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SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. If you only rely on one save slot, you may run into trouble if you get stuck, encounter a bug, or if your autosave becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. If you encounter a bug that can't be fixed by restarting the game, reloading a different save, restoring a backup save in the Xbox version, or rebuilding the game cache in the PC version, I encourage you to visit the Official Rise of the Tomb Raider Support Forum and or put in a support request with Square Enix. I also have PC save files for download.


Updated: 11/7/16()

Camps: Chamber of Records, Greek Fire Depot
Weapons/Gear: Rebreather, Break-Action Shotgun Piece (4/4)
Relics:Documents:Murals:Coin Caches: Survival Caches:Strongboxes: 1
Monoliths:Archivist Maps:Explorer Satchels: 1
Challenge Tombs/Codices: none  Crypts: none  Challenges: none  Missions: none
Area Maps: Flooded Archives

*NOTE: There are a few items that are impossible to obtain on your first visit. These are covered in a separate section at the end of the walkthrough. All document, relic, and strongbox locations are fixed and numbered on the level map; however, the exact items may vary depending on the order in which you find them.

For subsequent visits, check out the section below on Revisiting This Area Later in the Game and the separate FLOODED ARCHIVES Collectibles Guide.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Inside the Cathedral

CLIMBING THE BELL TOWER: After scaling the outside of the cathedral, as described in the last section of the Geothermal Valley walkthrough, use the horizontal pole to swing across the gap and drop into the building ahead. Move around to the right, past the huge bell. Climb the wall upward, left, and upward again, until you reach the handhold at the top of the rough climbing wall. As you go, Lara overhears Ana talking to a Trinity commander by radio. Ana is clearly impatient to find the Atlas. (screenshots)

Climb around the corner and as far to the left as possible. Then jump to the left to grab the narrow, white ledge and continue climbing around the next corner. Drop and grab the handhold below. Climb and then jump to the left again, and continue climbing around the corner until you can pull up. Scramble up the wooden wall and grab the handhold above. Then climb around to the right and pull up onto the horizontal beam. Walk toward the other end of the beam, jump out, and grapple the bottom of the wooden ladder above. Climb the cable and then continue climbing to the top of the ladder. Enter the room on the left to trigger a cutscene. (screenshots)

As Lara watches from the shadows, Ana stares anxiously at an opening in the floor, around which several explosive charges have been set. A moment later, a squad of Trinity soldiers converges. Just as she's about to be discovered, Lara leaps out of hiding and grabs Ana, holding a pistol to her head to keep the soldiers at bay. While Ana psychologizes, Lara quickly susses a way out. She wraps a rope around her own ankle and shoots one of the explosive charges, setting off a chain reaction that destroys the floor. Lara falls through, taking Ana with her.

When you regain control, Lara and Ana are tethered together. Ana is clinging to a wooden beam, with Lara suspended below. A pair of heavy generators are attached to Ana's foot by a second rope. Lara still has her pistol out, but in order to get free you must shoot each of the generators several times in order to destroy them before the beam collapses. (screenshot)

When you manage to do this, Lara falls onto a lower ledge, and the cutscene continues. Ana urges Lara to reconsider her offer to join Trinity. Naturally Lara refuses, emphasizing the point with a bullet. They hear growling and screaming from below, but Lara is undaunted. She stalks off in pursuit of the Atlas, telling Ana to go to hell.

OBJECTIVE: Find the Archives Entrance

The obvious path is through the red-lit tunnel ahead, but first turn around and go back into the tower room. On the floor to the right is a document (1/5), Broken Bonds from the Research Notes series. (screenshot) There's also a basket of herbs on the far ledge. Use the narrow beam jutting out across the tower reach it.

