Stella's Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Walkthrough - For Windows PC (Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4


Updated: 1/21/15()

Point Challenges:
Bronze: 32,000, Silver: 48,000, Gold: 80,000  (Unlocks: AR-06)


  • Complete Tomb of the Ferryman in under 7:00 (Copper Spirit of Shen and Heb)
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls (Restricted Copper Ring of Haste)
  • Cross the Spike Ball River without Touching the Water (Solar Copper Ring of Strength)
  • Use the Trap Platforms to Dunk an Enemy (Max Ammo Upgrade)
  • Destroy the Wall without Grabbing the Time Bomb (Max Health Upgrade)

Rings: Restricted Copper Ring of Haste, Solar Copper Ring of Strength
Amulets: Copper Spirit of Shen and Heb
Weapons: Machine Pistols, AR-06
Other: 2 Max Health Upgrades, 2 Max Ammo Upgrades

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

NOTE: In the walkthrough for the first level I attempted to note the location of every gem, breakable urn, etc. In subsequent levels, in order to save space, I won't mention them all. So unless you're attempting a time challenge, stay alert. Try to kill every enemy, light every brazier, and break or blow up every destructible object, including vases, cracked floor tiles, sarcophagi, etc., for maximum score.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is located in the northwest corner of the Waterfall of Sobek area of the Overworld. (screenshot) Once you receive the Objectives: Climb the Water Wheel and Raid the Tomb of the Ferryman, the tomb entrance will be marked on the in-game map. (screenshot) Opening the entrance is covered in the Waterfall of Sobek walkthrough.

STARTING AREA: After a cutscene in which Lara, Carter, Isis, and Horus enter the tomb and examine a statue and mural featuring the crocodile god Sobek, you begin the level near the statue. If you need to return to the Overworld, the exit is in the lower corner of that area. To proceed, shoot the golden Eye of Horus switch to open the gate beside it. (screenshot) Then plant a remote bomb near the switch, go through the gate, and detonate the bomb to flip the switch, closing the gate behind you and opening the next gate. (screenshot) Go forward and jump across the gap in the walkway with spikes below. Then head down the stairs.

FLOWING WATER WITH SPIKED GATES: Hop into the water and swim against the current along the left side, then the right, to gather the gems that come floating downstream. (screenshot) Then climb out of the water, light the brazier, and smash the vases for more gems.

Hop into the water again and drop a remote bomb. Let the bomb float downstream and detonate it as it passes the golden switch to flip the switch and open the gate of spikes. Before moving on, drop another bomb in the water. Quickly climb out on the right and run past the open gate. When the bomb reaches the switch, detonate it to close the gate behind you and raise a pair of wooden ledges above. These will enable you to reach the red skull (1/5). (screenshots)

Several enemies appear around the corner to the right. These may include crocodile warriors, flaming crocodile warriors, and various skeletons, including some with shields and some that shoot fireballs or green balls of poison. Keep moving as you fight, using the stairs on both sides of the landing to avoid enemies and their missiles. (screenshot) Be sure to use bombs to damage the skeletons with shields and to finish off the crocodile men once you've knocked them down. (screenshot)

SPIKE PIT: After the fight, gather gems and supplies and continue across a small wooden bridge to a spike pit. In the single-player game, simply use the golden ring to grapple-swing across the spikes. (screenshot) In co-op mode there is a pressure pad on the far side of the spikes and a Mark of Set in an alcove down in the pit. To get through, have Lara or Carter swing across the pit and step on the pad to retract some of the spikes below. Then Isis or Horus can drop down and use the Staff of Osiris to destroy the Mark of Set, causing the rest of the spikes to retract. Now the pit is safe to cross. (screenshots)

POOL WITH COLLAPSING WALKWAY: Continue down the stairs to the right. After collecting the goodies on this side of the water, quickly run across the breakaway tiles and jump to the tile on the right with the red skull (2/5). (screenshot) Don't worry if you miss the skull; you'll have another opportunity soon.

