Stella's Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough - For Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, MacOS & Linux

NOTE: This is a FIRST DRAFT. I have included every major collectible item, but I have not yet fully optimized the order in which they are collected. Combat strategy is based on the medium ("Tomb Raider") difficulty setting, so your experience may vary. In addition to the walkthroughs for each level, separate pages for Controls & Gameplay Tips, Crafting, Skill & Weapon Upgrades, and Collectible Items will be added soon.

SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. If you encounter a bug that can't be fixed by restarting the game, reloading a different save, restoring a backup save in the Xbox version, or rebuilding the game cache in the PC version, I encourage you to visit the Official Rise of the Tomb Raider Support Forum and or put in a support request with Square Enix. I also have PC save files for download.


Updated: 10/11/16()

Camps: Remnant Bazaar, Riverside Landing, Tower Courtyard
Weapons/Gear: Full-Auto Shotgun Piece (1/4), Break-Action Shotgun Piece (2/4), Grenade Arrows, Enhancement Tool*, Wire Spool/Grapple Axe
Relics:Documents: 10  Murals:Coin Caches: Survival Caches:Strongboxes: 3
Monoliths:Archivist Maps:Explorer Satchels: 1
Challenge Tombs/Codices: none  Crypts: none  Challenges: Missions: none
Area Maps: The Acropolis

*NOTE: There are a few items that are impossible to obtain on your first visit. These are covered in a separate section at the end of the waltkhrough. All document, relic, and strongbox locations are fixed and numbered on the level map; however, the exact items may vary depending on the order in which you find them. Depending on which tools you've found/purchased, you may get the Crafting Tool or the Refinement Tool here instead. See the walkthrough for details.

For subsequent visits, check out the section below on Revisiting This Area Later in the Game and the separate Acropolis Collectibles Guide.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way into the Acropolis

LEVEL ENTRANCE: The entrance to this level is on the east side of the GEOTHERMAL VALLEY, near the Aqueduct Ruins Base Camp. After jumping off the end of the broken bridge and scaling the climbable wall (screenshot), follow the stairs up to the level entrance. (screenshot)

STONE BRIDGE WITH JUMBLED BELONGINGS: When you step out onto the stone bridge, Lara checks in with Jacob over the walkie-talkie. She tells him there's no sign of Sofia or the other villagers here, and he suggests she head for the catacombs beneath the tower to look for them there. Drop down on the right side to find a document (1/10) hidden in a little alcove under the bridge. It is Prophet's Arrival from The Apostle series (Greek). Cross beneath the bridge and climb back up. Grab some herbs and salvage near the east end of the bridge and then climb through the opening above on the left. (screenshots)

CANYON PATHWAY TO THE ACROPOLIS: Use the fallen tree to cross the wide gap between ledges. Then turn right, jump across another gap, and scramble up the rock wall into the narrow canyon leading off to the east. Continue past a small waterfall to a dead end above a deep pit. Jump across the pit and latch onto the climbable wall. Climb up and around until you're able to dismount on the ledge on the upper right. At the top of the next flight of stairs, your goal is updated. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Enter the Acropolis

Use an arrow to create a rope line so you can cross the next wide gap. Then swim through the flooded tunnel to a ledge overlooking the Acropolis. As you move forward, two Trinity helicopters pass overhead on their way to the tower. Continue down the path to the deserted marketplace. The Remnant Bazaar Base Camp is on the hillside to your left. If you rest here, you'll unlock the Camp Journals II document called Answers. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you have a skill point to spend, and you go in for stealth combat like I do, I recommend taking either the second-tier Hunter skills Finesse or Double Shot if you don't yet have them. If you do, go for Triple Shot or True Shot from the third-tier Hunter skills. Notes on using these skills follow. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you might go for Deadly Force or any of the other second- or third-tier Brawler skills.

