Stella's Tomb Raider 2013 Walkthrough - For Windows, Macintosh, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

NOTE: Combat strategy is based on the Medium difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly. In addition to the walkthroughs for each level, there are separate pages for Controls & Gameplay Tips, Skill & Weapon Upgrades, and Collectible Items.

SAVING AND CHECKPOINTS: Like the last several games, TOMB RAIDER uses autosave checkpoints. Whenever you pass a checkpoint, the game is saved automatically. Then, if Lara dies or you quit the game and restart, the game reloads at the last checkpoint. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. You may also want to periodically back up your autosaves on a memory card (consoles) or into a separate folder (PC). See the controls page for details.


Updated: 6/28/15()

Camps: Sheltered Ridge (Fast Travel), Forest Ruins (Fast Travel), The Gate (Day Camp)*
Gear: Pry Axe  Weapons/Weapon Parts: Makeshift Longbow
Documents: 5  Relics:GPS caches:Treasure Maps: 1
Challenge Tombs: 1 (DLC only)  Challenges: 1 (10 items)
Area Maps: Coastal Forest**

*Two of the three camps in this area are Fast Travel camps, but you don't unlock the ability to use Fast Travel until the next level. See the section about base camps on the Controls page.

**Maps include all major collectibles and challenge items. Refer to the in-game map by pressing Tab/Back if you'd prefer no spoilers. The in-game map does not include a compass rose showing which way is north. So when I refer to map directions in my walkthrough, assume North is up, east right, south down, and west left.

When Lara recovers from her muddy slide into this area, your goals are updated.

OBJECTIVE: Take Shelter from the Storm

Move forward along the path. As you approach the rock overhang, Lara crouches automatically to move underneath it. Follow the path until a cut scene kicks in. Lara discovers a deserted campsite and manages to build a fire using the single match she found in Sam's pack. She can't manage to make contact with any of the other survivors over the radio, but at least she's safe...for now. After a while, the weather clears up, and you are presented with a new goal.


OBJECTIVE: Search for Food

You have also discovered your first New Camp: Sheltered Ridge. Check your in-game map (Tab/Select/Back) and you'll see it marked with a tent icon. Later, when you unlock the ability to Fast Travel, you'll be able to return here from any other Fast Travel camp.

Follow the path down the hill and around to the right. As you approach a small stream, Lara notices a corpse hanging from a tree, but wait! It has something you can use.

OBJECTIVE: Find a Weapon to Hunt Deer

FOREST AND DISUSED BUNKER: Approach the bunker on the other side of the stream, move close to the quiver of arrows and press Interact (E/Square/X) to add them to your inventory. There are more arrows leaning against the tree from which the man is hanging. Climb onto the roof of the bunker and jump across the small gap and step out onto the branch lodged in the fork of the tree near the dangling man. After the brief cut scene, in which Lara loses and regains her balance, lean to the right to reach out and grab the MAKESHIFT LONGBOW. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Collect Meat from the Deer

I know Lara is whining about how hungry she is, but she'll be OK. Let's take a few minutes to practice our archery skills on an inanimate target. Grab some more arrows leaning against a rock on the other side of the stream. Then locate your first target: the skull totem (1/10) hanging from the tree near the overturned truck. If you're having trouble spotting it, just use Survival Instinct and it will light up. (screenshots)

Hold Aim (Right Mouse Button, L1 on PS3, L2 on PS4, LT on Xbox) to draw the bow. Now use the mouse or right stick to aim at the totem. When the targeting reticle turns red, you've got the totem in your sights. If you like, you can now press Z or click the right analog stick to zoom in. Adjust your aim if necessary to re-acquire the target. Now, just to see how the charged shot works, hold the Fire button (Left Mouse Button, R1 on PS3, R2 on PS4, RT on Xbox) for a few seconds. You'll notice the red reticle now has a glowing circle around it, indicating your power shot is charging. Release the Fire button to shoot. Bam! (screenshots)

When you've destroyed the totem, an on-screen message informs you that you've received 10 XP and unlocked a Challenge: Ghost Hunter, which you can complete for more XP. Check your map (Tab/Back). The box at the top right includes more information. You'll need to find and destroy 10 of these totems to complete the challenge.

