Stella's Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough - For Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Windows PC & iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch*

Throughout this walkthrough I use abbreviations for north (N), northeast (NE), southwest (SW), etc., to give directions. There is no compass in this game, but just to make it easier to navigate on screen, we'll assume north is up, west is left, east is right and south is down. Outdoor levels include a map screen in the Inventory in case you get lost. Also, I played using the medium combat difficulty setting so your experiences may differ slightly on a different setting.

*Although the PC, console and iOS versions are similar, there are significant differences in a few areas. The iOS version does not include this level. It skips directly from the Twisting Bridge level to Xolotl's Stronghold.

Level 13: The Mirror's Wake (Single Player)

Updated: 1/21/14()

For the 2-player co-op walkthrough, please see here.

Score Challenges: 150K, 190K, 240K (Bonus: Golden Shotgun)

Reward Challenges:

  • Collect all 10 red skulls (Jade Heart Artifact)
  • Reach Xolotl's stronghold in 6:00 or less (Mask of Xolotl Relic)
  • Achieve a hole-in-one (Stone Serpent Artifact)
  • Break 2 shields with 1 truck (Health Powerup)
  • Get the first spinning ball into its fire pit in 15 seconds (Ammo Powerup)

Artifacts: Dark Drum, Clay Serpent, Stone Serpent, Jade Heart
Relics: Mask of Cipactli, Mask of Xolotl
Weapons: High Power Shotgun, Golden Shotgun
Powerups & Upgrades: 2 ammo, 2 health*

A complete list of artifacts, relics and weapons can be found here.

STARTING AREA: As usual, there are health and ammo pickups at the start. There's also a large ball on a pedestal a short distance to the NW. Make a mental note of these, since you don't need them right away.

For now, head SW until you come to a ruined wall with a pile of TNT heaped against it. Blow up the dynamite to break down the wall. Then enter the area behind it to find some gems and a red skull (1/10). (screenshots)

Go back to the start and grab the large ball. Roll it along the ruined cobblestone road, first to the SW, then under the archway to the NW. When you come to the bridge leading off to the SW, leave the ball for now. Continue NW to gather a few gems and then return to the bridge.

NOTE: This is the bridge on the east side of the level map.

LONG BRIDGE ABOVE ARENA: Move out onto the bridge just until you can see the pile of dynamite. A telltale rumbling indicates an enemy approaching. Wait for the oncoming shield demon to reach the dynamite and then shoot the dynamite to destroy the demon's shield. You can also use a grenade or rocket, but this saves ammo. (screenshots) If the explosion doesn't kill the demon outright, retreat along the bridge shooting until it falls. It drops health and/or ammo.

Now roll the large ball all the way across the bridge to the other side. When you enter the area just beyond the bridge, a fire golem and several other enemies appear, including a skeleton and a couple of red lizards. You may want to retreat onto the bridge to create a bottleneck, making it easier to contain and kill the various enemies. (screenshot)

If you need supplies, smash the urns to get health and ammo. The golem drops health/ammo too. You'll also find gems inside a few of the urns, under the TNT boxes and barrels and along the cliff edges just outside the walls.

LOW AREA WITH FIRE PIT: When you're ready to move on, roll the large ball out the door and off the ledge to the SW. (screenshot) Then drop down after it. When Lara hits the ground another fire golem leaps down from the ledge on the right. If you need more firepower, grab the HIGH POWER SHOTGUN sitting in plain sight. (screenshot) Try to stay within this area as you fight it, since climbing the stairs to the south will trigger more enemies.

When the coast is clear, pick up any health/ammunition the golem drops. Then roll the large ball into the fire pit to get a HEALTH POWERUP. (screenshot)*

NOTE: If you brought the ball with you but now can't find it, it's probably sitting near the SE wall. Try moving along the wall until you see the 'interact' icon.

MAIN GATE APPROACH: Now continue up the stairs to the south. (This is the staircase shown at the bottom center of the level map.) Smash the urns at the top of the stairs if you need more health and ammo.

When you move to the left, a cut scene plays. Xolotl once more taunts Lara about the world's imminent doom then slams the door in her face. This time, he leaves a trio of giant, armored gate guardians behind. Two of them leap away to other areas, leaving one for you to fight now.

The first gatekeeper is similar to a shield demon only much bigger and tougher. It also shoots pink energy bolts similar to the shamans' attacks. You must destroy its huge shield before you can even begin to damage the creature itself. So start by hitting it with a grenade or rocket to remove its shield. Then switch to a weapon that uses less ammo if you like. As you fight the gatekeeper, it attempts to charge at Lara and pound her, so try to keep your distance. It also shoots pink energy bolts similar to the shamans' attacks. Avoid them if you can. (screenshots)

Meanwhile, several other enemies—including fire shamans, skeletons and fire-breathing lizards—join in. You can retreat back down the stairs to the north as you fight, but the exits to the east and west are blocked by flames until the battle is over. There's more health and ammo in the urns at the foot of the stairs to the east, and the gatekeeper drops health/ammo too.

