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SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. If you encounter a bug that can't be fixed by restarting the game, reloading a different save, restoring a backup save in the Xbox version, or rebuilding the game cache in the PC version, I encourage you to visit the Official Rise of the Tomb Raider Support Forum and or put in a support request with Square Enix. I also have PC save files for download.


Updated: 10/11/16()

Camps: Train Yard
Weapons/Gear: Revolver
Relics: 2 (18)  Documents: 1 (26)  Murals: 1 (12)  Coin Caches: none (9)  Survival Caches: 2 (21)  Strongboxes: none (14)
Monoliths: none (3)  Archivist Maps: 1 (9)  Explorer Satchels: 1 (6)
Challenge Tombs/Codices: none (3)  Crypts: none (2)  Challenges: none (4)  Missions: none* (5)
Area Maps: Installation Vista & Train Yard Detail | Entire Soviet Installation

NOTE: The Soviet Installation is a HUGE area, so I have divided the walkthrough into several sections centered on the main base camps. This walkthrough covers the area from the Train Yard to the Logging Camp. Check the level menu for the others. The first number in each of the stat lines above is for this area alone. The number in parentheses is for the entire Soviet Installation. While all important items are noted in the walkthrough and annotated level map, you will not be able to get everything on your first pass. Also, while the document, relic, and strongbox locations are fixed, the exact items may vary depending on the order in which you find them.

For subsequent visits, check out the section below on Revisiting This Area Later in the Game and the separate Soviet Installation Collectibles Guides.

AMONG THE ENEMY (continued)

OBJECTIVE: Investigate the Helicopter Landing Area

BURNING BUILDING: After riding the zip line down from the previous area, you end up in a small room with several rusted fuel tanks. Crack open the salvage crate between the two rusted fuel tanks. Then pick up one of the lanterns, hold LT/Right Mouse/L2 and use the right stick or mouse to aim at the pile of debris blocking the doorway ahead. Press RT/Left Mouse/R2 to throw the lantern. (screenshot) The junk catches fire and burns away. Go through the opening you just made.

BACK ROOMS WITH REMNANT CAPTIVE: Lara overhears 2 Trinity soldiers talking in the next room. They appear to be threatening one of the locals they've captured. In a brief cutscene, Lara discovers a REVOLVER lying near a corpse. She picks up the gun and readies it to fire. When you regain control, move toward the large window separating this room from the next. Aim through the glass and shoot one of the enemies in the head. The window shatters with your first shot, and the other man scrambles for cover. Kill him quickly as he tries to return fire. (screenshots)

Examine the document (4/26) sitting on the stack of wooden pallets for XP and Russian proficiency. It is The Iron Road from the Red Arrival series. There's an oil can here that glows in Survival Instinct, but you can't use it until you obtain the OIL FLASK a bit later on. Step through the window and approach the man tied to the chair. press Interact to try and talk to him. He's too far gone to say much before he expires, but Lara does learn that Trinity has someone important imprisoned. (screenshots)

Loot the bodies of the two men you killed and break open the salvage crate near the dead captive. You can't open the padlocked door near the computer station until you obtain the LOCKPICK. For now, use your axe to pry open the other door. In the next small storeroom, grab some cloth from the box on the left. Pick up arrows and pistol ammo (works with the revolver and other pistols you will obtain later). Then scramble up the wall and drop down into the next room. (screenshots)

In the next cutscene Lara stumbles into a large room full of Trinity operatives. As they attempt to repair the damage caused by a recent skirmish with the locals, Konstantin arrives. He punishes one of his officers for failing to anticipate the strength of the resistance and encourages the others to stand strong. Then he receives a radio transmission calling him back to the prison, where apparently there is a prisoner who knows something about the artifact he seeks. He then departs, taking several of his men with him.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Into the Old Prison

LARGE ROOM WITH LEAKING FUEL TANK: If you like a good brawl, there's plenty of cover here, ledges to climb on, and things to blow up. Hint: throw a lantern into the pool of fuel for a nice explosion—and more mayhem as additional enemies come to investigate.

Or, if you prefer a stealthy approach like I do, here's an alternative: First use the D-Pad to switch from the revolver back to the bow. If you're playing with a keyboard, press 1 for the bow, 2 for the revolver. So far you only have two weapons: the bow (D-Pad Up) and revolver (D-Pad Down). Your escape from this area will be much easier if you kill everyone beforehand, and you probably don't want to attract attention by firing a gun.

