Stella's Tomb Raider 2013 Walkthrough - For Windows, Macintosh, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

NOTE: Combat strategy is based on the Medium difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly. In addition to the walkthroughs for each level, there are separate pages for Controls & Gameplay Tips, Skill & Weapon Upgrades, and Collectible Items.

SAVING AND CHECKPOINTS: Like the last several games, TOMB RAIDER uses autosave checkpoints. Whenever you pass a checkpoint, the game is saved automatically. Then, if Lara dies or you quit the game and restart, the game reloads at the last checkpoint. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. You may also want to periodically back up your autosaves on a memory card (consoles) or into a separate folder (PC). See the controls page for details.

AREA 15: SHANTYTOWN (part 1)

Updated: 10/21/15()

Shantytown is a sprawling level so I have divided it into two sections: the area leading up to the ancient gate is described below. The area beyond the gate is covered in Part 2.

Camps: Helicopter Hill (Fast Travel), Well of Tears (Day Camp)*
Gear: Lighter  Weapons/Weapon Parts: Fire Arrows, Rifle Parts (3/3 and 1/3), Shotgun Part (2/3)**
: 3/5  Relics: 4/7  GPS caches: 5/15  Treasure Maps: Relic/Document Map
Challenge Tombs: 1/2  Challenges: Laid to Rest - 5/5 items; Silencer - 1/4 items ***
Area Map: Shantytown Part 1***

*See the section about base camps on the Controls page.

**The weapon parts in this area are found in random salvage crates. I have noted their approximate locations, but don't be surprised if you find them a little sooner or later than I did.

***Map includes all major collectibles and challenge items in the first part of Shantytown. Refer to the in-game map by pressing Tab/Back if you'd prefer no spoilers. The in-game map does not include a compass rose showing which way is north. So when I refer to map directions in my walkthrough, assume North is up, east right, south down, and west left.


When you survive your rough ride down the mountain, you get 100 XP and a new goal.

OBJECTIVE: Look for First Aid

ENTERING THE TOWN: Follow the path down the hill into the Solarii shantytown. When you come to the edge of the low rock ledge, you'll see a wooden structure ahead that looks climbable. (screenshot) Unfortunately Lara can't quite reach it in her current condition. When you hop down, she slips and slides down the muddy slope, crashes through a corrugated metal barrier and lands painfully in a shack below. When she regains her footing, she spots a helicopter in the distance, no doubt another casualty of the mysterious storms. You receive 100 XP and a goal update.

OBJECTIVE: Search the Rescue Helicopter for Medical Supplies

SNEAKING AROUND TO THE HELICOPTER: Crack open the salvage crate on the ground to the left. Then cross the swampy clearing and vault up into the shack straight ahead. Pick up the arrows leaning against the wall and drop into the icky water. (screenshot) Squeeze through the narrow space into the flooded area under the shack. As you wade through the water beneath the buildings, the conversation of Mathias's men filters in from above.

When you reach the well-lighted opening at the end of the passage, wait and listen. There are 2 enemies lurking just outside. When they move away, either come out of the flooded tunnel and stay crouched behind the metal box on the right or just stay inside the tunnel. (screenshot) Then use your bow to take out both men—first the one up on the roof, then the one pacing back and forth at the top of the stairs with silent headshots. Two more Solarii will notice when you kill the second guy. Shoot them as they approach.

NOTE: There is a partially buried fuel barrel near the stairs. You can shoot it and possibly blow up the first 2 men while they're standing near it, but this will attract more enemies when they hear the explosion and come running.

Do not move over to the left side of this courtyard until after you've dealt with these men. The grungy, white blanket lying on the ground is a snare. If Lara steps on it, she'll be hauled up into the air and surround just like in the Cliffiside Village. When the area is clear, trigger the snare and use your pistol to shoot the pulley to get free. Doing so also drops the salvage that serves as the trap's counterweight so you can get at it. (screenshots)

Loot the bodies and pick up arrows and rifle/SMG ammo to the right and left of the flooded opening where you came in. Go up the first flight of steps. Crack open the salvage crate ahead on the right. Then continue up the second flight of steps and out into the sunshine.

One of the salvage crates in the early parts of this area should contain a RIFLE PART (3/3). If you don't get it right away, just be patient. Just keep opening those crates and you'll find it soon. Once you have it, you'll be able to upgrade the Submachine Gun to the ASSAULT RIFLE at the next camp.

