HIDDEN CITYPath of Battle Challenge Tomb

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SCORE & TIME ATTACK: If you're playing this tomb from the Challenge Tombs section of the main menu and need tips for the various Attack modes, check out these videos from Treeble: Score Attack or Time Attack.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this crypt is in the wild jungle area on the west central part of the Hidden City map. You'll pass near it during the third HEARTS AND MINDS SIDE MISSION, Retrieve the Champion's Bow. To save backtracking, I have included it in the HIDDEN CITY REVISIT walkthrough. If you want to explore this tomb sooner, that's absolutely fine.

POOL NEAR WILD JUNGLE BASE CAMP: If you do the Champion's Bow mission, you'll find yourself in this area when you're finished. Otherwise, locate the tunnel entrance, on the western edge of the city, just north of the MARKET. There's a small pool there and the tunnel is decorated with red paint, feathers, and bones. (screenshot) Follow the tunnel into the jungle. Then turn left (north) to the pool. Or, if you've been in this area before, Fast Travel to the Wild Jungle Base Camp. The pool is just north of the camp. (screenshot)

FLOODED PASSAGEWAY: To reach the tomb, swim through the narrow opening just below the surface on the west side of the pool. Just inside, surface for air if you like. Then swim down and dig up a survival cache (32/34) in the far left (southwest) corner of this little, dark room. Proceed through the tunnel on the left. When you come to the part of the tunnel with obsidian blades above, hug the bottom to avoid taking damage. Just beyond this area, surface and climb out on the left. (screenshots)

CAVERNS: Move down the steps to the edge of the chasm and jump over to the climbable wall on the right. (There's a ledge below on the left, but this is the path back to the exit.) A flock of bats flies out, but there's no danger as long as you don't freak out and lose your grip. Climb/rappel down as far as you can. Then swing and jump onto the wide ledge ahead. On the right is a mural (22/23), Mother Deity (Mam/Pantheon of Gods 3), and on the left is the Ossuary Base Camp. I've lit the fire to make it more visible in the gloom. Stop if you like, then proceed through the blade-lined doorway to the west. (screenshots)

Head down the steps and use the jaguar-head handle to start up the ancient machine, opening the gate at the far end of the cavern and lighting the way forward. Before heading deeper into the tomb, dive off the edge into the pool below. Gather some aquatic plants on the bottom. Pry some jade ore out of the left (southeast) wall. Then and dig up another survival cache (33/34) sitting on a rocky shelf about halfway along the right (northwest) side of the pool. The current pulls Lara along. It's annoying but not dangerous. You can fight it by holding either trigger or mouse button to swim faster. Climb out of the water on the ledges below the jaguar handle. Examine the document (42/42), Warriors of Kukulkan (Yucatec/Cult of Kukulkan). Then scale the climbable wall to get back to the ledge with the handle. (screenshots)

Move out onto the jutting stone beam between the handle and the stairs and jump to grab the edge of the walkway. Pull up and head to the right, jumping carefully over 2 sets of spinning obsidian blades and moving carefully around the left side of the blades mounted on the column. Jump off the end of the walkway and grapple the craggy rock above the doorway. Rappel down, swing back and forth to build momentum, then jump over to the circular ledge in front of the doorway. (screenshots)

Enter and follow the walkway to the left to find the last mural (23/23), Path of Battle (Mam/Trials of the Gods). Just beyond the mural is a handle. Push it to open the gate ahead and also activate another obsidian blade trap between here and there. Move to the edge and jump over the blades as they descend. Continue into the main room of the tomb. (screenshots)

NOTE: There's one more survival cache marked on the map. We'll get it on the way out.

THE PATH OF BATTLE: The tomb stele is sitting in plain view at the center of a large, round platform. But as you enter, a mechanical tower rises from the central platform, lifting the stele high out of reach. The tower then begins to spin, extending several mechanical arms edged with obsidian shards. Yes! This is going to be fun!

There are 2 jaguar-head switches, one on each side of the walkway leading to the center platform. These will eventually lower the tower, but first you'll need to activate a separate handle on the far side of the room to retract the mechanical arms. It doesn't matter which side you do first, but I found it a little easier to start on the left. Here's the sequence:

OUTER WALKWAY – LEFT (WEST) SIDE: Move up the walkway toward the central platform. Watch as the spinning arms sweep past. When one of them passes, run across the left side of the round platform. As the second arm moves toward you, keep running, jump over it, and race out onto the wooden platform on the left. Lara is safe here. Jump down onto the outer walkway on the left (west). Turn right and follow the outer walkway around to the end, jumping over some flaming spikes and avoiding the pillars with obsidian blades, which at this point are either stationary or moving very slowly. At the top of the steps, collect the 2 piles of gold opposite the handle. (screenshots)

TIMED RUN – LEFT (WEST) SIDE: Now comes the real challenge. When you pull the handle, the arms on the spinning tower temporarily retract. You then have about 30 seconds before the handle returns to its original position and the arms extend again. Using the handle also activates the obsidian blade traps along the outer walkway, so you'll need to be careful as well as quick.

