Stella's Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact Walkthrough - Windows and Macintosh

NOTES FOR NEW PLAYERS: If you're having trouble installing the game on Windows 8.1 or 10, check out this installation tutorial. If you haven't played Tomb Raider 3, I highly recommend exploring the training level here in The Lost Artifact before jumping into the main adventure. To access the training level, choose the Polaroid photo labeled "Lara's Home" in the main menu. This training level is identical to the one in Tomb Raider 3, so follow that walkthrough if you need assistance. My Classic Tomb Raider Tips and Strategy section may also be helpful for new raiders.

BUG NOTE: Using Windows' CD auto-run feature may result in a bug where you can't save your game or load your saved games. If this happens, instead of running the game from the setup screen that appears when you insert the CD, close that window (or disable auto-run completely) and try running the game from the Start Menu or from the tr3gold icon inside the 'Tomb Raider - The Lost Artifact' folder.

Backstory: Only minutes have passed since the hideous creature that Dr. Willard had become gasped the last breath of its violently short life cycle. The experiment had failed, the gleam of immortality returned to the stars from which it came.

Lara looks on silently, oblivious to the press of the bitter Antarctic wind. Suddenly a ragged figure emerges from the dark, gaping hole of the meteor cavern—it is Willard, a human reborn, but in the throes of death. A hand gestures wildly, a final guttural laugh tears through the silence, the figure slumps forward and is still.

With the snow already forming a ghastly shroud over the body, Lara quickly tears an object form the dead man's grasp. A wallet, its monogrammed "W" now standing sadly against Willard's last earthly remains. Inside, the usual collection of tattered mementos, a hodge-podge of foreign currency and. . . but this cannot be! A familiar expression glides across Lara's face—an eyebrow raised by a wry and knowing smile. Before her, a telegram urging an immediate return to take possession of another artifact now secure beneath the Scottish mists at Willard's Loch Ness estate.

"The adventure continues," says Lara, to nothing but Willard's dark laughter still ringing in her ears. "So there was a fifth. . . ." (This introduction was taken from Eidos Interactive's official Lost Artifact web site back in 2000.)


Updated: 1/6/17()

Starting Inventory: Pistols (unlimited ammunition), small and large medi packs, 2 flares.

Kills: 24  Items: 39 plus 2 Thistle Stones, crowbar, Uzis, shotgun, harpoon gun and MP5 submachine gun  Secrets: 3

Objectives: Explore the ruined castle and locate the Thistle Stones that function as keys to unlock the level exit.

Cut scene: A Union Jack helicopter sets down outside a ruined castle in Scotland. (We assume it's dropping Lara nearby.)

GETTING INSIDE: Grab onto the vine-covered wall with the bars and climb to the top. (screenshot) Drop down on the other side. Climb on top of the wooden crate near the small pool. Stand at the left corner of the crate facing out over the pool. Then jump forward to grab the vine-covered ceiling above. (screenshot) Traverse across the pool all the way to the far wall and drop onto the small, triangular ledge near the sign that says "Willard's Well." Hold Walk as you maneuver around the triangular ledge to keep from slipping off as you pick up the small medi pack. Then slide down into the pool.

NOTE: The first wooden crate is movable. So if you want to, you can pull the crate directly underneath the vines, climb on top, and then jump straight up to grab the vines; however, this is not necessary.

Swim through the underwater tunnel to the lake. The current will sweep Lara downstream. After a few moments the current will subside, and you'll be able to swim to the surface.

POOL WITH WOODEN BREAKWATER: Swim forward between the stone bridge abutments. Ahead on the left is a small, WOODEN DOCK. Dive below the surface and retrieve a bundle of harpoons on the bottom of the lake underneath the dock. Then climb out of the water onto the dock. (screenshot)

Head past the signpost and follow the path up the hill. Go through the opening in the stone wall on the left. (screenshot) Beyond this opening is an earthen ramp leading up to an open area. If you want all the kills and pickups, before going up this ramp, crawl into the opening below and to the left of the ramp. (screenshot)

Just inside, in an alcove on the right, you'll find a box of flares. (screenshot) Light one and then crawl through the low opening on the opposite side of the room from the alcove. (screenshot) Continue deeper into the cave to trigger the appearance of a dog in the area above ground. There's a switch a little farther in. If you like, you can pull it to open a trapdoor above, but this isn't necessary. For now, crawl all the way back out the way you came, turn left, and go up the earthen ramp.

