Stella's Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough - For Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, MacOS & Linux

SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. If you encounter a bug that can't be fixed by restarting the game, reloading a different save, restoring a backup save in the Xbox version, or rebuilding the game cache in the PC version, I encourage you to visit the Official Rise of the Tomb Raider Support Forum and or put in a support request with Square Enix. I also have PC save files for download.


Updated: 10/11/16()

Camps: Citadel Plaza, Citadel Gate, Broken Spire, Final Precipice
Weapons/Gear: Armor-Piercing Arrows
Relics: 2 (10)  Documents: none (8)  Murals: 1 (3)  Coin Caches: none (3)  Survival Caches: none (6)  Strongboxes: none
Monoliths: none (1)  Archivist Maps: 1 (3)  Explorer Satchels: 1 (2)
Challenge Tombs/Codices: none (1)  Crypts: none (1)  Challenges: none (4)*  Missions: none
Area Maps: Lost City

NOTES: The Lost City is a large area, so I have divided the walkthrough into two sections. This walkthrough covers the north side of the city, from the Citadel Plaza Base Camp to the end of the game. The south side of the city is covered in Part 1. The first number in each of the stat lines above is for Part 2 alone. The number in parentheses is for the entire Lost City. It is possible to achieve 100% for this level on the first playthrough. All item locations are fixed and numbered on the level map; however, the exact items may vary depending on the order in which you find them.

*There are 4 challenges in this level. All are introduced in Part 1; however, two of them can only be completed here in Part 2. All challenge items are included in the walkthrough and noted on the map.

For subsequent visits, check out the section below on Revisiting This Area Later in the Game and the separate Lost City Collectibles Guide.


OBJECTIVE: Get through the Second Gate

BEYOND THE FIRST GATE: Just inside the gate is the Citadel Plaza Base Camp. Stop here to rest and make upgrades, and to unlock the document Born a Croft from the Camp Journals III series. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you have Skill Points to spend and aren't sure what skills to take, check this note in the previous level.

There are 2 statues (5/8 and 6/8) nearby that you can destroy for the Vandal challenge. One is just ahead and to the left of the campfire. (screenshot) The other is ahead on the right, in front of the large statue of a horse. (screenshot) The last mural (3/3) is on the north wall. It is The Long Years from the Byzantine Inscriptions series (Greek). There is also a wooden barrier on the north wall to the right of the mural, but this can only be opened from the other side. We'll get there shortly. (screenshot)

Above the large gate on the west side of the plaza is another statue (7/8). Shoot it down with your rifle or a grenade arrow for the challenge. (screenshot)

When you're ready to move on, craft as much special ammo as you can. Then go up the western stairs and through the doorway between the 2 horse statues, following the Objective Beacon. As you enter the open area ahead, Lara steals ARMOR-PIERCING ARROWS from a corpse and adds a new piece of gear to her arsenal. You don't need to do anything special to use these. All of your arrows are now capable of piercing armor, provided you hold RT/Left Mouse/R2 before firing to charge the shot. Lara hears enemies approaching and quickly takes cover behind a low wall. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Survive the Ambush

AMBUSH AT THE INNER GATE: As the fight starts, several fireballs are launched into this area from outside, blocking the doorway through which you entered. You're now trapped in this room as a squad of Deathless warriors attacks. First come 2 archers on the north wall. You can probably kill one of them from your starting position using a poison or fire arrow. Shoot the second archer as he jumps down to the floor, or wait a few seconds for the north gate to open, letting in the next 2 enemies—a swordsman and a soldier with a polearm—and then shoot the Greek fire vessel nearby to hopefully catch them in the blast as well. (screenshots)

If he survives, the warrior with the swords rushes at you, while the other approaches more slowly. Take them out one at a time using the Dodge Counter/Kill maneuver or a combination of regular and dragonfire shotgun shells. You can also use melee attacks if you've upgraded your axe, but getting close enough to hit them means they're close enough to hit you. So I prefer the dodge or shotgun. Try not to let them back you into a corner. If they get too close, run/jump past them, turn and shoot while backing away. (screenshots)

When you've taken care of the first group, circle around to the north as 2 more archers appear on the south wall. The low wall in the middle of the room will partially shield you from their Greek fire arrows. If a fire arrow lands near you, quickly move out of the way to avoid being burned by the pool of fire left behind. (screenshots)

As you fight the archers, 2 more soldiers—a faster one with swords, a slower one with a polearm—enter through the gate to the south. Use the same tactics you did with the others. (screenshots)

Then run back around to the south side of the room as another pair of archers appears on the north wall, and 3 more soldiers—2 swordsmen, one with a polearm—enter through the north gate. This time concentrate on the swordsmen first. They run straight at Lara intent on killing her. It's difficult to get enough distance between you to use poison or fire arrows without taking damage yourself, so the Dodge Counter/Kill and/or shotgun are probably your best bet. For the slower enemy, either use the same tactics or try to lure him close to one of the Greek fire urns, run away, and then shoot the urn to blow it up. If he survives the blast, finish him with your weapon of choice. Finally take out the 2 archers with poison/fire arrows and/or rifle to finish the fight. (screenshots)

Don't be afraid to use bandages during the fight if things get rough. There are herb plants in 3 corners of the room to replenish your supplies afterwards.