NOTE: You'll also find a SHOTGUN PART (1/3) in one of the crates at the beginning of Shantytown if you missed it at the end of the Mountain Village.

From this fenced-in walkway, you can see the helicopter ahead. Go forward and use the narrow beam to cross the gap in the walkway. Continue around to the left and jump down across the next gap. Lara's cry of pain gives her away. So immediately move behind the metal box ahead on the left and shoot down the 2 enemies. The one with the axe and machete runs toward you like the psycho he probably is. The one with the rifle has enough sense to hide behind a crate, but you should be able to get him with a headshot when he peeks out. (screenshots)

Loot the bodies and grab the arrows leaning against the next crate. Then continue up the hill. As you round the path, ignore the rifle/SMG ammo for now. Instead concentrate on the third enemy guarding the back of the helicopter. Take care of him, loot his body, and then grab the rifle ammo if you need it.

Make a mental note of the raggedy scarecrow-looking effigy hanging above the spot where you found the rifle ammo. This is one of the Challenge Items in this area. You'll need to destroy it in a little while, once you have the necessary gear.

For now, use a rope arrow to open the hatch on the back of the helicopter. Enter to trigger a cut scene in which Lara finds the chopper's first aid kit already depleted. She searches the dead pilot and discovers a LIGHTER, which she uses to heat one of her arrowheads in order to cauterize her wound. This gives her another idea, and she tapes the lighter to her bow so she can shoot FIRE ARROWS.

NOTE: Unlike rope arrows, you do need actual arrows in your inventory in order to shoot fire arrows. To switch between normal and flaming arrows press the bow selection button (D-Pad up on the controller, 1 on the keyboard) multiple times. Notice how the ammo type is indicated at the top right corner of the screen if you're aiming or at the bottom center if the weapon is not currently equipped.

As the cut scene concludes, Lara steps out of the helicopter onto a ledge overlooking the town and contacts Roth by radio. He's surprised to hear she was able to get down the mountain so quickly. But before they can make a plan to rendezvous, a squad of Mathias's men converge. One sends up a flare, alerting others of your position. You also get a new goal, but before you can even dream of heading for the gate, you'll need to take care of all these filthy dudes.


OBJECTIVE: Reach the Gate Under the Bridge

AMBUSH AT HELICOPTER HILL: You receive 400 XP for inventing flaming arrows then immediately have a chance to use them. If you enjoy combat, this will be a fun challenge. When you regain control of Lara after the cut scene and everything is moving in slow motion, shoot a fire arrow into one of the 3 guys below. Or just fire into the puddle of oily water behind them. The flames will spread and engulf them all.

Now you need to decide whether you're brave (like Lara) or cowardly (like me). If you're brave but need a few pointers, there are several great videos on YouTube showing aggressive combat tactics. Here are a couple of good examples from, Gamefront and ADIHD. If you're cowardly, skip down to the alternative strategy below.

More men come up the stairs on the right and start shooting at you from the shacks ahead. There are plenty of crates and corners to use for cover, but you'll need to be aggressive, since the Solarii will not just wait and take pot shots at Lara. Many will charge at you and/or throw Molotov cocktails. So you'll need to keep moving and finding new cover. There are several conveniently placed fuel barrels off to the right of your starting position and ahead on the ledges of multi-story shacks. Shoot them when enemies are nearby to blow them up. This will make things go much more quickly.

There are also several ammo pickups here if you need them: arrows directly in front of the starting position on the left and right, rifle/SMG ammo near the arrows on the left, and more ammo in the various small buildings down below. These are covered in detail in the section below where you explore the buildings.

If, like me, you're not so fast on the trigger and prefer a more cautious approach, try this alternative strategy: After using fire to burn the first 3 enemies, as described above. Pick up the arrows leaning against the railing by Lara's hip. Then turn left and vault over the railing to land on the ground below. (This sequence is shown in both screenshots and this video walkthrough.)