OPEN AREA WITH WOODEN CRATES: As you step forward into the clearing, the camera shifts to the uniformed guard ahead. Pick up the shotgun shells lying on the ground. Then approach the guard, but don't kill him yet. Instead run forward around the left side of the stack of wooden crates, then to the right toward the guard. Climb into the doorway near where he was standing. (screenshot) When the guard sees Lara, he'll run across to the iron gate and open it, letting in 2 gene-slammed German shepherds. The dogs can't climb so you'll be safe in the doorway and can focus on killing the guard first. (screenshot) Then shoot both of the dogs. If you're patient, they should come to you. Otherwise, hop down and take one step forward to lure them out. Then quickly backflip into the safety of the doorway and continue shooting.

Afterwards, retrieve some flares that the guard dropped. There's also a large medi pack in the area behind the gate where the dogs came from. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you don't crawl into the cave first, as described above, there will only be one dog behind the gate. If you kill the guard before he opens the gate, it will remain locked. You can get the medi pack by going back down the ramp to the crawlspace, crawling all the way in, and then using the switch to open the trapdoor. Stand beneath the opening and jump straight up to grab the edge. Pull up into the barred cave and kill both red-eyed dogs. Then take the medi pack and crawl out the way you came.

CLIMBING ONTO THE BRIDGE: Now go through the doorway where you stood while shooting the dogs. The only exit from the next room is the large opening on the right overlooking the dock. Move to the left side of this opening and step down onto the ledge below. (screenshot) Turn left and and follow the ledge to the end. There's another guard on the bridge ahead. You may be able to kill him from here. (screenshot) If not, jump from the end of the ledge onto the bridge and do the deed. The guard drops shotgun shells.

NESSIE WATCH: There's another box of shells on the wide left edge (parapet) of the bridge. Before approaching them, save the game. Climb up near the shells and walk forward toward the edge overlooking the water. (screenshot) If you use the Look button to angle the camera downward slightly, you can spot the Loch Ness monster off in the distance. She swims from left to right and then disappears behind the stone tower with the flag on top. (screenshot) If you miss her—or just want another look—reload your save, step out to onto the ledge and try again. (This sequence is also shown in the video for obtaining the UZIS.)

Now we'll go after those items you saw from the dock earlier. If you aren't interested in all pickups, skip down to the section titled "ENTERING THE RUINS," below.

NOTE: If Lara falls in the water while exploring this area, you can either reload a saved game or swim back to the dock, climb out of the water there, and follow the path all the way up to the corner of the building. Climb onto the corner ledge, take a running jump to the next ledge on the right, continue to the end, and then jump back onto to the bridge. (screenshot)

THE UZIS: The following sequence is shown in a series of screenshots as well as a short video walkthrough. Stand at the edge of the bridge overlooking the open lake and the tower with the flag (i.e., the spot where you picked up the shotgun shells and looked for Nessie). You should be able to see a glint of silver on the bank below on the left, just beyond the rock outcropping. Those are your shiny new guns. Move to the outer left corner of this ledge.

Make sure Lara has full health and save the game before attempting the next tricky jump. Position Lara at the outer left corner of this ledge facing the square "notch" in the water near the left bank. Carefully rotate left/right until Lara is facing precisely toward the nearest corner of the triangular brown texture on the left side of the "notch." (Again, the screenshots and video show the precise positioning.) Hop back and then take a running jump from the left side of the ledge, holding Action while Lara is in the air so she lands precisely in the corner of the brown triangle. The UZIS are lying on the ground just ahead on the left.

