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Kills: 21  Items: 39 plus crowbar and Cairn Key  Secrets: 3

NOTE: The regular pickups here will include the harpoon gun, shotgun, MP5, and Uzis if you didn't get them in the first level.

Objectives: Make your way through the trap-riddled ruins to the library on one of the upper floors and from there to the level exit. Finding the Crowbar and Cairn Key along the way will enable you to access two of the optional secrets.

Cut scene: We see a brief glimpse of a Highlander with a painted face (or perhaps a black eye).

SPIKE ROOM AND BOULDER RAMP: Slide down the ramp (again), pick up the flares, and quickly take a standing jump into the doorway to avoid the spiked wall encroaching from the left. Slide down a series of slopes to land in a narrow passageway. When Lara touches down, a rolling boulder approaches from the background. Immediately hop back so Lara's back is against the wall. Then when the boulder gets close, jump straight up so it rolls underneath Lara. She may take a little damage if the boulder grazes her feet, but if you time the jump right, she'll be fine. (screenshots)

Alternatively, turn right and run forward down the slope away from the boulder. At the end of the slope, roll and grab the edge to avoid falling into the spikes below; or as soon as Lara lands, turn left to face the boulder and hop back three times, holding Action on the third jump to grab the edge of the slope and avoid falling into the spikes below. After the boulder rolls by overhead, pull up and pick up the CROWBAR lying on the slope. (screenshots)

NOTE: Even if you found the CROWBAR in the previous level, it doesn't carry over, so be sure to take it.

POOL: Go to the top of the slope and and through the crawlspace. Drop into a subterranean pool and swim around the bottom to pick up 3 bunches of harpoons—one lying on the flat spot below the opening in the ceiling, one in the far right corner, and one on middle-left side, not quite against the near the wall. Climb back out of the water through the hole in the ceiling. Then crawl back out to the BOULDER RAMP.

NOTES: You can conserve flares by temporarily turning up the brightness. (Press Esc, then Down Arrow to get to the lower menu ring, select the Sunglasses, then adjust the Gamma setting higher.) Or, save the game, explore using as many flares as you need. Then reload and quickly retrieve the harpoons using only one or two flares. If you don't yet have the HARPOON GUN, you'll get it here instead of one of the bundles of harpoons.

CAVE WITH GREEN PILLAR: Return to the cave at the bottom of the ramp. There are spikes below the doorway and an uneven green pillar in the center. Take a standing jump onto the pillar. From there, jump to the stone ledge on the far side of the cave. (screenshot) Turn around and shoot the red-eyed dog down below before dropping down. (screenshot) Avoid the area beneath the entrance, since there are more spikes concealed in a shallow pit.

The exit is just below the ledge where you stood while shooting at the dog. Crawl through to avoid the spike traps that spring from the walls. There's one right before the small medi pack (screenshot) and another just around the next corner. Once you've passed the second spike trap, you can safely stand.

boulder trap room

BOULDER TRAP ROOM: This next physics-defying room contains a number of boulders that roll when you pass in front of them, sometimes rolling through each other, yet flattening Lara if she's in the way. The diagram at right shows the boulders in their starting positions and one possible path to avoid them and get all the goodies. This sequence is also shown in a short video walkthrough.

The boulders on the stairs don't roll yet, so walk down the right side of the stairs and take a few steps into the room (red arrow A in the diagram). Turn left and run forward across the edges of the next two adjacent tiles, then veer to the right and stop behind the square pillar. This path (arrow B) triggers boulders #1, #2, and #3. Position Lara at the back left corner of the pillar facing the Desert Eagle clips (DE on the diagram). Hop forward onto the tile with the clips then immediately hop back (arrow C) to avoid boulder #4 which rolls from the far corner, over the clips. Step forward again and pick up the clips. (screenshots)

From where the Desert Eagle clips were, run forward to the far left corner (arrow D). Boulder #5 rolls toward you, stopping against the left wall. Now turn around and pick up the rocket (R). Stand where the rocket was, facing the exit. Run forward, turn sharply to the right, and stop behind the square pillar where boulder #3 originated (arrow E). When you do this, boulder #6 rolls from the exit to the opposite wall. Now run toward the wall just to the right of the exit (arrow F). This should trigger boulder #7 (near the left wall) and boulders #8 and #9 (on the stairs). Now you can pick up the shotgun shells (SS). (screenshots)