Switch to the shotgun—you can do this while Lara is falling—and shoot out the boarded-up doorway. Run through, ignoring the bad guys coming at you from above on the right. Climb the rusty, yellow ladder just ahead on the left. At the top, turn left and run along the plywood ledge. Don't hesitate here or you'll get shot up by the enemies behind you. At the end of the ledge, veer right and jump down onto the ledge below. Cross over the narrow beam. (From here on, this is the same path you took before as you were making your way to the helicopter.) Keep running up the steps and around the corner. Then jump down across the gap and continue forward onto the dirt path with the metal crates. If you didn't pick up the arrows earlier, they'll still be here.

At this point, Lara should be safe from enemies ahead and behind. Catch your breath and then move up to the bend in the path. As you come around the corner, a single enemy will run out from behind the helicopter. Shoot him and then move back behind the cover of the hill. Draw your bow, with flame arrows equipped, and carefully inch out from behind the hill. From here, you can shoot the enemies as they line up behind the chain-link fence to the right of the helicopter. You probably won't run out of arrows if you started with a full supply, but you can also use the pistol or SMG. (screenshots)

NOTE: This is a good spot to work on the Gunslinger and Sharpshooter acheivements/trophies (kill 35 enemies with the pistol and perform 50 headshot kills in single player, respectively). You'll probably get the bow, shotgun, and rifle kill achievements later on without even trying, but the pistol tends to get less use once you've found the other weapons. If you're patient, you can use the pistol to get headshots on almost all these enemies through the fence.

When the enemies behind the fence start shooting back, just move back around the corner and take cover. If they start throwing Molotov cocktails, scramble down the hill and wait for the flames to subside. Then inch back out and start shooting again. I playtested this several times and no enemies ever approached Lara from behind.

When the men stop coming up to the fence, you may need to run up there to get their attention, but you can then run back down the hill to take cover. If there's a long lull in the action, go back for the arrows leaning against the metal crate and pick up the rifle/SMG ammo (if you didn't get these pickups before).

There's also an effigy (1/5) set up on a pole beside the path. Shoot it with a fire arrow to set it ablaze. Then, when the cloth has burned away, use a rope arrow to pull it down. This unlocks the Laid to Rest Challenge: find and destroy 5 of these effigies for bonus XP.

The only drawback to this alternative strategy is that you don't get nearly as much salvage, since the game does not allow the bodies to pile up in the corner by the fence. When you go to loot them, there will only be a few. But there's a trick you can use to make up for this, which I will describe shortly.

AFTER THE BIG FIGHT: When you kill the last enemy in this horde, the game will autosave and you'll see an on-screen notification about switching arrow types. This is the all-clear signal. Return up the path, go through the helicopter and drop down on the other side near the Helicopter Hill Base Camp. Loot whatever bodies you can find. Then use the camp to spend your Skill and salvage points.

If you want to collect more salvage, after using the base camp, reload the autosave from the pause menu. When you do, several enemies will appear off to the left and move in on your position. It's nowhere near the huge horde that attacked the first time though. You can shoot some of them from the starting position, but if things get tough, the corrugated metal barrier to the left gives decent cover from the men shooting from the building. You can then shoot at the individual men as they come up the stairs on the right or take potshots at you from below. Just watch out for petrol bombs and dodge out of the way as needed. When you've killed these 3-5 or so guys, loot their bodies. Then use the camp again to trigger another autosave. Reload and repeat. Small groups of enemies will continue to respawn so you can collect salvage until you're ready to move on. (screenshots)

NOTE: I can't guarantee that the technique described above will work every time or on every system, but I was able to rack up almost 1,000 salvage points in the PC game before choosing to quit and move on.

EXPLORING SHANTYTOWN: The Solarii city is a warren of ramshackle huts cobbled onto the original Japanese architecture. There are lots of little items tucked away. I've tried to describe a route that covers all collectibles, challenge items and encounters without too much backtracking. First we'll head down the center of the map to the Challenge Tomb, then back northward along the west side of the map, then down the east side to the gate that is the goal.

Throughout this area there are boars, rats and birds to hunt if you are so inclined.

NOTE: The salvage crates in this area contain a RIFLE PART (1/3) and a SHOTGUN PART (2/3). Their exact locations are random, but if you open all the crates in this part of Shantytown, you should find both.

FIRST AREA – CENTER: As mentioned above, there are 2 bundles of arrows and rifle/SMG ammo near the checkpoint below the helicopter, plus more arrows on the stairs to the right (west). At the bottom of those stairs is a little room containing a salvage crate and more rifle/SMG ammo.