Go through the opening to the north (screenshot) to reach the Chamber of Records Base Camp in a small room overlooking a dais with the ATLAS.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Down Into the Archives

Resting at the camp unlocks a document in the Camp Journals II set called The Darkness. On the wall beyond the campfire is a mural (1/3), The Defenders from the Byzantine Inscriptions series (Greek). (screenshot) Go through the doorway next to the mural and continue along a tunnel lined with charred bodies. On the way down, you'll encounter a dying Trinity soldier. You can put him out of his misery for a small amount of XP if you want. Then continue to the end of the tunnel. Grab the bundle of arrows on the right. Stand at a safe distance and shoot the red urns of Greek fire to clear the way forward. (screenshot)

OBJECTIVE: Retrieve the Atlas from the Archives Before Trinity

At the bottom of the stairs on the right is an alcove with a headless statue, a basket of herbs, and a document (2/5), Exile from the series called The Apostle (Greek). (screenshot)

ATLAS ROOM: Enter the large room ahead but don't approach the ATLAS yet and do not shoot any of the Greek fire urns. Save them for the upcoming fight. Stand on the ledge halfway along the south wall and use the metal rings suspended from the ceiling to swing across to the broken ledge high on the north side. There you'll find another basket of herbs as well as a document (3/5), Death and Rebirth from the The Apostle series (also XP and Greek). (screenshots)

Replenish your ammo supplies by crafting arrows, poison arrows, grenades, etc. Then approach the ATLAS to trigger a cutscene. (screenshot) Just as Lara lays hands on the precious object, a grenade lands by her feet. Trinity is here! She runs for cover behind nearby wall.


OBJECTIVE: Survive Trinity's Assault and Escape with the Atlas

COMBAT IN THE ATLAS ROOM: When you regain control, quickly take aim at the Greek fire urn on the ledge at the middle left, where you first dropped into this area. Shoot it to create an explosion that will hopefully kill one or two of the 4 Trinity soldiers that enter from the balcony above. (screenshots)

Some of these guys immediately start throwing grenades, so when you see the red grenade icon, scramble away and take cover on the other side of the dais. As in previous firefights, release Aim to crouch down behind the wall and hold LB/V/L1 to use a bandage if necessary. The guys from Trinity apparently have not received the memo about Greek fire, since they tend to crouch down behind the explosive urns giving you several opportunities to blow up the urns with arrows and/or gunfire. (screenshots)

While you're fighting the first group of enemies, more men are attempting to cut through the doors on the west side of the room. You'll hear one yell, "Thermite's through! Set the charges!" Shortly afterward, they blow through the doors and 3 more soldiers storm in. If you act fast, a few well-aimed grenades or grenade arrows can take out several enemies at once. (screenshots)

Finish off any leftover bad guys with your weapon of choice. A few have orders to rush you, so keep an eye on your flanks and if anyone gets too close, switch to the shotgun to kill them quickly. (screenshots)

HALL OF STATUES: Loot the bodies and pick up arrows, herbs, and 2 lumps of magnesite before entering the next room, a wide hall with marble statues on pedestals. Move behind the low wall on the right as 4 Trinity soldiers drop in through a hole in the ceiling. One shouts something about "zero visibility." That's your clue to use Survival Instinct. If you act fast before they move out, you can and take out the whole group with 2 poison arrows. (screenshots)

Advance toward the middle of the room and take cover behind the next low wall on the right. After the door blows, shoot an explosive arrow or poison arrow into the opening to kill at least some of the men. Survival Instinct should let you see any stragglers so you can finish them off before they get too close. (screenshots)

After the fight, loot the bodies and search the room for salvage, ammo, etc. Then follow the tunnel to the west.

NOTE: At some point here you'll receive an Expedition Card Pack. The Up in Flames Pack is awarded for retrieving the Atlas. Unfortunately I didn't notice when you actually get it.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Out of the Archives with the Atlas

FLOODED TUNNELS: At the bottom of the slope, swim forward along the tunnel. Soon a brief cutscene shows Lara being discovered by a Trinity soldier with a flamethrower. She quickly dives beneath the water.

When you regain control, swim straight ahead past a floating red urn. When you next surface, an explosion ignites the branches spanning the archway ahead, and the sound of gunfire and screams can be nearby. Dive down and swim forward under the burning branches. Follow the tunnel, holding B/Shift/Circle to swim faster. The tunnel makes several turns, but there are no side passages, so you can't get lost. Just swim left, then make a U-turn to the right, swim forward a bit, then turn left and continue straight on. Stay under the water when you see flames above, but it's OK to surface briefly to breathe in the areas where there are no flames. A body falls into the water in front of you. Swim toward it to trigger another cutscene.

