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SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. If you encounter a bug that can't be fixed by restarting the game, reloading a different save, restoring a backup save in the Xbox version, or rebuilding the game cache in the PC version, I encourage you to visit the Official Rise of the Tomb Raider Support Forum and or put in a support request with Square Enix. I also have PC save files for download.

AREA 5E: LOGGING CAMP (Second Visit)

Updated: 5/28/17()

Camps: Hidden Refuge, Logging Camp (revisited), Frozen Gorge, Sheltered Ridge (revisited)
Weapons/Gear: Ancient Bow Part (2/4), Submachine Gun Component (1/4), Pistol Sight (upgrade), Shotgun Spreader Choke (upgrade), Rifle Suppressor (upgrade), Compound Bow Parts (3/4 and 4/4)
Relics: 2 (18)  Documents: 3 (26)  Murals: 1 (12)  Coin Caches: 7 (9)  Survival Caches: 5 (21)  Strongboxes: 3 (14)
Monoliths: 1 (3)  Archivist Maps: 2 (9)  Explorer Satchels: 2 (6)
Challenge Tombs/Codices: 1 (3)  Crypts: 1 (2)  Challenges: 2 (4)  Missions: 4 (5)
Area Maps: Logging Camp Detail | Entire Soviet Installation

NOTE: The Soviet Installation is a HUGE area, so I have divided the walkthrough into several sections centered on the main base camps. This walkthrough covers the second visit to the Logging Camp after escaping from the Gulag. Check the level menu for the others. The first number in each of the stat lines above is for this area alone. The number in parentheses is for the entire Soviet Installation. While all important items are noted in the walkthrough and annotated level map, you will not be able to get everything on your first pass. Also, while the document, relic, and strongbox locations are fixed, the exact items may vary depending on the order in which you find them.

For subsequent visits, check out the section below on Revisiting This Area Later in the Game and the separate Soviet Installation Collectibles Guides.


After escaping from the gulag with Jacob and falling into the freezing river, Lara blacks out and experiences a flashback to a traumatic event from her childhood. She awakes to find Jacob watching over her. They talk about her reasons for coming here, and she tries to explain why finding the Divine Source is so important to her. He warns her to be cautious, to imagine what could happen if such a secret were to fall into the wrong hands. For now, they agree to disagree and to unite against their common enemy: Trinity. Jacob departs, leaving you with a new goal.

OBJECTIVE: Reach the Copper Mill

Emerge from Jacob's hideaway to find a box of supplies sitting near the cave entrance, and the Hidden Refuge Base Camp just outside. You're now high on a cliff overlooking the old Logging Camp. Using the camp unlocks another Camp Journal entry titled A Good Man.

You can follow the story by heading directly to the Copper Mill—the Survival Instinct beacon shows the way—but there's still plenty to do here if you want 100% completion.

NOTE: If you have purchased the Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch DLC, this side mission will be introduced when you return from the Gulag. You may want to combine the first two parts of the DLC with your exploration of the Voice of God Challenge Tomb and the Copper Mill, since they cover some of the same areas. However, you will not be able to get all the collectibles in the DLC until you've completed The Acropolis and unlocked the grapple.

COIN CACHE AND CRYPT ENTRANCE BELOW THE HIDDEN REFUGE: Assuming you deciphered the monolith (1/3) near the Communications Tower Base Camp earlier, there's a coin cache (2/9) buried on one of the ledges below your current position. To get there, drop down off the ledge just southeast of the campfire. Drop down again to the ledge directly below and follow it to the left end. Drop down three more times to reach the little clearing with the cache. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're returning here later, it's easier to start from the Logging Camp Base Camp and then cross the broken wooden bridge to the northeast. The cache and crypt entrance are on the other side of this bridge. (screenshot)

THE FORGE'S CRYPT: The next Crypt Entrance is near the coin cache described above. (It is marked C5 on the map, but the entrance is designated by the crypt icon rather than the usual cave icon.) Entering the dark cave should complete the Into Darkness Challenge, earning you XP and 2,000 Expedition Credits. If you missed one of the previous caves, don't worry. There are others in this area. (screenshots)