Return to the water's edge. You can see the HARPOON GUN on a ledge on the far side of the pool, but you can't get there from here. So jump into the water and let the current sweep Lara back to the POOL WITH THE WOODEN BREAKWATER below the bridge. (screenshot) Off to the left near the breakwater, you'll find more harpoons on the lake bottom. (screenshot) There's a medi pack on top of the wooden breakwater, but you can't reach it from here. We'll get it in a little while. For now, climb out of the water on the other side of the pool, opposite the breakwater, between the two stone support pillars. Pick up 2 bunches of harpoons—one behind each support. (screenshot)

CLIMBING BACK ONTO THE BRIDGE: Swim back to the WOODEN DOCK, climb out of the water and follow the path all the way up to the corner of the building. Climb onto the corner ledge. From there, take a running jump to the long ledge on the side of the bridge, move to the far end, and then jump onto the bridge as you did before. (screenshot)

THE ROCKET: Now go after that rocket. Step out onto the edge of the BRIDGE overlooking the WOODEN DOCK. Walk to the edge and position Lara facing the triangular flat spot on the greenery-covered rocks on the left bank. Hop back and then take a running jump down to that flat spot. Take another standing jump over the slope directly ahead. Lara will slide down the rocks onto another flat spot at the water's edge. Turn left. Sidestep left until Lara is standing in the upper corner of this triangular flat spot. Then take a standing jump to the top of the slope. Take another standing jump to the next flat triangle directly ahead. From here, you can take a standing jump down onto the ledge with the rocket. (screenshots)

Swim across to the WOODEN DOCK. Climb out of the water and return to the BRIDGE, using the shortcut described two paragraphs previously.

ROOFTOP AND FIRST SECRET: Now continue along the bridge toward the ruins. When you pass between the two small, metal-roofed buildings and approach the wide archway with dog statues on either side, a crow flies in from above left. (screenshot) Shoot it down. Then approach the steam vent between the two gates. A startling but harmless flock of bats flies out. Once they've passed, drop down into the vent to retrieve more shotgun shells. (screenshot)

Climb out of the vent and turn left. You can see another guard in the building ahead, but don't worry about him now. Walk to the right edge of the opening with the peaked arch and and take a running jump to grab the red and gold vines growing up the outer wall of the castle. The camera shifts to a top-down view, and another bird appears above. Press Jump to backflip onto the ledge behind you. Then kill the crow before continuing. (You may need to move back onto the bridge to get a clear shot and room to maneuver.) Return to the ledge and jump back over to the vines. Tap Look to shift the camera back to normal. Continue climbing almost to the top. Then either climb to the left and let go to drop onto the ledge or backflip onto the ledge behind. (screenshots)

Move carefully along the front edge of the roof and climb up onto the large, rectangular grating. As you approach the far end, both a crow and a guard will come out of hiding. Take care of them. Then climb onto the low wall at the far end of the grating. Walk to the edge and jump to grab the edge of the vine-covered rock. Pull up and enter the low-ceilinged room ahead. This is SECRET #1, the loaded SHOTGUN and 2 boxes of shells. (screenshots)

To get back down, move to the outside corner of the secret room that overlooks the lake. Turn around so the roof area with the grating is on Lara's right and the secret room is on her left. Slide down the slope backwards and grab the edge. Now climb all the way down the side of the vine-covered building to the rocks below. (On the way down, you'll pass a small room with a switch. You'll return here later.) (screenshots)

NOTE: To descend faster you can repeatedly release and re-press Action to let go and grab again. Just don't try to drop past the open doorway and grab on below. It's too far, and Lara won't make it.