RUINED BAZAAR: Lara says she hopes she's not too late to help, but of course game time is fluid, so you can explore at your leisure without worrying too much about your Remnant friends. There are various minor pickups in this area including lots of hardwood and herbs, some magnesite, an oil can, and ammo for various weapons. On the hillside behind the campsite, next to an olive green tent, is a locked strongbox (1/3) containing a FULL-AUTO SHOTGUN PIECE (1/4). (screenshot) There is also a survival cache (1/3) buried on the rock ledge just north of this tent. You can locate it by its telltale flash if you want to dig it up now. (screenshot) Otherwise, wait until you find the Explorer Satchel that reveals it on your map.

At the north end of the bazaar, sitting on the ground near the barricaded door, is a document (2/10), First Winter from The Days After series (Greek). (screenshot) The market stall just south of here shelters another document (3/10), Common Blood from the Codex of Survival series (also XP and Greek), and a strongbox (2/3) with a BREAK-ACTION SHOTGUN PIECE (2/4) inside. (screenshot)

Just down the line of stalls is a wooden crate with another document (4/10) on top of it. This one is Stewards, also part of the the Codex of Survival series (Greek). (screenshot)

The next stall contains a small, hard-to-spot walkie talkie (1/6) hanging by a cord. Use Survival Instinct if you're having trouble finding it. As long as you've unlocked the Eye for Detail skill, it will glow. Shoot this radio to initiate the Cut Short Challenge, for which you must find and destroy 6 of these devices. (screenshots)

The stall on the opposite side of the road has some magnesite and a box with a relic (1/3), a Reliquary from the Tokens of Faith set. (screenshot)

Finally, there are two more olive drab tents near the western edge of this area. Another survival cache (2/3) is buried near the tent on the left. Again, you can probably find it by looking for the flash (screenshot), or you can wait until later when you find the Explorer Satchel that reveals all 3 caches on your map. When you're finished here, follow the road to the south.


OBJECTIVE: Infiltrate the Ruins and Find Sofia

MARKET SQUARE WITH TRINITY SOLDIERS: As you enter this area a cutscene shows a squad of Konstantin's men executing their Remnant captives. There are 6 soldiers in all, 3 directly in front of you and 3 more on the far right side of the square. If you don't want to engage them all at once, stay hidden in the bushes for now and wait for one of the first 3 men to wander off to the left. Once he's separated from the others (yellow instead of red in Survival Instinct view), you should be able to kill him with a silent headshot without the others noticing. Then shoot an arrow into one of the columns off to the left. This should cause a second man to go investigate. As soon as he's far enough away from the squad leader, kill him with another headshot. Dispatch the leader the same way. (screenshots)

Now move around to the far left corner, taking cover behind various barrels, boxes, and low walls, until you come to a large opening in the stone wall, through which you can see the 3 remaining enemies. Wait here for a bit, and they should split up without your having to do anything. As the first of them comes toward you, try to shoot him in the head before he can sound the alarm. Then take out the one in middle while he's on his own. Finally, move to the right to get a clear shot at the last man. Stealth isn't really necessary at this point, but a headshot only takes one arrow or bullet. Also, if you've unlocked the Finesse Hunter skill, chaining 6 stealth kills like this results in a sweet XP bonus. (screenshots)

Alternatively, if you prefer the loud and aggressive approach, try to keep moving and use the numerous containers, columns, and low walls for cover. If you like you can craft improvised explosives from the cans and bottles lying around, and there are gas cans you can shoot from a distance or grab and use to make firebombs, assuming you've unlocked the Incendiary Bombs skill.

After the fight, loot the bodies and pick up extra ammo and other supplies. There are 3 walkie talkies (2-4/6) here that you can shoot for the Cut Short Challenge. One is hanging beneath the yellow-and-white awning on the east side of the square. One is in the stall with the baskets of fruits and vegetables on the west side. The third is is in the stall in the southwest corner, on the left just before you exit this area. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you happen to refer to the annotated level map, you may notice a relic at the south end of the square. This is actually on the other side of the big doors. You'll reach it later.