As Lara breaches the surface gasping, a Trinity soldier orders her to surrender and hand over the Atlas. Before she can react, a sword runs him through from behind, and he topples forward into the water. For a moment, Lara is pinned beneath him. Then she struggles free and grabs his REBREATHER.

With this handy piece of gear, you can now swim underwater indefinitely. Swim forward down a flooded stairway. At the bottom, turn right and continue straight ahead until you can surface. Turn left and follow the tunnel to the end, where you can loot a dead mercenary's body before climbing out of the tunnel on the left side.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way to Escape with the Atlas

GREEK FIRE DEPOT - POOL WITH LARGE STATUE OF THE PROPHET: Lara says she sees her exit, and the camera focuses your attention on several Greek fire urns floating in the pool below the big statue. One of them catches fire and explodes, shifting the statue slightly. As you watch, 2 urns float toward the statue. (screenshot) Shoot one of them to destroy part of the scaffolding supporting the statue, causing it to tilt away from you.

You'll need to find more Greek fire and use it to bring down the statue in order to reach the exit, but first let's do some exploring. It doesn't really matter which side of the ruins you explore first, since you'll need to visit both eventually. So let's start on the north side, where you came in.

GREEK FIRE DEPOT - NORTH SIDE: Search the dead soldiers around the hole where you entered this area. The ones that aren't too badly burned have salvage, ammo, and other goodies you can use. Then go through the doorway above and behind the hole. As you follow the hallway to the right, a gory shadow play is projected on the wall ahead. Continue to the end of the hallway and crawl through the opening below the bars. Continue along the passageway, climb onto the ledge on the left, then move forward cautiously. There are 3 Trinity soldiers having a minor freak-out in the room below. Take care of them. Then search the bodies and the rest of the room for ammo and supplies. (screenshots)

There are two possible exits in the northwest corner: a rope-wrapped barrier and a climbing wall. I'm not sure if this is the most direct route to all the pickups in this area, but.... Start by pulling down the barrier with a rope arrow. Go through into a room with many wooden shelves and dig up a survival cache (1/3) buried in the alcove directly ahead. There's also a stack of gold coins buried In the northeast corner of this room. Grab the coins and return through the opening you just made—halfway along the east wall—to the room where you just killed the 3 soldiers. (screenshots)

Scale the climbable wall in the northwest corner to reach the hallway above. Then turn right. Jump over 2 concealed spike pits to find a box with a relic (1/2), a Pennon Flag from The Athanatoi set, at the end of this dead-end corridor. Return along the hallway, jumping over both spike pits. (screenshots)

Continue straight ahead past the opening where you climbed up. At the bottom of the short flight of stairs, turn left. Continue to the next open doorway on the right. Drop down into a dark area with a wooden floor. (This is the upper level of the room where you found the survival cache and coins earlier.) Move to the right, toward the back of the room. Grab some herbs from a jar, jump over the hole in the floor, and head to the left. Then climb into the opening above on the right. (screenshots)

Follow the hallway to a balcony overlooking the pool, where you'll find an Explorer Satchel (1/1), which reveals the locations of this level's survival caches. (If you followed this walkthrough, you've already found one cache in the room below.) (screenshots)

Turn around and head back the way you came. At the end of the hallway, turn right and drop into the dark area with the wooden floor. Go around to the back of the dark area and jump over the opening in the floor. Climb up into the hallway on the other side of the wooden-floor, turn right and follow the hallway to emerge outside overlooking the pool. Jump over to the balcony ahead on the left. At the front of this balcony on a small pedestal is a document (4/5), The Greater Good from the Voices of Invasion series (Mongolian). From here, continue along the balconies across the front of this building all the way around to the far end to find a monolith (1/1). Read the Greek inscription to reveal the locations of 2 coin caches on your map. There is a third, but it's in the unexplored area to the south. You'll see it when you get there. (screenshots)

