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Kills: 15  Items: 49 plus 2 circuit bulbs, 2 mutant samples, grenade launcher, Desert Eagle pistol, and the Hand of Rathmore  Secrets: 3

NOTE: The regular pickups in this level will include the shotgun, harpoon gun, MP5 submachine gun, and rocket launcher if you don't already have them.

Objectives: Make your way through several underwater areas and locate the Hand of Rathmore artifact. In the third pool, you'll need to find 2 circuit bulbs in order to open the door leading to the fourth pool. There you must locate 2 mutant samples, which will allow you to access the level exit. There are also a few side areas and hidden secrets.

Cut scene: We catch a brief glimpse of a yellow submersible moving past an underwater pipeline. More of the sparkling, blue mutagen can be seen on the seafloor below a jagged hole in one of the pipes.

FIRST POOL AND SURROUNDING AREAS: Turn around and pick up the harpoons in the alcove on the right. Exit this small room and get some more flares in the sunken windowsill just ahead. (screenshot) When you pick them up, you see a wide-angle view of the scuba diver in the room beyond, along with some goodies sitting on the floor near him. You can't reach him yet, so continue along the hall through the next doorway.

Directly ahead are 4 round windows that allow you to see into the next room. On the left there's a door marked "Restricted Area." (screenshot) This doesn't open yet. So head to the right, through the doorway between the "Slinc" sign and the fire extinguishers. (screenshot) Turn left, and continue into a long hallway with windows along the right side overlooking the sea bottom and the damaged pipeline. (screenshot)

Go through the door on the left. Kill the sniper in the raised hallway across the pool. If you don't get him, he runs off to the left. Go around the edge of the pool and turn the red wheel to open the "Restricted Area" door you saw earlier. (screenshot) If the sniper is still alive, he'll come through that door and around toward you. Wait for him and finish him off.

Before going up to the ledge where the sniper was, jump in the water and do some exploring. The rough map below shows the layout of this underwater area, with the pool where you begin in the center.

Sleeping with Fishes detail

To get oriented, begin treading water facing the doorway where you came in (marked with a red 'D' on the map). Swim down and forward, under the overhanging edge of the metal structure, then straight ahead to a rock ledge underneath some netting, where you'll find a bunch of harpoons. Get them and swim back to the pool to breathe. (screenshots)

This time begin treading water in the pool with the doorway behind Lara. Swim down, then toward the far left corner of the underwater area, and then up through the square opening in the ceiling. Inside this small, flooded room turn around to face in the direction you came from. Pull the lever in the left corner to open the barred door on the right wall. The scuba diver you saw earlier jumps in the water and swims toward you through the bars you just opened. Either kill him with the harpoon gun or swim past him, through the connecting tunnel, and into the room he came from. Climb out of the pool here and shoot him from above. Gather the harpoons and 3 boxes of shotgun shells lying on the floor. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't yet have the SHOTGUN, you'll get it here in place of one of the boxes of shells.

Swim back the way you came—through the connecting tunnel to the little room with the lever, down through the opening in the floor, back to the middle of the big pool, and up through the opening in the yellow structure into the square pool where you shot that first sniper. Climb out of the water and exit into the hallway. Go around to the right until you come to the "Restricted Area" door you opened earlier. Pick up a small medi pack on the ledge just inside on the left. Then follow the hallway all the way to the end to find some MP5 clips sitting on the floor. (The first pool is now below on the right. If you slide in by accident, just climb out of the water and follow the hallway back to the "Restricted Area" door.) (screenshot)

Sleeping with Fishes detail

SECOND POOL - OUTSIDE CAGE: After picking up the MP5 ammo, backtrack a few steps and slide down the short ramp into a cage-like enclosure submerged in another pool. Find the lever to the left of the underwater gate and pull it to open the gate. This sets off alarms and alerts 2 scuba divers. Surface in the cage to get air if necessary. Then swim out of the cage and either harpoon the divers or swim forward and up under the yellow structure. Here you can climb out of the water and shoot the divers from above. (screenshots)

Inside this room you'll find harpoons and flares on the low ledges. Press the button in one of the alcoves to open the white gate outside in the big pool. Find the movable crates (they're green) and pull the one on the right to the right. Go around it and slide the crate on the left in either direction. Go into the alcove behind it to pick up a small medi pack and get a glimpse of a sentry on duty beyond. Notice the goodies behind the fence in the corner with the yellow boxes. That's secret #1, which you'll get soon. (screenshots)