Finally, head for the exit, pick up the grenades (G) in the alcove on the left.* Hop forward into the hallway to trigger the last boulder and immediately hop back into the alcove to avoid it (arrow G). Now you can continue along the hallway. (screenshots)

TIERED ROOMS WITH SPIKED WALLS: After exiting the boulder room, turn left and go to the top of the stairs. Here you can see a large medi pack on the other side of a set of bars. There's also a green ramp leading down into the next room, which happens to be a deathtrap. (screenshot)

Save the game, as this may take several tries. Position Lara in the middle or left side of the doorway and slide down the green ramp into the room below. The spiked wall at the other end begins to move toward you. Immediately turn right and run into the wall. Jump straight up to grab the edge and pull up onto the next level. Another spiked wall moves in from the left, so don't dilly-dally. Run forward and, if you have time, pick up the MP5 clips. Then quickly limb up to the third tier, which also has an encroaching spiked wall. As soon as you reach the upper level, sprint forward to the opposite wall (Forward + /). Pull the switch to open the small gate off to the right. The camera shifts to show the spikes moving in (as if you needed reminding). As you turn right, briefly press the Look button to get Lara's perspective back. Then run through the doorway before the spikes arrive. (screenshots)

Now you can take your time. Follow the passageway to the right and drop down behind the bars to get the large medi pack. (screenshot)

VERY TALL ROOM WITH FALLING RUBBLE AND TOXIC POOL BELOW: Climb back out of the alcove with the bars and follow the passageway up the steps to the last opening on the left. Slide down onto a wooden walkway high above a pit of toxic slime. Dramatic music plays, but there's no need to panic. Stay where you are and shoot down 4 crows that fly in from above. (screenshot) One of the birds may refuse to come out right away. If this happens, don't worry. You'll have other chances to kill it later.

Rather than trying to cross the wooden walkway and possibly get hit by falling rubble, walk to the edge and take a take a standing jump to grab the L-shaped corner ledge. Pull up and get some flares. (screenshot) You can also shoot at the crows from here. Ignore the small medi pack in the doorway below; we'll get that on the way down.

For now, climb onto the ledge above where the flares were (screenshot) and work your way around the edge of the room toward the wide opening with the grating floor. (screenshot) Before jumping over there, draw the shotgun. Then take a standing jump to the right side of the opening where the ceiling is a little higher. (screenshot) Shoot the mutated dog that charges at you from the left, but do not move any farther into the room. If you step on the grating, falling rubble will crush Lara. Carefully walk around the left edge of the room, avoiding the grating. The climb the vine-covered wall to the ledge above on the left. (screenshot)

Cross the broken stone floor and jump over to the ledge to the left of the dog statue. Jump from there to the stone steps on the left side of the tall room. Go to the top of the steps and throw the switch to move a set of spikes elsewhere. (screenshot) Return to the bottom of the steps, jump back over to the dog statue and from there to the ledge behind and to the left of it (i.e., the ledge at the top of the vine-covered wall). Climb into the opening above this ledge. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you don't care about getting all the pickups and secrets, you can skip down to the section ASCENDING TO THE LIBRARY, below.

TALL, NARROW HALLWAY WITH LEDGES AND SPIKES: Turn left and take a running jump over the opening in the floor above a set of spikes to land on the green ledge ahead. (screenshot) Vault up onto the ledge ahead. Walk forward to the edge. Then carefully position Lara at the left side of the ledge angled to the right. Take a standing jump to grab the vine-covered wall. (screenshot) Climb down almost to the bottom. Then climb as far to the right as possible. You'll notice Lara's shadow falls on the seam in the floor between the tile with the spikes and the safe one next to it. If you drop down here, Lara won't take any damage. (screenshot)

Turn right and walk through the spikes to the far end of the narrow hallway. (screenshot) As long as she walks, Lara will take no damage. Pick up the flares and return to the other end of the hallway.