ENTERING THE CATACOMBS: Exit the square in the southwest corner. Crack open 2 salvage crates, one in the alcove on the right, the other out in the open where the path takes a turn to the right. (screenshot) Continue down the slope into an underground room, where 2 soldiers are arguing over whether to continue their killing spree or take a break for art appreciation. If you wait for them to separate, you can kill the art lover first. (screenshot) Then move deeper into the room to take out the other man. Loot the bodies, gather some mushrooms, shotgun ammo, and magnesite, and continue along the passageway to the southwest.

ROOM WITH LOW CEILING AND ROUND SKYLIGHT: There are 4 Trinity soldiers in the room ahead. If you approach quietly, you can take out the first one with a stealth attack or silent headshot. (screenshot) Then kill the rest with your weapon of choice. Since it's dark down here, you may be able to chain another series of headshots if you start with the one on the left and then hit the other two fairly quickly while they're still trying to figure out where the attack is coming from. Or, if you have the Double Shot skill, you can shoot the two in the middle simultaneously, then take care of the last man. (screenshot)

NOTE: To use Double or Triple Shot once you've unlocked the skill, hold LT/Right Mouse/L2 to draw your bow as usual, aim and then zoom in by clicking the right stick or pressing Z on the keyboard. Hold RT/Left Mouse/R2 to charge your shot. The targeting reticle will turn into a red diamond indicating the first target is locked. Sweep the right stick or mouse to target a second enemy, then a third if you have Triple Shot. Finally release RT/Left Mouse/R2 to fire, hitting multiple targets. Once you have the third-tier skill True Shot, the locked targets automatically become headshots, making the bow one of your most powerful weapons.

There's more salvage, a box of supplies, and a chunk of magnesite, in the alcove opposite the entrance to this room. (screenshot) Take what you need. Then search the dead enemies and pick up more rifle and shotgun ammo in the big room. Just before the exit, in the southeast corner, pick up a stack of 5 gold coins in the dark alcove on the left. (screenshot)

BASEMENT ROOM WITH SANDBAGS: As you advance toward the light, an explosion destroys the floor, dropping Lara into the room below. While you gather your wits, 2 more enemies wander in from the right. Stay hidden behind the wall of sandbags so they don't notice Lara. (screenshot) Then use a poison arrow or make a molotov cocktail from one of the nearby bottles to kill them both. Or, shoot an arrow into the wall directly ahead of the sandbags to draw one of the men away. Then take him down with a silent headshot, and do the same with his buddy. In addition to whatever items the men were carrying, there are mushrooms growing in the northeast corner, plus cloth and more mushrooms in the alcove to the southwest. When you're ready to move on, go through the raised opening in the southeast and follow the passageway to the left. (screenshot)

ROOM WITH REMNANT CAPTIVES: In the next room, 3 Trinity soldiers are holding Sofia and several of her comrades. It's probably better not to poison or incinerate your allies, so concentrate fire on the bad guys. Stay behind the curved wall and take out as many as you can before they notice you. (screenshot) If you've unlocked the Double Shot skill, you can take out the 2 men on the right in one volley. If you have Triple Shot, you can do a little damage to the one on the left as well. (screenshot) He's wearing light armor, though, so you'll need to follow up with another shot or two to finish him. If you miss and they notice you, switch to one of your guns to end the fight quickly.

When the fight is over, step into the room to trigger a cutscene in which Lara frees Sofia and offers to help in any way she can. Lara then agrees to open the entrance to the catacombs, which is blocked from the other side.

OBJECTIVE: Find the Ammunition Cache

Gather mushrooms in one corner of the room and pick up a stack of 5 Byzantine coins near the Remnant man tending to his injured friend. (screenshot) Then use your axe to break down the weak wall to the left of the barred door. (screenshot) Go through the opening and drop down into a shallow pit, where you'll find the one mural (1/1) in this area. It is The Valley from the Byzantine Inscriptions series (Greek). (screenshot)

Scramble up the wooden wall opposite the mural. From here you can see the blocked door to the catacombs through an ornate, metal grate. (screenshot)

