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Level 12 MapLEVEL 12 – THE LOST TOMBS (MP7133)

Quickly move to the right and grab the ledge above to avoid being hit by darts. Pull up and shoot the wizard and mummy. There are 3 more enemies above, but you don't have to kill them to proceed.

Hang from the ledge on the right, wait for a dart to pass below and then run to the right, falling through the opening in the floor. Grab the ledge on the right side of the same opening, wait for a dart to pass, and then pull up, climb to the higher ledge and get the medipack. Drop down, avoiding the darts, and then head to the right and down the ladder.

Ignore the moving platform to the right. Instead drop off the ledge near some spikes. Stand beneath the cable and jump straight up to grab it. Slide down and press the Down key halfway along to drop onto the ledge above the switch (S1).

If you accidentally slide past that block, don't let go or Lara will fall into a spike pit. Instead slide all the way to the end of the cable. Then climb the ladder on the right wall. At the top, wait for the moving platform to approach and jump onto it. Ride it to the left and jump off. (Lara will take some damage.) Then slide down the cable again and this time drop onto the ledge halfway along.

Climb down and use the switch (S1) to extend a block (B1) to the left. This retracts after a few moments, so quickly turn around, jump across the spike pit, pull up and climb down the ladder to the left. Drop onto the block before it retracts and quickly move to the left. If you're too slow and the block retracts, either drop off the ladder, losing some health, or return to the switch and try again.

Jump over to the ledge on the left and use the next switch (S2) to raise a block (B2) off to the left. This block is also on a timer and will extend again in a few moments. So pull up, run to the left, stop at the edge, jump across to grab the ledge on the other side and pull up. (Lara will jump right past the ladder, but she can't jump through the solid block.) If you're too slow and the block extends before you can make the jump, return to the switch and try again.

When the block comes down again, jump to grab the ladder. Climb up, kill the snake and then jump the gap to the left. Another snake lurks in the shallow pit to the left. You may want to kill it before attempting the next sequence.

Jump straight up to grab the moving block when it is directly overhead. Pull up and step to the left edge. Ride all the way to the left and then jump to grab the next ledge. Pull up, climb into the alcove and jump to grab the edge of the higher moving block when it approaches. Pull up, step to the right edge of the block and ride it to the right. Jump to grab the next ledge and pull up.

Slide down the cable to the bottom. Quickly step down to the right to avoid the darts, but don't run into the spikes. There are 2 more snakes to the left, but you can ignore them. Go through the door to the next level.

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NOTE ON ITEM & MAP CODES: Each level and item has a code, which can be found on the map screen or item info screen. Once you have a code, you can enter it on a page at the Tomb Raider Mobile or Eidos Mobile UK web site to access a level map or detailed item information. My walkthroughs include all of the item info, as well as my own maps, which are a bit more detailed than the unlockable ones.

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