BREAKWATER AND ROCKY AREA BELOW THE CASTLE: When you reach the base of the castle wall, turn around and walk forward along the rocks. Then jump/slide down onto the wooden breakwater and pick up a small medi pack. Climb onto the top step of the breakwater and take a standing jump up the slope onto the flat area on top. Now head to the right across the rocks toward the corner of the castle. From here you can see the stone tower with the Scottish flag off in the distance and, just beyond the corner of the castle, some shiny harpoons. Set up a running jump from the flat, triangular area a few steps from the castle wall toward the area beyond the corner of the castle. When you take the running jump, you'll probably need to press the Right arrow key in the air to land on the flat spot beyond the corner. Otherwise, Lara will slide down into the water. Pick up the HARPOON GUN and additional harpoons. (screenshots)

Jump into the lake, ride the current back to calm water, swim to the WOODEN DOCK and return to the BRIDGE as you did before. Now you can continue exploring the level.

ENTERING THE RUINS: At the end of the bridge near the steam vent and the two dog statues are two gates. It doesn't really matter which gate you choose first, but you'll save backtracking by exploring the right side first.

First, we need to find the switch that opens the gate. Walk to the right edge of the opening with the peaked archway. (screenshot) If possible, kill the guard in the room ahead before jumping across the gap into that area. Now that you've explored the area above, he should be running around rather than lurking in the corner. (screenshot) Now take a running jump over to the area where the guard was. Continue forward and around the corner to the right. Jump into the pool and get 2 bunches of harpoons and the CROWBAR from the bottom. (screenshot)

Climb out of the water and go up the steps to find the switch that opens the gate to the right of the steam vent. After using the switch, you have about 15 seconds to get through the gate before it closes. So pull the switch, press Look to get Lara's perspective back, turn left and take a standing jump over the sloped wall next to the switch. Run forward toward the BRIDGE, jump across the gap, and then turn right and run through the gate. If it closes before you get there, just return to the switch and try again. (screenshots)

BEHIND THE RIGHT GATE: Go down the stairs into a room with many barred windows and kill the guard who runs to hide behind the crates on the right. Pick up the small medi pack he drops. You may want to save the game again before entering the next room with the dog statue. There's another guard in here. Don't shoot him yet or you'll miss a secret. Allow him to open the gate on the opposite side of the room. Then quickly run past him and through the gate. Roll and finish off the guard. The gate closes after a moment, so if you don't get inside before it does, you'll have to reload an earlier save in order to get the secret. (screenshots)

Use the CROWBAR to pry open the padlocked wooden door. (Position Lara at the center of the door, facing it, and press Action. Select the crowbar and press Action again to use it.) Inside is SECRET #2, a tomb containing the MP5 SUBMACHINE GUN and 2 sets of clips. Exit via the wooden door then the crawlspace on the right. As you crawl through, the gate blocking the crawlspace opens and one of the burners goes out so you can crawl out safely. Now you're back in the room with the dog statue. (screenshots)

GRAVEYARD: Proceed into the open area with carved steles and gravestones. When you reach the middle of the clearing, turn left. (screenshot) Draw your pistols and wait for another guard to emerge from behind the low stone wall ahead. (screenshot) There's plenty of room here to run or flip from side to side as you shoot him. He drops a box of shotgun shells.

Now turn around so the room with the dog statue, where you came from, is on Lara's right and head forward toward the misty area with the pool of mud. (screenshot) Another guard lurks just inside on the right. Kill him and pick up shotgun shells on the steps (screenshot) and a small medi pack in the alcove at the right end of the middle step when facing back toward the GRAVEYARD. (screenshot)

The pool of mud is too deep to wade through here, but when you pick up the shotgun ammo, the camera points toward the ceiling, highlighting the climbable vines there. In order to reach them, we'll need to approach the mud pool from the other side. So return through the GRAVEYARD and out the far side, where the other guard came from.