OBJECTIVE: Find a Way to Destroy the Blockade

Drop down into the room on the left to discover a cache of grenades and unlock a new ammunition type: GRENADE ARROWS. You'll also find all the supplies you need to make your own grenade arrows (arrows, cloth, and magnesite), as well as an oil can and a relic (2/3), a carved Deer Charm from the The Early Inhabitants set. (screenshot)

NOTES: To cycle among the different arrow types—grenade arrows, poison arrows, and fire arrows—press D-Pad Up. You can also use the rifle to launch grenades if you bought the GRENADE LAUNCHER attachment from the SUPPLY SHACK; however, rifle and arrow grenades are separate items. You can craft arrow grenades by combining arrows from your inventory with cloth and magnesite. It takes 1 cloth and 4 magnesite to add grenades to 2 arrows. Select grenade arrows and then hold RB/Middle Mouse/R1 without drawing your bow to craft them. To make rifle grenades, you need the Grenadier skill, plus 1 oil and 4 magnesite for each grenade. Select the rifle, then hold RB/Middle Mouse/R1 without drawing the weapon to craft grenades. Rifle grenades are powerful but harder to aim, since they can bounce after launching.

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the Blockade to Free the Remnant

Climb back onto the ledge, aim through the metal lattice, and press RB/Middle Mouse to fire a grenade arrow and destroy the barrier. (screenshot)

Another cutscene ensues, in which the Remnant wounded leave for a new hiding place, and Lara forms a tenuous alliance with Sofia.

OBJECTIVE: Breach the Gate to the Tower Courtyard

SECOND BASE CAMP AND STONE BRIDGE ACROSS THE RIVER: After the cutscene, if you missed anything in the previous area, you can re-enter it through the doorway on the right. Otherwise, head up the stairs to find the Riverside Landing Base Camp. There's a document (5/10) sitting on the table near the campfire. It is Missing from the Diary of the Resistance series (Greek). (screenshot)

The nearby monolith (1/1) is inscribed in Greek, but if you've been reading documents and murals, you should have the skill to decipher it. It reveals the location of 2 coin caches on your map, plus a third you can't see yet because it's in the unexplored area to the south. Dig up one coin cache (1/3) now. It's at the bottom of the stairs where Lara and Sofia spoke a few minutes ago. (screenshot)

If you like, you can fast travel back to the Remnant Bazaar Base Camp and dig up another coin cache (2/3) atop a rock formation in the northwest corner of that area. (screenshot) Then fast travel back here to continue.

Continue up the steps and walk across the planks to the wooden ledge that runs along the front of the next building. In the left corner, lying near an abandoned bedroll, is a document (6/10), Language of the Land from the Codex of Survival series (Greek). (screenshot) Move along the wooden ledge, sidestepping carefully to the end. Then jump to grab the edge of the stone bridge and pull up. (screenshot)

Jacob makes contact by walkie talkie. He and his people are under attack from Trinity's helicopters and need a diversion posthaste. Lara repeats her familiar mantra, "I can do this!"

Pick up another relic (3/3), Bullae from the Tokens of Faith set, lying on the ground at the north end of the bridge. (screenshot) Then head to the other end of the bridge, grabbing some salvage on the way and jumping across the wide gap in the middle. (screenshot) Beyond the gap, take an explosive arrow from someone who won't be needing it anymore and use it to destroy the metal barrier. (screenshot) Hold RB/Middle Mouse/R1 without drawing your bow to craft more grenade arrows. Then squeeze through the gap under the door into the next area.

OBJECTIVE: Attack Trinity to Lure the Helicopter Out

FIGHTING YOUR WAY TO THE ACROPOLIS TOWER: Lara arrives on the scene to find her Remnant allies under fire. The portcullis closes behind you preventing retreat. As far as I can tell, there's no way to sneak your way through this encounter, so you'll need to be aggressive. You may be able to take out one or two of the Trinity soldiers from inside the archway, but they soon spot Lara and start shooting. So run forward and take cover behind one of the boxes. Kill the first man on the left if you didn't hit him from the doorway. Then attend to the 2 soldiers ahead on the right. You can probably kill them both with one poison arrow, especially if you've unlocked the Death Cloud Arrows skill, which makes your poison arrows even more toxic. Same with the next 2 men who appear on the ledge above. If one of them manages to throw a grenade, quickly move out of the way and take cover behind another box, the big rock in the middle of the street, or one of the stone columns on the right. There's one more guy on the far left, assuming he didn't succumb to your toxic cloud earlier. Kill him with your weapon of choice, and this phase of the fight is over. (screenshots)