Afterward, pick up the glowing, GOLDEN KEY (1/3) the gatekeeper dropped when it lost his shield. This is one of three keys you'll need to open the MAIN GATE to pursue Xolotl. When you take the key, a gold seal appears on the ground near the gate.

After defeating the first gatekeeper, the flames blocking the paths to the east and west recede. You can go either way. I flipped a coin and chose west.

OUTSIDE THE ANCIENT CRYPT: At the top of the steps to the west of the MAIN GATE, is the blue-lit entrance to an ancient crypt (shown in the SW corner of the level map). Before going inside, use the HEALTH SHRINE if necessary. Then move carefully around the ring with the rotating flame jet to gather gems and a red skull (2/10). (screenshot) Take care of the red lizards that spawn near the crypt entrance.

Throw a spear into the wall of the building behind and to the right of the crypt, climb onto the ledge and jump over to the crypt roof to find a health pack and a box of ammunition. Drop down and enter the crypt. (screenshot)

Mirror's Wake Crypt MazeANCIENT CRYPT MAZE: The map shows the layout of the maze. I haven't mentioned every enemy and pickup in the text, but all items and major encounters are indicated. As you explore, lava boulders fall from the ceiling. Sometimes it's just a few at a time, sometimes it's a regular bombardment. When that happens, try to keep moving in order to avoid them.

Enter the maze, gather a few gems and proceed to the AMMO CACHE ('AC' on the map) near the first fire pit. A few red lizards spawn nearby. Shoot them and continue into the maze, first SE then around the corner and back up toward the NW. In the next open area, there's a rolling ball trap like the ones you've encountered before.

Reward Challenge: Get the spinning ball into its fire pit in 15 seconds. The timer doesn't start until the ball separates from the rest of the trap, so you can take your time setting it up. Start by planting a bomb near the axle. Stand in the opening to the right of the trap and wait for the ball to roll around so it's almost in line with the opening. Then detonate the bomb. With proper timing, momentum should propel the ball directly into opening. Grab it and push it down the passage to the SE, around the corner to the NE, then up to the NW. As you roll the ball toward the fire pit, a fire golem and several lizards appear. Ignore them for now and just concentrate on rolling the ball into the pit. If you manage to do this within 15 seconds, you receive an AMMO POWERUP. (screenshots/video)

NOTES: If you know you've made a mistake (e.g., the ball doesn't roll into the passageway when you first blow up the trap, falling lava boulders slow you down, etc.), just quit and continue. As long as you don't push the ball into the fire pit and hop over it, triggering the next checkpoint, the game will reload at the previous one and you can try again. Or, try the alternate strategy from Achievaholics. Instead of pushing the ball all the way to the pit, they use a bomb to propel it past the fire golem. Check out the screenshots or their video to see it done.

Once you've plugged the fire pit with the ball, you can jump over it and explore the rest of the maze. Along the way you'll trigger several more fire golems, as well as some lizards and a few skeletons. The golems are marked with an 'E' for 'enemy' on the map. Most of the golems drop health and/or ammunition. There are also several urns containing health and ammo. These are marked 'H' or 'A' on the map.

There are 3 red skulls (3-5/10) in the maze. The first (S3 on the map) is just beyond the first fire pit to the left. The second (S4) is on the SE side of the maze, just above the entrance, and the third (S5) is in the northern corner. Fire golems guard the 3rd and 4th skulls. Approaching the 5th also triggers a barrage of falling lava boulders. The fire golem marked on the map near the 5th skull only appears when you approach the northern corner from the west. (screenshots)

After gathering the skulls, head for the area with the second large ball and pressure pad, near the northern corner, just below where you found the 5th red skull. Another fire golem materializes here and lava boulders fall from the ceiling.

