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SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. If you encounter a bug that can't be fixed by restarting the game, reloading a different save, restoring a backup save in the Xbox version, or rebuilding the game cache in the PC version, I encourage you to visit the Official Rise of the Tomb Raider Support Forum and or put in a support request with Square Enix. I also have PC save files for download.

AREA 13A: THE LOST CITY (Part 1 - South Side)

Updated: 10/11/18()

Camps: Threshold of Kitezh, Geothermal Cavern, Citadel Plaza
Weapons/Gear: Ancient Quiver, Greek Fire
Relics: 8 (10)  Documents: 8 (8)  Murals: 2 (3)  Coin Caches: 3 (3)  Survival Caches: 6 (6)  Strongboxes: none
Monoliths: 1 (1)  Archivist Maps: 2 (3)  Explorer Satchels: 1 (2)
Challenge Tombs/Codices:Crypts:Challenges: Missions: none
Area Maps: Lost City

NOTES: The Lost City is a large area, so I have divided the walkthrough into two sections. This walkthrough covers the south side of the city, from the entrance to the Citadel Plaza Base Camp. The rest of the level, from the Citadel Plaza to the end of the game, is covered in Part 2. The first number in each of the stat lines above is for Part 1 alone. The number in parentheses is for the entire Lost City. It is possible to achieve 100% for this level on the first playthrough. All item locations are fixed and numbered on the level map; however, the exact items may vary depending on the order in which you find them. All of the challenge items are included in the main walkthrough and noted on the map.

For subsequent visits, check out the section on Revisiting This Area Later in the Game at the end of Part 2 and the separate Lost City Collectibles Guide.

BREAKING IN (continued)

OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Into the Lost City of Kitezh

ICY TUNNEL: After the initial cutscene, in which Lara falls into this level from the PATH OF THE DEATHLESS, pick some mushrooms and continue along the tunnel. As you go, Sofia contacts Lara by radio and says her people will not be able to defeat Trinity, but they'll do their best to buy Lara some time. Pick more mushrooms in the cave with the gold statue. Then head up the stairs to a ledge overlooking the city. In another short cutscene Lara spots the Chamber of Souls at the top of the tallest tower and surmises that the gate to the northwest must lead to the inner city.

NOTE: When you crash through the roof of the building and land in Kitezh, you receive an Expedition Card Pack. The Life and Death Pack for finding the Lost City.


OBJECTIVE: Get through the First Gate

CAMPSITE OVERLOOKING KITEZH: After the cutscene, turn around and pick some more mushrooms in the doorway. Then head out onto the ledge and around to the right to discover the Threshold of Kitezh Base Camp. There's a document (1/8) sitting on a marble newel post. It is The Last Man from the Lone Survivor series (Mongolian). (screenshot) There's also some magnesite on the ground to the right. When you rest at the camp, you'll unlock the document Facing the Divine from the Camp Journals III series.

NOTE: If you have skill points to spend and aren't sure what to to, check the note in the previous level. Some of these won't be necessary immediately, but they will be useful soon. Also, I recommend swapping out your rifle for the Bolt-Action Rifle at the base camp now—assuming you unlocked it by finding all the parts earlier. You can change it again later if you like, but it's useful here. Also, the Dead Ringer Achievement involves getting 25 headshots with this weapon.

IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT THIS AREA: The neighborhood below contains many collectibles and several challenges. If you like, you can explore at your own pace, fighting Deathless warriors as you encounter them. But I recommend that you make an initial sweep to take out all of the enemies in this area, as described below. Then, as long as you don't die or reload, you're free to explore without being attacked. If you do reload, you'll still have all major collectibles and challenge items, but the first 7 enemies will respawn and you'll have to fight them again. Once you enter the Challenge Tomb, the original enemies will no longer respawn. Also, I do not mention every minor pickup since there are so many. So keep your eyes open and use Survival Instinct now and then to make sure you don't miss small items.