When the last enemy falls, Lara turns her attention to the inner gate blocking the corridor to the west. "The Chamber of Souls is through that gate," she says to herself. "Just need to find another trebuchet."


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way to Destroy the Gate

AFTER THE AMBUSH: In addition to the herbs in the corners of the room, be sure to loot the packs the Deathless leave behind. If you reload your guns and replenish your arrow stores, you'll make room in your inventory for more supplies. Then enter the alcove to the north and use your axe to crank the wheel and open the door ahead. (screenshot)

As you climb the stairs Lara talks with Sofia over the radio. Lara urges her to get to safety, but Sofia insists that they work together until the end. Grab some cloth from the box at the top of the stairs on the left. Then head around to the right, shoot out the impact barrier (screenshot), and jump across to the upper ledge on the south side. Follow the ledge around to the far end to find a relic (9/10), a Wooden Icon from the Spoils of War set. (screenshot)

CLIMBING TO THE SECOND TREBUCHET: Return to the ledge at the top of the stairs. Shoot a rope arrow into the dangling spool to swing across the gap onto the ledge ahead. You're headed for the trebuchet to the northeast, but there's a rope-wrapped barrier on the right that you can pull down to open the way back to the Citadel Plaza Base Camp in case you need to rest and resupply. Also, the last statue (8/8) for the Vandal Challenge is sitting on top of the building above and to the left of this barrier. Destroy it to complete the challenge and receive an XP award plus 2,000 Expedition Credits. When you're ready to move on, return here, slide down the zip line and latch onto the ice wall below. Then climb up to the wide ledge below the trebuchet. (screenshots)

This area has a rotating beam with a golden bucket suspended from it. Ahead on the left is a wall of ice. Before tackling the mechanism, scramble up onto the wall on the left to find an Archivist Map (3/3). (screenshots)

Drop back down and face the rotating beam. Use a rope arrow to pull the bucket around to the left. Then run up the wooden ramp and jump onto the bucket to send it crashing into the ice wall. (Remember doing this waaaay back in the Ice Ship Challenge Tomb?) With the ice cleared away, you can now shoot a series of climbing arrows into the soft wooden wall and use them to climb to the top. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Use the Trebuchet to Destroy the Gate

FIRING THE SECOND TREBUCHET: The trebuchet is jammed, so before you can use it you'll need to fix the problem. Use your axe to turn the wheel and rotate the platform so the jutting beam points toward the tower to the west. Walk out onto the beam and jump over to the tower. Grab some supplies from a wooden box. Then shoot a rope arrow into the trebuchet, anchoring it to the rope-wrapped post here. Jump back over to the trebuchet and try cranking the wheel again. This should free the counterweight so the weapon can work. (screenshots)

Before attempting to destroy the gate, aim the trebuchet at the signal fire (5/5) about halfway between the tower with the rope post and the gate. Hold RT/Left Mouse to aim at the signal and then release the button to fire. If you lit the other 4 signals with the first trebuchet, this will complete the Burn Baby Burn Challenge, and you'll receive an XP award and 2,000 Expedition Credits. Now rotate the trebuchet a little farther to the left to aim at the gate. Again, hold RT/Left Mouse to crank back the arm and charge the shot. Then release the button to hurl the fireball. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you miss this signal, you'll have another chance when you reach the third trebuchet. You'll also be able to revisit the first trebuchet later on to light any of the signals you may have missed earlier. See the section below on Revisiting this Level.

When Lara's shot finds its mark, the Deathless on the third trebuchet notice and start hurling fireballs in her direction. You won't be able to use this trebuchet again, so you'll need to come up with a plan B.

OBJECTIVE: Go to the Other Trebuchet

CLIMBING TO THE THIRD TREBUCHET: Before you start climbing, take out the 2 archers standing below the third trebuchet. You can target them directly with bow or rifle, or shoot the Greek fire vessels next to them. Leave the vessel on the far left intact, though, since you may need it later. (screenshot) Without archers taking potshots at you, the following sequence will be much easier.

Use a rope arrow to create a zip line from the lower deck of the second trebuchet to the tower below and to the right (east). Slide down and then climb onto the upper ledge of the tower to find some magnesite. Use another rope arrow to spin the long, horizontal beam so one end points toward you. Jump onto the beam, walk to the far end, and jump from there to the ice wall ahead. Climb to the handhold above. Then climb around to the left until you can jump and grab the horizontal beam jutting out of the tower. Pull up onto the beam, adjust your position if necessary, and then jump forward to grab the handle of the dangling golden bucket. The bucket swings around to face in the opposite direction. When it settles, climb/jump straight up onto the beam above. Jump to grab the wooden beam ahead, and then climb up onto the deck. (screenshots)

You won't have to deal with the Deathless archers if you killed them earlier, as described above, but a swordsman and a heavy soldier with a polearm attack immediately. If you act fast, you can shoot the Greek fire vessel to take out the swordsman as he charges. Then either take cover on the right and fire at the heavy soldier as he approaches, or move forward to meet him and use the Dodge Counter/Kill maneuver. After this, the coast is clear for a while. (screenshots)

When you approach the trebuchet and attempt to use it, you receive a new goal.

OBJECTIVE: Break the Ice Off the Gear and Fire the Trebuchet

FREEING THE THIRD TREBUCHET FROM THE ICE: Stand on the red painted ledge in front of the trebuchet facing the wooden armature. Shoot the right end of the beam (i.e., the lower end with the golden bucket) with a rope arrow to pull the beam around toward you. Jump onto the beam, walk to the upper end, and then jump onto the tower to the left of the falling water. (This sequence is shown in a series of screenshots and in this short video walkthrough.)

