit on the left. The flame vents along the left edge of the pit then ignite, so there's no escape in that direction. Deal with the enemies. Then smash the urns in the far right corner and retrieve the red skull (4/5) hidden behind the column. (screenshots)

Go to the top of the stairs and jump onto the nearer of two rotating gears. Move clockwise around the top of the gear to avoid the flame jet. Then jump onto the next gear. In the single-player game, shoot the Eye of Horus switch near the upper left wall to raise a wooden ledge off to the right. Jump onto this ledge, move around to the left, and step on the square pressure pad. This extinguishes some of the flame vents on the far side of the room. (screenshots)

Jump back onto the nearer of the two gears and shoot the switch again to collapse the ledge on the upper right and raise another ledge on the lower left, near the vents you just turned off. Hop over to that ledge and step on a second pressure pad to extinguish the flame vents near the third pressure pad, off to the right. (screenshots)

To get there without being toasted, move onto the wooden ledge, wait for the flame jet to spin away from you, and then jump onto the gear. Follow the flame clockwise around the top of the gear and jump onto the other gear. Follow the second flame clockwise until you can jump onto the pedestal with the third pressure pad. Depressing this pad shuts off most of the fire in this area. (The strip along the walkway to the right remains lit.) Jump back onto the nearer of the two gears, then the other. Shoot the switch once more to toggle the wooden ledges so you can jump over to the one on the right. Continue to the next area. (screenshots)

In the co-op game, this area is basically the same as in single-player, except there is no Eye of Horus switch. Instead, one of the archaeologists must grapple the golden ring near the first pressure pad so another character can tightrope walk over the flame vents in order to reach the pad. The player with the grapple will need to move carefully to avoid being hit by the flame jet on the moving gear. Again, equipping fire-resistance items is a good idea here. Stepping on the first pad deactivates the flames on the corner of this ledge, as well as one set on the other side of the room. (screenshots)

In 2-player co-op the vents stay off even if you move away from the pressure pad. In the 3-and 4-player games, if you move off the pressure pad, the flames will re-ignite. So one player needs to stand on the second pad while another jumps over to the third pressure pad. Depressing this pad shuts off most of the fire in this area. You can now make your way to the exit at the upper right. (screenshots)

RACE FOR THE EXIT: Approach the sack of gems on the round pedestal to open the gate ahead. Gather the gems then move forward to trigger a cutscene in which AMMIT once again appears to harass you. As in previous levels, you can't fight her, only run away. If you're attempting the point challenge, go for the gems on the square pedestals as you flee. Otherwise, just stick to the gears. (screenshots)

After crossing the first three gears, take a long running jump to the next gear with the flame jets. If you land on or the smaller, darker gear just below it, just climb up as quickly as you can. Then move counterclockwise around the top of this gear to avoid the flames. Move onto the next gear, then the smaller one with the flame jet. Again, follow the flame as it moves around to the right to avoid being scorched. From there, jump onto the ledge ahead. Try to avoid the exploding mummies as you cross the ledge and hop onto the next gear in the chasm ahead. Jump across the various gears, avoiding the spiked ledges. Again, if you're still working on the point challenge, run around the large gear to pick up the gems. Otherwise, just keep moving so Ammit doesn't catch you. (screenshots)

On the next solid ledge, avoid more exploding mummies and veer to the right side of the ledge if you can. Jump onto the round column then to the column with the pressure pad. This deactivates the rotating flame jet just ahead. (It's OK if you miss this pad. Just continue on, but watch out for the flame when you get there.) Jump from the pressure pad to the next gear. Then jump across the gap onto the lowest of the 3 stacked gears. Do not climb up the gears. Instead, continue forward across the narrow columns to pick up the final red skull (5/5). If you've found them all, you'll receive the BRONZE RING OF REACH (Bomb Radius+, Speed+). (screenshots)

After retrieving the skull, jump onto the next gear, then to the lowest of the 3 stacked gears ahead. Climb to the top of the stack. Then leap over to the wide ledge near the exit. Run through the well-lit opening to escape Ammit and end the level. (screenshots)

If you completed the level in less than 7 minutes, you now receive the BRONZE SPIRIT FLAIL OF HEB AND SHEN (Regenerating Health, Regenerating Ammo, Power Shot). If you scored 65,000 points or more you will have already unlocked the CHAINGUN.

Beyond the level exit is another TREASURE ROOM where Croft and crew obtain OSIRIS'S EXQUISITE CRAINIUM. You can also gather health packs/ammo and buy something nice from the treasure chests using gems you've collected. To return to the Overworld, stand on the round tile with the golden glyph and press the button indicated.

NOTE: Once you've completed this level you can replay it at any time by re-entering it from the Overworld. You'll probably need at least two passes to complete all the challenges.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 6/26/15 - First draft of walkthrough posted.

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