Stay hidden behind the storage box where you begin and wait for the nearest man to move away from the others. Once he turns yellow in Survival Instinct view, meaning he's out of sight of the others, kill him with a silent headshot. Then take out the guy on the ledge to the left. Don't let him see you, since he'll alert the others and start shooting down at you. If he turns toward you, release LT/Right Mouse/L2 to stow your bow and duck behind cover. If he moves off to the right, shoot an arrow into the wall at the left end of the ledge. He should move toward the source of the sound. Then you can shoot him while he's staring at the wall like a moron. (screenshots)

If you have poison arrows, wait for the 2 guys standing in the middle of the room to go investigate the fuel leak. Then kill them both at once with a single poisoned arrow. (If you don't have poison arrows, save these two for last. Try to get one with a headshot, then kill the other one quickly before he can retaliate.) Apart from the guy writhing on the floor in agony, there is one more man off to the right near the computers. Try to kill him with another headshot while his back is turned. Even if he notices you, it's no problem as long as he's the last man alive. Just shoot him with bow or pistol as he approaches. It's up to you whether or not to kill the maimed lieutenant. You'll get a little XP if you do. (screenshots)

Take a quick spin around the room to loot the bodies and pick up pistol ammo (near the computers and on each of the side ledges) and cloth and a Byzantine coin (in a container to the right of the computers).

Pick up a lantern, stand well back from the roll-down door, and lob the lantern into the puddle of fuel. The resulting explosion blows open the garage door, alerting 2 more men outside. One of them runs in immediately. Switch to your pistol (D-Pad Down) and shoot him as he approaches. The other lurks outside behind some boxes. Peer out the door and shoot the red fuel barrel behind him. (If necessary click the left stick or press Shift on the keyboard to Shoulder Swap; i.e., change the direction in which Lara leans while aiming. This will help you shoot more effectively from cover.) If you hesitate, he will start throwing explosives toward you. Watch for the red warning icon and dodge out of the way to avoid injury. (screenshots)

Out in the driveway, gather herbs and hardwood, and examine the mural (3/12), Night Work from the Soviet Crests series, on the wall of he building for XP and Russian language skill. If you've been thorough, this should allow Lara to advance to Level 2 Russian. Then climb through the opening where the metal wall meets the side of the building. (screenshots)

OPEN AREA WITH CAMPSITE: The Train Yard Base Camp is just ahead. (screenshot) Make a pit stop to upgrade your bow and/or pistol and possibly buy another skill as well. I recommend taking Thick Skinned or Iron Hide, since both will be useful in the increasingly difficult combat sequences ahead. Lara also makes a journal entry about Konstantin. It's called The Face of Trinity and can be found in the Camp Journals section of the Documents screen.

FENCED IN AREA AT THE CLIFF'S EDGE: Follow the road to the north. Soon you'll come to a large gate with a star above it and a lookout tower on the right. Before climbing the tower dig up a survival cache (4/21) buried near the fence to the left of the gate. (screenshot) It's tough to spot from a distance, but once you get close the Interact icon will show you where to dig. (screenshot) You can also wait and return here later once the caches are revealed on your in-game map.

but before climbing the ladder into the lookout tower (where the marker beacon leads you), slip through a gap in the chain link fence on the right to find a salvage crate sitting out in the open, plus a relic (1/18), a Rosary from the Watcher in the Woods set, inside the junked rail car. (screenshot)

You can't reach the area on the other side of the train car yet, so return through the hole in the fence and climb the ladder into the wooden tower. (screenshot) Lara spots a possible route into the compound, but don't use the zip line yet. First, drop down into the fenced enclosure below and move around to the left.

On the far side of this fenced-in area, pick up some cloth and salvage. (screenshot) There's also an Archivist Map (1/9) spread out on a crate below the wooden tower. (screenshot) It reveals the locations of the nearby documents and murals on your map. If you've followed this walkthrough, you will have already found them all. If not, use the map to locate them. Then climb onto these crates and jump over the barbed wire fence. Climb the ladder into the tower again and ride the zip line across the river to the Logging Camp. (screenshot)


NOTE: The separate Soviet Installation Collectibles Guide includes all items, missions, and challenges, but you may want to wait to look at it until you've completed the level, since it does contain spoilers for later sections of this level.

MISSION - THE UNLUCKY ONES: When you return to the Logging Camp after visiting the Gulag, you'll receive a new mission from the Remnant General. He asks you to rescue two of his people who were captured. If you accept the task, your map is updated with a green circle showing where to go first. (screenshots)

*NOTE: This mission starts and ends near the LOGGING CAMP, so it is counted in the stats for that level even though most of the action takes place here in the TRAIN YARD.