Go around to the right to find an Explorer Satchel (2/2), which reveals the locations of the 3 survival caches in the southern part of the city, assuming you haven't already found them. Stand next to the wooden bucket and shoot a rope arrow into the upper end of the balance beam. This attaches the bucket to the beam. Slide down the zip line on the right. Search the container for herbs or cloth and possibly a few gold coins. Then hop down onto the ledge below, which is level with the base of the balance beam. (screenshots)

Use a rope arrow to pull the end of the beam with the golden bucket toward you. This also drags the wooden bucket off the ledge and through the waterfall, but with the bottom of the bucket open, it won't hold water. Shoot the rope-wrapped latch on the side of the wooden bucket to close the flap on the bottom. Then shoot the upper end of the beam (above the wooden bucket) to pull the beam around toward you. Now that the bucket is latched closed, when it moves under the waterfall it fills with water. This causes that end of the beam to tip downward and raises the other end with the golden bucket. (screenshots/video)

Now shoot the latch again to open the bucket so the water begins to drain out. Aim a little bit above the latch and then shoot it once more as the bucket rises. The goal is to close the bucket before all the water drains out. When the wooden bucket is half full, it weighs about the same as the golden bucket, and the beam balances. If this doesn't work the first time, drag the closed bucket through the waterfall to refill it and try again. Once the beam is balanced, jump across to the platform at the center of the armature and from there to the golden bucket. Lara's weight swings the golden bucket forward into the wall of ice, freeing the trebuchet. (screenshots/video)

Now climb up onto the trebuchet and get ready to fire. Before you can do so, several squads of Deathless archers assemble on the ramparts below and start peppering Lara with fire arrows.

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the Gate and Repel the Attack

Take Lara's suggestion and use the trebuchet to fight the archers. Crank the platform around to the left just a little. Then hold RT/Left Mouse to aim at the first group of 5 archers at the base of the second trebuchet. (screenshot) Release the button to destroy the whole squad with a fireball. Rotate the trebuchet to the left until you can target the next group of 5 archers on the broken tower to the southwest. (screenshot) There are a few more archers standing near the signal fire to the left of the last group. Kill them the same way. (screenshot) Finally, target the gate and let fly! (screenshot)

NOTE: If you missed any of the signal fires for the Burn Baby Burn Challenge, three of them can be lit from here. (screenshot) The two at the south end of the city are only reachable from the first trebuchet. You can return there later if necessary.

OBJECTIVE: Cross the Bridge

FROM THE THIRD TREBUCHET BACK TO THE GATE: Drop down to the lower deck of the trebuchet and use a rope arrow to make a zip line down to the nearest tower to the southwest. Slide down and grab some salvage there. Then make another zip line so you can slide down to the wall of ice on the side of the ruined tower to the west. Climb the ice wall to the handhold above. Then climb around to the right and scramble onto the ledge above. (screenshots)

Loot the packs left behind by the archers you killed with the trebuchet. Then move up the rocky slope. Stay low as a Deathless archer approaches from the direction of the gate. Kill him with a headshot from your weapon of choice. Then take care of a second archer on the rooftop ahead. (screenshots)

Use the metal grapple rings to swing over to the roof where the last archer was standing. When you do, more archers appear—one directly ahead and a squad of three ahead and to the left. If you keep to the lower right side of the roof, you can target the single archer, and the others won't be able to hit you. Then move up to the peak, peer over the top, and shoot the Greek fire vessel to take out all 3 archers on the next roof. If you missed it earlier, statue #8 for the Vandal Challenge is here at the edge of the roof. (screenshots)

Swing across to the next roof to the west. Move to the far edge and take out 2 more archers down below. They'll be lurking near the horse statue to the right of the citadel's main entrance. Next, jump across to the next roof to the south to loot the packs dropped by the 3 archers you killed earlier. If you missed statue #7 for the Vandal Challenge, you can destroy it now. It's sitting on the balustrade above and to the left of the citadel's main entrance. And, if you missed statue #2, on the roof above the first gate, you can also destroy it now from behind. Just head for the southwest corner of the roof, and you'll find the statue sitting on a marble railing overlooking the city streets. (screenshots)

Return to the previous rooftop, where you stood while shooting the last few enemies, and make a zip line so you can slide back down to the ground. (screenshot)

PREPARING FOR THE ENDGAME: There are a few more base camps ahead, but at this point you may want to return to the Citadel Plaza Base Camp to make upgrades and take a break. (screenshot) I'd suggest you swap out the Bolt-Action Rifle for the Military Rifle or one of the other more nimble rifles, since the rest of this level will involve fast-paced combat rather than sniping. It will also help to have the Grenade Launcher Attachment for the rifle. (Both Military Rifle and Grenade Launcher are SUPPLY SHACK purchases.) I recommend making sure you have full ammo for all weapons and plenty of ingredients for crafting special arrows and bullets. You can also re-explore the city to pick up any key items you may have missed or fast travel out to other areas to collect supplies and/or complete unfinished business. If there are skills you want but have not yet unlocked, the extra XP will be useful. There's still one relic here in the Lost City that you haven't reached, but you could have 100% completion for all the other levels by now. Most levels in this walkthrough have a section at the end on "Revisiting Later in the Game," as well as separate Collectibles Guides. So check them out if necessary.