Continue to a small room with a container of cloth and a bricked-up archway. Use your axe to break down the wall. Pick up 2 Byzantine coins lying on the ground just ahead. Follow the tunnel, climbing over a pile of rocks where there has been a cave-in, and continue along the tunnel, picking up 2 more coins sitting near a skeleton with a shield. A little farther along, there's a mural (8/12) on the wall just to the right of an opening in the rocks through which you can see the crypt. Examine the mural for XP and Greek proficiency. It is called Damien, The Prophet's Forge and can be reviewed in the Crypt Murals section of the Documents screen. (screenshots)

Climb onto the ledge to the right of the mural and follow the tunnel to an opening overlooking a pool. On a small ledge just above the water on the right is a document (16/26), Damien, The Prophet's Forge from the Crypts of the Founders series(Greek again). Then swim through the tunnel with the tree roots growing above it. This leads to a long, flat ledge where you can climb out of the water. From there, climb up on the left into a tunnel with some magnesite ore, and a small opening leading to the crypt. (screenshots)

Drop down into the room, pick up 2 more gold coins, plus cloth and another coin from a cylindrical container. Then open the sarcophagus itself to obtain an ANCIENT BOW PART (2/4) plus another 3,000 Expedition credits. When you find the other three parts of this bow, you'll be able to build it at any base camp. Climb over the rocks to get back into the passageway near the mural. Then make your way back to the entrance the way you came. (screenshots)

When you exit the cave, cross the broken wooden bridge over the frozen stream and head downhill to the right toward the Logging Camp Base Camp. Now that you have unlocked rope arrows, go around behind the cabin and use a rope arrow to pull off the rope-wrapped panel. Under the cabin is a strongbox (6/14) containing a SUBMACHINE GUN COMPONENT (1/4). (screenshot)

NOTE: At this point you may want to fast travel back to the Siberian Wilderness. There's a relic hidden behind a rope barrier that you weren't able to access earlier. You can get it now. If you missed the second relic there, you can use your pistol to break down the impact barrier and retrieve it. You should now have 100% completion for that level. See the Siberian Wilderness walkthrough for details.

LOGGING CAMP CABIN: As you near the base camp, you'll also see an on-screen notification about an ally with a mission nearby. Go into the cabin and talk to the Remnant General again. He'll ask you to rescue two of his people who were captured. If you accept the Mission: The Unlucky Ones, your map is updated with a green circle showing where to go first.

This mission takes you back to the Train Yard, so it is covered in the Train Yard walkthrough. In the process, you'll find an Explorer Satchel (2/6), a relic (9/18), and a survival cache (9/21). These items are not counted in the header at the top of the page, since they are included in the totals for the Train Yard.

When you complete the mission and return to the cabin near the Logging Camp Base Camp, the general rewards you with an Outfit: The Infiltrator. To change outfits, access any base camp, select Weapons (not sure why but this is where outfits are), then press RB or click the shirt icon to open the Outfits tab, where you can examine and switch between the outfits you've bought or unlocked. You'll also receive 3,000 Expedition Credits the first time you complete this mission.

SHACK NORTHEAST OF THE LOGGING CAMP CABIN: The next Mission: Dangerous Territory is given by a wounded Remnant scout, who can be found sitting in front of the wooden shack between the Remnant general's cabin and the SAWMILL. He asks you to clear out a nearby wolf den so he and his comrades will have a safe place to rest and regroup. If you agree to help, the location of the cave is marked in green on your map and in Survival Instinct. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you explored this cave earlier, there will be more wolves to kill in order to complete the mission.

Head up the hill toward the SAWMILL. Then cross the metal bridge to the left (northwest). Skin the 2 deer carcases lying near the cave entrance for hides and pick up some rifle ammo. There's also a monolith (3/3) off to the right but you'll need to unlock Level 3 Russian before you can decipher it. I've labeled it 3/3 since it will probably be the last one you actually read. Approaching it now marks it on your map. On the left is a guard tower with a salvage crate at the top, and if you head up the slope directly to the left of the CAVE (C6 on the map), you'll find an Archivist Map (5/9) sitting on the ground. (screenshots)

