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FIRST VISIT - AFTER TOMB OF KHEPRI: After defeating the scarab boss, Khepri, Lara and friends return to the Overworld. Rain is falling and flooding has made several new areas accessible. The walkthrough for the Shrine of Osiris - fourth visit describes how to use the waterfall to reach this area, which is in the northeast corner of the Overworld. (screenshot)

AQUEDUCT WITH ARROW TRAPS: After a brief sequence in which the lighting turns yellow and Set taunts you once more, you come to an area with closed gates, arrow traps, and a Mark of Set sitting on a ledge to the left. Before dealing with those, backtrack along the aqueduct a little and look to the left to spot a MAX AMMO UPGRADE floating alongside the building. In the single-player game, use the golden ring to grapple swing over to it. Then swing and jump back to the aqueduct. In co-op mode one character can grapple the ring while another tightrope walks across to the upgrade. (screenshots)

In single-player the first gate is already open. Go past it and blow up the arrow traps with a remote bomb. Then climb onto the ledge to destroy the Mark of Set. As soon as you do, the shimmering gate ahead comes down. Standing on the ledge will prevent you from being hit by the arrow traps ahead. Now carefully destroy those traps one side at a time. When it's safe, grapple the golden ring, climb onto the ledge above, and step on the pressure pad to open the gate on the ledge where you destroyed the Mark. (screenshots)

In the co-op game there are two gates across the aqueduct. Use the shield-and-grapple routine to climb onto the ledge before the first gate. Destroy the Mark of Set to bring down both gates. Then the Egyptians can use their shields for protection as they drop down and destroy the arrow traps. When it's safe, the other characters can use the bubble shield to reach the ledge with the pressure pad that opens the gate on the ledge where you destroyed the Mark. (screenshots)

Use the Staff of Osiris to raise a pillar so you can climb onto the upper level of the aqueduct. Pick up some health packs. Then advance carefully along the aqueduct, blowing up 3 more sets of arrow traps as you go. This section is the same in all versions of the game. (screenshots)

WATERFALL AND STAIRS LEADING UP TO THE TOMB: Just beyond the arrow traps on the left you'll find the first red skull (1/5) in this area. Jump across the pillars to get it and then jump back the way you came. (screenshot) Beyond the skull pedestal are some breakable urns and a few gems sitting beneath a waterfall. You'll also catch a glimpse of another red skull on a high ledge (screenshot) but you can't reach it from below. You'll get it in a little while.

The next red skull (2/5) is ahead on the right. On the wide ledge with the round symbol, grapple the golden ring and rappel down the cliff to snag the skull. (screenshot) In the co-op game, have one character grapple another and lower him (or herself) down. Climb back up and continue up the stairs.

THIRD CHALLENGE TOMB: On the landing where the staircase turns back toward the west, there are 2 columns perched at the edge of the canyon. If you like, you can use them to hop up to the entrance to another challenge tomb. (screenshot) The THIRD CHALLENGE TOMB WALKTHROUGH is included on a separate page. You can explore it now or return later.

Continue up the stairs toward the entrance to the Tomb of the Ferryman. Halfway up is a crumbling area with a red skull (3/5) tucked in among some greenery. (screenshot) Grab it and continue to the top.

POOL SURROUNDING THE TOMB ENTRANCE: When you arrive a Priest of Sobek (basically a brawny, bipedal crocodile with a halberd) attacks. Fight him with your weapon of choice. Then when he falls down, destroy his body with a remote bomb or he'll rise up again. (screenshot) Pick up health and ammo. Then wade through the shallow water at the top of the waterfall to find the red skull (4/5) you saw earlier from below. (screenshot)

The last red skull (5/5) is in the far right corner of the pool. Swim over there to retrieve it. (screenshot) If you've found all five, you'll be rewarded with an amulet: the COPPER SPIRIT ANKH OF HEB (Regenerating Health, Leech Magic Projectiles). Swim/wade around to the left side of the pool and climb out near the tomb entrance.

TOMB ENTRANCE AND CROCODILE ROULETTE: Pick up gems, health, and ammo as needed. Then approach the elaborate symbol wheel on the ledge near the entrance. Use the staff to destroy the Mark of Set. Doing so also activates the wheel. Drop a remote bomb in the center of the spinning wheel and detonate it when you see the button prompt on screen. The wheel then slows to a halt, and whichever tile stops near the pointer flips over. Depending on the symbol revealed, one of three things happens: a shower of gems rains down upon you, one or more minions of Sobek appear for you to fight, or the entrance to the tomb opens. (screenshots)

Repeat the spin-and-bomb sequence until all of the tiles have been revealed. The order seems to be random, but you'll get 3 showers of gems and 2 crocodile attacks, along with the opening of the door. When you've turned over all the tiles, you'll also receive a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE and a MAX AMMO UPGRADE. (screenshot)

The area on the right side of the pool is not accessible until you complete the next level. So enter the tomb now.

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SECOND VISIT - AFTER TOMB OF THE FERRYMAN: As you emerge from the tomb, you receive a new Objective: Explore the Tomb of the Lamplighter Under the Waterfall. If you followed this walkthrough you also still have a separate goal from before: Retake the Piece of Osiris in the Oracle's Chamber. Both are marked on the Overworld map. (screenshot) It doesn't matter which you do first, but if you consult one of the Osiris statues, it will point you to the Tomb of the Lamplighter. Also, it's very close, so that's where we'll go next.

When you exited the Tomb of the Ferryman, something else happened: a new pillar rose in the pool to the right, enabling you to jump across to the FOURTH CHALLENGE TOMB. (screenshot) The Challenge Tomb is also noted on the Overworld map. (screenshot)

The FOURTH CHALLENGE TOMB WALKTHROUGH is on a separate page. You can explore it now or return later.

When you're ready to move on to the Tomb of the Lamplighter, cross the pool and head down the stairs toward the aqueduct. The waterfall where you found some gems earlier has now parted to reveal a doorway. (screenshot) Go inside.

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THIRD VISIT - AFTER TOMB OF THE LAMPLIGHTER: When you finish this level, you appear on the cliffside near the waterfall. (screenshot) An on-screen message reminds you that you still have one outstanding Objective: Retake the Piece of Osiris in the Oracle's Chamber.

To get there, return along the aqueduct to the west. Where the aqueduct curves around, drop down onto the lower level (screenshot) and continue west toward the water wheel, where you'll re-enter the Shrine of Osiris section of the Overworld.

COMBAT CHALLENGE: Later, any time after you are able to bring cold weather to the Overworld using the mechanism beneath Osiris's Shrine, return to the pool in front of the entrance to the Tomb of the Ferryman. When the water here is frozen, a glowing obelisk appears here. (screenshot) Activate it to attempt a Combat Challenge. For details, see the Community and Combat Challenges page.

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