Stand at the edge of the pool with the green boxes behind Lara and jump into the water. The white gate you just opened will be on Lara's right. If you want secret #1, do not go through this gate yet. Once you do, it's impossible to backtrack, so you'll miss the secret. Instead swim straight ahead toward the cage where you entered this area. If necessary get air inside the cage. Then swim up between the cage and the yellow structure. Grab some Uzi clips sitting on the yellow ledge just above the cage door. Turn right and swim along the side of the yellow structure into the square opening at the end of the ledge. Follow the twisty tunnel and pick up 2 bunches of harpoons on the way. (screenshots)

When you come out the other end of the tunnel, 2 friendly dolphins greet Lara. The camera will show a wide-angle view of this area as the current carries Lara to the left, toward the rectangular alcove between the building on the left and the pipeline on the right. Swim into the square opening on the left. Follow the tunnel down to a T intersection and turn left. Come to the surface for air but don't climb out of the water yet. If you linger near here, one of the dolphins should come and give Lara a boost onto the ledge. (How cool is that?!) This is secret #1, harpoons and 2 large medi packs. (screenshots)

NOTES: The dolphins are triggered when you pick up the harpoons inside the yellow tunnel. So if you skip these pickups you won't see the creatures. If necessary, you can get the harpoons, swim back to the cage for air, and then go through the tunnel again. The path from the yellow ledge above the cage to the secret is marked with red arrows on the map above. Also, if you don't yet have the HARPOON GUN, you'll get it as part of this secret instead of the harpoons.

Hop back in the water and swim forward to another opening where you can surface and climb out onto a ledge. Immediately turn left, draw weapons, and kill the sentry you saw earlier through the fence. Take his MP5 clips. Then jump off the ledge into the water, where you'll find more harpoons and a small medi pack. You won't be able to climb back out onto the ledge, since it's too high to reach from the water, but if you swim to the opposite end of the trench from where you found the medi pack, there's a break in the netting on the right, where you can swim back to the SECOND POOL. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't yet have the MP5 SUBMACHINE GUN, you'll get it from the sentry instead of the clips.

Swim to the middle of the pool and surface for air in the crate room. If you didn't press the button on the wall here earlier, do that now to open the white gate. Now tread water with the button directly ahead and the green crates on Lara's right. Then swim down and forward, and the white gate will be almost directly ahead. Swim through and let the current sweep Lara up the tunnel into the next area. (screenshots)

Sleeping with Fishes detailz

THIRD POOL - SEA CAVE WITH CRANE AND SUBMARINES: Swim forward and up into the funnel-like structure made of yellow metal to surface inside the CRANE CONTROL ROOM. Climb out of the water and save the game if you like, but don't go for the items near the window yet unless you're desperate for supplies. (screenshots)

Assuming you have enough harpoons, here's the easiest way I've found to deal with the next 2 enemies: Step forward toward the window to trigger the descent of a yellow submersible in the cave outside. Then hop back into the pool. Swim down through the funnel then forward toward the cave where the sub came down. If you're quick, you can take up a good position about halfway between the funnel and the sub before the 2 scuba divers arrive. (screenshots)

The first diver swims toward you from the far right side of the cave. Wait until Lara takes aim or you'll waste harpoons. When you see her target the first diver, hold the Action button just long enough to fire 4 harpoons. That should take care of the diver. Lara will then reload. Wait for the second diver to emerge from behind the sub and repeat the process. Wait for the diver to come close enough so Lara auto-aims at him. Swim to the left or right to dodge his harpoons if necessary. Then fire 4 harpoons at him. You only need 8 harpoons to kill both divers, but it's easy to miss, especially if you move while shooting, so a few extra may be needed. Once both divers are dead, turn around and swim back up the funnel into the CONTROL ROOM. (screenshots)

If the second diver takes too long to approach, and your air supply gets low, swim back up into the CONTROL ROOM to breathe. If you're out of harpoons, you can swim toward the sub, lure the divers up into the funnel, and then shoot them with pistols or Uzis. This can take time and waste health, though, since the divers can also shoot at Lara from below.

THIRD POOL - CIRCUIT BULBS AND OTHER pickupS: Note that the water currents outside the CONTROL ROOM on the side nearest the submersible prevent you from swimming up to the ceiling of the cave—and from reaching the sub—so you can basically avoid that area while exploring. You will not miss anything.