CROSSING THE BRIDGE TO THE TOWER: When you're ready to move on, return to the Citadel Plaza Base Camp and climb up into the large room to the west where you were ambushed by Deathless warriors earlier. (screenshot) Go up the stairs and jump across the gap to the ruined gate. (screenshot) Follow the Objective Beacon if you get disoriented. As Lara steps out onto the bridge, a fireball lands behind her and the bridge begins to collapse. (screenshot)



No kidding, right!? Run forward and jump across the gaps that appear between the shifting chunks of floor. When you reach the end, jump out and press Interact to grapple the ledge above. (screenshot) Then climb up into the room at the western end of the bridge.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Deathless Warriors

SKIRMISH AT THE WEST END OF THE BRIDGE: A squad of Deathless soldiers is waiting here for Lara. There are 9 enemies in all, each exhibiting slightly different behaviors. When you first arrive, the enemies only begin to appear if you step forward, so you can take a moment to select your weapon of choice. If you die or deliberately reload the checkpoint, Lara starts the sequence hanging from the ledge. You'll need to select your weapon and pull up quickly before the enemies approach. (screenshots)

A swordsman and a heavy soldier with a polearm charge first, while an archer and a foot soldier with a shield appear on the stairs to the left. If you can take out one of the first two attackers with a poison arrow as he approaches, that will make things a little easier. Then switch to the shotgun and use dragonfire shells or the Dodge Kill maneuver to dispatch the other. Or, start by moving close to the wooden structure on the right, so the archer on the far left can't hit you while you're fighting the foot soldiers. As they charge, target either one and take him out with a Dodge Kill. Move out of the corner so you don't get boxed in by the other soldier. Then finish him with the shotgun, a poison arrow, or another dodge. (screenshots)

Meanwhile, the archer and soldier with a shield take up positions on the staircase on the left side of the room, shooting fire arrows and throwing chunks of explosive ore, respectively. The wooden structure on the right will protect you from the archer while you take out the shielded guy with a poison arrow. Then you can step out a little farther to target the archer or the Greek fire vessel near him. (screenshots)

Next come 2 more soldiers with shields, who gradually make their way toward you from the back of the room. Depending on where Lara is standing, they may approach along the center, left, or right aisles. They move slowly, so you can usually hit them as they approach using the shotgun, special arrows, or Dodge Kill. Or, if they happen to be handy, use environmental hazards like the Greek fire vessels or the hanging braziers, which can be shot to dump fire on anyone standing below. (screenshots)

Finally, you must take out 3 more archers, who tend to stay near the back of the room at first but may creep closer as the battle progresses. Unless you're under fire and happen to have a clear shot, you can leave them for last. Just steer clear of the puddles of Greek fire their arrows leave behind. Since the archers don't wear helmets, you may be able to kill a few of them with headshots. Or use regular armor-piercing arrows (don't forget to hold the fire button before releasing to charge your shots), poison/fire arrows, or the environmental hazards. (screenshots)

When you've defeated the last man, a cutscene shows a Trinity helicopter blasting through the ceiling of the ice cavern from above. As huge chunks of ice fall all around you, Sofia attempts to contact Lara over the radio, but her transmission is cut off.


OBJECTIVE: Climb the Tower

Reload and replenish your special ammo, loot the packs the Deathless left behind, and gather some magnesite and cloth on the low landing near the middle of the room. Then head for the Citadel Gate Base Camp in the back right corner. (screenshot)

NOTES: You have not yet reached the "point of no return," beyond which fast travel will no longer be possible. But here's another chance to change your weapon loadout and/or fast travel away to gather supplies and tie up loose ends. See the notes on Preparing for the Endgame, above.

CLIMBING FROM THE CITADEL GATE TO THE BROKEN SPIRE CAMP: Shoot climbing arrows into the rough walls ahead and to the right. Scramble up onto the first arrow and then jump to the second. From there, shoot another arrow into the soft wood around the corner from the first arrow and jump onto it. (Or, if you have the Arrow Climber skill, just jump toward the wall and press Melee to plant an arrow there manually.) Then jump to grab one of the planks on the painted wooden wall ahead. Climb to the top then around to the right, and pull up onto the ledge above. Lara spots the path to the left, but first look to the right to find the last relic (10/10), an Ivory Carving from the Spoils of War set. (screenshots)

After examining the relic, shoot another climbing arrow or two into the wall on the left and climb onto the ledge above. Proceed to the top of the stairs. Shoot a rope arrow into the dangling coil to swing across the next wide gap and latch onto the ice wall ahead. Climb up and around to the left. Jump past the statue in the alcove, grab onto the wooden wall, and press Interact to hang on as a fireball lands just above you, causing the statue to topple over. Continue climbing to the ledge above. (screenshots)

Grapple swing across the next gap. Move around to the right, jump off the wooden ramp, and grapple swing forward to latch onto the rough stone column. Climb up and around to the ledge above on the left. Shoot a series of climbing arrows into the soft walls and use them to climb up and around to the ledge on the far right. Use the horizontal bar to swing across the gap in the walkway. Then shoot a rope arrow into the dangling coil, swing across the next wide gap, latch onto the ice wall, and climb to the top. Shoot a couple of climbing arrows into the wall to the left of the gate and climb up to the wooden plank handhold. Climb around the corner to the left and up into the tower. Grapple swing across the next wide gap, latch onto another ice wall, and climb into the next tower. Here you'll find the Broken Spire Base Camp and a salvage crate. (screenshots)

NOTE: Again, I recommend equipping the Military Rifle with the Grenade Launcher before starting the next stage of the game. You'll have to fight your way through a horde of Trinity soldiers, and this weapon will be very helpful. If you can't afford the Military Rifle from the SUPPLY SHACK and don't want to take the time to search earlier levels for Byzantine Coins, at least swap the Bolt-Action Rifle for the Assault Rifle which has a much faster fire rate and reload speed.

