Tomb Raider: Chronicles Save Files

This page includes Windows and Macintosh save files for Tomb Raider: Chronicles  (Tomb Raider 5). Saves for other games are linked in the sidebar below. is not responsible for any problems that may occur due to downloading these files or following advice given here. If you're unfamiliar with this process, I highly recommend following the installation instructions step by step.

Windows PC Tomb Raider 5 Save Files

The downloads listed below include various save points from each level, including most secrets and especially difficult points. Each file also includes a text document describing the location of each save. For a complete list of all 137 Chronicles saves, see here.

IMPORTANT: There are two sets of files for each level. One was made with the original, un-patched game, the other with the Multi Patch for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 from In my experience, most of the original game saves will load in the patched game, but if you're having any trouble, try the other version. The Multi-Patched saves should also work for the GOG and Steam downloads.

Lara Croft - submarine

In a tight spot? Don't panic. Download a Tomb Raider savegame file.

Chronicles Complete

These collections include all of the files in the list below.
(original game - 271 KB zip file | multi-patched version - 141 KB zip file)

Downloads for the individual levels are zip files ranging from 8 to 19 KB in size.

Rome Levels

Level 1: Streets of Rome  (original game | multi-patched version)
Level 2: Trajan's Markets  (original game | multi-patched version)
Level 3: The Colosseum  (original game | multi-patched version)

Russian Submarine Levels

Level 4: The Base  (original game | multi-patched version)
Level 5: The Submarine  (original game | multi-patched version)
Level 6: Deepsea Dive  (original game | multi-patched version)
Level 7: Sinking Sub  (original game | multi-patched version)

Ireland Levels

Level 8: Gallows Tree  (original game | multi-patched version)
Level 9: Labyrinth  (original game | multi-patched version)
Level 10: Old Mill  (original game | multi-patched version)

VCI Headquarters Levels

Level 11: 13th Floor  (original game | multi-patched version)
Level 12: Escape with the Iris  (original game | multi-patched version)
Level 13: Red Alert!  (original game | multi-patched version)

Tomb Raider: Chronicles

Hacked VCI Saves - Start of each level with extra medipaks and ammo. (Should work with original or multi-patched version. Feel free to email for help if they don't.)

Special thanks to Eldin and Luka for the Windows XP/Vista/7 saves.

Additional Chronicles PC Saves

Jeff Reid's Complete TR Chronicles PC Saves (145 KB zip file) - Jeff has provided another set of TR5 saves in case I don't have the exact point you need. The download includes a text document detailing where each save was made.

Macintosh Tomb Raider 5 Save Files

Complete Mac TR Chronicles Archive (15 KB hqx file) - Contains a savegame for the start of each of the 13 levels in the game. I also have several additional Mac saves for especially difficult or buggy sections of the game. These are linked to the relevant walkthrough pages. All of these files have been graciously donated by MacRaider. Please contact Trevor at MacRaider with thanks, questions or requests for other Mac saves.

For additional Macintosh saves, visit Sailmaker Software.