Whether or not you reach the skull, the tiles collapse beneath you and you fall into the water. Don't linger here, or you'll be eaten by crocodiles. You can use remote bombs to kill the crocs in the water, but you can also just avoid them. Quickly swim to the upper left side of the pool and raise the Staff of Osiris to retract the spikes so you can climb out on the ledge with Osiris's Glyphs. (screenshot) Then climb onto the ledge above before lowering the staff. You can then shoot the crocodiles from above. The Staff of Osiris makes especially satisfying crocodile fillets!

Climb the stairs, collect various gems, and step on the pressure pad in the corner to raise a series of columns in the pool. Stand on the pad and shoot several skeletons that hop across the columns toward you. (screenshot) Now you can cross the pool safely, picking up the red skull if you missed it earlier. As you hop across the pool, another column rises at water level. You can use it to climb out if you fall in the water. (screenshot)

When you reach the other side, 2 minions of Sobek attack. Instead of the usual halberds, they toss small bombs at you. In a co-op game each player can focus on one enemy. When playing solo, move from side to side to avoid the bombs as you shoot first one then the other. (screenshot) Finish them off with remote bombs.

Stand on the tile with Osiris's Glyphs and use the staff to raise a column so you can reach the ledge above. (screenshot)

SWIMMING UPSTREAM AND ENEMY AMBUSH: Continue upstairs to another pool. Swim forward and plant a remote bomb near the Eye of Horus switch on the left. Detonate the bomb to lower the spiked gate ahead. (screenshot) Swim through and avoid the spiked balls floating downstream toward you as you make your way to the stairs leading up out of the water.

Pick up the MACHINE PISTOLS at the top of the stairs (screenshot) and move out into the open to fight another horde of random enemies, possibly including skeletons with shields, skeleton archers shooting fire and/or poison, plus Sobek's warriors of various types, and a few regular skeletons. Dodge the enemy projectiles if possible (screenshot) and be sure to bomb the crocodile-men's bodies to prevent them from rising up again. There are more gems, health, and ammo here as well.

MIRROR AND MARKS OF SET (solo and 2-player): In order to lower the gates so you can move on, you must destroy the 2 Marks of Set on the ledge downstream on the left. In the single-player game, move past the Marks and step on the pressure pad in the left corner to raise a pair of wooden ledges on the other side of the stream. Jump across and turn the crank as far as it will go to raise a mirror from the floor. Then, before the crank winds all the way back and the mirror retracts, jump back across the stream, stand behind the Mark on the left and direct a beam of light through the Mark so the beam bounces off the mirror and hits the second Mark. When both Marks have been destroyed, the gates open so you can exit. (screenshots)

In 2-player co-op, the mirror rotates rather than rising out of the floor. Have Lara jump from the raised block in the water to the ledge on the right side of the stream. She can then rotate the mirror so it faces the low wall between the two Marks. Isis or Horus can then shine a beam to destroy the marks just as in the single-player puzzle. The gates then open so you can exit. The pressure pad and grapple ring are not necessary. (screenshot)

NOTE: It seems like the block in the stream was a mistake. Should the developers decide to remove it at some point in the future, you'll need the ring and pressure pad to solve the puzzle. If Lara stands on the left side of the stream and grapples the ring, Isis or Horus can tightrope walk across and step on the pressure pad to raise a wooden ledge. Now Lara can come over to the left side to work the mirror, while Isis/Horus goes back to the right side to shine the beam.

GRAPPLE RINGS AND PRESSURE PAD (3- and 4-player): In the 4-player version, there are no mirror and Marks, just several grapple rings and a pressure pad separated by gates. Start by having everyone jump from the block in the stream to the right bank (arrow). Then one of the archaeologists can grapple the ring on the left bank so the other characters can cross. Then have the other archaeologist grapple the ring near the pressure pad so the remaining 2 characters can cross. When either of them steps on the pressure pad, all of the gates open. (screenshots)

In the 3-player co-op puzzle with Lara, Carter, and one Egyptian god, the puzzle is the same as for 4-players. (screenshot) I'm not sure how it works with Lara, Isis and Horus, but I'm guessing it's similar to the single-player puzzle. If you have played it, please .