BUG NOTE: There is a potentially game-breaking bug in the next section. As far as I know, this issue has been fixed via the second Xbox One patch and does not occur in the PC version, but if you have an unpatched game, take note. Before setting out from the Broken Spire camp, make sure you have at least 10-15 pistol rounds and that the pistol is loaded. If you need to fast travel away to get more ammo, you'll find some in most of the earlier levels, including the Soviet Installation, etc. During your climb from the Broken Spire camp to the highest tower, there is a scripted event in which a Deathless warrior grabs Lara's leg and she must shoot him with her pistol QTE-style. Current versions of the game provide unlimited pistol ammunition for this sequence, but in the original game it was possible to enter this area without pistol ammo and get stuck in an endless fail-and-reload loop. If you've found yourself in this situation, try reverting to an earlier save or reloading a backup save. Then obtain pistol ammo and approach this area again.

OBJECTIVE: Climb the Tower

FROM THE BROKEN SPIRE TO THE HIGHEST TOWER: When you're ready, take a running jump off the wooden ramp and latch onto the ice wall. Climb to the bumpy stone wall above. As you ascend, a fireball from one of the distant trebuchets smashes into the wall above, and you must press Interact to hang on. Climb up to the damaged area. Then jump to the left, continue climbing, and finally scramble onto the ledge above. (screenshots)

Here the view shifts as Lara looks down over the edge to spot hundreds of Deathless warriors streaming into the citadel. She steels herself and peers around the next corner. Looks like the only way forward is up! (screenshots)

When you regain control, press Forward to sidestep along the narrow ledge. More fireballs strike nearby, destroying the ledge on which you're standing. You must then jump to the right and latch onto the wall of ice. Climb up and around to the right. Then continue climbing straight upward toward the tower as Trinity and the Deathless duke it out above. When you reach the stone moulding above, wait here momentarily as part of the tower above crumbles and a shower of stones falls around you. Then climb around to the left, jump and latch onto the ice wall and then quickly climb to the left (not upward) as the ice gives way. Continue climbing straight up as far as you can go. (screenshots)

When Lara is clinging to the ice below the metal cross, jump straight up and grapple the cross. Climb the cable and pull up onto the cross. Before she can scramble all the way up, the Deathless soldier who's been following Lara overtakes her, grabs her foot, and nearly causes her to fall. Lara automatically draws her pistol, and you must then shoot the enemy repeatedly to dislodge him. (See the bug note above if you're having issues here.) Now climb back up to trigger the next cutscene. (screenshots)

Amidst the chaos of the battle between Trinity and the Deathless, Lara spots Ana heading up the stairs to the Chamber of Souls. Time is running out. Lara leaps over to the curved walkway to get closer to the fighting. Sofia shouts to Lara over the radio, urging her to take cover as a fireball smashes into the wall ahead. Sofia and her crew have taken over one of the trebuchets and are standing by to support Lara's efforts from below.


OBJECTIVE: Fight Your Way to the Chamber of Souls

BATTLING TRINITY ON THE LONG, CURVED WALKWAY: The fireball launched by the Remnant group apparently took out all the Deathless in this area, but the walkway ahead is still swarming with Trinity soldiers. Reaching the Divine Source will not be easy.

You begin this sequence crouched behind the fallen statue where Lara took cover during the cutscene. At this point, I prefer to switch from bow to rifle, since the enemies begin to appear faster and in larger numbers, but by all means do what works for you. Kill the first 3 Trinity soldiers, who take up positions ahead, left, and right. If they start throwing grenades, scramble for cover behind the metal thingy ahead on the left. Then finish them off before they can do more damage. When you've killed this trio, take a minute to search their bodies and and reload. The next group of enemies won't spawn until you move forward to the ice boulder in the middle of the path. (screenshots)

This next group—3 regular soldiers and a man with a heavy shield—also come out of alcoves on the left. You may be able to take out a couple of them by shooting the jars of Greek fire nearby. If any of the survivors start throwing grenades, fall back to one of the cover positions you passed earlier and retaliate with your own grenades. Four more men arrive to back up the first group. Stay behind cover if possible and pick them off as they approach. Among them is that one crazy guy with the backpack who always seems intent on getting up in Lara's face. If he comes too close, switch to the shotgun and take care of him. (screenshots)

As long as you don't climb the steps ahead, you're safe for now. Take time to reload, craft special ammo, and loot all the bodies. You'll also find mushrooms in a couple of the alcoves on the left side of the walkway, and herbs and grenade arrows in another. (screenshots)