When you've dealt with the golem, move out of the way and wait for the boulder storm to abate. Then roll the ball onto the pressure pad to open the alcove with the AMMO POWERUP on the other side of the wall to the north ('AP' on the map). Run/roll through the maze—down, around to the left and then up toward the top of the map—to reach the gate before falling lava boulders knock the ball off the pad and the gate closes. Another fire golem spawns as you approach the alcove. Run/roll past him and get the powerup first, then fight. If you don't make it to the alcove in time, just go back to the pressure pad and try again. (screenshots)*

Return to the ball and roll it southward, then around the corner to the left and up along the same path you used to reach the powerup. On the way, you'll encounter a skeleton and several red lizards. This time, instead of going all the way up to the north wall, turn left toward the second fire pit. Another fire golem appears here. Destroy it, pick up any health/ammo it leaves behind and then roll the ball into the fire pit. (screenshots)

Hop over the ball into the area beyond and climb the staircase to trigger the appearance of the second gatekeeper at the top. If you like, you can jump back over the ball and shoot the gatekeeper from behind it, since he's too big to fit through the opening. As with the previous gatekeeper, you'll need to remove its shield with a rocket or grenade first. Then you can finish it off with your weapon of choice. When it shoots a round of pink energy bolts, dodge behind the wall on either side to avoid them. When lava boulders begin to rain from above, move out of the way until they subside. When the gatekeeper falls, pick up the GOLDEN KEY (2/3). (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're going for the 6-minute time challenge, you don't actually have to defeat this guardian. Just destroy its shield, take the key and then run out.

From the staircase where the gatekeeper appeared, follow the western wall southward to an open area with some gems and a Dark Drum Artifact (+ weapon, + defense) sitting on a pressure pad. Stepping on the pad opens the gate to the SE and triggers a barrage of lava boulders from above. So once you have the artifact, quickly run out through the gate. Head NE to get back to the entrance. You'll encounter a few lizards on the way out.

OUTSIDE THE ANCIENT CRYPT (again): Use the HEALTH SHRINE if necessary. Then return down the stairs to the east, past the open area in front of the MAIN GATE, and past the stairs leading down to the north.

As you follow the road to the east, 2 fire golems spawn. Advance slowly to trigger the first one. Back up shooting until it is destroyed. Then advance again to trigger the second golem and take care of it. Pick up any dropped health and ammo. Continue east to the CHALLENGE TOMB entrance (located just above the top left corner of the inset photo on the level map).

FIRST CHALLENGE TOMB: Inside, roll the large ball onto the pressure pad to lower the tall, square column. Then plant a bomb near the ball. Stand just SW of the column, avoiding the flames on top. Grapple the golden ring on the wall. Then detonate the bomb so the ball rolls away and the column begins to rise again. Continue holding the grapple button so the cable wraps up and over the column. Once the column is fully extended, the flames on top go out. So it's safe to climb on top of it. Jump from the top of the column across the flame vents to the wide ledge ahead. Take the Clay Serpent Artifact (+ defense, + bomb, + speed) from the alcove. Jump back to the column, drop down on the other side and exit the way you came in. (screenshots)

ARENA APPROACH: Follow the road back to the west just a short way. Then head down the steps to the north.

When you see the on-screen message about a Reward Challenge: Break 2 shields with 1 truck, equip the grenade or rocket launcher and move forward (N) so you have a clear view of the truck parked next to the vertical bridge support. As the 2 shield demons come out from under the bridge, shoot the truck to blow it up and destroy both demons' shields, earning you a HEALTH POWERUP. Then finish off the demons and grab any health/ammo they drop. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't beat the challenge the first time, just quit, continue and try again.

There's a red skull (6/10) hovering above a volcanic vent on the right. (screenshot) Watch the lava boulders as they bounce above the vent and carefully jump over the vent to grab the skull. Then continue NW underneath the LONG BRIDGE. (This is the same bridge you crossed at the start of the level.)

THE ARENA: Smash the urns just ahead on the right for a health pack. Then move into the arena, which consists of 3 rings with rotating flame jets. The third gatekeeper appears, along with several fire-breathing lizards. Flame vents also flare up, blocking the exits to the SE and W, preventing you from leaving this area until the fight is over.

Hit the gatekeeper with a grenade or rocket to destroy its shield and make it drop the GOLDEN KEY (3/3). Then either fight the gatekeeper out in the open or carefully make your way past the flame jets to the narrow crevice in the northern corner or the eastern corner, where there's a boulder behind which Lara can hide. You can shoot the gatekeeper from either of these safe spots using any weapon—even use spears, as long as you've removed its shield first—and it can't reach Lara. (screenshots)

When the gatekeeper falls, the flames on the west side of the arena go out so you can exit. Pick up the GOLDEN KEY the gatekeeper dropped wherever it lost his shield. Then head to the west just until the next checkpoint registers. If you're in a hurry to finish, continue to the west and skip down to the “BROKEN BRIDGE” section, below. Otherwise, take a few minutes to pick up the remaining red skulls and explore the SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB.