CITY STREETS AND ROOFTOPS - ELIMINATING ENEMIES FIRST: Slide down the zip lines from the base camp into the city. If you have not yet unlocked the Zipper Achievement, this is another good place to do it. As Lara approaches the end of the first zip line, briefly press B/C/Circle to let go of the line and grab the one below. The trick is to do it before Lara drops automatically but not so soon that you miss the second line and die. If you don't make it, you can reload the last checkpoint (as long as you do so before landing on the roof below) or your last campsite save, which should put you back at the top of the zip line. (screenshots)

After sliding all the way down, Lara lands on the roof of the building marked A on the level map. She says, "The Deathless are patrolling the streets. Got to stay out of sight," making things sound more dire than they actually are. If you act quickly, you can easily take out the first 2 enemies without being spotted. Turn around to face the building with the large statues in front of it. Equip the Bolt-Action Rifle and look for a Deathless swordsman approaching from the northeast. Zoom in (by pressing Z or clicking the right stick) and wait for him to pass under the wooden beam running alongside the building so you can kill him with a headshot. If you don't have the Bolt-Action Rifle, use a poison arrow. (screenshots)

Now turn left and jump over to the roof of the next building to the north (B on the map). Turn around and look for the next Deathless warrior underneath the awning on the left side of the first building. He's wearing a helmet, so a headshot will be tricky, and if you only wound him, he'll start lobbing hot coals. So kill him quickly with a poison or explosive arrow, or a few rifle shots. (screenshots)

Drop down and loot both of their packs. Yes, there are many other collectibles here. You can certainly pick things up as you go, but I will cover the major items after we take care of all the enemies.

Face north and look for the tall tower with spikes sticking out of its golden dome. Head toward this tower between the buildings. At the bottom of the steps, before you actually reach the tower, scramble up onto the roof of the building on the left (C on the level map). Move toward the peak of the roof but stay here under partial cover. The next 2 enemies, an archer and a swordsman, enter the courtyard below at the far left corner. If you hit them while they're still close together in the doorway, one poison arrow may be enough. Otherwise follow up with a second arrow or rifle shot. Loot their packs as well. (screenshots)

Now head up the steps in the southwest corner of this courtyard. At the top of the steps turn right. Then take the next left, before the alley with the Greek fire brazier. At the top of the next flight of stairs, look for another alley on the right with red flag hanging from a horizontal pole. Move past this alley. Then turn right and move forward, keeping the wall of the next building on Lara's left. She'll go into a defensive crouch here, indicating there are enemies ahead. Pick up arrows and salvage if you like. Then scramble up onto the roof opposite the red flag (building D on the level map). Quickly take cover behind one of the 2 stone chimneys. (screenshots)

There are 3 enemies just ahead. First, kill the one on the far right with a bow or rifle headshot, when he's far enough away from the others that they won't notice. If you like you can use distraction to separate the remaining enemies so you can get them both with stealth (not shown). Otherwise, kill one with a poison or explosive arrow. Then finish off the other any way you like and loot the packs they drop. (screenshots)

After destroying the first 7 enemies in this level, you're now free to explore. As long as you don't die or reload the checkpoint, you won't have to fight them again. For now, avoid the large gate to the northwest (the one marked with the Objective Beacon on the map and in Survival Instinct) since approaching it will start the next phase of the level.

CITY STREETS - COLLECTIBLES AND CHALLENGES: If you followed the strategy above, when all the enemies have been dealt with, you'll find yourself on the west side of the city, in the large building marked D on the level map. This structure is built above a flooded area, where you'll find the entrance to the last crypt in the game.

Before entering the crypt, go into the demolished building just to the left (east) of where the last group of enemies was standing. Here you'll find a salvage crate and various other supplies, as well as a document (2/8), Desperate Struggle from the Lone Survivor series (Mongolian). (screenshot) There is also more salvage on the lower level of this building. Outside, on the wooden deck above the water, there's another salvage crate in the southwest corner. Hanging on the wall just above this crate (screenshot) is a patterned banner (1/8). Destroy it with a fire arrow to initiate the Banner Wars Challenge. This and the other banners are marked with red dots on the level map.