Sometimes you'll need to shoot in a hurry and won't have time for a charged shot. It does do more damage, though, so be sure to practice it and use it when you can. A single charged shot to the head can bring down a deer or even your average low-level scavenger. Note that Lara can only hold a charged shot for a few seconds. After that, her arm fatigues and she'll fire automatically. To cancel a charged shot without firing, just release the Aim button.

Now, let's eat! Head downstream until you come to a clearing. Wait until one of the many deer in this area wanders past. If you go slowly and quietly, you'll be less likely to scare them away. Note that Lara can walk with her bow drawn (hold Right Mouse Button/L1 or L2/LT), and this will help her move more stealthily. When a deer passes close by and pauses to drink or listen, hold Aim to draw your bow, zoom in, and adjust your aim with the mouse or right stick. Charge up a power shot if possible by briefly holding the Fire button. Then release the button to shoot. (screenshots) If the deer doesn't die with one shot, you can either pursue it and try again or attempt to kill a different deer.

When you succeed, approach the fallen animal to trigger a cut scene. Lara uses an arrow to butcher the deer but not before apologizing for having to take its life. Afterward you're awarded 150 XP, enough to unlock a Skill Point. The on-screen prompt advises you to return to camp.

OBJECTIVE: Return to Camp with the Meat

Head upstream to find the path leading back to the Sheltered Ridge camp. Use Survival Instinct and/or your map if necessary to help find it. (screenshots)

Back at the base camp, approach the fire and press Interact to access the Skills Menu. You can choose any of the Rookie-level Survivor or Hunter skills. I recommend the first skill, Animal Instincts, for now. This causes animals and edible plants to glow white in Survival Instinct view. Not only will this help you spot prey, it will be useful for spotting the wolves that try to attack you in the next area.

As Lara roasts her chunk of venison over the fire, she is at last able to make radio contact with Roth. He tells her to meet up with him and the other survivors at his location.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Out of the Forest

Roth isn't going anywhere, so there's no hurry to get to him. Take some time to explore this area, practice your bow hunting and find a few hidden items. Start by heading away from the camp fire, uphill, along the path where you first entered this area. Again, Lara crouches automatically as you move under the low overhang. When you emerge and she stands up, look to the left to find another totem (2/10) hanging from a tree. Use Survival Instinct if you can't spot it. Shoot it as part of the Ghost Hunter challenge. (screenshots)

Return past the campfire and down the hill to the area where you hunted the deer earlier. The door to the bunker is now open. If you want to continue the story, go through the door and skip down to the section "Explore the Bunker." If you want the remaining collectible items and maximum XP in this area, continue exploring here. Either strategy is fine. You'll be able to return later once you unlock Fast Travel.

EXPLORING THE FOREST: You'll notice some of the arrows respawn and you can pick them up again. There are other goodies as well. You can get most of them now with your current skills and equipment. (See here for details on the different types of collectible items.)

Face downstream, so the bunker is on Lara's left. Climb onto the wooden ledge on the right side of the stream. Follow the ledge around to the right, jump the gap and scramble up the wooden wall on the right. On top of this rock formation are more arrows and a GPS cache (1/5). (screenshots)

Jump down off this ledge. You wind up just uphill from the bunker. Head downhill until you are once again standing in the stream bed between the overturned truck and the wooden ledge. This time, go past the truck, turn around and climb up inside of it to find a document (1/5), "Soldier: Oni Stalkers," from the Wartime Intelligence set. (screenshots)

Hop down from the truck and follow the stream downhill. When the path splits, bear to the left. (The stream goes right.) On a rock ledge on the left are some more arrows. Grab them if you need them and continue downhill, beneath a fallen tree and past an upright tree with rope wound around it. When you come to a small hill with a pond below, look to your left to spot another totem (3/10) hanging below a fallen tree trunk connecting two high rock outcrops. Shoot it for the challenge. (screenshots)

Note that there are a few items up on the ledge at the left end of the fallen tree: more arrows and a salvage crate that you can't open yet. If you want to check it out now, go around to the right end of the rock formation to find a series of climbable ledges. At the top, walk across the fallen tree onto the ledge with the goodies. The crate is of no use to you now, but you may want to return here later when you get the gear needed to open it. (screenshots)