GAUNTLET OF SPIKES: Climb into the opening with the carving, "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here." (Encouraging, isn't it?) Ahead is a square pit with a spiked ceiling that begins to descend as soon as you enter (or jump over) the pit. To get the small medi pack in the pit with minimal injury, position Lara facing the pit with her back against the wall next to the entrance. Hold Action as you take a standing jump into the pit. Then immediately roll. Continue to hold Action and Lara should pick up the health pack. Keep holding Action as you run forward into the wall, and she'll climb back onto the ledge where you started. As soon as she pulls up, roll in order to avoid taking too much damage from the descending spikes. (screenshots)

Wait for the spikes to descend all the way, but don't try to walk over them. They're still deadly even when they've stopped moving. Instead, move down the slope just a little and then jump over to the ledge on the left. If you pulled the switch in the room above, the spikes in the next pit will already have descended, making it easy to just take a running jump over them to the next ledge. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you neglected to pull that switch, you'll need to turn around, jump back over the first pit, drop down into the narrow hallway with the spiked floor near the "Abandon Hope" sign, and then climb the vines on the left wall to reach the ledge above on the right. Turn right and take a running jump over to the next ledge. Then drop down into the room on the right near the dog statue. Follow the section of the walkthrough above to reach the switch. Use it to lower the spikes. Then return here and continue.

The third pit also has a descending spiked ceiling, and there's a box of shotgun shells below. To get them, stand at the edge of the pit directly facing the ammo, as shown here. Hold Walk and take two steps back from the edge. Now hold Action as you take a standing jump forward into the pit. Lara should land directly on top of the shotgun shells. Continue to hold Action and Lara will pick them up. Keep holding Action as you run forward into the wall, and Lara will pull up onto the ledge with the barred window. Again, roll to avoid the descending spikes. (screenshots)

Wait for the spikes to descend all the way and then take a standing jump over to the ledge on the right. Do not run on toward the edge of the next pit yet or the spiked ceiling will begin to descend before you're ready. Instead take a moment to save the game and look around. There are 2 boxes of shotgun shells sitting on the ledge to the left. (One of these will be the SHOTGUN itself if you didn't get it in the previous level.) The exit from this fourth and final pit is a crawlspace at the bottom of the pit in the far left corner. If you don't care about getting the ammo, just run off the edge and quickly crawl into the passageway to escape. Otherwise, take a running jump over to the farther of the 2 ammo boxes. Hold Action and Lara should pick it up immediately after landing. Pivot slightly to the right if necessary and hop back while holding Action to pick up the second box. Then quickly run off the edge before the spikes descend too far and cut off your escape route. Duck and crawl under the overhanging ledge. Then turn around and crawl backwards out of the opening. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you accidentally save the game after the last set of spikes have descended, it's possible to get out of this area by jumping back across the pits to the area where you came in. Then climb the vine-covered wall near the "Abandon Hope" sign to get back to the top of the tall room with the falling rubble. However, you will miss Secret #1. Better to reload an earlier save or download one of my saves.

TIERED ROOMS WITH SPIKED WALLS (again) AND SECRET #1: You emerge from the crawlspace into the area with the moving spiked walls through which you dashed earlier. This time the spikes stay put, so as long as you don't touch them there's no danger. Head for the long, horizontal opening opposite the "Abandon All Hope" sign. Roll, crouch, and lower Lara into the room below. Pull the switch to open a gate on the tier above. Then pick up 2 bunches of harpoons. Again, crawl backwards to the edge and lower Lara into the room below. This is SECRET #1, MP5 ammo and a large medi pack. Take the goodies and climb back up the way you came. Then go through the gate you just opened with the switch, retrieving the small medi pack in the doorway. (screenshots)

VERY TALL ROOM WITH FALLING RUBBLE AND TOXIC POOL BELOW (again): Step out onto the wooden walkway, turn right, and jump over the fallen rubble to a clear area beyond. Turn left and run/jump over to the far wall. Go especially carefully here if you did not trigger all of the falling rubble earlier. (screenshot)

Jump to grab the corner ledge where you found the flares earlier and continue climbing up and around, through the room with the grating floor—again, watch out for falling rocks here—and up the vine-covered wall to the ledge at the top of this room. This is the same path you took earlier, so it should be familiar. Check the screenshots above if necessary.

Once you reach the ledge at the top of the vines, instead of continuing to the switch as you did before, climb into the opening at the top left corner of the vine covered wall. (screenshot)

ASCENDING TO THE LIBRARY: Inside the opening, turn left. (If you skipped getting the first secret, this will be your first time here. Otherwise, you'll notice this is the same TALL, NARROW HALLWAY WITH LEDGES AND SPIKES that you explored earlier.) Take a running jump across the gap to the next ledge. Vault up onto the block directly ahead. Turn around and jump straight up to grab the ledge above. Pull up. (screenshot) Then jump onto the next ledge straight ahead and climb up into the doorway leading to the LIBRARY. (screenshot) Before going inside, turn around and take a running jump to grab the sloping ledge above the ones where you were just climbing. Pull up and get some Uzi clips. (screenshot) Then jump back down to the doorway.