Stand in the open area below the base camp facing the helicopter. On the wall below the ledge with the base camp, there's another effigy (2/5) you can burn and dismantle with fire and rope arrows respectively. (screenshot)

Turn around to face the building opposite the helicopter and the effigy you just burned. To the right of the plywood ramp leading into the building is a low opening. Go through to find a salvage crate, shotgun shells and rifle/SMG ammo under the floor. Exit the way you came. Then go up the ramp into the building. Turn into the first room on the right to find a relic (1/7), a Decorative Inro. Ignore the doorway with the plank barrier. It just leads back outside. Instead return through the doorway where you entered. Turn right into the next small room. Pick up the shotgun shells and shoot out this plank barrier. Go through a small, open area with some logs stacked on the right. Shoot out another barrier straight ahead and enter the next room. (screenshots)

Here, on the table on the right, you'll find a document (1/5), "Grim: The Good Old Days," part of the Endurance Crew set, plus some arrows and a salvage crate. Climb up onto the ledge opposite the document table—the one with the dangling fishing floats—to find another document (2/5), "Toil and Distraction," from the Confessions of a Solarii set. Move to the other side of this same level and crack open the salvage crate. (screenshots)

If you like you can climb to the upper floors of this building and the one closer to the helicopter to find a few more goodies—shotgun shells on both the top level and middle level (southwest corner) of the building with the documents, plus a food cache, arrows and rifle/SMG ammo at the top of the taller building. When you have them, return to the room where you found the 2 documents.

From the shack with the documents, exit to the south, turn right and shoot out another plank-and-barbed-wire barrier. Turn left into a small room containing a GPS cache (1/15). Shoot out the next barrier and go through into an open area with a chain-link fence surrounding a salvage net. (screenshots)

Go around the enclosure to the gap in the fence. The grungy picnic blanket lying on the ground below the salvage hints of a trap. Now that you have fire arrows, you don't need to trigger the trap to get the goodies. Just shoot a fire arrow at the salvage net to burn it, dropping the crate and disabling the trap in the process. Smash the crate and pick up the nearby shotgun shells. If you do accidentally step in the trap, Lara will be hauled up by her feet. Shoot the pulley to get down, just like you did in the Cliffiside Village. (screenshots)

CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: Now turn around and climb the steps toward the Challenge Tomb. But be careful! There's another snare set up in the doorway. Jump over the blanket into the room beyond. Turn around and shoot a fire arrow into the salvage net hanging above on the left to disarm the snare. Crack open the crate and pry open the large salvage trunk at the back of the room. There are also arrows and shotgun shells here if you need them. (screenshots)

While you're gathering the goodies, 8 Solarii soldiers appear outside at the foot of the stairs. You can shoot the fuel barrels to kill some of them and then finish the rest off with the rifle or flaming arrows. But if they start coming too quickly, move to the left of the doorway and blast them with the shotgun one at a time as they approach. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you do accidentally trigger the trap, Lara will be left hanging upside down as the Solarii close in. Unless you're very good at aiming from that angle, I'd advise shooting the pulley that suspends the trap as fast as you can to get free so you can fight.

Afterward, loot the bodies then go back into the building and use a rope arrow to rip out the rope-wrapped planks in the floor. Drop in and pick up a GPS cache (2/15). Then follow the long, dark tunnel. Walk across the narrow plank laid across the gap and crack open the salvage crate on the other side. Continue to another salvage crate. Open it but before climbing down the ladder next to it, look off to the right to spot a hanging salvage net. Shoot it with a fire arrow. Then drop down and crack open the crate. (screenshots)

Move carefully to the edge of the ledge just beyond where the crate landed. Look out into the darkness to spot another salvage net. (Use Survival Instinct if necessary.) Use another fire arrow to bring it down. Then hang from the wooden beam at the edge and drop to the ground. (There's a climbing wall here, which you'll use to get back up, but it's not too far to drop if you're careful.) Break open the salvage crate that came from inside the net and squeeze through the narrow crevice into the tomb proper. (screenshots)