MUD POOL WITH STONE BLOCKS AND STELE: Turn right and follow the path to a ramp leading down to the mud pool. If Lara falls into the pool, she'll die and you'll have to reload, so you may want to save again here. Position Lara at the top of the ramp on the right side. Pivot slightly to the right and then take a standing jump to the top of the square stone pillar ahead. (screenshot) Turn right and take a running jump onto the next pillar, which has purple flowers growing on it. (screenshot) Dramatic music blares, and a crow flies in from below on and behind you. It can knock Lara off the pillar into the mud, but if you quickly turn around and draw pistols, you should be able to shoot it down before it gets too close. (screenshot)

Look out over the mud pool and notice the coat of arms painted on the wall of the castle. Take a running jump along the right side of the purple-flowered pillar to land in the mud near the wall. Wade through the mud and into the opening below the coat of arms. (screenshot) Lara's head will sink below the surface, but if you keep moving, she'll be fine. Continue into the dark, mud-filled room beyond. Turn left, walk out of the mud, and then crawl through another low opening in the far corner. When the passageway comes to a T, turn left and continue crawling until you emerge outdoors.

OUTDOOR AREA WITH TALL STELE, WOODEN CRATES, AND DOG STATUES: Go around to the right into an open area with several wooden crates sunk into the earth. When you take the large medi pack the 2 dog statues come alive. I found the easiest way to deal with them is to stand over the medi pack facing the statues. Take the health and then immediately draw the shotgun. (screenshot) Shoot one dog as it charges. Then hop back and quickly shoot the second. After the fracas, pick up the MP5 clips, shotgun shells, and flares sitting on the other crates. Return to the crawlspace and this time take the other branch (ahead and to the left).

FIRST THISTLE STONE: After a short crawl Lara will be able to stand again. But you'll need to continue through another crawlspace to emerge on a ledge above the mud pool. Turn to face away from the pool. Climb onto the green ledge ahead. Turn right and climb up again to find a small medi pack. Then climb up once more, into the alcove with the steam vent, to find a THISTLE STONE (1/2). (screenshot)

Turn around, jump to grab the vine-covered ceiling, and monkey-swing forward a little bit. Turn left and continue monkey-swinging across the room above the mud pool. As you go, the camera shifts to show Lara from below. Press Look to return the view to normal and continue across the room. When you reach the far wall, drop onto a ramp and slide down into the hallway below. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you fall into the mud pool during this crossing, you may be able to make it to the steps on the far right side (where you shot the guard earlier) before Lara drowns. Then retrace the route through the graveyard and across the pillars to get back here. Otherwise, reload and try again.

After monkey-swinging across the mud pool and sliding down the ramp on the other side, slide down another short ramp to get back to the area near the pool where you found the crowbar. (screenshot) Then turn right and continue straight on, under the pointed arches and across the gap in the floor, to the area with the steam vent and two gates at the end of the BRIDGE. (screenshot)

BEHIND THE LEFT GATE: Move out onto the bridge, toward the two small, metal-roofed buildings. Turn right and step out onto the edge below the dog statue. (screenshot) From here you can see the tower with the flag on top out in the lake. Take a running jump into the opening on the vine-covered castle wall. (screenshot) Or, jump from the ledge to grab the vine-covered wall of the castle, then climb into to the opening. A harmless but startling flock of bats flies into Lara's face but quickly disperses.

Inside this small room, you'll find a closed gate and a switch. The switch opens a gate elsewhere—the one to the left of the steam vent on the BRIDGE. The gate only stays open for about 15 seconds, so you need to hurry to get there. Here are two possible ways of doing this.

Save the game just in case. Then pull the switch. A brief cutscene shows the gate opening, alerting a guard in that room. Don't wait for the cutaway to end. Just press Look to get Lara's perspective back. Roll and run/slide down to the opening on the left. Slide down the left side of the ramp and jump the gap to land on the bridge. (Or, if you slide at the middle or right of the ramp, jump and hold Action to lower Lara's arc a bit so she doesn't bang her head on the archway.) Turn left and run through the open gate. Then kill the guard inside. (screenshots)

Alternatively, open the gate, let the guard out onto the bridge and kill him from the opening of the switch room. (screenshot) The gate will close in the mean time, so pull the switch again to open it and run for the gate. This takes a little longer but at least you won't have to make the timed run under fire.