There are 3 red skulls (7-9/10) hovering above 3 volcanic vents at the edges of the rings with the rotating flame jets. Try to avoid the bobbing lava boulders as you retrieve them. (screenshots)

Then move to the upper edge of the northernmost ring, throw a spear into the NE wall and jump onto it. Then jump straight up and grapple the golden ring on the ledge above. Climb the cable to the ledge above and enter the tomb. (screenshot/level map)

SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB: Step on the pressure pad to open the gate. Enter the room with burners all over the floor. There's a relic in the alcove on the NE wall, plus an artifact that can be won by beating the optional Reward Challenge: Achieve a hole-in-one. You can get both goodies at the same time, but it's probably easier to get them on two separate play-throughs. (See the note below for details.)

The first time you enter the room, the gate closes behind you, a fire golem appears, and you're temporarily trapped inside. Avoid the lit burners as you maneuver around the room. The diamond-shaped paved areas between burners are safe, and the burners that are about to ignite glow orange giving a little advance warning.

If you're going for the hole-in-one, either ignore the golem for now and concentrate on the rolling ball trap, or try to use weapons other than grenades or rockets to fight the golem so you don't accidentally destroy the trap prematurely. If the golem's death explosion destroys the trap, you can either quit and reload to try again or continue per the note below. (screenshots/video walkthrough)

To get the hole-in-one, plant a bomb near the axle of the trap and move out of the way. (This time it helps to place the bomb on the west/northwest side of the axle so the bomb destroys the trap without affecting the ball itself.) Wait until the ball rolls around so it's almost pointing due SE. Then detonate the bomb. Momentum should propel the ball directly into the fire pit for the hole-in-one. The reward is a Stone Serpent Artifact (+ weapon, + defense, + bomb). If you don't get it and want to try again, you can quit and reload. Or, if you don't care about getting the artifact, just destroy the trap and roll the ball into the fire pit. If you didn't destroy the golem at first, do that now.

Once the ball is in the pit, the alcove on the NE wall opens so you can retrieve the Mask of Cipactli Relic (Power Bomb, Power Speed, Health Regen). Taking the relic opens the gate on the right so you can leave the way you came in.

NOTE: Don't worry if you don't get the hole-in-one the first time. It's actually easier the second time you play the level. The first time, just concentrate on killing the golem, destroying the ball trap and rolling the ball into the fire pit. Then take the relic and leave. When you replay the level, next time you enter the challenge tomb, the exit doesn't close behind you. You can then trigger the golem, run back into the hallway and shoot it from there. Again, try to use weapons other than grenades or rockets so you don't destroy the rolling ball trap too soon. When the golem falls, exit and re-enter the tomb to trigger the checkpoint. Then you can attempt the hole-in-one, reloading as many times as needed, without having to deal with the golem each time. (The video shows this method as well.)

Outside, drop back down into the ARENA, taking care to avoid the flame jet below. Then proceed to the west.

BROKEN BRIDGE: Move to the end of the broken bridge segment lying on the ground. Jump off the bridge and grapple the golden ring high on the wall above the murky pit. Climb the cable until Lara is hanging just a little below the ring. Wall-run back and forth and then jump to grab the edge of the bridge to the right. Pull up. Throw a spear into the wall next to the ring and use it to climb onto the wall to get the final red skull (10/10). If you've found the other 9, you'll receive a Jade Heart Artifact (+ weapon, + defense, + bomb, + speed) as well. (screenshots)

NOTE: The broken bridge and the wall with the ring are shown on the level map, just left of center.

Jump back down onto the bridge and follow it SE, gathering gems and avoiding the falling lava boulders. Jump across the gap. Then, at the end of the broken bridge, jump down into the area below.

LOW AREA WITH FIRE PIT (again): This is the same area where you fought the first fire golem and obtained the HEALTH POWERUP by rolling the ball into the fire pit earlier. Cross this area and go up the stairs to the south. Then head west to the MAIN GATE.

If you've obtained all 3 GOLDEN KEYS, as described above, the gate opens. Go through and continue up a long ramp toward the level exit.

In the following cut scene, Lara meets up with Totec outside Xolotl's stronghold. The evil god appears to remind them that he has the mirror now and they're going to be sooo sorry. Lara and Totec again decide to split up, with Totec fighting off some lava rexes and Lara pursuing Xolotl.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 9/6/10 - First draft walkthrough posted.
9/14/10 - Revised the strategy for the hole-in-one challenge.
9/22/10 - Fixed an error in the hole-in-one Reward Challenge section, thanks to tips from Rob and Clara.
10/28/10 - Fixed a couple of left/right, east/west mix-ups.
11/13/10 - Added screenshots and videos, made a few minor strategy revisions (including the ball-in-fire-pit challenge), updated the maze map, and made a few other minor corrections.
1/21/14 - Added update about missing levels in iOS version, thanks to a tip from Sean O.

*UPGRADES VS. POWERUPS: Normally health and ammo increases that you find in the level, rather than win by beating a challenge, are called upgrades. The two in this level are referred to as powerups on screen, so that's what I've called them here.

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