THE TIMEKEEPER'S CRYPT: The entrance to the crypt is located in the flooded area in the southwest corner of the city, where you fought the 3 Deathless warriors. Jump into the water and swim into the submerged building on the north side of the pool. Inside this building, swim to the left (west), and follow the flooded tunnel until you can surface and climb out of the water. (screenshots)

Continue through the tunnel until it widens into a room with carved niches. Here you'll find a mural (1/3) on the right, and a crumbling wall on the left. The mural is Valentinus, The Timekeeper from the Crypt Murals series. Examine it for XP and Greek. Then break through the wall and continue. A little farther along, the passage turns and there are niches carved into the wall and a document (3/8) sitting on the floor. This is Valentinus, The Timekeeper from the Crypts of the Founders series (also XP and Greek). (screenshots)

Continue along the tunnel, collecting mushrooms and ore along the way. At the end of the tunnel is a ledge overlooking a pool. Ignore the pickups on the other side of the water for now. Drop into the water and swim to the left (west) through the archway and into the crypt. Pick up a stack of gold coins behind the sarcophagus. Then open it to unlock the ANCIENT QUIVER, which is automatically equipped. This lets you carry 10 more regular (silent) arrows plus 3 extra fire arrows, 2 extra poison arrows, and 2 extra explosive arrows. You also receive an XP award and 3,000 Expedition Credits for completing the crypt. (screenshots)

Swim back out into the cave and climb out of the water on the stone ledge on the right. Jump across the water and grapple the ledge above. Climb up to find mushrooms and magnesite. If your inventory is full, craft a few poison and explosive arrows to make room so you can then gather these resources. You should be able to do this with the increased carrying capacity the new quiver provides. Swim across to the east side of the pool and climb the rock wall. Return through the tunnel the way you came. When you come to the flooded passageway, swim forward through the two stone arches. Then turn right to get back to the wooden floor with the holes, where you can surface. (screenshots)

CITY STREETS - COLLECTIBLES AND CHALLENGES (continued): After completing the crypt, you re-emerge on the west side of the city where you killed the 3 Deathless warriors and started the Banner Wars Challenge earlier. Again, this is building D on the level map.

There is no "correct" order for retrieving the remaining collectibles in this area. This walkthrough describes a route more or less counterclockwise around the city, noting the locations of major collectibles and challenge items on the way. All are marked on the level map as well. As mentioned earlier, minor collectibles and crafting items are not listed, so by all means explore more thoroughly and use Survival Instinct. If you unlocked the Natural Instincts skill by reading the codex in the Ancient Cistern Challenge Tomb back in the Soviet Installation, colored dots on your in-game level map will also indicate the location of nearby collectibles.

There's also a pack of razorback boar that wander this area and respawn at intervals. You can hunt them and harvest boar fat for crafting.

At the base of the glacier near the southern tip of this area is the last monolith (1/1) in the game. (screenshot) Examine it to reveal the location of the 3 coin caches on your map. The nearest coin cache (1/3) is just north of the monolith, buried behind a low, rectangular barrier. There's also a challenge banner (2/8) hanging on the wall nearby. (screenshot) The next banner (3/8) is southwest of the monolith, hanging on the wall where the tower with the huge trebuchet abuts the glacier. (screenshot)

NOTES: You should have enough Mongolian to decipher the monolith by now, but if not, keep collecting documents until you do. If you missed any earlier Mongolian documents, they are located in the Siberian Wilderness, Flooded Archives, and Path of the Deathless levels. Also, as you explore this first part of the level, you'll use some fire arrows burning banners and salvage nets, but don't bother crafting more fire arrows just yet. You'll find many of them in the next challenge tomb.

