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Kills: 30  Items: 36 plus a key card, a diskette, and rocket launcher  Secrets: 3

NOTES: The regular pickups in this level will include the MP5 submachine gun, shotgun, Uzis, and harpoon gun if you don't have them yet. Also, you may get one fewer kills on your final stats screen even if you do kill all enemies. This is noted in the section TRAIN WRECK ABOVE DEEP PIT.

Objectives: Locate the quad bike which will allow you to reach deeper areas of the Chunnel excavation. Find the keycard needed to operate the tunnel-boring machine that will enable you to reach the exit. There's also an optional secret area that can only be obtained by finding and using a special computer disk.

OUTDOOR AREA WITH CRATES: Kill the gunman lurking behind the crates near the truck. Pick up some flares on top of the yellow crate between the starting position and the truck. Between the truck and the door in the far corner of this area is a movable metal box (it's bluish-green). Get between the truck and the box and push it once to get the Desert Eagle clips underneath. Also get some MP5 clips on the low cement ledge near the door. (screenshot)

INSIDE THE BUILDING: Use the switch on the wall near the movable crate to open the door. Then go inside. Shoot the tunnel worker in the orange jumpsuit before he can pummel Lara with his wrench. Go past the yellow boxes with the 'Slinc' logo into the next room and take care of the first worker's 2 buddies. Then pick up a small medi pack on the right, near the bank of computers. (screenshot)

Before moving on, backtrack to the room between the computers and the yellow crates. Here you'll find another movable box. Go around to the left side and push the crate toward the black grating. Pick up the shotgun shells underneath, then pull the crate back to its original position. (screenshot) Doing this opens the black grate so you can get into the room behind. (screenshot) Here you'll find more shotgun shells and, if you climb behind the yellow boxes, a large medi pack, which is SECRET #1.

Now return to the room with the computers and locate the ventilation ducts with horizontal slats in the far left corner. Shoot the slats with pistols to break them. (screenshot) Climb into the opening and wait for the fire traps to cycle off before running/jumping carefully past each one.

DRILL SHAFT: At the top of the stairs is an open shaft with a huge drill above. Note the location of the ladder on the inside wall at the far side of the shaft. Go around to the far left corner of the room, position Lara with her chest against the outer wall and her back toward the shaft and the ladder. The small gray plaque with the red lightning bolt on it should be behind Lara. Backflip onto the slope above the ladder. Hold Action as you slide to grab the edge. As soon as Lara lands on the slope, the drill begins to descend. So climb down the ladder as quickly as you can. Rapidly pressing and releasing Action will help Lara make a quick descent. Climb down only as far as the bottom of the blue wall. Below that, there's a fire trap. Climb as far to the left as you can before dropping onto the ledge. Stand close to the wall for a moment after letting go of the ladder to avoid being toasted by another fire trap on this ledge. When the flame abates, move to the other side of the ledge and pick up the MP5 clips. Now wait for the two huge drills to go past before taking a running jump across the shaft toward the ledge in front of the exhaust fan. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't yet have the MP5 SUBMACHINE GUN, you'll get it here instead of the clips.

VENTILATION DUCTS WITH GIANT FANS: Use the switch on the side of the metal block near the first fan to open a trapdoor beyond it. You can't get to the trapdoor by going under the fan, so climb onto the block above the switch and pull up into the blue crawlspace. Quickly crawl forward then left, into the corner where Lara can stand and kill 2 rats. Use the switch on the wall here to turn off two of the big fans. Pick up the small medi pack. Then crawl away from the switch to the end of the passageway, turn around, and safety drop to the floor. (screenshots)

