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GENERAL respects your right to privacy. The following outlines the privacy policy for this site, as well as for its sister sites, and If you have any questions, please feel free to email ( or contact me through my web form.


There are no password-restricted areas on my sites and, unless you contact me, I have no way of obtaining your email address or other personal information.

When you send me a message by email or through my contact form, I do receive your name (if you have provided it), email address, and IP address (Internet Protocol). never, under any circumstances, rent, sell or share this information with any outside parties. Sending me a personal message will not cause you to receive any "spam"/junk email.

The only exceptions to this rule are contests and charity drives. For contests/raffles, I may need to share the winners' information with outside sponsors providing or shipping the prizes. The individual contest rules explain which information will be shared. If you donate to a charity (e.g., Extra Life) through my page, your email address is shared with that organization, and we may contact you about the following year's fundraiser.

If you subscribe to my blog through Bloglovin', you must agree to their terms of service, which include receiving promotional email from them. In order to reduce or eliminate those emails, just sign in to your Bloglovin' account and go to Settings > Email & Notifications.

If you have subscribed to blog updates and would like to unsubscribe, please do so through the feed provider (e.g., Bloglovin', Google Friend Connect, etc.) or send me a request by email and you will be removed from the list immediately.


When you visit, or, our web server records information about your visit, including your IP (Internet Protocol) address, web browser type, operating system and the last page you visited before This site also uses Google Analytics to track visitor statistics. This information is recorded in log files and used to analyze trends (e.g., which search engines and keywords were used to find this site, which pages are most popular, etc.), administer the site (e.g., find broken links), track users' movement through the site, and gather broad demographic information (e.g., users' country of origin, web browser, operating system, etc.). None of this information is linked to personally identifiable information or shared with any outside parties.


A cookie is a piece of data (in the form of a small text file) stored on a computer user's hard drive and containing information about the user. Cookies are used to personalize the information delivered to your web browser when you visit a particular web site. For example, some sites ask you to log in then use cookies to "recognize" you on subsequent visits. Some sites track your browsing preferences so they can display advertising that matches your interests, etc.

For more general information about cookies and how they work, check out this Wikipedia entry.

My sites do not use cookies. You do not need to create a user account to access my content. However, the advertisements displayed on my pages do use cookies to track which ads a user clicks and to identify my site as the one responsible for "click-throughs" to an advertiser's site. I do not have access to or control over the cookies delivered when an ad is displayed or when a user visits an advertiser's site. Users are welcome to browse my sites with cookies disabled or to reject specific cookies if they choose. Check your web browser's help files for information on changing your privacy/cookie settings.

For specific information about the policies and practices of our ad server and affiliate programs, please visit the following sites: - (privacy notice)
Google AdSense and Affiliates -

Please note that the products and services advertised by these companies represent numerous individual merchants. If you have questions about a specific advertiser's policies, please visit their individual sites.

For other affiliates, such as, iTunes, Things from Another World, and , again please follow these links to their individual sites for more information on the data they collect.

LINKS, and contain links to other web sites, including other fan sites as well as the game developers' sites. I try to link only to reputable sites but I am not responsible for the content, security, or privacy practices of any linked sites.


Information on how to help support this site appears here. This includes links to PayPal , Amazon Payments and Bitcoin, through which visitors can donate money. All three use the highest level of encryption available. PayPal's Security Center and Privacy Policy provide more details about their service. For information about Amazon Payments, please visit the Amazon Payments home page and follow the Privacy and Security links at the bottom of the page. For info about Bitcoin, visit We Use Coins.

Again, if you have any question about this site or its security and privacy policy, please don't hesitate to contact me. —Stella