In the room beyond the gate there are small square openings along the left side. These lead to a switch (screenshot), which opens another gate at the top of a slope. This leads back to the little room with the previous switch. There's no need to go back that way unless you missed something in the BRIDGE area.

To continue with the level, exit through the door in the far left corner (the one with the triangular barred window above it). (screenshot) In the next corridor, on the the right, is a wide gate with two snake-shaped receptacles. This is the LEVEL EXIT. You'll return here when you have both THISTLE STONES. (screenshot) For now, go through the doorway on the left. (screenshot)

STEPPED PATH LEADING TO DEEP PIT: Draw the shotgun as you move up the winding path. The dog statue comes to life when you reach the step just below it. One shotgun blast at close range will take it down. You could also use pistols and backflip away from the dog as you shoot. Then continue up the steps. At the top of the path, slide down the steep slope into a little cave. Continue to the next open area. Just inside this area there's a green slope on the left with a barred window beyond. Don't jump over this slope; there's a deep pit filled with toxic slime on the other side. Instead, continue forward and around to the left to approach the pit from the side. (screenshot)

If you draw weapons and walk slowly through the narrow hallway toward the pit, you may be able to kill the guard on the ledge above before climbing up. (screenshot) You can take him down quickly with the MP5. Or get off a few shots with the pistols and then go back outside and snipe at him through the opening in the stone wall. (screenshot) Don't worry if you can't kill him yet—or if you'd prefer to save your ammo—you'll have another shot at him soon.

Before crossing the pit, pick up the flares in the far left corner. (screenshot) If you look through the bars here, you may be able to catch another glimpse of Nessie swimming past the tower with the flag. Return to the edge of the pit opposite the raised alcove. Jump up to grab the vines on the ceiling and traverse across the pit and drop into the alcove. (screenshot) A crow begins flapping around above. If you turn around and face out over the pit, you may be able to kill it now; otherwise you'll have another chance shortly. Go through the crawlspace into the dark corridor beyond.

BOULDER TRAP: Stepping on the tile to the right of the crawlspace triggers a deadly rolling boulder. To avoid it, position Lara facing the direction the boulder will come from. Stand on the left side of the hallway facing the second crawlspace, just ahead on the right. Run to the wall so Lara stops facing the crawlspace head on. Then quickly duck and crawl in. Even if Lara's legs are still protruding from the crawlspace a bit, she'll still be OK. (screenshots)

Alternatively, after crawling in from the previous room, turn around and face the crawlspace you just came through. Step forward so Lara's chest is against the wall. Then sidestep left just far enough to trigger the boulder. Immediately sidestep back to the right and crouch. Again, even if Lara's legs extend out of the crawlspace a little, the boulder should still miss her. (screenshots)

When the boulder passes, crawl back out and continue along the hallway to a low ledge with another crawlspace. (screenshot) Go through to emerge on a ledge above the pit. Now you'll need to shoot the bird and the guard if you didn't earlier.

LEDGES ABOVE THE PIT: Climb the steps and get the small medi pack in the alcove on the left. Walk out onto the ledge at the top of the steps. (screenshot) Turn right and take a running jump to grab the next ledge. (screenshot) Or, turn around, grab the vine-covered wall above the door and use the vines to climb over to the next ledge. As you re-enter the castle through the wide opening, be sure to keep your footing when the bats fly out.

Turn around to face the opening where you just came in. Jump and grab the vines on the wall to the right of the opening. Climb almost to the top, and then press Jump to backflip onto the ledge behind. (screenshot) Take a running jump to the jutting stone ledge in the middle of the room. Shoot the crow flies out of the dark alcove. Then go into this alcove for some MP5 clips. (screenshot)

Walk to the peak of the jutting ledge, turn to face the alcove where you got the clips and jump straight up to grab the edge of the square opening above. (screenshot) Pull up onto the roof. Cross over to the steam vent, kill the crow that appears when you do, then take the THISTLE STONE. (screenshot) Safety drop back down through the square opening onto the jutting stone ledge. Now take a running jump to grab the edge of the alcove with the small medi pack. (screenshot) Pull up and get the health.