Lara lands in a doorway. The stairs leading back up to the computer room are directly behind her, and there's a room with a blue pillar ahead, but you don't need to go there. Instead turn right and climb into the hallway with the round "Euro Chunnel Ltd." sign on the wall. Continue to one of the fans you just turned off. Climb onto the ledge to the right of the fan and shoot the vent with horizontal slats. Enter the passageway behind. Shoot the vent at the end and slide down to get some grenades.* The spinning fan prevents you from going to the left, so turn around and take a standing jump back up the slope into the passageway and go back around to the right, to the fan that's not running. Move past the fan, walk to the edge, turn around, and slide backwards down the slope, grabbing the edge of the trapdoor you opened earlier. Drop to the wooden walkway below. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed the switch that opens the trapdoor, it's easy to get back there. Stand on top of the trapdoor facing the two inactive fans. Jump up the slope toward the one on the right, and you'll see the switch on the side of the metal block just beyond the fan. This is the same block you climbed on earlier to get into the blue crawlspace. Pull the switch, then return to the trapdoor and slide down.

IN THE TUNNELS: Go around the corner behind the blue support pillar to get some flares. (screenshot) Then slide down the sloped wall ahead, or safety drop from the ledge, taking care not to get too near the burning barrel. Cross the room and climb onto the metal ledge above the deep drill shaft. Take a running jump across the shaft to the other side. (screenshot) You'll hear a door opening ahead.

If you wait at the right side of this ledge for a moment, you'll get a nice, clear shot at the sniper in the doorway above on the left. (screenshot) Take him out, then hop down off the ledge, climb up into the corner of the uneven cement ledge on the right, then hop back and kill an orange-suited worker who comes over the ledge. (screenshot) Take his small medi pack. Alternatively, you can kill the worker first then climb up onto the ledge where he came from and shoot the sniper from behind the blue pillar. Once you lock on to him, you can jump straight up and down while shooting to kill him faster. (screenshot)

Now climb up onto the metal catwalk where the sniper was standing. Advance cautiously up the ramp. As you near the top, a fire trap activates between the two metal blocks. When the flames abate, take a diagonal standing jump from the right side of the walkway onto the block above the left side of the fire trap. (screenshot) Shoot out the vent slats and go to the end of the short passageway. Turn around and climb into the opening above. Continue to a room with a grating floor above where you were earlier. Pick up a small medi pack and shotgun shells.

NOTE: If you missed the SHOTGUN in the earlier levels, you'll get it here instead of the shells.

Return the way you came to the metal walkway and fire trap. Hop down on the left side of the flames. (You'll hear the yellow door closing at the bottom of the ramp where you entered.) Slide down the ramp onto a small ledge above the train tracks. A brief cut scene shows a large gate opening at the left end of the tracks.

THE TRACKS: Step off the edge of the block to land on the tracks, run forward, and quickly take a standing jump up the slope to the ledge near the yellow door to avoid the high-speed train. Now if you like, you can take a detour for a secret. Run down the tracks toward where the train came from (i.e., to the right if Lara's back is to the yellow door). Stay close to the left side of the tunnel. You'll notice a medi pack on the tracks ahead and hear dramatic music just before another train emerges from the tunnel. When it gets close, just hug the left tunnel wall, and the train should miss Lara. (screenshots)

Pick up the large medi pack. Then turn around and move partway back up the slope until you see an opening on the right. Take a standing jump up the slope into the tunnel. This is SECRET #2. Pick up a rocket and continue into a cave with an antique steam engine. Behind the engine you'll find the ROCKET LAUNCHER (loaded with one rocket). When you have everything, exit the way you came and make your way back along the tracks to the yellow door. (screenshots)

NOTE: Several helpful players have informed me that this old engine is Stephenson's Rocket, one of the first steam locomotives ever built. It was designed by Robert Stephenson in 1829 and built in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. A nice little Easter Egg. Check out Wikipedia for more info.

Use the switch next to the yellow door to open it. (screenshot) The door is timed to close after a bit, but the timer isn't particularly fast. As you enter, two guys attack: an orange-suited worker and another man with a gun. The shotgun will help you take them out quickly. One drops flares when he dies. You'll also find the quad bike behind the yellow boxes.