WELL OF TEARS CHALLENGE TOMB: Move up the slope to the Well of Tears Day Camp, which sits on a low rise at the bottom of a cavern. Grab one of the metal cans as you go. Step out onto the red ledge so Lara is facing the metal platform suspended from the ceiling. You're headed for the wooden ledge high on the left—the one with the tattered cloth hanging from it. Hold the Aim button. Just like when you threw the lanterns earlier, you'll see an arc showing the path the projectile will take. Position the arc so it ends on the metal platform suspended from the ceiling ahead. Then press Fire to throw the can. Throw 2 more cans onto the platform the same way. Once you've tossed 3 cans up there, their weight will bring the platform down to the floor. Jump down onto it. (screenshots)

While she's standing on the platform, Lara's weight holds it down. Throw all 3 cans up onto the ledge near the campfire. It doesn't really matter where they go, as long as they're off the platform, but if you miss the upcoming jump, the cans will be right there so you can try again. (screenshots)

This next bit requires you to move fast. Run off the platform, up the slope on the left and around to the ledge with the campfire. As you do this, the metal platform will be rising. Jump from the red ledge to grab the edge of the platform. Pull up, turn left and quickly run and jump to grab the ledge festooned with tattered cloth. As with previous challenge tombs, this is all about timing. If you miss the grab, return to the ledge near the campfire, throw the 3 cans back onto the platform and try again until you get it. (screenshots)

If you're having trouble, try this ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY. After tossing three cans onto the platform. Hop down onto the platform and reposition one of the cans by picking it up and dropping it (Shift/Circle/B) near the left edge of the platform. Climb back onto the ledge overlooking the platform and shoot the can to knock it off the platform. With one can missing, the platform starts to rise again. Now you can jump onto it and from there to the ledge on the left. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you experience a glitch in which the platform does not rise after removing the cans and then stepping off, instead of tossing the cans onto the ledge near the campfire, try throwing them onto the floor next to the lowered platform. This should solve the problem.

Once you make it to the high ledge, pull up and follow the wooden walkway around to the right and climb up into the room with the treasure chest. Open it for 1250 XP, 250 salvage points and the Shantytown Relic Map, which reveals the locations of all relics and documents in the area on your in-game map. Move into the doorway on the right and ride the zip line down to the campsite. (screenshots)

When you've rested and made any upgrades you want, follow the tunnel back to the climbing wall. Use your axe to scale it. At the top, move forward, stand beneath the yellow ladder and jump up to grab it. Climb to the top and then follow the tunnel back across the narrow plank to the building where you came in.

FIRST AREA – WEST SIDE: When you emerge from the building that houses the Challenge Tomb, climb the corrugated metal roofs on the right. There's another effigy (3/5) hanging on the outer wall of the tomb building. Destroy it for the Challenge. (screenshot)

Ignore the big gate off to the left for now. We're not ready to go there yet. Instead hop back down to the steps in front of the tomb building. Stand with Lara's back to the doorway and this time look to your left. There are several pickups in this building. Shoot out the planks and barbed wire in the doorway at ground level. Inside is a relic (2/7), a Jade Horse from the Animal Statuary set. Examine the bottom of the statuette for more info and XP. (screenshots)

Exit this room and go around to the left. In the narrow alley between this building and the next, there's a bundle of arrows and another boarded-up doorway with a salvage crate behind it. Climb onto the roof of the lower of these two buildings and turn to face the one where you found the relic. There are two openings on the upper levels: the one on the right has rifle/SMG ammo. The other requires you to scramble up a section of painted wall to reach it. Loot the food cache here and then exit through the other side of the building. In the next little enclosure, located at the southwest corner of this part of Shantytown, you'll find another salvage crate and more arrows. (screenshots)

Turn around and exit this building on the north side. (You can see Helicopter Hill in the distance). Climb the stone steps to the left and pick the edible plant for XP. Just beyond the top of the steps, the path dead ends at a muddy slope. This is where you entered Shantytown after your perilous trip down the mountain. Step off the edge and slide down into the area with the shallow pool of slimy, green water. (screenshots)

There's no need to go back through the tunnel now. Instead we're headed up the TOWER WITH THE TATTERED CANOPY on top. Now that Lara is feeling well enough to climb, you can scramble up the wooden ledge onto the lowest level of the tower. Circle the central support column, picking up arrows, rifle/SMG ammo and a GPS cache (3/15), and burning the salvage net as you go. (screenshots)

Climb onto the ledge in the northwest corner. Turn around, run up the short ramp and jump to grab the ledge above. Pull up onto the second level of the tower. Go around to the other side of the central column to find another salvage crate. Then climb the ladder made of planks nailed to a board to reach the third level. (screenshots)