Jump down off this ledge and continue downstream to the little pond with the small waterfall spilling into it. At the base of this waterfall, you'll find another GPS cache (2/5). Grab it. Then go back up the hill and cross the stream to the wooden ledge built into the rocks. Climb on top to find another GPS cache (3/5) and some arrows. (screenshots)

Move to the other edge of this ledge and hop down onto the smaller wooden ledge below. Now look to the right to spot another Ghost Hunter totem (4/10) hanging in the trees. Shoot it. (screenshots)

Climb down from the ledge and go around the bottom of the rock formation that supports the wooden ledge on which you were just standing. Turn around so the little waterfall where you found the 2nd GPS cache is behind Lara and you'll see another bunch of arrows leaning against a tree. In the underbrush beyond and a little to the right of these arrows is a plant with orange fruit that provides 10 XP when picked If you've unlocked the Animal Instincts skill, these plants will glow when using Survival Instinct, making them easy to spot. (screenshots)

Now head up the hill to the right (west on the map). Soon you'll come to two tall rocks with a small gap between them. Hanging to the left of this double rock formation is another totem (5/10) you can shoot as part of the Ghost Hunter challenge. (screenshots)

Those are all the major items in this area, but you'll also find more arrows leaning against a flat rock ahead and a little to the left (west on the map), plus 2 bundles of arrows on top of the tall rock nearest the last totem. To get up there, you'll need to go around to the back of the other tall rock, climb up and then jump across. (screenshots)

There's also one more fruit plant that's easily spotted from the rock with the 2 bundles of arrows. Look over the edge toward the northwest, activate Survival Instinct, and the plant will glow (provided you've chosen the Animal Instinct skill upgrade). (screenshot)

If you're not adverse to killing virtual animals, you should also take time for more hunting before moving on to the next area. Each deer killed is worth 50 XP, but note that after you shoot the animal you must approach its carcass and press Interact to poke it and magically gain the points. Similarly, rabbits yield 10 XP and birds 20 XP each when shot and looted. Also, I know that deer, bunnies and crows are not technically enemies, but I ran out of nice colors so I'm marking all living things you can shoot in orange. ;)

After you've racked up a certain amount of points from hunting (I think it's 300), an on-screen message says, "Region Hunted Out." You can still practice your shooting if you like, but you will only gain a small amount of XP for your efforts.

NOTES: Later, when you've unlocked the Survivalist upgrade, each animal and food item will yield more XP. Similarly, the Bone Collector upgrade gives salvage points as well as XP from prey. See the Skill, Gear and Weapon Upgrades page for details or just follow along. We will be discussing salvage shortly.

There are also three Achievements/Trophies related to hunting: Big Game Hunter, Tastes Like Chicken and Feather Duster. See the Achievements and Trophies pages for details if you don't mind a few spoilers. You'll have many hunting opportunities in upcoming levels. So there's no need to worry about unlocking these yet.

When you're ready to move on, follow the stream uphill to the bunker where you found the bow earlier. When you enter the building, the door slams shut behind Lara and she is unable to open it again (for the moment).

OBJECTIVE: Explore the Bunker

THROUGH THE BUNKER: Follow the on-screen prompt and press Dodge/Roll (Shift/Circle/B) to drop and grab the ladder leading down into the shaft below. Climb down and press the same button to let go and drop to the floor. Follow the partially flooded tunnel to a small room. Here you'll find a food crate (the orange cooler to the left of the closed door), which you can loot for XP. There's also a box on the shelf to the right containing a relic (1/3), a Hannya Mask from the Noh Masks set. (screenshot) Examine the box (Interact) to open it. Then further examine the relic itself as described on screen to discover more information and gain a few more XP. See the Collectibles page for details on collecting and examining relics.

Now go to the opposite corner of the room and use your torch to burn the pile of debris blocking the doorway to a small side room. Inside you'll find the PRY AXE. Approach the door next to the table where you found the axe and tap Interact repeatedly to pry open the door.