GREEK FIRE PUZZLE - PART ONE - NORTHWEST CORNER: Now back to the main goal in this area, which is to find another Greek fire vessel, move it into the big pool, and then use it to blow up one of the statue supports. Drop down from the balcony with the monolith and make your way over to the northwest corner of this large area, where there's a wooden balance beam and a smaller pool divided from the larger pool by a walkway. (screenshot)

Move around to the room behind the pool. (This is where you found a survival cache and stack of coins earlier.) Use a rope arrow to open the hatch, releasing one of many Greek fire vessels. Stand next to it and shoot another rope arrow into either end of the wooden armature. This anchors the fire vessel to the beam. Get another vessel out of the storage chute and attach it to the other end of the beam. (screenshots)

Now, either kick the 2 fire vessels off the edge by pressing Interact, or move around to the ledge between the beam and the big statue and use rope arrows to rotate the armature, yanking both vessels off the edge. The vessels should now be hanging from the ends of the beam so it remains balanced. Use another rope arrow to pull the beam again, swinging one of the vessels up onto the walkway where Lara is standing. Move close and press Melee to cut the rope, freeing the vessel. Then press Interact to kick it off the ledge into the water. The current should carry the fire vessel over to the wooden supports at the base of the statue. Shoot the vessel—there's pistol ammo here if you need it—to cause an explosion that burns away the supports and tilts the statue a little closer to the exit. Two down; one more to go. (screenshots)

Follow the edge of the pool around to the east side, searching more Trinity bodies as you go. When you approach the Greek Fire Depot Base Camp, growling and gunfire echo from the building ahead. (screenshot) Stop here to make upgrades if you like. Fast travel is not available now, though you will be able to return here after completing the level.

Climb the stairs near the camp and turn right to find a survival cache (2/3) buried nearby. If you found the Explorer Satchel earlier, the cache will also be marked on your map. (screenshot)

RUINS ON SOUTH SIDE OF POOL: Enter the building through the well-lit archway. As you follow the flooded passageway, you'll hear voices then glimpse 3 Trinity soldiers ahead. Swim under the wooden beams and stay submerged as you approach the first soldier standing on the ledge above. When you see the Melee icon above his head, press Y/F/Triangle to drag him into the water and drown him. Climb out of the water and take out the 2 remaining soldiers. Loot the bodies and grab some arrows and other ammo. (screenshots)

Climb the ladder on the north wall. Use a rope arrow to pull down the wooden barrier on the right. Go through and pick up a stack of gold coins lying on the floor in front of the gilded horse statue. Follow the hallway behind the statue to a dark room with workbenches and antique scientific apparatus. In the back left corner there's an Archivist Map (1/1) spread out on a table. Examine it to add the locations of any unfound documents and relics to your map. (screenshots)

Grapple swing across the gap to the next room. Advance cautiously. A small square button on the floor triggers a double swinging spike trap. (The button will glow red if you've unlocked the the Bright Eyes Skill by completing the Red Mines Challenge Tomb.) Either shoot the button to disable the trap, or ready your pistol and shoot the 2 wooden blocks to destroy the trap is it swings toward you. You'll get XP if you destroy the trap after triggering it. Continue along the hallway to find a relic (2/2), a Battle Standard from the Athanatoi set. (screenshots)

Drop down into the area ahead. There's a survival cache (3/3) buried under the wooden chute. If you go around to the other side, you'll be able to see the flashing light where the cache is buried. (screenshots)

Enter the building to the west. On the lower level, you'll find some herbs and magnesite. Exit out the other side. Turn left and move past the rope-wrapped post. Grab the rifle ammo if you need it. Then make a U-turn to the left and climb the stairs to the upper level, where you'll find a document (5/5), The Exodus from The Apostle series (Greek). Return down the stairs the way you came. (screenshots)

GREEK FIRE PUZZLE - PART TWO - SOUTHWEST CORNER: Move past the rope-wrapped post toward the upper end of the pool. Use a rope arrow to open the hatch, releasing a Greek fire vessel, just like you did on the other side of this area. The vessel floats downstream a bit but is then stopped by a heap of debris. Shoot the vessel to blow it up, burning away the debris and clearing the way. (screenshots)