Circle around the central structure to the other side. Pick up some shotgun shells. Then use your climbing axe to destroy the alarm (1/4) and start the Silencer Challenge. (screenshots)

Move close to the outer railing and look up to spot another effigy (4/5) mounted to the side of the tower beneath the big umbrella. Use fire and rope arrows to burn it and pull it down for the Laid to Rest Challenge. (screenshot)

Now that we've covered the center and west sides of this area, let's head back to the Helicopter Hill Base Camp to regroup before exploring the east side of Shantytown. From the northern edge of the umbrella tower's upper level, you can jump across the rooftops to the campsite. When you're ready to move on, drop down into the open area below the campsite. (screenshot)

FIRST AREA – EAST SIDE: Now you're headed for the TALL, JAPANESE-STYLE BUILDING to the east. Before going through the doorway where you destroyed the plank-and-barbed-wire barrier to get back to the helicopter earlier, make a few pickups. To the right of the doorway, in the little lean-to attached to the larger building, is some rifle/SMG ammo. In the northeast corner near the fence, is an edible plant. Leaning nearby are more arrows. In the doorway where you shot the barrier is a box of shotgun shells. Grab everything you can carry and go through. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you did not use the strategy described above for the big fight, when you blast through the plank barrier and enter the room ahead, 2 guys with axes and machetes will rush down the steps toward you, while their friend with the rifle shoots at you from above. Take them out as quickly as you can, or run back out into the open area to find cover as they pursue you. Note that as you explore this area you may trigger the appearance of several more enemies not noted below. Just stay alert and when Lara draws a weapon goes into a defensive crouch, you'll know enemies are about.

Climb the yellow ladder on the left or the steps on the right. In the far left corner of this open area is more rifle/SMG ammo sitting near the railing. If you come up the steps, mind the gap in the floor when going after the ammo. Then head to the right (southeast), jump across the gap in the floor and go through the area behind the tall building, where there are several metal crates and fuel barrels under a low roof. When you emerge on the other side of the building, turn right and climb onto the shed roof there. Turn right and enter the room to find a relic (3/7), a Metal Inro. Rotate it to look at the top and gain more info and XP. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you'd like to learn more about objects like this metal inro, Tomb Raider Horizons publishes a fascinating series called "Arte-Factual," which covers art and artifacts from all the TR games.

Exit through the doorway to the left (east) and stay alert. Several enemies may materialize down below and close in. (I'm not sure why they are triggered sometimes but not always.) You can use the metal box for cover, but watch out because one or more of them may circle around, climb up and approach you from the side or behind. (screenshots)

After the fight, go back through the relic room and out the doorway to the south. Turn around to face the relic room and scramble up the painted wall to the right of the door and climb to the roof. Inside the little room there is a document (3/5), "Survival of the Fittest," from the from the Confessions of a Solarii series. (screenshots)

Exit the room the way you came. Ahead (to the south) you can see smoke and flames rising from a distance building. Shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped arch below and slide down. (screenshots)

The zip line deposits you behind one of the buildings in the southeast corner of this area. Ahead on the left, near some tall pine trees is another effigy (5/5). Burn it and pull it down for the Laid to Rest Challenge. If you've found and destroyed all the others, you'll earn a 150 XP bonus. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed any of these challenge items and don't feel like going back, no worries. There are several more effigies in the next part of Shantytown.

SHACKS IN SOUTHEAST CORNER: After sliding down the rope line, turn around to face the TALL, JAPANESE-STYLE BUILDING you just came from. On the side of that building facing you and below on the right are 2 doorways blocked with planks and barbed wire. Use the shotgun to destroy them. Drop down and enter the little room on the right to find a GPS cache (4/15) and shotgun shells. Scramble up into the other opening for rifle/SMG ammo and a salvage crate. (screenshots)

Hop down onto the steps at the right corner of this building. Climb onto the L-shaped wall, move to the corner and jump onto the painted wooden arch spanning the narrow street. Cross over and loot the food cache on the next roof. Then return across the painted beam to the L-shaped wall. Hop down onto the metal roof and then walk across the narrow beam to the building at the bottom of the zip line. Shoot out the planks blocking the doorway on the middle level and enter to find a relic (4/7), a Jade Water Buffalo from the Animal Statuary set. Exit the way you came and scramble up the wall on the right to the upper level for more arrows and another food cache. Drop down 2 levels and go around the corner to the south. Blow out the plank barrier there and enter to find another GPS cache (5/15). (screenshots)

NOTE: You should now have all the major collectibles in this section: 3 documents, 4 relics, 5 GPS caches and the Treasure Map from the Challenge Tomb. You could also have completed the Laid to Rest Challenge and found one of the alarms for the Silencer challenge. If you're missing anything you can go back and explore further or continue with the story and return here later via Fast Travel.