When you climb the steps to the next level, Sofia urges Lara to take cover. Contrary as ever, Lara tells her friend that she can't stop now. As you advance toward the pile of ice blocking the path, a fireball blasts through it, temporarily knocking Lara aside. Recover and keep going. As you enter the next area, another fireball lands in the midst of a skirmish between Trinity and the Deathless. When the smoke clears, the Deathless are gone, but the way back is blocked, and there are still more Trinity soldiers ahead. (screenshots)

Duck behind the pillars on the right and take out the first group of 4 with grenades or explosive arrows—especially effective if you've unlocked the Cluster Bomb Arrows skill. You can also shoot the jar of Greek fire to do even more damage. If necessary, advance and take cover behind the fallen statue with the metal shield to take out the last man on the right. (screenshots)

Move forward, searching the soldiers' bodies and the packs left behind by the Deathless. There's also a clump of poison mushrooms behind one of the metal barriers on the right. The next group of enemies doesn't spawn until you approach the shiny ice boulder in the middle of the walkway. I think there are 8 guys in this group—7 assorted soldiers and grenadiers and a heavy with a shield—but things get a little hectic here, so please excuse me if I'm off by one or two. You can probably take out the first few with your rifle, either directly or by shooting the brazier above or the Greek fire urn on the right. Grenades are also lovely. (screenshots)

When things get hairy—and they probably will—don't hesitate to fall back to the metal barrier on the right or the smaller chunk of ice on the left. Use a bandage (LB/V/L1) and regroup. When the heavy with the shield appears, break out the explosive or poison arrows to quickly dispatch him and anyone standing nearby. After you've taken care of this group, a few stragglers appear at the end of the walkway, but Sofia soon takes care of them from below. See, it always helps to make friends with the locals! (screenshots)

Replenish your special ammo and search the bodies for a bonanza of salvage and technical parts. There are also explosive arrows leaning against one of the columns on the right side of the walkway, plus a basket of herbs and more mushrooms near the end. Jump across the gap to the Final Precipice Base Camp. (screenshot)

A pop-up warns you that THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN, meaning it's the last base camp in the game. If you need to make upgrades, fast travel back to previous areas, or do any other business before the final epic battle, now is your chance. Once you've completed the story, you will again be able to explore the world, pick up collectibles you missed, and so on. You'll also be able to return to Syria to clean up any unfinished business there.

What you'll need for the upcoming section depends a lot on your fighting style, but if you've been following this walkthrough and tend to fight the way I do, I recommend the Military Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, and your bow of choice. I like the Compound Bow. Even though it's slower than some of the others, it deals more damage. I tend to use it mostly for deploying special arrows, so that works for me. If you've made all the bow upgrades, Grim Whisper is also very good. I rarely use the pistol, but it may help to have ammo for it just in case you need it. There are some ammo and supplies to be had in the next area, but it can't hurt to go in with full inventory so you can craft what you need on the fly.

I also STRONGLY RECOMMEND CHANGING SAVE SLOTS BEFORE STARTING THE FINAL SECTION. Then if things go badly or you change your mind about your loadout, skills, etc., you can reload the point-of-no-return save, go back and fix what needs fixing, and then try again. Now let's go!

Jump off the wooden ramp near the Final Precipice Base Camp and grapple-swing over to the wall of ice. Climb to the left, jump across to the next section of climbable ice, and then continue climbing to the wooden ledge above. (screenshot)

LARA VS. KONSTANTIN'S HELICOPTER: When Lara reaches the arena at the top of the tower, Konstantin's helicopter appears. She hears him give the order over the radio to stop her from reaching the Chamber of Souls. When you regain control, Lara is crouched behind a low wooden barrier. Just wait here for now. After a moment Sofia tries to hit the chopper with a fireball but fails because the aircraft is too nimble. Lara says she has an idea. Next time Sofia fires the trebuchet, Lara will attempt to shoot the fireball in the air in order to damage the helicopter. (screenshots)

Your first chance to do this comes right away. You'll see a pop-up telling you to press Interact to send a signal when you're ready for Sofia to launch the fireball. When you do, it will come from below on the right, just like the first one. You can try to track it with your gun or bow, or aim in the air just ahead of it and squeeze off a few shots just as the fireball passes in range. If you hit your target, the flaming boulder will explode, showering the helicopter with fire. Lara yells, "Come down and face me, you coward!" as Konstantin flies away. (screenshots)

If you don't succeed the first time, you can wait for Sofia to get ready and then try again or just reload the checkpoint. The cutscene showing the initial fireball launch replays. Skip it if you like. Then press Interact to call for another fireball and try shooting it again.

NOTE: It's possible to damage the helicopter using grenade arrows, but this really isn't necessary. As long as you can coordinate with Sofia, you can take down the helicopter using 3 fireball blasts.

PHASE 2 - TRINITY SOLDIERS: After the chopper has been hit once, Konstantin calls in a large squad of Trinity soldiers. The first few soldiers enter the arena on the far left of the original starting position. Others soon converge from both directions. Fortunately there's room to maneuver, many low walls and crates to use for cover, stone staircases built around the outside edges of the arena, and higher ledges on each side where you can climb up if you like. You may disagree, but I found the lowest level too dangerous. There are some supplies and Greek fire vessels down there, but the cover positions there are weak, and the enemies can easily target Lara from above.