Return to the hatch and release another jar of Greek fire. If you let it float downstream it will soon run into the burning debris leftover from your previous explosion. This will destroy the vessel in a spectacular but unhelpful way. Instead, after releasing a vessel from the chute, run back to the rope-wrapped post and wait for the vessel to float past. Then shoot it with a rope arrow to anchor it to the post. As the vessel floats downstream, the rope causes it to tack to the left so it misses the fire. Now cut the rope and let the vessel continue downstream. (screenshots)

Move to the wooden ledge overlooking the pool, but don't ride the zip line. Instead, as the Greek fire vessel floats toward the statue, jump across the stream and pick up a pile of Byzantine coins sitting on the stone ledge. Only after you have the coins and anything else you need in this area, shoot the Greek fire vessel to trigger a cutscene. (screenshots)


OBJECTIVE: Run to Safety

During the cutscene, the giant statue topples over, creating a ramp leading up to the exit. As Lara climbs out of the pool, a squad of Deathless archers launches a volley of flaming arrows from the building to the east.

ESCAPE FROM THE DEATHLESS ARCHERS: When you regain control, run up the statue then the short flight of stairs above it. Turn left, run forward, and scramble up the wall onto the staircase above. Run to the top and turn right. Scramble up the painted wooden wall to grab the first handhold. Scramble up to the second handhold. Then keep climbing. The wooden slat second from the top gives way when Lara grabs it, but she should automatically grab the slat below. Stay cool and keep climbing. At the top, turn right, grapple swing across the gap and scramble up the wooden wall onto the ledge above. (screenshots)

Now turn left and run along the wooden walkway. Jump across a gap in the walkway and continue around to the right. Leap off the end of the ledge, grapple-swing forward, and crash through the burning wall. When you land in the next room, run forward and to the right. Jump off the end of the small wooden ramp and grab the horizontal beam ahead. Pull up, turn right, and walk to the end of the beam. Jump toward the wall, scramble up, and latch onto the rough section with your axes. Climb up as far as you can. Then scramble up the painted section to grab the handhold above. Climb then jump to the left to grab the wooden scaffolding. Pull up. (screenshots)

Now run forward to the red painted ledge. Leap out into the gap, grapple-swing forward, and grab onto the dangling crate. As you climb up the crate, Lara loses her grip and you must press Interact to hang on. Then continue climbing on top of the crate. (screenshots)

Jump off the crate and grab the horizontal bar with the red flag tied to it. The bar swings around to the right, and Lara automatically lets go. Quickly press Interact to throw your grapple toward the wall of wooden slats above. This maneuver can be tricky, since momentum tends to carry Lara forward rather than to the right. The trick is to grapple as soon as Lara lets go of the bar, even if you can't see the wall she's trying to grapple. Climb/scramble to the top of the wall and turn left. (screenshots)

Run forward, jump off the red painted ledge, and then grapple-swing across the gap onto the balcony with the burning tree roots directly ahead. Keep running forward toward the end of this balcony as the Deathless archers explode the Greek fire vessels behind you. Jump off the next red painted ledge toward the archway ahead. The ledge collapses as Lara grabs it, dropping her into the tunnel below. Steer around obstacles as you slide down into the next area. (screenshots)

OBJECTIVE: Return to the Valley

TUNNEL TO THE SURFACE: Wade out of the water and look up to the right. There's a side passage there, but you can't reach it yet. Later, when you've unlocked BROADHEAD CLIMBING ARROWS, you'll be able to shoot them into the rough wooden wall and use them to climb up. (screenshot) There's a mural (3/3) at the end of that passage.

