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Updated: 3/10/18()

Camps: Copper Mill Bridge
Weapons/Gear: Broadhead Climbing Arrows, Heavy Pistol Part (4/4)
Relics: none (18)  Documents: 2 (26)  Murals: 1 (12)  Coin Caches: none (9)  Survival Caches: 3 (21)  Strongboxes: 2 (14)
Monoliths: none (3)  Archivist Maps: 1 (9)  Explorer Satchels: 1 (6)
Challenge Tombs/Codices: none (3)  Crypts: none (2)  Challenges: none (4)  Missions: none (5)
Area Maps: Copper Mill Bridge Detail | Entire Soviet Installation

NOTE: The Soviet Installation is a HUGE area, so I have divided the walkthrough into several sections centered on the main base camps. This walkthrough covers the Copper Mill Bridge area, which you can only access after completing the Flooded Archives, as well as the previously inaccessible area north of the Supply Shack. Check the level menu for the others. The first number in each of the stat lines above is for this area alone. The number in parentheses is for the entire Soviet Installation. Note that a few of the items near the Supply Shack are marked on the Copper Mill Bridge Detail map but are covered in the Logging Camp walkthrough, when you first visit this area.

For subsequent visits, check out the section below on Revisiting This Area Later in the Game and the separate Soviet Installation Collectibles Guides.


OBJECTIVE: Follow the Trinity Helicopter to the Old Soviet Weather Station

In an extended cinematic sequence, Lara reunites with Jonah and discovers the location of the entrance to the Lost City, only to see Jonah and the Atlas captured by Trinity. Lara now returns to the Soviet Installation to try and rescue her friend.

BRIDGE OVERLOOKING THE SOVIET INSTALLATION: You re-enter this level near a new campsite, the Copper Mill Bridge Base Camp. Lara calls Sofia over the walkie talkie and explains her plan to go after Jonah. Sofia tells Lara about a hidden weapons cache nearby.

OBJECTIVE: Find Sofia's Strongbox of Gear

The strongbox (13/14) Sofia mentioned is sitting near the campfire. Open it to unlock BROADHEAD CLIMBING ARROWS. There's also a survival cache (19/21) buried just to the south and a document (25/26) sitting on the box near the fire. It is Separated from the Radio Calls series. (screenshot)

Resting at the camp also unlocks an entry in the Camp Journals III series called An Old Friend In Need.

NOTE: Fast travel is not available right now, but you will be able to return to this camp later in case you miss anything.

When you open the strongbox, you receive XP and a new goal. A tutorial explains how to use climbing arrows, but before moving on, go around the truck toward the bridge. Then move into the corner next to the building to find an Archivist Map (9/9). (screenshot) Again, the game says it reveals both documents and murals, but it actually seems to be documents and relics.

OBJECTIVE: Infiltrate the Research Base

CROSSING THE VALLEY TO THE COMMUNICATIONS TOWER: Now to test out those climbing arrows. Draw your bow and aim as usual. When you target the soft wood surface on the side of the building, climbing arrows are automatically selected, just like rope arrows are selected when you target rope coils. Hold the Primary Fire button to charge your shot. You'll see a white circle radiating from the spot you're targeting. Release the Fire button to shoot a climbing arrow into the wall. Shoot 2 or 3 climbing arrows into the wall now. Then use them to climb onto the ledge above, just as you would climb tree branches. Here you'll find a mural (12/12), Dedication from the Soviet Crests series (Russian). (screenshots)

When you're ready to move on from this area, slide down the zip line to the wooden platform below. Then use the lines ahead to slide all the way down to the snowy ledge on the north side of the valley. If you don't yet have the Zipper Achievement, this a good place for it. As Lara approaches the end of the long zip line, briefly press B/C/Circle to let go of the line and grab the line below. The achievement should then unlock. (screenshots)

When you land, move forward onto the wooden ledge. Now either scale the climbable wall on the right or shoot 3 climbing arrows into the soft wooden wall ahead and just them to cross above the decrepit walkway. Then climb the stairs to the Communications Tower Base Camp. (screenshots)

If you rest at this camp, you'll unlock another document from the Camp Journals III series: Memories of My Mother. You can also do a little shopping in the SUPPLY SHACK.

NOTE: If you triggered the cutscene with Jonah and the Atlas before you had a chance to explore the Geothermal Valley further, you can return there now via fast travel. See the Geothermal Valley Third Visit walkthrough for details. This is also a good opportunity to revisit earlier levels now that you have the gear you need to obtain every collectible and beat every challenge—explosives, fire arrows, climbing arrows, rebreather. When you're ready to move on with the story, fast travel back to the Communications Tower Base Camp near the Supply Shack and proceed from here.

THE PATH TO THE RESEARCH BASE: Shoot 2 or 3 climbing arrows into the wooden wall near the campsite and use them to climb onto the ledge above. Here you'll find a document (26/26), Contact from the Radio Calls series, and a strongbox (14/14) containing a HEAVY PISTOL PART (4/4). (screenshots)

Continue up the path to discover an Explorer Satchel (6/6) lying near a dead body. This reveals the locations of the last 2 survival caches (20/21 and 21/21) on your map. The first of these caches is buried very close to the satchel. Return down the hill to where you found the last document, drop onto the small snowy ledge below on the left, and dig up the next cache. (screenshots)

If you missed the survival cache (5/21) buried behind the SUPPLY SHACK earlier, it will also be marked on your map now. Either drop down from the ledge where you found the previous cache, or climb back up, stand near the rope-wrapped post, and use a rope arrow to create a zip line so you can slide down. Retrieve the cache. Then, if you like, stop at the campfire again to examine/equip the HEAVY PISTOL. (screenshot)

NOTE: At this point it's possible to have 100% completion for the Soviet Installation. If you missed anything, it's perfectly OK to continue exploring. Jonah is tough; he can wait. Otherwise, just plan to return later.

Use the climbing arrows you planted earlier to get back onto the high ledge. Follow the path, past where you found the Explorer Satchel, to a cave. (screenshot) Go inside to trigger a cutscene in which Lara falls asleep and dreams about visiting her father's grave. In the dream she promises to vindicate him in the eyes of the world. Then Ana appears and tells Lara it's time to go because Jonah is waiting. She remembers her purpose and wakes with a start. At this point, you've officially entered the RESEARCH BASE level.


By the time you reach the path leading up to the RESEARCH BASE, it's possible to have 100% completion for the Soviet Installation. If you're missing anything, check the main level map and the Soviet Installation Collectibles Guide. These include screenshots for every item and links to the relevant sections in the walkthrough.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 2/7/16 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
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3/10/18 - Revised the detail map to include the pickups near the Supply Shack, thanks to a suggestion from Mark P.

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