As the fight progresses, several Deathless warriors climb into the tower from below. They won't discriminate between Trinity and Lara, so you can sometimes run away and let them do some of your dirty work. Then take them out when they come for you. As before, fire/poison arrows and dragonfire shells are ace against Deathless.

Keep moving but use the same basic tactics you did with the previous enemies. Rifle or bow for distant enemies, special arrows or multiple headshots against small groups, shotgun or dodge/melee attacks for anyone who comes too close. All your combat skills are tested here. Move around to the outer stairs for cover if you're taking heavy fire and/or need to apply bandages. You'll find extra herbs on the lower level and ammo scattered about if you get desperate. You can also loot slain enemies, but this takes time. Hopefully you took my advice and collected plenty of supplies beforehand. This page with screenshots includes a few additional ideas, which may or may not be helpful depending on your fighting style.

PHASE 3 - SECOND STRIKE ON THE HELICOPTER: When you've taken out all or most of the enemy soldiers, Konstantin returns in the helicopter. Sofia was apparently on a bathroom break while you were fighting, so she now needs a minute to get the trebuchet reloaded. To avoid being killed by the helicopter's guns, try to take up a position on the other side of one of the solid stone walls. (screenshot) The helicopter will continue to move around above you, but the red triangle icon gives you a rough idea of its whereabouts when it's out of sight. So when it circles around to your side of the wall, change position to keep the wall between you and it.

When Sofia is ready, she'll contact Lara over the radio and the Interact prompt will appear again. Before pressing the button, move to a position where you'll have a clear shot when the fireball comes. Again, try and shoot it as it passes close to the helicopter. If you miss, you can run for cover again and wait for Sofia's signal, or reload the checkpoint.

If you're struggling here, try reloading the checkpoint. This puts Lara back at the original starting point, near the low wooden barrier. As Sofia readies the trebuchet, turn around, run partway down the outside stairs, and take cover behind the solid stone wall. Watch the red icon. As the helicopter moves around to target you, run back up the stairs and take cover on the inner side of the walls. When Sofia signals she's ready, run out and take cover behind the barrier. Then press Interact to call for the fireball. Either track it or aim ahead of it and fire. (screenshots)

When you succeed, Konstantin retreats temporarily and sends in more of his minions.

PHASE 4 - SECOND SQUAD OF TRINITY SOLDIERS: This is basically a repeat of the earlier sequence. Use the same basic tactics as before. When you've killed a bunch of Konstantin's men, Sofia calls out a warning over the radio. The chopper is on its way back.

PHASE 5 - FINAL STRIKE ON THE HELICOPTER: As he approaches, Konstantin destroys much of the tower, leaving you fewer places to hide. Do your best to keep solid objects between Lara and his guns and rockets. When Sofia says she's ready and the Interact icon reappears, move to get a clear view of the chopper and press the button. Wait for the fireball and shoot it in the air, just as you did before.

Again, if you're having trouble with this sequence, it may help to deliberately reload the checkpoint. This will put Lara on the lower level behind a wooden box. It's not safe there, but if you turn around and run out the door and up the outside stairs on the left, you may be able to wait there until Sofia is ready. If the helicopter does move around behind you, run around the wall into the tower and use the wall for cover. Then when Sofia is ready, call in the air strike and try shooting the fireball again. (screenshots)

This time, a successful hit causes the helicopter to catch fire and crash into the side of the tower. The floor then collapses, dropping Lara into the room below.

This is technically a new level, the CHAMBER OF SOULS, but since it's a short one, I have included it here.

HAZY ROOM BENEATH THE TOWER: Lara lands on top of a square pillar in a creepy room with 4 Deathless warriors patrolling below. There are grapple rings and bars that will allow you to swing from column to column, and braziers you can shoot to douse the enemies in flames, but if you're patient, none of this will be necessary. Instead you can kill the enemies one at a time from the starting position using poison arrows. Just be sure to fire only when your target is on his own (yellow in Survival Instinct view), so the others don't notice. (screenshot) When you've destroyed the first group, 3 more Deathless enter on the southeast side of the room.

These are the last enemies in the game, so there's no need to save ammo. If you have just a few poison arrows, use them on the nearest enemies, and then drop down and grab the arrows leaning against the starting pillar and pick the 4 clumps of mushrooms growing around it. (screenshot) Then climb back onto the pillar, craft more poison arrows, and finish up. If you run out of poison arrows, the usual methods of killing Deathless will do, including waiting for one of them to approach your column and pressing Melee for Death from Above. (screenshot)

OBJECTIVE: Find an Exit

Avoid the crashed helicopter on the south side of the room for now, since approaching it triggers the final boss fight. You won't need conventional weapons for that, but you should grab the lumps of magnesite, one just to the left of the starting column (screenshot), one off to the right near the broken wooden scroll rack (screenshot). You may need them. There are also several boxes of cloth and of course the packs left behind by the Deathless.