For now, continue along the tunnel. Lara calls Jacob on the walkie talkie, and he tells her to bring the Atlas to him at the observatory in the mountains. Swim through the flooded section of the tunnel ahead. Now that you have the rebreather, there's no hurry. Use the map if you get disoriented. When you surface, swim forward. About halfway along this pool on the right, concealed behind some stalagmites, is a small ledge at water level. Climb out here and dig up a coin cache (1/3). (screenshot)

Continue to the far side of the pool, squeeze through a jagged opening in the rocks, and continue along the passageway. Turn right and swim through another flooded section, down a flight of stairs, left, then right, then straight on to a small room where you can surface.

Climb out of the water into a hallway lined with columns and statues. Pick up a stack of coins on the floor to the left. There's also a container of herbs just ahead. (screenshot) Continue along the hallway to find a strongbox (1/1) containing a BREAK-ACTION SHOTGUN PIECE (4/4). (screenshot) After opening the box, turn around to spot a mural (2/3), The New City from the Byzantine Inscriptions series (Greek). (screenshot)

As you continue along the passageway, Jonah calls Lara over the radio. Apparently some of Jacob's people found him after the avalanche and brought him to safety. Lara is angry at him for risking his life to come after her. She tells him to stay where he is and she'll be there soon.

At the end of the tunnel, pick up some magnesite and scale the climbing wall to emerge back in the GEOTHERMAL VALLEY.

NOTE: The next section will be covered in the Geothermal Valley Third Visit walkthrough, but I offer a small word of warning here. As you approach the Ridgeline Base Camp, which is the next one you come to in the Geothermal Valley, you'll see Jonah waiting by a staircase on your right. (screenshot) If you approach him, it will trigger a cutscene that will carry the story forward and prevent you from returning to the valley for a while. So, if you want to explore the Geothermal Valley, avoid Jonah for now. Then, when you're ready to move on, return to the stairs leading up to the tower and talk to him. If you accidentally trigger the cutscene, don't worry. You'll be able to return to the valley later via fast travel.


Even if you found all the available collectibles first time through, you'll probably need to return for two of the three coin caches, since these were revealed on your map after you passed them. Start by fast travelling back to the Chamber of Records Base Camp. Go through the crack in the wall to the south, toward the bell tower, to find one coin cache (2/3) buried just ahead near the left wall. (screenshot) Return through the little room with the base camp and follow the tunnel lined with charred bodes down to the large room where you found the Atlas. The other coin cache (3/3) is buried just to the left of the stairs leading up to the pedestal where the Atlas was. (screenshot)

To get back, scramble up onto the wall in the southeast corner (screenshot) and retrace your route to the base camp.

NOTE: If you missed the Explorer Satchel that shows where the coin caches are buried. You may want to wait to get it until after you've unlocked climbing arrows. Then you can go after the second mural at the same time, as described below. The location of the Explorer Satchel is described in the walkthrough for the ruins to the north of the Greek Fire Depot Base Camp, above.

AFTER UNLOCKING CLIMBING ARROWS: There's a mural (3/3) that can only be accessed via the tunnel at the end of the level. You can't reach it from inside the archives, since the path Lara took to escape the Deathless archers is now blocked. To get there, start from the Ridgeline Base Camp in the GEOTHERMAL VALLEY and follow the path to the east. Re-enter the tunnel and backtrack to the end to find an elevated passageway above on the left. Use a climbing arrow to reach the passageway. Then Follow it some distance to the mural, which should be marked on your map if you found the Archivist Map earlier. Additional details are shown in this series of screenshots.

You can go back the way you came, but fortunately you don't have to. Instead, drop down through the opening in the floor. Pick up some supplies here. Then shoot the Greek fire container to blow out the door and return across the pool to the Greek Fire Depot Base Camp. If you missed any of the other collectibles in this area, get them now. Then use the camp to fast travel back to wherever you left off. from which you can fast travel back to wherever you left off. (screenshots)

The separate FLOODED ARCHIVES Collectibles Guide has tips for retrieving any other items you may have missed.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/31/16 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
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6/16/16 - Added Flooded Archives Collectibles Guide, and PC save files, along with a few new screenshots, and fixed misnumbered murals in the main walkthrough.
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11/7/16 - Added info about disabling the swinging spike trap by shooting the button that triggers it. Thanks to G.O. for the reminder.

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