NOTE: Again, the block in the stream seems like a mistake. Should the developers decide to remove it, there's another ring on the right side of the stream, closer to the start, that will allow you to get your characters across.

Go through the gate on the right side of the stream and up the stairs. Jump across a wide gap in the walkway and continue down another flight of stairs and across another gap, where Ammit appears briefly to harass you. (screenshot)

When you come to the next spike pit, use the golden ring to grapple-swing across. (screenshot) In co-op mode there are a few alternatives depending on how many people are playing. With 2, have the archaeologist grapple the ring. The Egyptian can then tightrope walk up to the ring and jump down on the other side of the pit. The first character can then swing across. For multiple characters, you can also have one swing across, grapple another character from across the pit, and then have the others tightrope walk across. (screenshot) Then the grappled character can jump out and climb the cable to get out of the pit.

CROCODILE POOL AND RED SKULL #3: Continue downstairs. Ignore the floating gems and red skull for now and swim across the pool to the stairs. (screenshot) Go quickly since the pool is infested with crocodiles. You can then shoot them from the bank. Move around to the near right corner to find a metal ball. Roll it to the left onto the square pressure pad to raise a series of square columns from the water, as well as a wooden ledge beneath the red skull. Now you can run across and collect the gems. Go up the stairs a bit. Then turn around and jump to grab the wooden ledge. Pull up and take the red skull (3/5). The co-op version is the same. You can use the metal ball or just have one character stand on the pad while another retrieves the skull. (screenshots)

RIVER WITH SPIKED COLUMNS: Now you must make your way upriver across the spiked columns with the Glyphs of Osiris. Start on the first column, where the spikes are retracted. Jump to the column ahead, rasing the Staff of Osiris as you jump in order to lower the spikes on the column ahead, while simultaneously raising the ones on the column you just came from. Jump from the second column to the third, where there are no spikes, only a square pressure pad and a few gems. Stepping on the pad raises a block out of the pool so you can climb back up if you fall in. You can also pause here to eliminate any stray crocodiles. Jump onto the next green column, which is safe at first. Then jump to the next column, rasing the staff as you go to lower the spikes ahead, while simultaneously raising the ones on the column you just came from. Move forward onto the ledge. Then retrieve the gem on the corner column with the staff still raised. (screenshots)

In co-op mode the process is the same. You'll need to count down and jump together in order to land safely. In 3- or 4-player you might want to go two at a time, rather than trying to jump all four players at once.

WIDE PLATFORM WITH GOLDEN HANDLE: As you enter the next area, the gate closes behind you. Swim forward and climb out of the water on the stairs to the left. Several skeletons and crocodile warriors attack. Which types appear seems to be random, so you may encounter shielded and/or flaming versions, Sobek warriors with bombs, skeleton archers, etc. Just keep moving to avoid the enemies' projectiles. Drop and detonate bombs to kill pursuing enemies, especially the ones with shields (screenshot), and be sure to bomb the Sobek warriors so they don't reanimate. There's an AMMO CACHE at the top of the stairs in the right corner, in case you need a refill. (screenshot)

When you've eliminated all the enemies on this platform, the camera will shift briefly to the ledge above, where there's a HEALTH SHRINE. (screenshot) The gate there opens, as does the one downstream where you came in. Use the staff to raise a column so you can climb up if you need health desperately. But don't leave this area without a few important items.

Move around the edge of the ledge killing any crocodiles swimming around below. Then pull the golden handle as far as it will go. This opens the bars below and to the right of the platform. Jump into the pool and retrieve a red skull (4/5) from behind the bars before they close again. (screenshot) Smash vases, blow up cracked floor tiles, and light braziers to get all the gems. Then jump across the columns in the pool and swim around on the surface to get some more gems. (screenshot) Use the submerged column to get out of the water (screenshot), or swim around to the stairs.