FINAL BOSS FIGHT - KONSTANTIN: When you're ready, approach Konstantin's helicopter to trigger a cutscene. Konstantin gets the drop on Lara, knocks her down with the butt of his rifle, and steals her weapons. She scrambles away as he starts shooting, and you begin the fight crouched behind one of the columns. (screenshots)

Run away and take cover behind a different column so he doesn't find you too soon. If he sees or hears Lara, he'll start shooting and/or launching grenades. Now search around nearby for one of the metal cups scattered around the floor. There's also a cup on top of the column on the right (west) side of the room. Press RB/Middle Mouse/R1 to craft a shrapnel grenade using magnesite from your inventory. Again, there's also magnesite here if you don't have a stockpile. (screenshots)

Keep moving and try to stay out of Konstantin's way. When you get a clear line of sight to him, aim and throw the grenade as usual (using LT/Right Mouse). When the grenade explodes, the Melee icon will appear above Konstantin's head indicating that he's temporarily stunned. Don't hesitate. Run toward him until the icon changes from red (out of range) to white (within range). Then quickly press Y/F/Triangle to attack with your axe. (screenshots)

Alternatively, during the first phase of the fight, can throw empty cups to distract Konstantin. Then sneak up behind him and press F/Y/Triangle to hit him with a melee attack. Or climb on top of one of the columns, throw a cup nearby to draw him closer, and then when you see the Melee icon over his head, press the button to leap down on him with a knife attack, again assuming you've unlocked the Death From Above skill.

The first time you wound Konstantin, he goes berserk, shouting about his destiny destroying the square columns with grenades so you can no longer use them to move around the room. His grenades also ignite more of the debris scattered about. Meanwhile, Lara scampers for cover. (screenshots)

As soon as you regain control, start moving around the outside of the room. Pick up another metal cup and craft another shrapnel grenade while you run. Again, try and keep behind cover as much as possible, but as soon as you get a clear line of sight, aim the makeshift grenade and toss it at Konstantin. If he's some distance away when you throw the grenade, don't wait for it to go off. Immediately start running toward him. You should see the Melee icon, indicating he's stunned. Move in close so the icon changes from red to white. Then press Y/F to deliver another axe attack. (screenshots)

This should trigger a quick time event: press B/C/Circle at the first prompt to dodge Konstantin's swing. Then, when the Melee icon appears, wait for the thin gray ring to contract to the melee button icon at center of the circle and press Y/F/Triangle to stab Konstantin in the chest. If you miss any of the prompts, Konstantin kills Lara and the game reloads. Fortunately the checkpoint is right at the beginning of the QTE, so you don't have to do the fighting part again. Just take a deep breath and retry the sequence until you succeed. (screenshots)

Once Konstantin is beaten, Lara reclaims her weapons. He's finished now, but he continues to taunt Lara. You can then choose to finish him off with a bullet or melee attack (for 85 XP, and some ammo and technical parts) or take the moral high ground and leave him to burn (65 XP). in either case, you'll receive 250 XP for completing this section.

OBJECTIVE: Enter the Chamber of Souls

Continue up the stairs to the Chamber of Souls to confront Ana. The rest of the game is an extended cinematic, in which Lara destroys the Divine Source to prevent Ana from using it or, worse, allowing it to fall into Trinity's hands. In the process, Jacob is wounded. Without the Source to prolong his life, he soon fades and dissolves, though not before a touching goodbye.

The scene then shifts to Croft Manor. Lara listens to her father's last message as she packs for a trip. Richard Croft's closing words, that "the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are," both harken back to the opening of Lara's first adventure, on Yamatai, and set the stage for adventures yet to come. As she leaves the study with Jonah, we see a map of the Yucatán Peninsula spread out on the table, along with cryptic notes about Trinity, yet another "Army of the Dead," and someone called Kennard Montez, whom you may recall from the Tomb Raider novel The Ten Thousand Immortals.*

After the the credits, another short cutscene shows what took place following the events in the Chamber of Souls. Lara and Ana have apparently made their way out of the ruins onto the glacier. Lara asks Ana what she meant when she said, "another Croft doesn't have to die for this." When she accuses Ana of killing her father, Ana admits that Trinity did give the order, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Before she can explain further, a rifle shot cracks the air and Ana falls dead. We see the sniper's view of Lara through a spotting scope and hear the man speaking to a superior by radio. He asks for a kill order but is told, "Not yet."

After the credits, you must choose Continue from the main menu to actually finish the game. There's a final cutscene with Lara and Sofia back in the GEOTHERMAL VALLEY. When it's over, you'll receive 60,000 Expedition Credits and an Expedition Card Pack (the Player Appreciation Pack) for finishing the game. If you also have 100% completion, you'll unlock the No Stone Unturned Achievement and also receive the THUNDERCLAP SHOTGUN.

POST-GAME EXPLORATION: You're now free to explore using the fast travel camps to complete any challenges and pick up any collectibles you may have missed. Check out the GUIDE TO 100% COMPLETION and the COLLECTIBLES GUIDES for each level if you need help.

The adventure continues with Expeditions and three DLC packs: Endurance Mode, Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch, and Cold Darkness Awakened.


It's possible to achieve 100% completion for The Lost City during the first playthrough, but if you miss anything, you can return via fast travel. Most of the collectibles and challenge items are found in the south of the city, which can be reached via the Threshold of Kitezh or Citadel Plaza base camps. Check the annotated level map and the main walkthrough for details. Or, for tips on retrieving missed items or completing any of the challenges, see the LOST CITY COLLECTIBLES GUIDE.

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*Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals is rather weak, in this reader's opinion, but if you want to know every bit of detail about Lara's world, you can find it on Amazon or iBooks (commissions earned). For more info about Kennard Montez and his role in the novel and game, check out this post from Croft Manor BR. Note that the site includes auto-play music, so get ready to mute if this bothers you.

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