Lara Croft in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Hang in there! Help is on the way! Download a Rise of the Tomb Raider savegame file.

These Windows PC save files were made using the Steam download patched to the latest version available at the time. As far as I know, subsequent patches do not affect file compatibility, and they should be compatible with other versions (Windows Store, etc.).

Each zip file linked below includes several save files for that level, along with a descriptive text file. Click here for installation instructions and a few IMPORTANT WARNINGS.

Area 1: Mountain Peak
Area 2: Syria (Prophet's Tomb)
Area 3: Siberian Wilderness
Area 4: Glacial Cavern
Areas 5A & 5B: Soviet Installation
     (Vista & Train Yard)
Area 5C: Soviet Installation Logging Camp
Area 5D: Soviet Installation Gulag
Area 5E: Soviet Installation Logging Camp
     (2nd Visit)
Area 5F: Soviet Installation Copper Mill
Area 6: Abandoned Mines
Area 7A: Geothermal Valley (first visit)
Area 8: The Acropolis
Area 7B: Geothermal Valley (second visit)
Area 9: Flooded Archives
Area 7C: Geothermal Valley (third visit)
Area 5G: Soviet Installation Copper Mill Bridge
Area 10: Research Base
Area 11: The Orrery
Area 12: Path of the Deathless
Area 13A: Lost City (south side)
13B: Lost City (north side) and Chamber of Souls
     (includes final save with 100% story completion)

NOTE: I played through the entire game before starting the Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch DLC. You can play this mission using any save after the Soviet Installation Gulag section, but I recommend finishing The Acropolis first, since the grapple axe (wire spool), which is unlocked in that level, will make retrieving one of the collectibles much easier. If you just want to play Baba Yaga but have already beaten the game and deleted your saves, download the 13B: Lost City and Chamber of Souls collection, above, and install the 100% autosave, following the instructions.

100% PLUS Save – Includes 100% completion on Survivor difficulty; all gear and weapons crafted and fully upgraded; all outfits unlocked; all Expedition challenges completed. Thanks to Treeble for this!

100% Extreme Survivor Save – Includes 100% completion on Extreme Survivor difficulty; all skills unlocked but some weapon upgrades needed. Thanks to Evie for this contribution.