The final major pickup in this area is a MAX AMMO UPGRADE sitting at the end of the aqueduct in the back left corner. You may have spotted it while jumping across the pillars. To reach it, return to the ledge with the AMMO CACHE at the top of the stairs. Use the Staff of Osiris to raise the column there and jump over to the ledge with the HEALTH SHRINE. Now jump from the ledge just beyond the shrine onto the aqueduct. Pick up various gems as you follow the aqueduct to the far end to get the upgrade. Two Sobek warriors appear about halfway along the aqueduct. Fight them and bomb their prone bodies. Then hop back over to the heath shrine and continue from there. (screenshots)

On the way out, light a brazier, smash some urns, and pick up a few more loose gems on the ledge to the left. Then continue upstairs to the next area.

SPIKE BALL RIVER: As you approach the water Lara muses aloud, "The high road or the low road?" If you want to beat the Challenge: Cross the Spike Ball River without Touching the Water, you'll have to take the high road. There are columns set in the water and you must get from this end of the river to the landing at the upper end without falling in or being pushed in by one of the spike balls that drop from the ceiling. As with other falling hazards, you'll see a white circle wherever a spike ball is about to land so you can avoid jumping there. If you make a mistake, you can reload your last checkpoint and try again. About halfway up the river on the left is a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE sitting on one of the pillars. The pictures show how to get it in case it's not obvious. If you make it all the way across without touching the water, you'll receive the SOLAR COPPER RING OF STRENGTH (Weapon Damage+, Bomb Radius+, Daytime Only). (screenshots)

As far as I know, this challenge works the same way in co-op mode, but everyone must accomplish it individually in order to get the reward.

Do not rush forward into the next room. There's another challenge ahead and you must approach it thoughtfully.

BI-LEVEL ROOM WITH ENEMIES AND WOODEN PLATFORM: Advance just far enough to kill the crocodiles in the pool on the left. Then step out into the middle of the room where there are gems scattered on the floor. The gates ahead open and 2 of Sobek's minions emerge. Don't kill them yet! You'll need at least one of them alive for the next Challenge: Use the Trap Platforms to Dunk an Enemy. (screenshots)

To accomplish this, swim across the pool on the left. Then use the Staff of Osiris to raise a column underneath you, so you can reach the ledge above. Stand near the Eye of Horus switch and wait for one of the crocodile men to leap up onto the wooden platform. Then shoot the switch to collapse the platform, plunging the enemy into the water and completing the challenge. Your reward is a MAX AMMO UPGRADE. Naturally a little water doesn't hurt Sobek's warriors. The guy you just dunked jumps back up and comes after you, along with his friend if you didn't already kill him. So be ready to finish them off with weapons and bombs. (screenshots)

As far as I know, this challenge works the same way in co-op mode, and everyone gets the upgrade when you beat it.

When the coast is clear, go after the final red skull (5/5) in the alcove just beyond the submerged pillar with Osiris's Glyphs. If necessary shoot the Eye of Horus switch again so the wooden platform is collapsed. This also opens the gate in front of the skull. Then you can drop down and get it. (screenshot) If you have found all 5 red skulls, you will now receive the RESTRICTED COPPER RING OF HASTE (Speed+, Weapon Damage+, Bomb Radius-).

While you're on the lower level, smash the vases, light the brazier, and gather any gems you may have missed before. Then return to the upper level to continue.