Enter the cave and follow the right wall forward, readying your weapon of choice as you move deeper inside. Lara goes into a defensive crouch when she senses the wolves ahead. If you've unlocked the Animal Instincts skill, press the right stick every few steps and the wolves will glow, making them easier to target. There are 5 wolves in all, but two will charge first. Use poison arrows if you have them. Then follow up with rifle or pistol so you don't get overrun. If Lara is pinned down by a wolf, it triggers a QTE in which you must wiggle the left stick from side to side, then press Melee (F/Triangle/Y) at the on-screen prompt in order to kill the wolf. When you've killed them all, a message indicates you've completed the challenge. (screenshots)

Skin the wolves and another deer carcass for hides, pick some poison mushrooms, and dig out 2 magnesite ore deposits from the cave walls before exiting the cave. The cave is shaped like a donut, so make your way all the way around the perimeter to get back to the entrance. Then cross the bridge and return down the hill to the injured scout. In addition to XP, he thanks you and gives you a PISTOL SIGHT for your efforts. This is applied to all pistols and lets you zoom in when targeting. You also receive 3,000 Expedition Credits the first time you beat the mission.

NOTE: If you return to this area later in the game, during one of the night time cycles, you may find a rare white wolf lurking in or around this cave. (screenshot) Whether or not it appears seems to be random, but killing it yields exotic hides. NPCs in the Geothermal Valley mention a white wolf, and my friend Jeff has seen one in the open area east of the Sawmill as well. There may be others.

LOGGING CAMP CABIN (again): Return to the Remnant General in the cabin near the Logging Camp Base Camp for a new Mission: Misguided Intelligence. He asks you to track down a carrier bird and kill it to retrieve an important message. When you accept the mission, the current location of the bird is marked in green on your map and in Survival Instinct. It first appears on top of the gate near where you met the wounded Remnant scout earlier. That's just up the hill from the base camp. If you can shoot it down quickly, you won't need to chase it any farther. Otherwise, it may fly off and you'll have to find it using Survival Instinct. Once I had to chase it all the way to the top of the rock formation with one of the radio towers from the Communication Breakdown mission. Note that you don't actually need to search the dead bird for the message. As soon as you kill it, the mission is complete and you can return to the general for your reward: a SHOTGUN SPREADER CHOKE (and another 3,000 Expedition Credits). You probably don't have a shotgun yet, but this upgrade will be automatically applied to all shotguns you acquire. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're having trouble locating the bird and neither the in-game map nor Survival Instinct helps, it may be a bug. This has been partially addressed in the second Xbox One patch. Please check the Square Enix Forums for details and future announcements.

SECOND WOLF DEN (again): Around the time you finish the bird mission, there should be another Mission: Gulag Recon waiting for you. The marker beacon is a little wonky, but you're looking for the Remnant scout you helped earlier. He has now made his way into the wolf den you cleared out for him. It's on the north side of the metal bridge near the old SAWMILL and is marked C6 on the map. (There are also 2 men standing near a fresh grave just outside the cave entrance. You can talk to them, but they are not the mission givers.) Once you find the scout, he asks you to track down 3 pieces of enemy intelligence. Since this mission takes you back to the Gulag, it is covered at the end of Gulag walkthrough.

When you complete this mission and return to the Remnant scout in the cave, he rewards you with XP and a RIFLE SUPPRESSOR, which is automatically applied to the weapons that can use it. You also receive 3,000 Expedition credits if this is your first time completing the mission.

TRINITY RAIDING PARTY IN THE SAWMILL: If you return across the bridge now, there may be several Trinity soldiers guarding the old sawmill. With your new weapon attachment, you can now use the rifle for stealth kills, as long as you don't get too close to your target. Or, if you prefer, you can just avoid this area by heading south toward the base camp. At this point, there will also be some lanterns sitting around this building. You can toss them up at the dangling salvage nets to burn them and get the crates inside. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you have the Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch DLC, instead of a random group of Trinity squaddies, you may encounter soldiers related to the DLC mission. See that the notes above and the DLC walkthrough for details.

CAVE NEAR WATER TANK: Now that you are able to craft shrapnel grenades, grab one of the tin cans lying in and around the SAWMILL and carry it to the cave on the other side of the stream to the northeast. This cave (C7 on the map) is located in the cliff below the Communications Tower Base Camp and behind the rusty, cylindrical water tank. (screenshot) When you get there, craft a shrapnel grenade and use it to destroy the metal impact barrier. (screenshot) Inside the cave you'll find a strongbox (7/14) containing a COMPOUND BOW PART (3/4). The strongbox location appeared on your map when you found the Explorer Satchel in the TRAIN YARD, but you could not access it until now. (If you have the Incendiary Bombs skill, you could also make a petrol bomb from one of the red gas cans. Or, just set the can near the barrier and shoot it to cause an explosion.)