When you're ready to move on, head for the gate at the end of the road leading south. There are several ammo pickups on the way: shotgun shells sitting out in the open diagonally across from the room where you found the last GPS cache, more shells and rifle/SMG ammo in the building opposite that one (screenshot), arrows on the left and right sides of the street and more shotgun shells on top of the blue building that's last on the left before you reach the gate. (screenshot)

Approach the gate with caution. As soon as you climb the steps leading up to the gate, a cut scene begins. The gate closes trapping you in the dead-end street, and a squad of about 8 Solarii converges from all directions.

BATTLE AT THE GATE: You receive 100 XP for getting yourself trapped like a rat. To celebrate, immediately scramble for cover and start killing people. To the best of my knowledge, there's nowhere to run where you're safe from these guys, since they're coming in via your only escape routes: the street and the upper and lower levels of the building on the right. There are several piles of barrels, crates and tires you can hide behind. One has rifle/SMG ammo and shotgun shells behind it. Another has more rifle ammo and arrows. Shoot from behind cover if you can. If the gunfire gets too heavy, release Aim to duck down behind the pile of junk. When the enemies start throwing Molotov cocktails, scramble out of the way and take cover behind a different barrier. (screenshots)

There are a few conveniently placed red fuel barrels you can explode with bullets or arrows to kill or injure nearby foes. Use the rifle and/or fire arrows to take out as many enemies as possible as they approach. If any get too close, switch to the shotgun. One blast at close range will take out most enemies. Or, if you've unlocked the Dodge Counter skill, keep your weapon aimed as an enemy approaches. Then dodge back or to one side to trigger the dodge counter sequence. Press Melee when the icon appears on screen. This unbalances the enemy, exposing his back so you can move in and press Melee again, or just finish him with a shotgun blast. This works especially well on the guy with the metal shield. (screenshots)

When you've finished off the last enemy, a checkpoint registers and you have a new goal.

OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Through the Gate

Loot the enemies' bodies and replenish your ammo supplies with any pickups you couldn't take before.

NOTE: If you missed the effigy (4/5) hanging outside the Challenge Tomb earlier, it's on the wall to the left if Lara is facing north (i.e. with her back toward the gate). Burn it with a fire arrow. Then use a rope arrow to pull it down.

When you're ready to move on, shoot a fire arrow into the cloth-wrapped pole used to brace the gate closed. Then use your climbing axe to turn the wheel to the left of the gate in order to open it. Go through into a new part of the city. (screenshots)

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[Shantytown - Part 2]

UPDATE HISTORY: 4/24/13 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
4/30/13 - Fixed a few disorganized and missing links to existing screenshot pages.
5/14/13 - Added note about a minor glitch in the challenge tomb. Thanks to a Vaden S. for this info.
7/7/13 - Updated weapon parts info with help from Jerad Z.
8/11/13 - Updated the note on enemy spawn points on the east side of this area, thanks to a tip from Rhea.
8/26/13 - Added link to Tomb Raider Horizons.
12/14/13 - Fixed a few incorrectly linked screenshots, thanks to corrections from John T.
10/12/15 - Added alt strategy for Well of Tears, thanks to a tip from Duncan.
10/21/15 - Added note about Gunslinger and Sharpshooter achievements/trophies.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to Ian T. for suggesting the alternate strategy for the big fight near the beginning of the level. His original idea involved running into the building to the south, killing a few enemies who follow you inside, then shooting out the 2 shotgun barriers inside the building and making your way around to the left until you reach the back of the helicopter. I found this worked well, but sometimes Lara would be overrun by enemies in the first building. So I modified Ian's strategy slightly. As long as you're quick when you climb the ladder and head for the path behind the helicopter, Lara should be able to survive easily.

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