TIME BOMB AND STONE WALL: In order to break down the crumbling wall in the top corner of the room, you will need to retrieve the time bomb from behind the fence on the right. If you're feeling ambitious, you can attempt another Challenge: Destroy the Wall without Grabbing the Time Bomb. Here's the sequence:

If you have not already done so, shoot the Eye of Horus switch so the wooden platform is collapsed. This also opens the gate in the lower right corner so the bomb can pass through. Raise the Staff of Osiris to slow the timer on the bomb. Then step on the square pressure pad to push the bomb down the slope into the water. With the gate open, it floats around the corner and down to the left. (screenshots)

Continue holding up the staff. When the bomb comes to rest against the metal flipper with Osiris's Glyphs, briefly lower the staff and shoot the switch to open the gate just to the left of it. At the same time, the flipper lowers (since you're not holding up the staff) and the bomb floats into position on top of it. Raise the staff again to lift the flipper, flinging the time bomb up into the area where you're standing. If you're going for the challenge, don't grab the bomb. Instead continue holding up the staff as you use remote bombs to push the time bomb across the room to the crumbling wall. When it's in position, lower the staff and let the bomb explode. If you did this without touching the bomb, you'll get a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE. (screenshots)

If you run out of time and the bomb explodes before you get it to the wall, don't worry. Just wait for another one to appear and try again.

The time bomb puzzle is exactly the same in the co-op game. You just need to work together to get the timing right.

Beyond the crumbling wall you'll find a few more breakable vases. A bit farther along there's a shallow pool with a HEALTH SHRINE. Top up your health, equip items that increase your character's speed, and take a deep breath.

AMMIT PURSUIT: As you move forward along the wide corridor, Ammit appears behind you. The chase is on once again! Don't even worry about the gems at this point, just start running. Roll on the flat spots but run and jump across the shallow trenches to avoid getting stuck. Try to avoid the rolling spiked balls by running first along the right side of the corridor, then moving back toward the middle as you jump across the gap in the walkway. As you leap up onto the next ledge, veer to the right before taking a running jump across the shallow, zigzag shaped pit, since this is quicker than slogging through the middle. Keep going forward along the right side until you can jump into the river. (screenshots)

As you swim downstream, try to avoid the spiked columns and also snag a few floating gems. You can do this by staying on the right until you pass the 2 columns set close together. Then move left, right, then left again to get around the next 3 sets of columns. Beyond the 3 columns set close together, move to the right. Then slalom between the rest of the columns whichever way works best for you. Next you'll enter a stretch of river with Sobek's minions standing on columns hurling bombs at you. Avoid the white circles in the water if possible, since these show where the bombs will land, but it's more important to concentrate on steering around the columns. (screenshots)

As you approach the drop-off ahead, aim for the middle and try to run out of the water onto the protruding rock. Jump from there to the first of 7 tall columns with gems on top. Keep moving to avoid the lightning strikes that follow you and, obviously, try not to fall as you hop across to the far side of the canyon. Jump from the last column into the churning river. (screenshots)

You're safe from Ammit now. Let the current carry you over the falls into a calm area below. Wade out of the water, collect a nice bag of gems, and exit through the door that opens when you touch the gem bag. (screenshots)

If you completed the level in less than 7 minutes, you now receive an amulet: the COPPER SPIRIT OF SHEN AND HEB (Regenerating Health, Regenerating Ammo). If you scored 80,000 points or more you will have already unlocked the AR-06.

TREASURE ROOM: As you enter the area at the end of the level, you receive the OMNIPOTENT LEFT FOOT OF OSIRIS. Explore the cavern for gems, health, and ammo, and unlock any of the treasure chests that strike your fancy. Again, the larger ones, like the golden, Ark-of-the-Covenant style chest, have the best loot inside. So you may want to wait until you've saved 1,000 gems to open one of these. When you're ready to return to the Overworld, stand on the circle with the golden glyph and press the button indicated to exit.

NOTE: Once you've completed this level you can replay it at any time by re-entering it from the Overworld. You'll probably need at least two passes to complete the challenges, since it's difficult to achieve both the point challenge and time challenge in the same playthrough.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/2/15 - First draft of walkthrough posted.
1/21/15 - Added info and screenshot for the 3-player version of the puzzle in the area where you get the machine pistols, thanks to Treeble.

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