SNOW LEOPARD CAVE AND SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: On the way to the next challenge tomb, let's dig up a survival cache (10/21). It's one of four revealed on your map by the Explorer Satchel you found during The Unlucky Ones Mission. Find it by heading north, past the SAWMILL and between the two large rock formations. The cache is buried behind the rocks on the left, and you can see the rusted water tank and the shack where you found the third strongbox off to the north from there. (screenshot)

Now continue north to the challenge tomb. The entrance is located inside the CAVE (C4 on the map) on the northeast side of this area, below the Sheltered Ridge Base Camp. Approach cautiously. The first time you visit this area after returning from the Gulag, a snow leopard may be sitting on a ledge above the cave entrance. It may also respawn later on. If you have the Animal Instincts skill, activating Survival Instinct will help you spot the cat. I suggest shooting it from a distance with a couple of poison arrows in rapid succession. Unlike the bear you met earlier, the poison won't slow the leopard down. It will immediately jump down and come at you, but the poison should weaken it, making it a little easier to kill. As soon as you've shot the two arrows, switch to the rifle and fire quick bursts at the charging cat, backing away as you fire. Repeat this until it falls. When it's dead, loot the body for exotic hides. (screenshots)

NOTE: It's possible to climb onto the nearby wooden platform and shoot at the cat from there, but it will run into the cave and you'll have to pursue it. It's your choice, but it's probably safer to fight it out in the open so you have room to maneuver.

Now you can safely enter the cave. If this is your first time, it will count toward the Into Darkness Challenge. Use a rope arrow to remove the rope-wrapped barrier at the back of the cave. Then pry open the metal door, go through, and follow the tunnel to the Frozen Gorge Base Camp. (screenshots)

Follow this link for the VOICE OF GOD CHALLENGE TOMB WALKTHROUGH, which includes the Frozen Gorge Base Camp, 2 relics (10/18 and 11/18), 2 documents (17/26 and 18/26), an Explorer Satchel (3/6), an Archivist Map (6/9), and 3 survival caches (11-13/21), plus the codex that grants the Inner Strength skill.

ENTERING THE COPPER MILL: As you exit the SNOW LEOPARD CAVE after completing the SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB, turn left (south) and follow the ledge along the eastern cliff wall. If you move along the upper ledges, you'll find a salvage crate on the way. Instead of riding the zip line down from the ledge with the salvage, drop down onto ledge below to find a CAVE with a wooden impact barrier (C8 on the map). Dig up a coin cache (3/9) buried just outside the cave. (screenshot) Destroy the barrier with your pistol (screenshot) and go inside to find an Explorer Satchel (4/6). (screenshot) Examining the satchel reveals the location of several survival caches on your map as well as a few caves and strongboxes.

Exit this cave and continue south toward the Copper Mill and Objective Beacon. You're looking for another CAVE in the eastern wall (C9 on the map). (screenshot) Use a rope arrow to pull down the rope-wrapped barrier blocking the cave entrance. Inside is a strongbox (8/14) containing a COMPOUND BOW PART (4/4). If you found the others (two here in the Logging Camp area, one in the Gulag), you will now have all the parts for the weapon. When you reach the next base camp, you can build it. There's also a container with cloth and a gold coin. (screenshot)

NOTES: Occasionally there will be a couple of Trinity soldiers in this area. I did not encounter them on the first visit, but they did appear later on. Both of these caves (C7 and C8) count toward the Into Darkness Challenge if you haven't already beaten it.

As you exit the cave with the strongbox, you'll see a guard tower ahead. (screenshot) If you like, you can climb the rocks on the left, jump from there to the ladder, and climb into the tower to get some salvage and supplies. Then use the zip line to reach another elevated platform with more goodies. Or, wait and do that later when you'll also be able to dig up a coin cache in this area.