Now return to the building where you first slid into this area via the zip lines. It is building A on the map. If you stand a little distance away facing the south side of the building, a flashing light will reveal the location of a survival cache (1/6). (screenshot) Dig it up. Then climb to the upper floor of the same building. Use your combat knife to cut down the bronze bell (1/5) to initiate the Challenge: For Whom The Bell Tolls. (screenshot) This and the other bells are marked with yellow dots on the map. There's also a flammable barrier on the ground floor, north side of this building. Burn it with a fire arrow to get some supplies and possibly a few gold coins. (screenshot)

NOTE: The survival caches in this area are not indicated on the in-game map until you discover the second Explorer Satchel later on, but they can be found by digging where you see a flash of light or feel controller vibration, so I have included them here. If you miss any, you can revisit this area after finding the satchel.

The next building to the east is just a facade with a marble staircase leading up to it. Climb the stairs and examine the mural (2/2), The Iron Road from the Byzantine Inscriptions series (Greek). (screenshot) Now use the shotgun or explosive arrows to destroy the statue (1/8) on the marble newel opposite the mural. (screenshot) This kicks off the Vandal Challenge. Most of these statues are found later in the level, but they're all marked with pink dots on the map.

Move to the end of the balcony, jump over to the high, wooden platform, and from there scramble up the wall into the nearby tower. (screenshot) Cut down the next bell (2/5) for the challenge. (screenshot) Alternatively, you can climb into this tower from the ground or from the adjacent rooftop.

Step out onto the wooden ledge outside the bell tower and move around to the winch. In the building below to the northeast is a trapdoor with a coil of rope wrapped around it. Shoot a rope arrow into that coil and then crank the winch to open the trapdoor. (screenshot) Climb down carefully and drop through the trapdoor to find an Archivist Map (1/2). (screenshot) This map reveals several but not all of this area's documents and relics on your map. Use another rope arrow to pull down the barrier so you can exit.

Move around to the east side of the building where you found the map to discover another survival cache (2/6) buried near a broken wooden wagon. (screenshot) Then re-enter the same building through the opening on the northeast side to find a stack of gold coins on the other side of the ornate lattice from where you found the map. (screenshot)

Exit this building and go around to the north side. The entrance to the Challenge Tomb is at the bottom of the clearing to the northeast, but before going there, turn around and look back toward the buildings to the south. The next banner (4/8) for the challenge is hanging on the side of the building where you found the Archivist Map. The second coin cache (2/3) is buried beside the next building to the west, in the corner where the outer walls meet. (screenshot) This cache will be marked on your map if you deciphered the monolith earlier.

We'll continue exploring the city soon, but first let's tackle that tomb!

CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to the final Challenge Tomb is in the clearing at the northeast corner of the city. The separate CHAMBER OF EXORCISM CHALLENGE TOMB WALKTHROUGH covers this area and includes the Geothermal Cavern Base Camp, 2 relics (1/10 and 2/10), 2 documents (4/8 and 5/8), an Explorer Satchel (1/2), an Archivist Map (2/2), and 3 survival caches (3-5/6), as well as the codex that unlocks the GREEK FIRE upgrade.

NOTE: If you've now raided all 9 challenge tombs in the game, you will also have completed the Ancient Secrets Mission, begun in the Geothermal Valley. So you may want to fast travel to the Ruins Encampment Base Camp in the GEOTHERMAL VALLEY to revisit the Remnant herbalist who gave you this mission. Her tower is just up the hill from the campfire. (screenshot/map) She'll give you 10 Byzantine coins when you arrive, but you'll need to press Interact to talk to her once more to complete the mission. In addition to XP, you'll receive the Sacra Umbra Outfit. You can then fast travel back to either of THE LOST CITY base camps to continue.