After defeating the divers and returning to the CONTROL ROOM, pick up the large medi pack and 2 bundles of harpoons. Also note the 2 receptacles, blue and yellow, flanking the opposite window. Now we'll need to find the objects that fit there. (screenshots)

Face the window between the 2 receptacles, dive into the pool, and swim down through the funnel then forward. The tunnel where you entered this area should be directly ahead. Swim up between the gray metal wall and the side of the yellow structure. On top of the yellow structure you'll find some grenades. From there you can see a small alcove containing some flares and a CIRCUIT BULB (1/2). If you have enough air, swim over there now to make the pickups. There's also a rocket sitting on the metal bar suspended from the crane, which is below and to the left of the alcove with the CIRCUIT BULB. Take your time and get air between pickups if necessary. (screenshots)

For the SECOND CIRCUIT BULB, start in the CONTROL ROOM facing the window with the crane outside. Swim down to the bottom then up the rocky slope on the left side of the crane. Swim straight up, past the rusty metal slab the crane is supporting. Continue forward past the metal support pillar with the "Slinc" logos on it. Directly ahead should be a rectangular stone pillar. Just beyond this pillar there's a small, square opening in the cave ceiling surrounded by rusted metal. Swim in here for air and pick up a small medi pack and another CIRCUIT BULB (2/2). Then return to the CONTROL ROOM the way you came. (screenshots)

Place the 2 CIRCUIT BULBS in the 2 receptacles to open a small, yellow door marked "Restricted Area" on the far side of the underwater cave. This is the yellow door indicated on the map above. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't care about getting the secret, which includes the DESERT EAGLE, you can skip the side area and head straight for the "Restricted Area" door, avoiding the divers but missing the next 8 items. Pick up the walkthrough below at the FOURTH POOL.

THIRD POOL - FAR SIDE OF THE CAVERN AND SECRET #2: After using the CIRCUIT BULBS to open the yellow door, jump back in the pool and swim down to the bottom, then up past the right side of the crane, following the globe lights on the sea floor. Near the third light globe, there's a bunch of harpoons lying on the bottom. Grab it and then swim to the right, past the third globe. The current sucks Lara to the top of the large cave opening, and you see another submersible descending to deliver 2 more scuba divers. At this point, you can try to harpoon the divers or turn around and head for the small opening in the ceiling of the cave, where you found the second CIRCUIT BULB. Then climb out of the water and shoot the divers through the opening. (screenshots)

When the coast is clear, swim toward the second submersible. Approach the "Restricted Area" door but instead of going in, swim into the narrow tunnel just to the right of it. This is SECRET #2. (screenshots)

Follow the rocky tunnel to a cave. (This area is not shown on the map.) You're going to need air soon, so ignore the flares and shotgun shells for now and swim straight ahead then down into the square hole in the floor. Follow this tunnel to the right and upward to an air-filled room where you can breathe, pick up 2 bunches of harpoons and a small medi pack, and save the game.

Now swim back out into the cave and pick up the flares you saw earlier, then the shotgun shells nearby. When you take the ammo, a small submersible speeds down the hill. Quickly swim toward either side wall so the sub doesn't hit Lara. When the sub crashes, it opens up a way into the cave beyond. Get air first if you need it, then swim inside to find the rusted hull of a sunken submarine. Pick up the DESERT EAGLE PISTOL and 2 sets of clips on top of the sub. There's a small, square air hole in the ceiling above the left end of the sub. (screenshots)

NOTE: This secret includes another Easter egg. According to Reg R., this submarine, designated U740 (screenshot), is mentioned in Innes McCartney's book Lost Patrols: "U740 was ordered into the English Channel after D-Day to operate off Plymouth. She never returned and no further information relating to this submarine was ever found." Another mystery solved, thanks to Lara. ;)

When you have all the goodies, swim out of the cave past the small, yellow submersible. Enter the rocky tunnel on the right—opposite the hole in the floor where you got air and supplies earlier—and follow the tunnel out to the main cave. Make a U-turn to the right and swim through the "Restricted Area" door. (screenshots)

Sleeping with Fishes detail

FOURTH POOL - COMPUTER ROOM AND UNDERWATER AREA WITH SPARKLING MUTAGEN: Just inside the "Restricted Area" door, the current will carry Lara to the top of the passageway. Notice the opening on the left leading into the underwater cave, but don't go that way yet. Instead surface in the yellow room at top of the wide passageway and climb out of the water into a corridor with bars at the far end. About halfway down the hall on the left is a room with a window and a locked door. Draw pistols and make some noise to get the attention of the gunman inside. Kill him when he opens the door. Enter and pick up a small medi pack and flares inside on the right, plus a bunch of harpoons behind the big screen. Hop over the trapdoor in the middle of the floor to open it, but don't drop through yet. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you fall through the trapdoor, you won't be able to climb back into the COMPUTER ROOM. Instead, face the white building and swim to the far right corner. Swim through the small, square opening underneath the rusted metal support. (screenshot) Swim up to the left to get back into the corridor where you killed the gunman.