To reach the marked location, leave the cabin where the general is and head to the east. Then follow the curving path along the edge of the river past an old truck near a fallen tree (there's some rifle ammo in the back of the truck) until you come to a raised wooden structure. Climb up and follow it around to a zip line anchored to a telephone pole near another abandoned truck. Ride this line down to the base of the stone pillar in the middle of the river. (screenshots)

NOTE: You'll notice a CAVE (C10 on the map) on the north side of the river, but the opening is blocked by a metal barrier that can only be destroyed with explosives. You'll have to return later once you have the proper gear.

There's also an herb bush on a rock ledge on the other side of the river. If you like, you can jump/swim across and pick it. Then climb the rough wall to the top of the stone pillar. (If you check your map now, you'll see the green Mission indicator has shifted to a point on the other side of the river.) Jump across to the next section of climbable wall and climb onto the ledge above, where you'll find a container of herbs. Stand near the rope-wrapped post and fire an arrow into the rope-wrapped beam ahead to create a line you can use to climb across to the next ledge. From there, climb the cliff upward then to the right until you reach the broad ledge at the top. (screenshots)

Lara crouches slightly, indicating there are enemies ahead. Climb the tree to the ledge above. Immediately take cover so the first Trinity soldier doesn't spot you. There is only one other soldier here, so if you have unlocked the Double Shot skill, you can wait for the first man to move toward his buddy and then kill them both at once. Otherwise, kill the nearest one with a headshot then quickly finish off the second before he notices. Search the bodies and locate an Explorer Satchel (2/6) to the left of the opening leading inside. It reveals the location of 4 survival caches and a strongbox on your map. You'll already have found most of the caches if you followed this walkthrough. The nearest survival cache (9/21) is just to the right of the opening leading inside. Dig it up. Then enter the building. (screenshots)

The green beacons in Survival Instinct seem to indicate that the prisoners are located behind the wall ahead, but they're actually in the basement. Grab some herbs from a jar. Then move quietly down the stairs to avoid alerting the guards in the next room. You can take out the first guard with a silent headshot or a stealth attack. If you succeed, the other 2 guards should remain asleep. You can then kill at least one of them without incident. When the other wakes up, take him out quickly before he can do much damage. (screenshots)

Now use the LOCKPICK (obtained by completing the Communications Breakdown Mission in the Logging Camp earlier) to open the cell door, go inside and free the prisoners by standing behind each one and holding Interact. They won't talk to you, but you'll receive a notification that you've completed the mission and should return to the Remnant General, but before doing that, we have a few pickups to make in this area. (screenshots)

SECOND TRAIN YARD RELIC: After rescuing the prisoners for The Unlucky Ones Mission, as described above, follow them up the stairs and pry open the metal door leading back into the part of the TRAIN YARD you visited before. Step through the large window you shot out earlier. Use the LOCKPICK to open the padlocked door to the right of the computer screens. In this dark storeroom you'll find a salvage crate, a container with cloth and a gold coin inside, and a box containing a relic (9/18), a Gulag ID from the Gulag Possessions set. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you decide not to do the Unlucky Ones Mission, or if you miss the relic and need to return for it later, just use any base camp to fast travel back to theĀ Train Yard Base Camp. From there, head southeast, climb over the metal barrier and re-enter the building where you fought the Trinity operatives. Climb through the small, raised opening in the far left corner of the large room. Then go through the next little room into the room where the Remnant prisoner was held earlier. Use the LOCKPICK to unlock the storeroom and take the relic.

FIRST TRAIN YARD SURVIVAL CACHE: If you missed the survival cache (4/21) in the road earlier, you can reach it from the room with relic #9 or from the Train Yard Base Camp. From the room with the relic, go straight through the room with the computers into the storeroom; scramble up through the raised, square opening; and drop down into the large room where you fought the Trinity soldiers before. Go outside and climb through the opening where the metal wall meets the side of the building. Here you'll find the Train Yard Base Camp. From there, continue north to the open area with the chain link fence and the metal archway decorated with a star. The cache is buried near the left (northwest) wall. Use Survival Instinct if necessary to help find it. (screenshot)

Return to the Train Yard Base Camp and fast travel back to the Logging Camp so you can report to the Remnant General and get your reward for completing his challenge.

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