CITY STREETS - COLLECTIBLES AND CHALLENGES (continued): After exploring the Challenge Tomb, assuming you re-enter the city via the zip lines from the Threshold of Kitezh Base Camp, the next building to the north is where you're headed. (It's labeled B/C on the map.) You can drop in through the large, square hole in the roof (screenshot) and then drop down once more to the ground floor. Here you'll find a stack of gold coins and a relic (3/10), an Amber Necklace from the Spoils of War set. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you returned from the Challenge Tomb via the bear's cave, you can find the building with the third relic by heading up the slope toward the city, then going between the GOLD-DOMED TOWER and the building to the left (east) of it. (screenshot) The building with the relic will then be directly ahead. Enter at street level through the arched window on the east side. (screenshot)

After examining the relic, climb onto the roof of buildings B/C and look to the east to spot another banner (5/8) hanging on the neighboring building. (screenshot) Shoot it with a fire arrow for the challenge. Then turn around and you should see the next banner (6/8) on the building to the west. (screenshot) Again, all banners are marked with red dots on the map.

The next collectibles are located inside the GOLD-DOMED TOWER with the spears protruding from it in the north central part of this area. There are two ways to reach the top of the tower: Either scale the east wall using climbing arrows and axes (screenshot) or jump from the roof of the next building to the west and then climb that side of the tower. (screenshot) The room at the top contains a document (6/8), Rebirth from the Lone Survivor series (Mongolian) as well as another bell (3/5) you can cut down for the challenge. (screenshot)

There's a zip line running from the tower to the stairs in front of the large gate to the northwest, but avoid that area for now. Instead, use a rope arrow to make another zip line to the southeast. (screenshot) Slide down, and then drop down from the rooftops and return to the courtyard in front of the tower. Use a fire arrow to destroy the flammable barrier blocking the doorway on the south side. Enter to find a relic (4/10), a vase of Kitezhian Silver, part of the Spoils of War set. (screenshot)

NOTE: Be sure to pick up the relic as soon as possible after burning the barrier. If you leave it to go exploring, you may encounter a bug in which an invisible wall blocks the doorway, preventing you from getting inside. As far as I know, this only happens in the Xbox One game, but better safe than sorry.

Dig up a coin cache (3/3) buried near the post supporting the dangling crate in the middle of the courtyard. (screenshot) Then use a grenade or grenade arrow to destroy the impact barrier in the southwest corner of the courtyard to get at the next document (7/8), Stalking the Deathless Ones from the Lone Survivor series (Mongolian). (screenshot)

Enter the large building just northwest of the tower. (screenshot) The interior of this dilapidated stable is full of horse skeletons. There's also another relic (5/10), Spurs from the Mongolian Invasion set.

The two large buildings west of the stable (and just south of the large gate that is the story objective) contain various minor collectibles. The one near the western wall has a stack of Byzantine coins on the lower level and a relic (6/10) in the bedroom on the upper floor. It is a Flint Striker, also part of the Mongolian Invasion set. (screenshot) Again check the annotated map if you get disoriented.

Step out onto the roof to the south to spot the next Deathless banner (7/8) hanging on a building close to the outer wall. (screenshot) Shoot it with a fire arrow for the challenge. Then climb over there and jump into the doorway to the left of where the banner was hanging. Shoot the wooden barrier to reveal another relic (7/10), The Pagan God, from The Early Inhabitants set. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you reload the game after completing the Challenge Tomb, the 3 enemies you fought near the Crypt entrance will respawn when you approach that area. You can fight them again and collect more ammo and supplies from the packs they drop or just avoid them.

Face east from the room where you found relic #7 to spot the next signal bell (4/5) for that challenge. (screenshot) Jump across the rooftops to reach it and then cut it down. (screenshot) If you're having trouble finding it later in the game, it's on top of the building where you found document #7, and like the other bells, it's indicated on the map with a yellow dot.

You're almost done with this area now. If you want to explore further to pick up supplies, go right ahead. When you're ready to move on, head for the alley at the base of the city wall in the northwest corner. (This is just west of the building with relic #6 and south of the large gate that is the story objective.) Dig up the final survival cache (6/6) buried near a tree stump with poison mushrooms growing in it. (screenshot)

Climb onto the roof of the building on the right (where you found relic #6 earlier) and look north toward the gate. On the rooftop above and to the left of the gate, perched on a pedestal, is another headless statue (2/8) for the Vandal Challenge. (screenshot) Shoot it with your rifle or grenade arrows to destroy it.