NOTE: At this point, you can take your newly acquired axe and return to the previous area to get the salvage crate you couldn't open before. You'll need to return through the tunnel to the ladder you just climbed down, stand beneath it and double jump to scramble up the wall in order to reach the ladder. The axe will allow you to open the bunker door at the top of the ladder so you can get back to the forest. The salvage crate is on a high rock ledge in the western corner of the map. This isn't necessary, though, since you'll find plenty of salvage in the upcoming areas.

OBJECTIVE: Exit the Bunker

Use the axe again to pry open the exit door. Follow the tunnel to a dead end. On the right wall is a ladder you can reach if you jump. Climb to the top and exit the building.

OBJECTIVE: Investigate the Strange Voices

Lara overhears Sam talking to someone up ahead. Follow the path up the stairs. In a cut scene, Lara finds her friend sitting near a campfire with another islander, who introduces himself as Mathias. Lara is wary of the stranger, but Sam seems to like him well enough. As they sit by the fire, Sam relates the legend of the Sun Queen. Exhausted, Lara falls asleep. Some time later, she awakens to find Sam and Mathias gone. She begins searching for them only to step in a wolf trap. She struggles but can't get free.

OBJECTIVE: Survive the Wolf Attack

When you regain control, Lara is stuck in the wolf trap with wolves closing in. In this quick time event you must shoot 3 wolves, one at a time, as they jump out of the bushes. Here it may help to enable subtitles if you haven't done so already. (Press Esc/Start then choose Gameplay Options > Subtitles.) Just before each wolf jumps at you, you'll see the subtitle, "Lara's breathing quickens as a wolf snarls nearby." Then you know the wolf is about to pounce. Keep your bow drawn (hold Aim) the whole time. When the wolf jumps out, the action slows briefly. Take this time to adjust your aim with the mouse or right stick. As soon as the reticle turns red, quickly press Fire. There's no need for a charged shot here. As long as you hit the wolf, it dies. If you miss, the wolf gets Lara and you have to start again. You get a few XP for the first and second wolves, but when you've killed the third, you get a bunch of XP and the sequence ends. (screenshots)

Lara's crew mates, minus Sam, arrive and help her out of the trap. Then they decide to split up. Lara and Whitman will attempt to rendezvous with Roth, while the rest search for Sam. Dumb-ass—I mean Whitman—decides to go on ahead while Lara rests for a few minutes after her harrowing escape.

OBJECTIVE: Catch Up with Whitman

EXPLORING THE FOREST BEYOND THE BUNKER: Your map is now updated with a New Camp: Forest Ruins. When you regain control of Lara, go to the table near the campfire to find a document (2/5), "Sam: Family Story," from the Endurance Crew set. (screenshot)

Use the hanging brazier to light your torch. Then burn the netting holding the dangling salvage crate. (screenshot) Press Interact again to smash it with your axe and get the salvage inside. See the Controls page for more info about salvage. There are more arrows leaning nearby, and around the other side of the low wall from the campfire is a large trunk. This also contains salvage, but you can't open it yet because your axe is not strong enough. (screenshot)

You don't have any skill points now, but if you rest at the campfire now, you'll unlock an entry in Lara's Journal (1/10). If you used the camp in the previous area again after spending your first skill point, you will have already unlocked this. You can review Lara's journal entries in the Documents menu just like the other documents you find.

At this point, you can go after Whitman, whose location is now marked on your map by the diamond-shaped Objective icon, or take some time to explore. If you decide to follow Whitman right away, go down the steps and follow the path across the bridge and up the hillside, but expect to encounter a pair of wolves right after crossing the bridge. (If necessary, check the notes on fighting wolves, below, and pick up the walkthrough at the section "Meeting Whitman at the Gate".)

To go after all the secrets in this area, start by following the rock ledge along the right (south) wall instead of going down the steps. (screenshot) When you reach the small ledge made of wooden planks, jump down onto the large, flat rock ahead to find a GPS cache (4/5). (screenshot) Continue across the fallen tree trunk, still keeping the cliff on your right. (screenshot)

Ahead is a curved, wooden bridge. On the crate near the end of the bridge is another document (3/5), "Sam: Feelings of Unease," another in the Endurance Crew series. (screenshot) Underneath the bridge, next to a rotting corpse, you'll find a box containing a relic (2/3), a Female Noh Mask. (screenshot)

TOMB OF THE LOST ADVENTURER (DLC): If you pre-ordered the game and received this download or purchased it later, you'll find the entrance to a Challenge Tomb at the end of the wooden bridge, next to the crate with the document. If you don't own this download, the tunnel entrance is there but it's blocked by boulders. The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer walkthrough is on a separate page.