Now head for the COPPER MILL, following the Objective Beacon if necessary. Before you come to the gate, you'll pass a yellow crane with a log hanging from it. If you use a rope arrow to pull the log toward you, it will crash into the wooden platform and drop a salvage crate. (screenshot)

Head down the hill to the west to find a couple more salvage crates, one lying out in the open (screenshot), one underneath the elevated wooden roadway. One of the survival caches (14/21) revealed by the 4th explorer satchel is buried on the cliff overlooking the river, just ahead. (screenshot) Others are covered in the Copper Mill Walkthrough.

There's also another CAVE with a metal barrier (C10 on the map) down at water level near the stone pillar in the river. (screenshot) You may have noticed it while crossing the river during The Unlucky Ones Mission. It's possible to destroy the barrier with improvised explosives made from a tin can or red gas can, but that's a bit of a hassle for such a small payoff. You might just want to return later once you have unlocked grenades or grenade arrows. Inside, there are several wolves guarding an unremarkable stash of magnesite and mushrooms. When you finish exploring, exit the cave and use the climbing walls to get back to the top of the cliff.

Now return up the hill toward the gate and Objective Beacon. Pick up some pistol ammo to the right of the large gate decorated with corpses. As you pass through the gate, your goal is updated. Follow the walkthrough for the next area, the COPPER MILL.


There are several areas and challenges that can only be completed once you've obtained special gear. You can come back for these a little at a time or wait until you unlock CLIMBING ARROWS and then make a final sweep of the SOVIET INSTALLATION for 100% completion. The separate SOVIET INSTALLATION COLLECTIBLES GUIDE can help locate any major items.

NOTE ON BYZANTINE COINS AND THE SUPPLY SHACK: I highly recommend saving your coins and purchasing the GRENADE LAUNCHER attachment for the rifle. It will be especially helpful in one particular fight in the Geothermal Valley level. The launcher cost 120 coins at the SUPPLY SHACK. To get back there, go to any base camp, select Fast Travel, and then choose the Communications Tower Base Camp. After making your purchases, use the Communications Tower camp to fast travel back to where you left off. Later you'll unlock the Grenadier skill, which will allow you to craft ammo for the grenade launcher.

COIN CACHES REVEALED BY DECIPHERING RUSSIAN MONOLITHS: If you're following this walkthrough, the first monolith (1/3) you decipher is the one near the Communications Tower Base Camp and the SUPPLY SHACK. It only requires Level 1 Russian, so you'll be able to read it right away. It reveals the locations of the following coin caches (1-3/9) on your map. The first two were covered earlier in the walkthrough, so you may have already found them.

1 - Near the chain link fence just south of the Communications Tower Base Camp. (screenshot)
2 - On a ledge below the Hidden Refuge Base Camp, near the Crypt entrance. (screenshots)
3 - Just outside the small cave with the wooden impact barrier (C8 on the map), southeast of the SAWMILL. (screenshot)

You'll probably be able to read the monolith (2/3) near the Copper Mill Yard Base Camp the first time you pass it. If not, return once you have Level 2 Russian. Deciphering it reveals 3 coin caches (4-6/9) on your map:

4 - On top of the rock formation near the guard tower between the COPPER MILL and the LOGGING CAMP. (screenshot)
5 - Inside the SNOW LEOPARD CAVE (C4 on the map). This is the cave just below the Sheltered Ridge Base Camp that leads to the VOICE OF GOD CHALLENGE TOMB. (screenshot)
6 - Near the SECOND WOLF DEN (C6 on the map), where you cleared out the wolves for the Dangerous Territory mission. The cache is on a snow-covered ledge just below the one where you found the Archivist Map. (screenshot)

The monolith (3/3) near the SECOND WOLF DEN requires Level 3 Russian, which you should unlock while exploring the COPPER MILL. Reading this monolith reveals another 3 coin caches (7-9/9):

7 - Between the elevated tank and the fence just southeast of the Logging Camp Base Camp. (screenshot)
8 - On a ledge partway up the tall rock formation above the FIRST WOLF DEN (C3 on the map). Climb up just as you did for the Communications Breakdown Challenge (screenshots) and you'll find the coin cache buried just in front of the wooden wall about halfway up. (screenshot)
9 - Near the Crypt Entrance below the Installation Vista Base Camp. It is covered in the Installation Vista Walkthrough.