Then climb down and head up the first flight of stairs leading to the gate. Examine the final document (8/8), which is lying at the feet of the large statue. It is Trapped from the Lone Survivor series. Shoot the banner (8/8) to complete the Banner Wars Challenge and receive XP and 2,000 Expedition Credits. Go up the stairs to the right just far enough to find a headless statue (3/8) that you can destroy with a shotgun or explosives (screenshot) Then come back down and go up the left staircase to find another statue (4/8). Vandalize it as well. (screenshot)

When you approach the gate at the top of the stairs, the portcullis slams down, and the Deathless begin hurling fireballs from the trebuchet to the south. This gives Lara an idea. If she can take control of the device, she can use it to break through the gate.

OBJECTIVE: Seize the Trebuchet

FIGHTING YOUR WAY TO THE SOUTH END OF THE CITY: In order to take control of the war machine, you must first make your way along the west side of the city from north to south, fighting Deathless warriors as you go. Start by riding the zip line down to the first building on the right. Ready your shotgun or other weapon as you land. Then take out the Deathless swordsman who appears in the doorway ahead using the weapon itself or the Dodge Kill maneuver if you've unlocked that skill. (screenshots)

Now step out onto the ledge on the right and look out over the rooftops to the south. A Deathless archer appears in the building ahead. Shoot him with your rifle or a poison/fire arrow. If he shoots back before you can kill him, move out of the way to avoid taking damage from his fire arrows. Then jump over the rooftops to where he was standing. (If you get disoriented, check the map. This is where you found relic #7 earlier.) From inside this little shelter you can take out the 3 Deathless archers standing on the trebuchet platform, either by targeting the Greek fire vessels or using a fire/poison arrow or two. (screenshots)

Climb across to the next building to the south. Move out onto the roof with the 2 chimneys. (This is the building near the crypt entrance where you fought Deathless warriors earlier.) Now there are 3 more enemies: another archer on the roof between here and the trebuchet, a soldier with a shield and polearm who lumbers toward you from that same building, and a swordsman who slides down the zip line from the upper right. You may be able to take out the archer with a poison or fire arrow before the others arrive. If not, you can use the chimneys for cover. The swordsman rushes at you, just like the ones you've encountered previously. Again, you can use the Dodge Counter or Dodge Kill skill if you've unlocked it. Stand your ground and when the swordsman lunges, press B/C/Circle to dodge. Then, when the Melee icon appears, wait for the the thin gray circle to contract all the way into the center and press Y/F/Triangle for the finishing move. If you don't have this skill or prefer not to use it, try the shotgun with regular and/or dragonfire shells for close combat. (screenshots)

The last enemy, the warrior with the shield, moves slowly across the deck. If you dispatched the swordsman quickly, you'll have time to deal with the shielded guy before he gets to you. Either shoot the brazier as he passes under it to douse him with Greek fire, or use a fire or poison arrow to kill him from a distance. If he gets close, either run away then turn and shoot, or use the dodge maneuver. (screenshots)

If you die or deliberately reload the checkpoint, Lara respawns just below and to the left of the building with the 2 chimneys. The trebuchet is directly ahead in the distance. You can take out the 3 archers near the trebuchet from here using a few fire/poison arrows. Then move around to the right, scramble up onto the roof with the 2 chimneys, and fight the remaining enemies as described above. (screenshots)

At this point, you can explore around the city to resupply if you like, but you may encounter more Deathless in the streets. I'm not sure whether they appear randomly or only in certain areas. If you don't like fighting, head straight for the trebuchet, as described below. You'll have other chances to revisit this area.