THE LIBRARY: Hop down into a small anteroom and turn left to emerge on the upper level of Dr. Willard's library. There are 3 guards on duty here. One comes up the stairs at the far end of the upper level, just to the right of the Nessie tapestry. (screenshot) Deal with him first. Then you can probably shoot the others from the walkway. (screenshot)

You could just drop down into the room, but if you want all the pickups, go through the doorway into the stairwell where the first guard came from. Jump to grab the windowsill at the top of the stairs. (screenshot) Turn left, pull up into a crawlspace, and crawl through. When Lara can stand, turn around and climb up twice to reach a ledge with a small medi pack. Either safety drop off the other side of the ledge, losing a tiny bit of health in the process, or climb/crawl back the way you came. Then descend the stairs to the library.

Pick up flares and a small medi pack dropped by two of the guards. Take the CAIRN KEY from the low, rectangular table with the maps and sketches on it. (screenshot) Notice the diagrams on the blackboards showing the steles of varying heights and the word "KEY". (screenshot) There are also copies of Tomb Raider 2 Gold sitting at the various workstations. But no time for gaming now. Let's move on....

Head for the corner of the room to the left of the large map of the British Isles. Find the movable crate next to the stack of smaller crates and pull it once. Go around to the left side of it and pull it again. Go back around the other side and use the CROWBAR to break open the padlocked wooden door. (Position Lara at the center of the door, facing it, and press Action. Select the crowbar and press Action again to use it.) Enter the room behind and pull the large wooden crate on the floor once to get the MP5 clips underneath. (screenshots)

Climb onto the row of smaller boxes against the right wall and pull the corner crate out twice. Go around to the other side of it and push it once into the corner. Pick up more MP5 clips that were underneath the crate you just moved. Then pull the crate in the corner onto the spot where you just found the clips. Go around to the left and find a fourth movable crate, which is flush with the wooden wall. Push it into the corner (onto the spot where the third crate started), revealing SECRET #2, a large medi pack. (screenshots)

BOOKSHELF MAZE WITH SECRET DOORS: Go back out to the library and cross the room to the opposite corner, where you'll find a series of bookshelves arranged to form a small maze. (screenshot) This area involves three secret doors disguised as bookshelves, which open and close when Lara stands in certain spots. The text tells how to get through this area, but this screenshot is probably easier to follow. Lara's path is marked in red, the secret doors are outlined with solid yellow lines, and the pressure pads on the floor that open and close the secret doors are outlined in broken green lines.

Enter the bookshelf area and walk into the alcove on the right (red arrow 1 in the screenshot). Stepping here opens the secret door on the far left. Turn around and walk out of the alcove, keeping the freestanding bookcase on Lara's right and the outer shelves on Lara's left (arrow 2). When you step on the floor just outside the secret panel, you'll hear the other panel open. Turn around and retrace your steps toward the alcove (arrow 3), but instead of entering the alcove, turn left and go through the second secret door.

Pick up 2 boxes of shotgun shells in the small room behind the secret panel. When you stand near the second box of shells, you'll hear a third panel opening elsewhere. To get there (arrow 4), exit the secret room, carefully avoiding the pressure pad near the bookcase that extends perpendicularly from the wall, since this closes the third secret panel. (The pressure pad near the entrance to the maze also closes the third panel, so avoid that area as well.) Walk forward to the small, freestanding bookshelf then make a right (broken line part of arrow 4). When you reach the second freestanding bookshelf, go around it on the right side. Then go through the first secret panel. Behind it, there's a third secret panel which is now open. This is the exit from the LIBRARY. (screenshot)

CAVE WITH RADIOACTIVE STREAM: Warning signs indicate hazardous material ahead, so proceed with caution. As you go up the long ramp, the door to the LIBRARY closes behind you. At the top, draw the shotgun, and then climb the low steps to the top of the dais. A mutant dog rushes out of a side passage ahead on the right. (screenshot) Kill it, taking care not to advance too far, since the green, sparkly nasty stuff—presumably toxic material from Willard's experiments—will kill Lara if she steps in it.