Press the button in the COMPUTER ROOM to open the bars at the end of the corridor. Exit the way you came in, turn left, then left again, into a long, enclosed walkway overlooking the sea floor. At the end of the walkway, pick up a rocket and a small medi pack—and get a glimpse of another rocket and the goings-on inside the RESEARCH LAB. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't yet have the ROCKET LAUNCHER, you'll get it here.

Backtrack about halfway along the enclosed walkway to the 2 red wheels. Each of these opens one of the metal doors in the cave outside, letting inĀ 2 huge mutant fish. If you like, you can turn the wheels one at a time so you don't have to deal with both fish at once. I was hoping they'd fight each other, but they don't. (screenshots)

Follow the enclosed walkway back to the main corridor. Turn right, then right again through the yellow door into the COMPUTER ROOM. Drop through the trapdoor into the pool and harpoon the fish. If necessary, swim back up through the white funnel to get air at the trapdoor opening, but you can't climb out of the water here. (screenshots)

Alternatively, after dropping through the trapdoor into the pool, turn around to face the white building. Then swim to the far right corner and through the small, square opening underneath the rusted metal support. Turn left and swim upwards. Surface here and pull up into the corridor where you killed the gunman. Then shoot the fish with pistols from above. (screenshots)

FOURTH POOOL - pickupS AND SECRET #3: Return to the pool below the COMPUTER ROOM and pick up 2 bundles of harpoons: One is behind the rock formation just to the right of the rusty metal opening leading back to the entrance. The other is on the opposite side of the cavern, directly below the enclosed walkway, amid the sparkling mutagen on the sea floor. Swim up the white funnel to get air at the trapdoor between pickups if necessary. (screenshots)

Now go for the secret. Swim across the cavern toward the enclosed walkway. Swim down between the leftmost support pillar and the one next to it. Here you'll find a narrow tunnel in the rock wall. Swim inside to get the attention of another mutant fish. Draw the fish out into the open to harpoon it. Or lead the fish back across the cavern to the yellow opening and shoot it from the ledge (as described in the previous section). After you've dealt with the fish, follow the tunnel to a small room with a window looking into the RESEARCH LAB. Pick up the grenades and loaded GRENADE LAUNCHER. The weapon is SECRET #3. Turn around, grab the large medi pack, and head back through the tunnel the way you came. Return to the white funnel for air before going on. (The entrance to the secret room is marked with a red arrow on the map above and shown in these screenshots.)

Now head for the small square doors you opened earlier using the red wheels in the enclosed walkway. (screenshot) Swim through the door on the right and pick up a MUTANT SAMPLE (1/2). Swim through the left door, get another vial of MUTANT SAMPLE (2/2) and continue along the tunnel to the lab.

RESEARCH LAB: Surface and climb out of the water. Ignore the gunman in the room off to the side for now. Follow the ramp down to a SPECIMEN ROOM with tanks and cages containing various mutants. Move the 2 green crates. Underneath one you'll find Uzi clips. Behind the other is a chemical analyzer. Place one of the MUTANT SAMPLES into this machine. Place the other sample into the second analyzer in the corner to the right of the ramp. This causes water to flow into a pool elsewhere. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed secret #3, you'll be able to see the grenade launcher and other pickups through one of the windows in the SPECIMEN ROOM. It's not too late to go back for these items. Return up the ramp to previous room, jump in the pool, and swim through the tunnel to the previous area. (screenshot) Then follow the walkthrough above to get the secret.

After using the analyzers in the SPECIMEN ROOM to fill the pool, return up the ramp to the room where you entered the lab. Climb the stairs, take out the gunman you saw earlier, and grab his small medi pack. Follow the walkway around the edge of the pool. Climb onto the upper walkway and pick up the rocket you spotted through the fence earlier. Pull up onto the small ledge above and get some grenades. Then dive into the pool. (screenshots)

Take the HAND OF RATHMORE from the low pedestal. (The sparkling mutagen won't harm Lara now that the pool is flooded.) Taking the artifact opens the door at one end of the pool. Get air if you need it, then swim through that door into a dolphin tank. Pull the lever on the left wall to open a second door at the other end of the tank, letting in a mutant fish. Harpoon the mutant or lure it into to the previous pool, climb out of the water, and shoot the mutant with pistols. (screenshots)

Swim through the tank with the lever and then turn right into the mutant fish's tank. You'll find Uzi clips on the bottom of the tank at the far end. Swim back to the corner room and up through the square opening in the ceiling. Continue swimming straight up the vertical shaft until you reach the surface. Climb out onto a large, floating buoy. Step off the edge toward the inflatable boat to end the level. (screenshots)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 4/18/17 - First major update since 2003. This revision includes many new screenshots plus a few clarifications and strategy changes.

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