NOTE: If you're new to TR3 or need a quad bike refresher course, see the Vehicles section of my Controls page.

QUAD BIKE: Get on the quad bike and ride up and around the series of metal ramps. If you're good with the controls, you can just drive up and around and then jump the bike across the tracks, but I found it helps to first position the bike with the blue column on your right, so you're facing directly across the tracks toward the opening on the other side. Then hold the brake (same key as Sprint), rev the engine (by holding Action), and then release the brake for a speed boost that will help you make the jump more easily. As you sail over the tracks, another high-speed train passes below. Maintain speed as you race up the sloping tunnel and over the next deep pit filled with toxic goo. After you clear the pit, turn sharply to the right to avoid going over the edge into another pit. (screenshots)

Now carefully turn the bike so the fenced opening is behind Lara. Line up a jump across the toxic pit using the uneven cement ledge as a ramp. Again, hold the brake, rev the engine, and release the brake to race up the ramp and sail across the next pit into the opening ahead. As you continue through the tunnel into the next area, keep to the middle of the tunnel to avoid the burning barrel ahead on the right. Now you can either run over the orange-suited worker on the right side of the train, or dismount (Roll + Left/Right) and shoot him. (screenshots)

NOTE: I found that when I ran over this guy it wasn't counted as an official kill on the stats screen. Other roadkills did count, however.

TRAIN WRECK ABOVE DEEP PIT: If you like, you can explore this area now. (You'll be returning here to get a secret, so you can do this later if you prefer.) Use the switch in the corner to the left of the train engine (i.e., left when facing the train head-on) to activate the machine against the wall. For whatever odd reason, this opens one of the portable toilet doors around the corner. To get to the toilets walk away from the switch, continue forward alongside the train, and then turn left, skirting the rim of the deep pit. (screenshots)

Draw weapons and hop up onto the ledge in front of the toilet on the far right. The door opens and a worker with a wrench emerges. Poor guy; he probably never expected this piss would be his last. Hop back while shooting. Just watch out for the pit behind you. The left stall door also opens when you approach. Collect 2 boxes of shotgun shells, one inside each stall. The third toilet, which opened when you threw the switch, contains a mainframe computer. Lara says "No" when you try to use it, indicating that you're missing a necessary item. (screenshots)

Now, if you want to, you can get one more pickup before descending. Climb on top of the train car. Walk over the top of it and hop down onto the row of yellow crates to trigger the appearance of another enemy in the passageway ahead. Step off the yellow crates onto the gray ledge at the edge of the pit. Try to kill the orange-suited worker before he reaches the barrel and sets it on fire. Then climb onto the ledge behind the barrel to get a rocket. If the worker does ignite the barrel, you can still get the rocket, either by carefully climbing onto the ledge at its left edge, taking some heat damage, or by waiting until you pass this way again later in the level. (screenshots)

NOTE: You can avoid this worker at first by not stepping on the yellow crates and instead hopping down from the train car directly onto the gray ledge. When you retrieve the rocket and hop down, the worker will appear. You'll then have to kill him quickly before he ignites the barrel and shoves Lara into it.

Now it's time to explore the excavation pit. You can do this on foot or on the quad bike, but you'll miss one pickup if you don't use the bike (i.e., the Uzis or Uzi ammo described in the next section). Since the goal of this walkthrough is 100% completion, we'll use the bike here.