If you're not interested in getting the third secret, you can now head for the exit: Take a running jump-and-grab from the alcove with the medi pack back to the jutting stone ledge in the middle of the room. Turn right and take another running jump into the large, green opening in the far wall. (screenshot) Slide down to the STEPPED PATH and follow it down to the exit. Skip to the end of the walkthrough.

NESSIE'S SECRET: If you do want the secret, safety drop out of the alcove where you found the medi pack onto the stairs. Roll and back up to the wall. Then take a standing jump down onto the walkway spanning the middle of the room. Move to the left end of the walkway and take a running jump to land on the right side of the doorway with the MP5 clips, where the ceiling is high enough so Lara won't bang her head. Pick up the ammo. (screenshots)

Now save the game since this next bit is tricky. Position Lara at the edge of the opening on the left side. Pivot a little to the left. Then take a standing jump toward the dark opening in the stone wall. Depending on your angle, you may need to press Action while Lara is in the air to lower her arc a little, but be sure to release Jump after takeoff. If all goes well, she'll jump through the opening, slide down a short ramp and land on a square pillar above a pool of mud. (screenshots)

Drop down off the back side of the pillar to get a large medi pack. Then jump around the side of the pillar nearest the big mud pool to land on the rocks beyond. If Lara lands in the mud, she's finished, but you get a nice glimpse of Nessie enjoying her bath. And you did save your game, right? ;) (screenshots)

When you enter the cave beyond the pillar and mud pool, the chime rings for SECRET #3. Splash through the shallow mud until you come to a pool of clear water. Swim down on the right side to get some flares from the bottom. Then swim to the far side of the pool and walk out of the water. Keep to the right here, so Lara doesn't get singed when Nessie pops out of the crevice on the left breathing fire. Wait for Nessie to raise her head to take a breath, then jump into the small square pool under her neck. Swim down, following the underwater passage through several twists and turns. Eventually you'll come to a pool where you can surface. You can't climb out of the water onto Nessie's back; it's too steep. But there is an opening behind her front flipper. Swim through to emerge in a control room. (screenshots)

Climb out at the right end near the large medi pack. Kill the guard in the control room on the other side of the pool. Cross over there. Note the schematic diagrams of the mechanical monster and the map of the lake on the walls. Perhaps pause to wonder how much Lara will be paid for her article debunking the myth of the Loch Ness monster. Then pick up the grenades and go inside.* (screenshots)

Use the switch on the right side of the cockpit to open the gate on the other side. Exit this way, killing a red-eyed dog about halfway up the stairs. Continue to the top of the stairs. When you reach an apparent dead-end, climb the ledges to the opening above and slide down onto the STEPPED PATH where you entered this area earlier. Turn right and follow the STEPPED PATH down to the bottom. (screenshots)

LEVEL EXIT: Re-enter the castle and go around the corner to the left to the large gate. Place the two THISTLE STONES in the snake receptacles on either side to open the gate. (screenshot) Pick up the flares on the other side and slide down the ramp to end the level.

If you reach the exit but are still missing either THISTLE STONE, check the sections 'BEHIND THE RIGHT GATE' and 'BEHIND THE LEFT GATE' above for details. Then return here to use the stones.

*NOTE: Each grenade pickup is actually a pair of grenades. If you don't yet have the GRENADE LAUNCHER, it's counted as '1' pair of grenades in your inventory. Later, when you obtain the launcher, the number of grenades in your inventory will appear to double, but actually the game starts counting individual grenades instead of pairs. For details on how ammo is tracked in your inventory, see the TR3 Controls page.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: My eternal gratitude goes out to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough could not have been written. Thanks also to Cujo, Giuseppe, Holly, Jessica, Maarit, Minna, Sue, Suzanne and Zoltán for their help on this level. Thanks also to Marc O., M.M., and Stan F., who suggested the much more reliable method for getting the Uzis that is now included here, and to Rich for other suggestions incorporated in the 2016 revision.

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