FIGHTING WOLVES: Cross the bridge and head up the hill to the right (north). (screenshot) Stay alert because 2 wolves come down toward you. If you've unlocked the Animal Instincts skill, you can tap the Survival Instinct button to spot them more easily in the dark. (screenshot) Draw your bow and try to shoot them as they approach. On medium difficulty, two arrows will take down a wolf. If they charge before you can shoot them, scramble away by pressing Dodge/Roll (Shift/Circle/B) and a direction. If you continue to hold Aim as you dodge, Lara should keep the wolf targeted so you can hopefully get off a shot or two. In most cases, I found it easier to approach a wolf-combat area slowly with bow drawn and Survival Instinct active. Then, as soon as the wolves appear, aim and back away shooting.

If you're having trouble aiming fast enough to target the wolves before they pounce, you may want to adjust the Mouse Sensitivity or Aim Sensitivity setting in the Options menu under Gameplay > Mouse and Keyboard or Gameplay > Gamepad.

Also, there is a limited auto-aim feature if you set the combat difficulty to EASY. Each time you release Aim and then press it again, Lara will automatically aim at a nearby target. If that helps, by all means use it, but I found it easier to practice using the stick/mouse to aim. Later in the game, when you're besieged by multiple enemies, you'll need to be able to do this.

If a wolf manages to pounce on Lara, it triggers a quick time event. Follow the on-screen prompts and either quickly alternate pressing Left/Right on the keyboard or wiggle the control stick left and right. Then, press the Melee button as soon as the icon lights up on screen to stab the wolf with an arrow.

You can also try to run away and shoot the wolves once you get clear of the area. If you run uphill toward the bridge, the wolves may run off and not reappear, but if you run back downhill to avoid them, they will only respawn next time you attempt to move up the hill.

When you've dealt with these enemies, loot the two carcasses for XP. (Survival Instinct can also help you spot the bodies in the dark.) Then continue up the hill. Smash the salvage crate on the left.

Approach the broken wooden bridge at the top of the hill, but instead of crossing it, look under the left side of the bridge to find another hanging totem (6/10). Shoot it for the challenge. (screenshot)

TREASURE MAP AND OTHER GOODIES: Now move up the slope that runs along the cliff wall to the right of the bridge. At the top of the slope, smash another salvage crate, then turn left and jump onto the wooden archway over the bridge. Walk along the top of the arch and jump to the platform in the tree ahead. Here you'll find the Treasure Map for this level, and your map will be updated with the locations of all the documents, relics and GPS caches in the area. The ones you have not yet found are indicated by a question mark. Stand under the zip line and jump up to ride it to the ground. (screenshots)

The zip line deposits Lara near the bridge at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Forest Ruins base camp. In front of the bridge you'll find more arrows, a fruit plant and, just to the right, another salvage crate. (screenshot) Hanging above the left side of the bridge is a Ghost Hunter totem (7/10), and there's another totem (8/10) underneath the bridge on the left side. (screenshots)

If you then look around in the area to the left (west) of the bridge and activate Survival Instinct, you'll notice several salvage crates. Smash them all to collect whatever odd bits and bobs might be inside.

To the northwest, in the area on your map marked with numerous, little rectangular stones, there's a flowering cherry tree and steps leading up to a SHRINE with several goodies: a document (4/5), "Sam: Filmmaker," another in the Endurance Crew set, a totem (9/10) hanging from the roof, and a salvage net that you can burn after lighting your torch on the nearby brazier (screenshot), plus more salvage and arrows on the ground below.

Now head away from the steps and climb the stacked boulders directly opposite (east). At the top is the final GPS cache (5/5) for this area. (screenshots) There's another salvage crate and a fruit plant below and to the right (south) of this rock formation, but watch out; 2 more wolves appear in the bushes ahead as you approach.