DESCENDING ON THE QUAD BIKE: Return to the bike and drive into the alcove to the right of the train engine. Use the metal ramp there to jump the bike up onto the train. Don't use turbo—you don't need it—and as soon as you land the bike on top of the train, steer to the right and brake to keep from going over the edge. (screenshots)

Now, line up a jump along the top of the train on the right side. Aim for the uneven cement ledge on the far side of the deep pit. You need a good run-up, but turbo is not required. When you clear the gap and land on the cement slope, continue straight ahead into the opening. Then turn into the tunnel on the right to avoid the flaming barrel just ahead. (screenshots)

UZIS (OR UZI AMMO): If you like a challenge, you can now go through a lot of contortions to get a single set of Uzi clips. It may be worthwhile if you don't yet have the UZIS, since you can get the guns here in addition to the clips. (If you don't want to do this, just skip down to the next section, CONTINUING THE DESCENT.) To get the Uzis/ammo, position the quad bike facing up the slope, with the flaming barrel on Lara's right and the tall blue pillar on her left. Save the game. Accelerate up the slope toward the blue pillar and veer to the right, between the blue pillar and the cement wall with exposed iron rebar. Jump the bike through this opening and (hopefully) land on the ledge in the right corner of the huge pit. (screenshots)

If the quad bike lands inside the metal bars on top of the blue support column instead of on the ledge, you may be able to work it free by steering hard to the right while accelerating. Or see-saw back and forth a little to gradually move through the bars onto the ledge. (screenshots)

Once you manage to reach the ledge, dismount and pick up the Uzi clips (or the UZIS themselves) in the corner. Get back on the bike and carefully move it into position for the return trip. The huge pit and wrecked train should be on Lara's right, the corner where you found the clips on her left, and the tall, blue pillar directly ahead. Back up the wall to give yourself the longest possible run-up. Then hold Sprint to apply the brake and Action to rev the engine. Release the brake to race up the uneven slope toward the blue pillar. Then cut to the left between the blue pillar and the jagged cement wall. As soon as you clear the opening, stop accelerating and steer to the right to avoid the burning barrel. (screenshots)

CONTINUING THE DESCENT: Ride down into the wide tunnel and make a U-turn to the right at the bottom. You'll hear some dramatic music and see a sniper run past the fenced opening here. Dismount and walk out onto the long ledge jutting out over the pit to get a small medi pack. Get back on the bike, race forward along that jutting ledge, and jump the bike across the pit onto the ledge in the far right corner. Turn left and drive carefully along the rocky shelf at the edge of the pit. Dismount behind the second support pillar and shoot 2 snipers—one on a ledge above the left rim of the pit, the other in the doorway ahead. (The second sniper is the same one you saw running around when you drove down through the tunnel. If you can't get a clear shot at him from this distance, just continue on. You'll reach him in a moment.) (screenshots)

There's a keycard sitting on a ledge below, but don't drop down there yet. Instead pick up some flares on the ground near the support pillar. Then get back on the bike and drive along the sloped, brown rim of the pit to the doorway in the corner where the second sniper was. If you didn't shoot him, you can run him over with the bike or dismount and kill him. Inside this cavelike room, pick up the MP5 clips sitting on one of the stairs. Then roll, draw pistols, and kill the 2 rats that try to sneak up behind you. (screenshots)

Get back on the bike and drive down into the hole next to the stairs. It's quite a drop, but Lara will be all right. Note the medi pack and machines behind the fence. You'll get there soon. If you want all the kills, dismount here and walk into the tunnel ahead. As long as you proceed on foot, an orange-suited worker appears and the barrel ignites. If you stay on the quad bike, neither of these things happen. Kill the worker and then shoot a third sniper on the ledge on the far side of the pit if you like. (screenshots)

Now, get on the quad bike again and jump across the pit to the ledge where the third sniper was standing. This jump is a little tricky. Start on the downslope just beyond the barrel, hold the brake, rev the engine, and then release the brake to surge forward, and you should make it with no problem. (If you didn't shoot the sniper before, run him over now.) (screenshots)

Dismount and pick up the MP5 clips the sniper dropped. Follow the passageway on the right to an opening with a chain link fence overlooking the pit. Here you'll find a pair of grenades.* Come back to the quad bike and pull the switch on the orange support column to open a gate across the pit. Pick up the DRILL ACTIVATOR CARD before jumping across the gap and riding through the gate you just opened. (screenshots)

NOTES: If, after getting the grenades, you go up the ramp and slide back down into the tunnel with the flaming barrel, you can still get back to the other side. Face the pit and walk to the left side of the opening. Beyond some uneven rocks is a small, flat ledge. Slide down onto it then take a running jump to the walkway with the key card, shown in this screenshot.