As soon as you've pulled the handle out as far as it goes, release it, turn right, and run down the steps. Pause briefly if necessary until the first set of rotating blades starts to move away from you. Then run through and keep running between the second and third sets. The tutorial suggest sprinting, but if you time it right, this isn't necessary. The rotating pillars are synchronized, so as long as you start running as soon as the first set of blades moves away from you and don't stop, the others won't hit you. Keep running and jump over the flaming spikes. Keep running forward, jumping over the single spiked beam if it happens to be sweeping across the walkway as you approach. Repeat for the second beam without breaking stride. Now pause before the next pair of rotating pillars. Wait for the blades to move away from you and run between the pillars after them. Keep running and jump over the second set of flaming spikes. If Lara takes a little damage during the run, don't fret. Just keep running up the steps and left to the first jaguar-head switch. Use it to lower the tower partway. The tower then begins spinning once more and the mechanical arms extend, but you're halfway to the solution. (If you don't get to the jaguar-head switch fast enough, everything resets and you'll need to repeat the sequence until you get it right.) (screenshots)

OUTER WALKWAY – RIGHT (EAST) SIDE: Now to do the same thing on the right side. Return up the center walkway to the circular platform. The spinning tower now has one slightly raised arm and one that sweeps around at floor level. Wait until the lower arm passes and immediately run out to the right after it. Jump across the gap in the floor on the left side, nearer the tower, where the space is not so wide. Immediately turn right and run out onto the wooden ledge. If you're quick, you won't need to duck, but if necessary you can scramble to avoid the second arm as it swings past above you. jump down onto the outer walkway on the right (east) side of the cavern. Turn left and follow the outer walkway around to the end, avoiding the traps like you did on the other side. If you missed the 2 piles of gold opposite the handle, collect them now. (screenshots)

TIMED RUN – RIGHT (EAST) SIDE: As in the left-side sequence, pulling this handle temporarily retracts the arms on the tower and activates the traps on the outer walkway. Again, you have about 30 seconds before the handle returns to its original position and the arms extend once more. So, as soon as you've pulled the handle out as far as it goes, release it, turn left, and run down the steps. Pause briefly if necessary until the first set of rotating blades starts to move away from you. Then run through, jump over the flaming spikes between the pillars. Continue forward, jumping over the single spiked beam if it happens to be sweeping across the walkway as you approach. Repeat for the second beam without breaking stride. Now wait for the first set of rotating blades to move away from you. Then run forward, jump over another set of flaming spikes, and keep running between one set of pillars, then another. Keep running to the beginning of the walkway and use the nearer jaguar-head switch. If you've done everything fast enough, the tower will now stop moving. (If you don't get to the switch fast enough, the right side traps reset, and you'll need to repeat the second timed sequence until you get it right.) (screenshots)

CLIMBING THE TOWER: Now that you've stopped the tower, you can climb it to reach the stele. Start by jumping onto the broken arm that slants down toward the walkway between the switches. Walk to the top of the arm and jump to grab the top of the smaller of the two spiked stone blocks attached tot he tower. (This jump is a little buggy, at least in the PC version. It may help to double-jump as though scrambling up the block, even though Lara doesn't actually appear to scramble.) Once Lara is hanging from the block, jump to the right to grab the folded arm. Climb around the corner and on to the right until you can pull up onto the arm. Jump to grab the edge of the high, round platform and pull up. (screenshots)

Examine the tomb stele to unlock the Seeker Skill Sip's Quiver, which allows Lara to loose up to three arrows without pulling from the quiver, making her rapid-fire bow shots even faster. To use it, just aim with the bow and rapidly tap the Fire button 3 times. You'll notice that after the third tap, Lara will have to reach for more arrows.

EXITING THE TOMB: Use a rope arrow to run a zip line down to the outer walkway and slide down. Then follow the stairs up to the exit. In the next room, move to the edge of the pit and watch the blade-encrusted bars move up and down. (You'll probably notice that last survival cache flashing away in the dark passageway ahead.) Wait for the bars to rise then quickly jump across the pit to grab the far edge. Pull up and continue forward. Dig up the survival cache (34/34). Follow the passageway as it slopes upward and curves around to the north. (screenshots)

When you reach the ledge above the deep chasm, jump across to the rough climbing wall, axe-climb up and left, jump and latch onto the next climbable area, then conntinue climbing to the ledge above. Move up the steps, loot the resource container, then scramble up the square column on the left. Jump to grab the next square column, then continue into the tunnel beyond. Scramble up the damp stone wall into the tunnel above. Proceed through this low passageway lined with limestone formations. At the top, grab some more supplies from the container on the left. Then slide down the slippery slope, jump at the end, and latch onto the climbable wall on the other side of the chasm. Climb then jump and latch onto the next climbable area to the left. Continue axe-climbing to the ledge above. (screenshots)

At this point, you can turn around and try to get back to the Ossuary Base Camp below. (screenshot) This is a little tricky, though. You'll need to jump out and grapple the rough wall like you did before, but you won't be able to rappel down as far as you did the first time. But you can swing back and forth then jump down. Lara will lose a little health in the process, but as long as you land on the ledge, she should be OK. You can then Fast Travel out to wherever you left off.

If you'd rather play it safe, continue up the steps, drop into the pool on the left and swim through the flooded passageway back to the northeast. The only danger is the obsidian blades a little way in. Just stay low as you pass them and Lara will be fine. At the end of the tunnel, swim up for air if necessary. Then squeeze through the narrow opening on the right to emerge in the pool with the waterfall. (screenshots)

The Wild Jungle Base Camp is just downstream and the painted tunnel leading back to the city, is just beyond the camp, at the end of the path that slopes down to the right. (screenshots)

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