Move back down toward the landing at the top of the long tunnel. Stand facing the steps and the sparkly green area where the dog came from. Now go through the well-lit doorway in the dark corner on the left. (screenshot) At the top of the ramp, climb onto the windowsill and get shotgun shells and a small medi pack. Return down the ramp and approach the open safe in the puddle of toxic goo. As usual, someone has beaten Lara to the artifact that was apparently locked inside the safe.

NOTE: If you're missing the CAIRN KEY, you will not be able to obtain the last secret. If you missed the key, there's no way to go back. So either reload a saved game from before the LIBRARY and try again or continue without the secret. To reach the end of the level from here, go to the top of the stairs along the left side of the radioactive stream. Jump across a small gap in the stairs near the top. (There are bars blocking the entrance to the secret area on the left.) Climb into the wide opening at the top of the stairs to trigger the approach of the Union Jack helicopter. Then step off the ledge above the lake to end the level. (screenshot)

OUTDOOR AREA WITH STELES/CAIRN KEY RECEPTACLE: If you do have the CAIRN KEY, go up the stairs alongside the RADIOACTIVE STREAM. Not quite halfway up, climb into the opening on the right, which leads into an open area with a rocky hill in the middle. (screenshot) This seems to be the same area as the OUTDOOR AREA WITH ROCK HILL AND WOODEN CRATES from the first level, with a few minor changes. Approach the left wall and look for a tiny rectangular niche above a low, square block with carvings on it. As the blackboard clue in the LIBRARY indicates, this is roughly in line with the three tall steles. If you have trouble finding it, check this screenshot.

Stand facing the wall and press Action to place the CAIRN KEY in the niche. When you do, 3 Highlanders appear to beat on poor Lara. Roll to face them and start shooting. (screenshot) After defeating them, return through the break in the wall to the RADIOACTIVE STREAM. Continue up the stairs. Another warrior charges out of a doorway ahead on the left when you near the top. (screenshot) Kill him before he can knock Lara into the green goo.

Continue to the top of the stairs, jumping over the small gap near the top to avoid stepping in the goo. If you used the CAIRN KEY, the gate on the left is now open. This is where that last Highlander came from. Before going into that area, take a short detour for some more goodies. Climb into the wide opening at the top of the stairs. (screenshot) You'll notice the helicopter landing nearby. Turn right and crawl through the low opening into the fenced-in area beyond. (screenshot) Kill another Highlander and pick up 2 sets of Uzi clips and a large medi pack. Crawl out the way you came and climb back over the low wall to get back to the steps near the RADIOACTIVE STREAM.

SECRET MEADOW: When you step through the opening on the right, the chimes sound for SECRET #3. (screenshot) Step down onto one of the ledges with the Scottish flags. Then safety drop to the ground. Roll and exit this area through the doorway on the left, where you'll find some Uzi clips lying on the ground. (screenshot)

As you enter the misty area ahead, another warrior charges in. (screenshot) A little farther on, you'll meet 2 more warriors. If you advance slowly, you can deal with them one at a time. Go to the far left end of the misty area and climb onto the green ledges below the megalith. (screenshot) Pick up 2 sets of Uzi clips, one on the lower ledge and one on the higher. Another pair of Highlanders emerge when you take these items.

(NOTE: If you didn't get them in the first level, you'll find the UZIS here in place of one set of clips. If you like, you can run into the misty area, climb up onto the ledge with the clips and shoot some of the warriors from safety. You may have to jump down and lure them out into the open a few times. Or you can run in, get the goodies and run for the exit, avoiding the warriors altogether.)

The exit is a small hole on the other side of the meadow from the megalith. It's marked by a steam vent. (screenshot) Drop into this hole onto a walkway between two pools of toxic green stuff. Here you'll meet another Highlander. (screenshot) Kill him and climb to the top of the stairs to finish the level.

*NOTE: Each grenade pickup is actually a pair of grenades. See the note at the end of the first level walkthrough and the TR3 Controls page for details.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 6/26/00 - Finishing touches added to the original walkthrough. Not sure what these changes were exactly since it was before I began tracking updates.
8/10/03 - Changed strategy for middle rooms (from the Tiered Rooms with Spiked Walls to Library entrance). The original version is on the Internet Archives if you want to check it out.
1/6/17 - First major update since 2003. This revision includes many new screenshots and a few clarifications and strategy changes.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: My eternal gratitude goes out to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough could not have been written. Thanks also to Helena, Mark F., Steve L., Cindy, Ashya, and Phillip H. for their help on this level.

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