AFTER UNLOCKING THE COMBAT KNIFE: This bit of gear is found in the ABANDONED MINES level and can't be missed since it's part of the story progression. Any time after this, return to the Communications Tower Base Camp via fast travel to begin the Capture the Flag Challenge. This involves cutting down a series of Soviet flags. The first Soviet flag (1/7) is located on the porch of the SUPPLY SHACK. Stand next to the flagpole and press Y to cut down the flag. Then go down the wooden stairs below the shack and base camp to find the next flag (2/7). Cut it down the same way. (screenshots)

Continue down the wooden stairs. Then slide down the snowy slope and climb on top of the rusted water tank to cut down the next Soviet flag (3/7). (Or, f you're coming from the SAWMILL building, the third flag is on the other side of the frozen stream just beyond the ANCIENT CISTERN CHALLENGE TOMB entrance.) There's another Soviet flag (4/7) on top of the abandoned SAWMILL on the other side of the frozen stream. Watch out for possible enemies whenever you revisit this area. (While you're here, there's also a wooden pallet suspended from a rope inside the building. If you climb to the upper level, you can cut it down with your knife and get the supplies that fall to the floor.) Next, head downhill to the Logging Camp Base Camp to find the next Soviet flag (5/7) near the fence above the river. Of course, you can also fast travel back to this camp and find the flag that way. (screenshots)

The next flag (6/7) is on the way to the COPPER MILL. Follow the road along the river and head for the wooden guard tower. The flag is just below the tower. Be on the lookout for wolves and Trinity scouts as you explore this area. The last Soviet flag (7/7) is a bit farther to the southeast, right next to the Copper Mill Yard Base Camp. When you've cut down all seven flags, you'll get an XP bonus—plus 2,000 Expedition Credits if it's your first time completing this challenge. (screenshots)

There is also a small wooden pallet tethered to a post near the riverside just below the Logging Camp Base Camp. Look for the break in the fence behind the cabin near the campsite. (screenshot) Drop down there onto a rock ledge and use the knife to cut the rope securing the raft. You can then swim or jump over to the raft and use it to reach the container on the ledge above, which contains random supplies and possibly a few coins. (screenshot)

AFTER UNLOCKING CLIMBING ARROWS: There's an area above the Communications Tower Base Camp that is unreachable at first. Once you unlock CLIMBING ARROWS arrows, much later in the game, you can use them to scale the wooden wall (screenshot) to proceed with the story and find various collectibles. These are shown on the level map but not counted in the totals for this level at the top of the page. This section is covered along with the area north of the Copper Mill in the Copper Mill Bridge walkthrough.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 12/23/15 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
1/29/16 - Added PC keyboard controls and revised the section on the wooden impact barrier. I assumed at first that these barriers required a shotgun to destroy, but several shots from a pistol or rifle will also work. This required renumbering a few collectibles. Thanks to Izzy for pointing this out.
2/7/16 - Amended the item count at the top of the page and the last paragraph of the section on "Revisiting This Level." The totals for the Soviet Installation have not changed, just the sections of the walkthrough where they are counted. Items found in the area above the Communications Tower Base Camp and Supply Shack are now included in the separate Copper Mill Bridge walkthrough. The totals for the items found in the second visit to the Train Yard are now included in that walkthrough. I'm sorry if this is confusing. I will try to streamline things in a future revision. Also added the info about the log hanging from the crane near the Copper Mill entrance, thanks to a reminder from Richard S. This was originally part of the Copper Mill walkthrough.
3/14/16 - Added quick note about cutting down the suspended pallet inside the Sawmill once you've obtained the combat knife. Thanks to several readers who reminded me about this.
4/24/16 - Added Quick Collectibles Guides, renumbered a few items in the process, and revised the level maps accordingly. In this area, the most significant change was the order of the pickups between the Voice of God Challenge Tomb and the Copper Mill.
6/18/16 - Changed weapon parts aquired based on second playthrough, specifically the bolt action rifle part acquired on revisiting this level. Again, the order in which you acquire the various weapon parts from strongboxes may be different from mine.
5/28/17 - Changed the order for exploring the caves and opening some of the strongboxes and added a note about the tethered raft below the Logging Camp. Thanks to Jeff Reid for this advice. Jeff, Garfield O., and Richard S. all alerted me to the little raft, but I've just now had a chance to mention it here. Thanks, guys!

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