If you make the jump across the pit and forget the keycard, it's easy enough to get back. Just don't try it on the bike. Instead, walk to the right side of the opening overlooking the pit and take a standing jump from the edge to the triangular flat spot ahead on the right, shown in this screenshot. Take a standing jump from the outer corner of the triangle to grab the metal walkway. Pull up and get the keycard. To get back, take a running jump from the metal ledge to the triangle. Step into the corner nearest the gate and then take a standing jump back into the doorway.

TUNNEL-BORING MACHINE: Inside the room beyond the gate, head for the far left corner, where you'll find a small medi pack in an alcove. (You may have spotted it through the fence after driving the quad bike into the pit near the staircase.) Then go through the little room with the burning barrel and climb up onto the metal walkway. Kill 2 tunnel workers who climb out of the depression on the right side of the walkway. Take the small medi pack and flares they drop. (screenshots)

Hop down off the walkway on the right side and head for the far end of the tunnel. You'll find some Uzi clips behind one of the portable toilets. Take them and climb on top of the toilet to kill the 3 rats that come out to nibble on Lara. (screenshots)

Climb onto the back of the tunnel-boring machine and use the switch to turn it on. This also opens a trapdoor where the metal walkway crosses the machine. Drop in here and use the DRILL ACTIVATOR CARD in the white card reader. Climb out and go to the front of the drill. You'll see it has dug out a section of tunnel. Jump up the slope, drop through the square hole in the ground, and slide down into the tunnel below. Kill a couple of rats, and use the switch to open a pair of gates nearby. Go through the gate you just opened and take a running jump to grab the edge of the doorway on the other side of the excavation pit. Pull up and take the PUMP ACCESS DISK. (screenshots)

The cutaway shows the portable toilets at the top of the pit. This should give you a clue as to where to go next. If you aren't collecting secrets, just continue along this hallway to end the level.

BACK TO THE TOP OF THE PIT (NECESSARY FOR SECRET #3): If you want the secret, plus a few other pickups along the way, turn around to face the excavation pit. The gate you just came through is now closed, so take a running jump across the pit to grab the ladder on the blue support pillar. Climb to the top. (screenshots)

At the top of the ladder, take a standing jump up the slope on the left. Go through the uneven, rocky tunnel with the burning barrel to the fenced in opening near the TUNNEL-BORING MACHINE. Climb another blue ladder to the stairs above. At the top of the ladder, turn left and follow the walkway to a doorway overlooking the pit. Drop down onto the cement ledge just below the doorway. Then turn around and climb the next set of ladders upward, to the right, and then upward again until you reach the top. (screenshots)

If you haven't already picked up the rocket in the small alcove to the left, do that now. Then go cautiously to the right end of the walkway. If the orange-suited worker here is still alive, he'll try to ignite the barrel below the ledge. Either shoot him before he can do this, or kill him then jump carefully over the burning barrel at the right side. If you killed this worker earlier, the barrel may not be lit, and you can just hop down near it. Now go to the far right corner of this room and jump onto the ledge next to the wrecked train engine. Climb over the engine, minding the gap on the other side, to get back to the portable toilets. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you didn't explore here earlier, you'll need to throw a switch and kill another worker in order to access the toilets, as described in the TRAIN WRECK ABOVE DEEP PIT section, above.