Loot the bodies and gather all the ammo, grenade arrows, and other supplies you can carry. Don't miss the salvage, cloth, and strongbox (3/3) in the alcove on the east side of the street. This box contains the ENHANCEMENT TOOL, which opens up a new tier of possible upgrades for your weapons. When you're ready to move on, use a rifle grenade or grenade arrow to destroy the metal barrier to the southwest and go through. (screenshots)

NOTE: There are three upgrade tools in the game: the crafting tool, the enhancement tool, and the refinement tool. Two are found in strongboxes (here and in the Abandoned Mines); one can be purchased from the SUPPLY SHACK. So this may be a different tool, depending on which ones you've unlocked so far.

Head up the stairs to the next area. If you advance cautiously and shoot the red fuel barrel sitting on the ledge to the south, you may be able to kill a few of the next 5 enemies before they notice you. Try to take out a couple more with a poison or explosive arrow while they're still clustered together. Any remaining enemies will approach one or two at a time. If you like, you can run back down the stairs, take cover, and pick them off as they come to you. Some of these guys will start throwing grenades, so dodge out of the way when you see the red explosive icon and return fire. (screenshots)

When the Trinity helicopter passes overhead, you'll know this phase of the fight is finished. As usual, search the bodies for ammo, bits of salvage, and cloth. Pick up more ammo scattered about, and crack open the salvage crate in the alcove on the right. There's also a walkie talkie (5/6) hanging beneath the canopy on the left. Shoot it for the challenge. (screenshots)

As you continue along the cobbled street to the south, two slain Remnant warriors fall across your path. Take out the Trinity soldier who killed them by leaning around the corner. Click the left stick or press Shift to adjust your aim so Lara leans out to the left. (screenshots)

There are 4 more enemies around the next corner. They appear in pairs beneath the archway at the top of the steps. Again, poison arrows work well for clustered enemies at a distance, but the rifle is fine too. If any of them rush you, switch to the shotgun for a fast, close-quarters takedown. There's one more man inside the ruined building with the arches. Advance to a position just behind the low wall to get his attention. Then try to take him out quickly, but be prepared to run back down the stairs if he starts throwing grenades. (screenshots)

When the coast is clear, pick up rifle ammo, grab some rifle grenades from the box on the right, and climb up into the building with the arches to search the enemy corpses and find containers of cloth and salvage. There's also a survival cache (3/3) in the northeast corner of this building. If you stand outside, you should be able to spot the flashing light that shows where the cache is buried. Or, you can wait to find the Explorer Satchel, which will mark all 3 caches on your map. (screenshots)

Exit the ruined building on the southwest side. As you enter the next small courtyard, a cutscene shows the Remnant forces at last winning a small victory over the invaders.


OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Trinity Forces

TOWER COURTYARD: After the cutscene, you're standing near the Tower Courtyard Base Camp, with the tower itself just ahead. Sofia contacts Lara over the radio. She and her people are now trapped in the catacombs and need Lara's help. (screenshots)

Before running off to assist, make a pit stop at the camp. You may or may not have a Skill Point to spend, but chances are you've unlocked a few new weapon upgrades now that you've found the ENHANCEMENT TOOL. Access the Weapons menu at the campfire to check out the possibilities.

