TOMB RAIDER 2013 Outfits/Skins and Other Downloadable Content (DLC)

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The following downloadable content (DLC) is available for TOMB RAIDER. As far as I know, all are available on PC through Steam, PS3 through the PlayStation Store, and Xbox 360 through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. If I missed anything, please let me know.

So far the developers have said they have no plans to release any additional single-player DLC. If, like me, you find this unacceptable, I encourage you to make your voice heard by posting a request on the Eidos Forums in this DLC/Feature request thread.

NOTE: The "details" links go to the Steam site, which contains images and info about the PC DLC. Naturally you can find the same info on the PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Single-Player DLC



There are no outfits you can unlock by beating the game. All outfits must be purchased. (Boo!) Also no bikini. (Yay!) Here is a list of the available outfits with images below. Outfits you have bought and downloaded will be available in the Gear menu when you use a base camp, once you've unlocked the option to upgrade Lara's gear in the game.

Tomb Raider - Aviatrix Outfit
Aviatrix Outfit (click to enlarge)

Tomb Raider - Demolition Outfit
Demolition Outfit (click to enlarge)

Tomb Raider - Guerrilla Outfit
Guerrilla Outfit (click to enlarge)

Tomb Raider - Hunter Outfit
Hunter Outfit (click to enlarge)

Tomb Raider - Mountaineer Outfit
Mountaineer Outfit (click to enlarge)

Tomb Raider - Sure-Shot Outfit
Sure-Shot Outfit (click to enlarge)


NOTE: All of the following buyable upgrades can also be unlocked during gameplay. So don't spend money unless you just want to unlock them early.

Multiplayer DLC

MULTIPLAYER MAPS ($3.99/€2.49/320 MSP each)

MULTIPLAYER CHARACTERS ($0.99/€0.79/80 MSP each)

MULTIPLAYER WEAPONS ($0.99/€0.79/80 MSP each)



The Final Hours Digital Book – How did Crystal Dynamics reinvent Tomb Raider? The Final Hours of Tomb Raider is a digital book that takes you inside the studio during the four-year development of this franchise reboot. Game journalist Geoff Keighley chronicles the team’s journey, illustrating this 11,000-word story with never-before-seen art and videos from parts of the game left on the cutting room floor.

Available for Windows PC and Macintosh on Steam ($2.99/€2.99)

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