Go into the portable toilet on the left. Use the PUMP ACCESS DISK in the computer next to the toilet to turn on the pumps and fill the pit with water. FLUSH!! (screenshots)

NOTES: If you missed the PUMP ACCESS DISK, you can climb back down the ladders, following the reverse of the sequence shown in the previous set of screenshots. As you descend the last ladder, don't go all the way down to sparkling goo at the bottom. Instead, when Lara is hanging level with the bottom of the metal gate, as shown in this screenshot, press Jump to backflip onto the metal ledge behind you. Then turn around and jump into the doorway to retrieve the disk. Also, it is possible to climb down the ladder and carefully retrieve the first 3 bunches of harpoons without flooding the pit. You just need to carefully jump over the toxic areas. However, you cannot get the secret unless the pit is filled with water.

POOL AND HIDDEN CAVERN – SECRET #3: After using the PUMP ACCESS DISK to flood the pit, exit the toilets and dive into the water below. A swan dive is fun here: Hold Walk and press Forward + Jump. Lara can do two somersaults if you hold the Roll key on the way down. Pick up 3 bunches of harpoons from the bottom of the pool. Get air if necessary, and then swim into the underwater cave, picking up more harpoons on the way. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't yet have the HARPOON GUN, you'll get it here instead of the fourth bundle of harpoons.

Surface and climb out of the water onto a narrow walkway. This is SECRET #3. Walk carefully up the path. Take care not to fall into the lava pits. At the end turn left and take a standing jump to the next ledge. Jump up the slope. Now, either take a carefully aimed standing jump down to the small, triangular ledge on the left at the base of the ramp, or slide down the ramp and jump forward to grab the corner ledge. Or, slide backwards down the ramp and grab the end. Then, while continuing to hold the Action key, pull up and press Jump + Roll to make Lara jump off the ramp, turn in the air and grab the ledge behind her, and pull up. Use whichever method you prefer. Kill the pteranodon that flies in from the left. So what if they're extinct—maybe even the scientific find of the millennium—a girl's got to defend herself. (screenshots)

Take a standing jump to the next ledge (or if you jumped to the triangular ledge at the base of the ramp, just run onto the next ledge at the inside corner). From there take a running jump to the wide ledge beyond that. Take a running jump to the corner ledge and turn around to shoot another pteranodon. (Stand Lara near the wall so it doesn't knock her off the edge.) Turn back to face the wall and position Lara against it. Jump up and grab the edge of the slope. Traverse to the left above the lava pit not quite to the other end of the wall. When Lara is two squares away from the opposite ledge (just past a small, triangular texture with veins of red in it) pull up and immediately press Jump to backflip onto a ledge behind her. (screenshots)

Step forward and pick up a large medi pack, turn around and follow the short path toward the center of the cave, where there's another lava pit. Turn right and note another large medi pack on the next ledge. Wait for a pteranodon to fly up from behind the medi pack. Kill it. Then jump over to the second medi pack. Turn around and shoot another pteranodon that approaches from the other side of the lava pit. Then take the medi pack. I found it best to kill these guys one at a time. Otherwise they mob Lara and knock her off the ledge. If you fall in the water before getting both health packs, either reload or make the circuit around the lava chasm again. (screenshots)

Slide into the pool and swim back through the cave to the bottom of the excavation pit. Swim through the hallway above on the left. This is where you found the PUMP ACCESS DISK earlier, but it's now underwater. The level ends as you approach the end of this hallway. (screenshots)

FYI: Shakespeare Cliff, Dover, is near where the channel tunnel comes out on the English side (the town is called Folkstone). It's also where the builders dumped the rocks and soil from the excavation.

*NOTE: Each grenade pickup is actually a pair of grenades. See the note at the end of the first level walkthrough and the TR3 Controls page for details.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 2/19/17 - First major update. This revision includes many new screenshots and a few clarifications and strategy changes.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks are given to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough couldn't have been written. Thanks also to Arvo 29, Ashya, Dewo, Helena, and Stefan for their help on this level, and to Reg R., Ceri, Edd, and Lorenzo for sharing the info about Stephenson's Rocket.

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