Search the market stall near the campfire to find a stack of 5 gold coins; a document (7/10), Dangerous Errand from the Diary of the Resistance series (Greek); and another walkie talkie (6/6). Shoot it to complete the Cut Short Challenge and earn an XP bonus. Now face north—back in the direction from which you came. Just ahead on the left is a short alley with some ammo, a medicinal herb bush, and an Archivist Map (1/1) spread out on the ground. Examining the map reveals the locations of any documents and relics you haven't already found. There are a few documents in the unexplored area to the west, so you may not see any change yet. (screenshots)

ENTERING THE TOWER: When you're ready to move on from the Tower Courtyard Base Camp, follow the corridor to the west. As you climb the stairs several enemies spawn ahead of you. Shoot the first man as he approaches. Take cover behind the low wall on the right and use rifle, bow, or grenade to take out the 2 soldiers behind the wooden barrier at the end of the hall. Move forward to the next low wall to trigger a fourth enemy. Shoot him as he approaches. Then move forward to pick up a grenade arrow, rifle ammo, and a document (8/10), The Revenant from the series called The Days After (Greek). (screenshots)

When you enter the room at the end of the hall, an armored soldier with a metal shield bursts through the door. Now that you have grenade arrows, taking out these guys is much easier. Back away so you don't accidentally hurt yourself, then shoot a grenade arrow at his feet. One well-aimed shot should finish him. (screenshots)

Loot the bodies and gather up all the supplies you can carry, There are more grenade arrows and ammo for all your guns in this hallway, and you can backtrack to the camp and beyond if you need herbs or cloth for bandages. Then crawl under the door at the west end of the hall to start the last big fight of this level. (screenshots)

SKIRMISH INSIDE THE TOWER: Quickly and quietly move behind the box on the right so the 3 Trinity soldiers don't notice Lara. There's another grenade arrow lying here. If you have the Double Shot or Triple Shot skill, you can take out two of the men before they know what's hit them. (screenshots)

NOTE: You may be able to kill all three with Triple Shot and the Compound Bow, but I haven't had a chance to try this yet. Using the Triple Shot skill with the bow called Grim Whisper, it's easy to kill two and wound the third so you just need to finish him off. Otherwise, you may want to shoot an arrow off to the right to draw one man away from the others. Kill him, then take on the other two.

As you fight the first trio, 2 more men descend from the rafters on the far side of the room, quickly followed by 2 more. You can shoot them one at a time or target the red fuel barrel between them as they land. If you use a poison arrow to hit the barrel, the resulting explosion and gas cloud should do quite a bit of damage. (screenshots)

The wooden boxes you're using for cover won't last long, so run to the right and hide behind the more solid stone columns. Six more soldiers continue to drop in from above. They come in pairs on the south and east sides of the room (assuming you're behind the columns to the west). They don't all rush you at once, but it's important to take them out as they come so you don't get overwhelmed. Rifle grenades and grenade arrows are useful, but hang onto a few grenade arrows for the last two enemies. Some of these guys will try to flank you, so stay alert and switch to the shotgun to finish off anyone who approaches from the left or right. Don't forget you can click the left stick or press Shift for a better angle when shooting around a corner to the left. (screenshots)

There are various types of ammo scattered around the room, and herbs for bandages on the east side if you need it (screenshot), and of course you can loot the bodies of slain enemies for more supplies. But if you can make it through the fight without stopping to pick things up, you'll be safer.

Once you've killed the first 13 regular soldiers, 2 armored enemies arrive on the scene. One has a metal shield. If you can hit the one without the shield using a grenade arrow while they're still standing close together you can probably kill them both with one shot. Otherwise, you'll need to keep moving and try to split them up. Hit the shielded guy in the feet with a grenade arrow or two poison arrows to bring him down. (Or, if you're out of special ammo, let him come to you and use the Dodge Counter we covered back in the Copper Mill walkthrough.) Then take out the other guy with a grenade or several shotgun blasts. It will take that much to chip away at his armor and then finally kill him. (screenshots)

AFTER THE FIGHT: When these two fall, the fight is over and a cutscene plays. Lara reunites with her Remnant friends, and Jacob fills in a few more details about Kitezh and the Divine Source. As Lara descends from the tower, she meets Sofia. Grateful for Lara's help in the fight against Trinity, she reveals the location of the Atlas—beneath the cathedral on the cliffs above the city—but warns Lara that the Deathless Ones guard the Atlas and will kill anyone who trespasses. To aid Lara in her quest, Sofia also gives her a useful item: the WIRE SPOOL.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Safe Path Back to the Remnant Village

CANYON LEADING BACK TO THE GEOTHERMAL VALLEY: When the cutscene finishes, you're in a new area. A gate blocks the flooded tunnel to the south, so you can no longer access the tower room where you fought that last group of soldiers. There are some collectibles there, however, so plan to return once you finish the level. Details are below.