CLIMBING TO THE SOUTHERN TREBUCHET: Now head for the far right corner of this area, looting the packs that the various Deathless warriors dropped when you destroyed them. To reach the trebuchet, shoot 3 climbing arrows into the wooden walls. Climb/jump across the arrows to the right. Then jump over to the ice wall, latch on with your axes, and climb to the top. (screenshots)

A Deathless archer comes around from the far side of the trebuchet. Shoot him or the Greek fire vessel next to him. There's also a swordsman waiting for you on the trebuchet platform. Climb up there and get him with your shotgun or use the Dodge Kill maneuver if you've unlocked that skill. Loot the packs and grab some cloth—and possibly a few gold coins—from the container on the back left side of the lower deck. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Use the Trebuchet to Destroy the Gate

Now it's your turn to rain down a little destruction. The goal is to destroy the gate, but there's also a Challenge called Burn Baby Burn to be undertaken here. Climb up next to the trebuchet and use your axe as a handle to crank the wheel, rotating the platform to the left until the beam jutting out ahead lines up with the wooden signal fire built on top of the glacier. Hold RT/Left Mouse/R2 to charge the shot. A white circle will creep up the cliff, indicating where the trebuchet is aimed. When the circle overlaps the signal fire, release RT/Left Mouse to launch a fireball. If your aim is true, the tower will catch fire, initiating the challenge. Otherwise, try again until you get it. (screenshots)

The goal is to light five of these signals in all. All but one of the signals can be targeted from here. The next signal fire (2/5) is just to the right of the first. So rotate the trebuchet until the beam lines up with the signal. Again, hold RT/Left Mouse/R2 to charge the shot. When the white targeting circle overlaps the tower, release the button to fling the fireball. (screenshots)

NOTE: There's another signal in the distance behind the second, but the fireballs from this trebuchet can't reach it. You'll be able to light it later in the level.

The next signal fire (3/5) is a bit farther to the right, behind the gold-domed tower. Aim and fire the same way to light it. Then crank the trebuchet all the way around to the right to spot the next signal fire (4/5) close to the glacier. Aim and fire as before. You should now have all but one of the signals lit. The last one will have to wait. (screenshots)

Finally, crank the trebuchet back around to the left so the protruding beam points straight at the large gate. Hold RT/Left Mouse until the white circle is directly over the gate. Then release the button to hurl the fireball and destroy the gate. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Get Through the Second Gate

RETURNING TO THE GATE: While standing on the trebuchet platform, look down to the west to spot a window with a metal impact barrier that has nearly been engulfed by the glacier. (screenshot) Destroy the barrier with a grenade arrow and climb inside. Pick up some salvage and feathers, and cut down the bell (5/5) to complete the Challenge: For Whom the Bell Tolls. (screenshot)

Climb out the window onto the roof, where you'll find a relic (8/10), a Rus Drinking Horn from the Spoils of War set. (screenshot)

Now drop down onto the roof to the north and slide down the zip line to the area where you fought the last group of enemies. (screenshot) There are now a few more Deathless soldiers patrolling the streets below. If you swing and jump across the rooftops to the gate, you can avoid them. Or, take them out with rifle or arrows from above, drop down, and loot their packs. If you missed the last document or banner, or the second, third, and fourth statues for the Vandal challenge, get those on the way up the stairs to the gate (as described above).


Notes on revisiting are included at the end of the walkthrough for The Lost City Part 2.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 3/12/16 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
4/8/16 - Added the third Archivist Map in the second part of the Lost City walkthrough, which resulted in changes to the map and item totals for this area.
7/4/16 - Added the Collectibles Guide and PC save files, and made a few minor changes to the walkthrough in the process. These include adding the Camp Journals document at the beginning of the level, notes on enemy respawn, etc. Also corrected the placement of documents 4 and 5 on the map. Both are in the Challenge Tomb and I had mistakenly reversed them.
10/11/16 - Added PS4 controls.
7/23/17 - Added bug note for 4th relic, thanks to a tip from Cathryn.
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