TOMB RAIDER 2013 Guide to 100% Completion

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When you finish the game, it autosaves in the same slot you were using previously. An on-screen message then pops up, showing whether or not you've completed the game fully. If you have earned less than 100% completion, it's not too difficult to go back and take care of unfinished business. Just choose "Continue" from the main menu and select your last save. When the game loads, Lara will be back in the Coastal Forest, right next to the Forest Ruins Base Camp. From here you can easily Fast Travel back to most areas.

Click here for a printable PDF checklist.

Requirements for 100% Completion

*There are 7 treasure maps found outside of the Challenge Tombs. You will automatically receive the other treasure maps when raiding the tombs, which is also required for 100% completion.
**The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer DLC is not needed for 100% completion.

You do not need to play the multiplayer game in order to achieve 100% completion, but there are some multiplayer Achievements/Trophies.

If you're missing any skill and weapon upgrades, you can revisit most areas and find animals to hunt and a few stray enemies to fight. Use the Experience and Salvage Points to make your final upgrades.

If you're not sure which collectible items or challenges you're missing, here's how to find out:

Open the in-game map by pressing Tab on the keyboard, Select or Start on a controller. Then page through the sub-screens—Skills, Gear, Relics and Documents—using the buttons indicated on screen. At the top left of each screen, a counter shows your progress toward 100% for that category. If you have less than 100%, scroll through the individual skills or items on the right side of the screen to see which one(s) you're missing. Undiscovered relics and documents will indicate the area where they can be found, provided you have visited the area where they are located. (screenshot) There is no screen here for GPS caches, Challenge Tombs or Challenges, though. So you'll need to use the alternate method below.

- OR -

Open the in-game map by pressing Tab on the keyboard, Select or Start on a controller. While looking at the map, you can pan around using the mouse or right stick, and zoom in and out with the Aim/Fire buttons (controller) or by clicking the Zoom In/Zoom Out button on the screen with your mouse. This lets you see the whole island or just one area. As you navigate around the map, each area will be highlighted, and you'll see a map key at the top right showing the percentage completion for just that area. Make a note of any areas that show less than 100%. Also note which items you're missing—Documents, Relics, GPS Caches, Challenge Tombs, Treasure Maps, or Challenges. These are also shown in the map key. (screenshot)

Once you know what you're missing, use the Fast Travel camps to return to the areas where each item is located. If you need help zoning in on a particular item, check the walkthrough and/or the level maps linked from the header of each walkthrough. Note that the in-game map does not include Challenge items, but my maps do.

I also have quick guides to all relics, documents, GPS caches, treasure maps and challenges on separate pages.

NOTES: The relics in some areas (e.g., Shantytown, Mountain Village) may appear in a different order than noted in the walkthrough. That is, the boxes containing the relics are always in the same fixed places, but which relic you find inside each box can vary. Here it helps to check your in-game map for the relic icons to see which one(s) you're missing. Undiscovered relics will appear grayed out on the in-game map. Once you know which relic location you're trying to reach, you can use the annotated maps that accompany the walkthroughs to help find it.

There is one area with collectible items but no Fast Travel camp: Cliffside Bunker. If you're at 98% or 99% and can't figure out what you're missing, it's probably something in this area. Check the in-game map as described above, paying special attention to the Cliffside Bunker. (screenshot) If you're missing something there, you'll need to fast travel to Shipwreck Beach and then make your way back to bunker on foot. I've included a page with directions and screenshots.

The documents in the GPS Secrets set can also be problematic.The first, called "Mysterious Orders," is found in the Research Base level. The other, "Failed Mission," is awarded when you find all 75 GPS caches in the game. So you may get it in the Research Base or elsewhere, if you missed any caches and have to return to previously visited areas to find them. For details, see the Documents page.

There's also one relic that seems to give a lot of players trouble: the Chou Dynasty Helmet at the beginning of the Research Base level. You need 2 grenades in order to reach it. If you've run out of grenades, try going back to an area where there were boxed grenades (e.g., Cliffside Bunker, Solarii Fortress, the DLC Challenge Tomb in the Coastal Forest, etc.). If you can't find any that way, go to areas where enemies respawn (e.g., the Windmill camp in Shantytown, Mountain Village, Shipwreck Beach). Kill a few enemies and loot their bodies. With luck, you'll pick up a few grenades in the process. If you don't get any, reload your "Last Campsite" save and try again. Then return to the Research Base to get that relic.

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