For now, follow the canyon northward. Shoot an arrow into the beam ahead to make a rope line so you can cross the first wide gap. As you move to the edge of the next shallow pit, the pop-up Grapple Axe tutorial obscures your view of the area below. Before swinging across, drop down into the pit to retrieve the Explorer Satchel (1/1). This adds the locations of 3 survival caches to your map. Climb up on the south side of the pit where you started. Then swing across the gap by by jumping forward and pressing Interact (X/E) to grapple the metal rings above. (screenshots)

NOTE: These caches were covered above, but if you didn't find them, you'll be able to fast travel back for them soon.

Continue forward across a fallen tree trunk. To use your new grapple axe to reach the ledge high above on the right, jump out into the gap and press Interact to hook the ledge above. Then climb up. Move forward a few steps and turn around to spot a document (9/10) lying in the bushes. It is Bones of the Earth from the Codex of Survival series (Greek). (screenshots)

Continue to the north until you come to a wide chasm with another set of metal rings and a climbable wall beyond. Jump out into the gap and quickly press Interact to grapple the rings. As you swing forward, Lara automatically releases the grapple, but you'll need to press Interact again to latch on. (If she slips, press Interact again at the prompt for a saving grab.) Then climb to the right, jump to grab the next thin handhold, and climb along to the right until you can pull up. (screenshots)

Continue through the canyon to the next deep pit. Jump into the gap and press Interact to grapple the climbing wall directly ahead. Climb the cable until Lara is hanging in front of the climbable wall. Then press Interact again to switch from the grapple axe to two climbing axes. Now continue climbing to the ledge above and follow the tunnel to emerge near the Cliffside Lookout Base Camp on the south side of the GEOTHERMAL VALLEY.

NOTES ON 100% COMPLETION: Even if you picked up every possible item and beat the Cut Short Challenge in The Acropolis, you'll still only have 93% completion, since there are two items, a document and a coin cache, that can only be obtained by revisiting the level. See the section below for details.


As mentioned above, there are a few items that are impossible to get during your first visit to The Acropolis. If you're only missing the 10th document and 3rd coin cache, it's easy to go back and get them as soon as you finish the level. From the Cliffside Lookout Base Camp in the GEOTHERMAL VALLEY, fast travel back to the Tower Courtyard Base Camp in The Acropolis.

From there, follow the corridor to the west and crawl under the door to re-enter the tower room where you fought the last large group of Trinity soldiers. Now the trapdoor in the center of the room is open. Drop in and use your axe to pry open the metal gate. Go through and around to the right to find a document (10/10) lying on the ledge on the other side of the small stream. This is Armor of Faith from the Diary of the Resistance series (Greek). Continue along the passageway to the northwest. Lara will duck and light a glow stick as you pass through this low tunnel. When you can stand once more, continue to the end of the passageway and climb through the small, rectangular opening on the left. The last coin cache (3/3) is buried in the far right (southwest) corner of this little room near some old barrels. (screenshots)

When you have it, return through the tunnel the way you came and scramble up through the trapdoor into the tower. Turn left and crawl back under the door to exit this room. Then follow the corridor back to the base camp. From there you can fast travel back to the Cliffside Lookout Base Camp in the GEOTHERMAL VALLEY (or wherever you left off).

If you are missing other collectibles, refer to the separate Acropolis Collectibles Guide. This details the fastest way back to every item. Watch out for enemies as you explore. There are a few small groups of Trinity soldiers that seem to respawn randomly in certain areas.

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