Head back toward the shrine where you found the last document but instead of climbing the steps to the shrine, turn right and follow the rock wall along the edge of the area. A little way up the hill is a small cave opening. Inside you'll find a corpse riddled with arrows, which you can retrieve, and a box containing a relic (3/3), an Oni Noh Mask. Be sure to examine this one for hidden details and bonus XP. (screenshot)

MEETING WHITMAN AT THE GATE: Now head up the hill toward Dr. Whitman. On the way you'll encounter 2 more wolves. Deal with them as you have the others and continue up the slope. There's another salvage crate under the blossoming cherry tree near where you encounter the wolves (screenshot) and more salvage alongside the path that leads up to Whitman.

As you approach the large gate, your map is updated with the location of the Day Camp: The Gate on your left. Approach Whitman to trigger a cut scene in which you attempt to open the gate but fail because Lara's axe is too weak.

CHATTERBOX ACHIEVEMENT/TROPHY: This involves talking to every member of the Endurance crew at various times during the course of the game. It must be done in a single play-through, and the characters will only talk to Lara at particular times. So it's easy to miss an opportunity. I have been informed by reliable sources that you do not have to talk to Whitman at all in this level, in order to unlock the Chatterbox Achievement/Trophy. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can do it anyway, but I've heard from several players that it's not necessary. Just be sure to talk to the other crew members, per the notes in the walkthroughs for the Mountain Village (first visit), Mountain Village (second visit), Shipwreck Beach (three sets of conversations at different times).


OBJECTIVE: Collect Salvage to Upgrade the Axe

If you don't yet have enough salvage, there are plenty of small, wooden salvage crates scattered throughout this area. Smash them to collect the salvage inside. Just watch out for wolves as you explore. Each time you go up or down the hill, 2 wolves will attack. When you have enough salvage for the upgrade, Lara should say something like, "That should do it," and your goal will be updated.

OBJECTIVE: Find a Camp and Upgrade the Axe

Before upgrading the axe and opening the gate, you can also get the last collectible and finish the Ghost Hunter challenge. On a crate to the left of the gate, you'll find a document (5/5)," Whitman: Don't Leave Me," which is part of the Endurance Officers set. (screenshot) To the right of the gate, beyond the fire barrel, hangs the final totem (10/10). (screenshot) Shoot it to complete this challenge and gain 150 XP.

To upgrade the axe, go to either of the Base Camps in this area. When you interact with the camp, you'll be given the option to spend 50 salvage and strengthen the pry axe.

If you've been collecting all the salvage in the area, you can probably unlock a bow upgrade as well. If you chose the Advanced Salvaging skill upgrade earlier, instead of Animal Instinct, you may even have enough salvage points for both bow upgrades.

Once you've strengthened the axe, you can use it to open the salvage trunks near each of the base camps. There's one trunk next to the campfire near the gate (screenshot) and one on the other side of the low wall near the Forest Ruins camp. (screenshot) Again, watch out for wolves when traveling between the two camps.

When you have all the salvage and other collectibles in this area, return to Dr. Whitman and use the improved axe to open the gate and enter the next area. (screenshot) Don't worry if you didn't collect everything here, though; you can always return later once you've unlocked the ability to fast travel between camps.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 3/19/13 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
3/27/13 - Added the names of relics and the set each document belongs to.
3/30/13 - Fixed mis-numbered challenge totems. All the totems were included, but I had mistakenly numbered two of them 6/10.
4/6/13 - Updated the information about the Chatterbox Achievement, thanks to a tip from Andrew L.
4/11/13 - Added annotations for collectibles to the level maps.
5/10/13 - Added purchase info to the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer page.
7/30/13 - Added missed bundle of arrows near the stream and changed the details of the next several paragraphs a little for clarity. This included swapping the numbers on GPS caches 2 and 3 and replacing several screenshots in that area.
8/11/13 - Merged the two separate level maps, covering the areas before and after the underground bunker, into a single map.
9/8/13 - Added a few notes on early skill upgrades and fixed a few typos, thanks to corrections/suggestions from Ricardo.
8/7/14 - Revised info about Chatterbox. According to reliable sources, you don't need to talk to Whitman in this level in order to unlock the Achievement/Trophy.
6/28/15 - Added note about adjusting aim sensitivity in the wolf combat section.

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