Stella's Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Walkthrough - For Windows PC (Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4


Updated: 1/19/15()

Point Challenges:
Bronze: 40,000, Silver: 60,000, Gold: 100,000  (Unlocks: Railgun)


  • Complete Tomb of the Torturer in under 7:00 (Bronze Set's Ankh Crook)
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls (Vulnerable Bronze Ring of Abundance)
  • Light Every Accessible Brazier (32) in the Tomb (Weakened Bronze Ring of Set)
  • Kill 10 Enemies with Spikes in the Maze (Max Ammo Upgrade)
  • Survive the Final Battle without Using Weapons or Bombs (Max Health Upgrade)

Rings: Vulnerable Bronze Ring of Abundance, Weakened Bronze Ring of Set
Amulets: Bronze Set's Ankh Crook
Weapons: High Powered Submachine Gun, Railgun
Other: 2 Max Health Upgrades, 2 Max Ammo Upgrades

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

NOTE: In the walkthrough for the first level I attempted to note the location of every gem, breakable urn, etc. In later levels, I don't mention them all. So unless you're attempting a time challenge, stay alert. Try to kill every enemy, light every brazier, and break or blow up every destructible object, including vases, cracked floor tiles, sarcophagi, etc., for maximum score. I have, however, noted the locations of all the braziers for the challenge.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is located in the southeastern corner of the Cliffside area of the Overworld. (screenshot) It's also marked on the in-game map. (screenshot) Once you have completed the Tomb of Sobek, the pool to the west of Osiris's shrine will freeze, forming an ice bridge so you can access this area. See the Cliffside - first visit walkthrough for details.

STARTING AREA: As you enter the tomb, spikes pop up on either side of you, and the lights go out. You'll need to use torch and/or staff light to navigate. You can't reach the braziers behind the spikes so they do not count toward the Challenge: Light Every Accessible Brazier in the Tomb, but there are several other braziers in this area. Head down the stairs. There's a brazier (1/32) on the first crumbling ledge. Use your torch or an incendiary weapon to light it. Hop down to the lower ledge and jump across the gap on the left. Move around to the upper left to find another brazier (2/32) and a red skull (1/5). (screenshots)

Return to the lower ledge and jump back across the gap to the right. At the top of the stairs is another brazier (3/32). Watch out for spikes popping out of the floor as you explore this area. As long as you stay on the flagstones and avoid the rubble-strewn areas you should be safe. The next brazier (4/32) is on the left near the cracked floor with gems underneath. (screenshots)

When you near the end of this walkway a Mark of Set appears and a mummy (or some kind of fancy undead creature with a scythe, in any case) comes through from the netherworld. If you don't use the Staff of Osiris to destroy the Mark, a few more skeletons will emerge and you can destroy them for points. Then then the Mark will disappear on its own. Light the brazier (5/32) beyond of the last set of spikes on the right. (screenshots)

NOTE: You can check your progress toward each challenge, including the lighting of the braziers, on the Challenges screen.

COLUMN WITH PRESSURE PAD SURROUNDED BY SPIKES: In the single-player game pull the golden handle to temporarily retract the spikes surrounding the column below. Jump from the ledge to grab the column and pull up before the handle retracts and the spikes pop up again. (screenshot) In co-op mode there is a grapple ring instead of a handle. Have Lara or Carter grapple the ring so another character can tightrope walk across and drop onto the column. (screenshot) Standing on the pressure pad on top of the column opens the gate below on the left. Carefully jump down and gather gems and light the 2 braziers (6-7/32) before leaving this room. (screenshot) Light another brazier (8/32) on the way up the stairs. (screenshot)

At the top of the stairs, 2 Marks of Set appear and various enemies begin to emerge, including scarabs and some bloated mummies that explode once they've taken a little damage. Try to keep your distance, since their putrid innards can injure your characters. (screenshot) Destroy the Marks to prevent more enemies from spawning, or for more points, kill all the enemies as they appear and the Marks will disappear on their own. If necessary, you can run back down the stairs and shoot the enemies as they approach. After the fight, be sure to light the 3 braziers (9-11/32) here for the challenge. (screenshot)

SPIKE PIT AND RETRACTING LEDGES: Ahead are stairs leading both up and down. Head downstairs for now and light the brazier (12/32). In the single-player game, there is a golden handle at the far end of the spike pit. Pull the handle to raise 2 wooden ledges above the spikes. These remain in place until the handle retracts, so you'll need to move quickly. Run/roll back to the tile with Osiris's glyphs, raise the staff to extend a column that will enable you to reach the ledge above. Then run and jump across the wooden ledges to the other side of the spike pit before the ledges collapse. (screenshots)

In the 2-player co-op game, at the bottom of the stairs near the brazier (12/32), instead of a handle there are 2 pressure pads that control the 2 wooden ledges above the spikes. This requires careful timing. One character must stand on the first pressure pad while the other jumps onto the first collapsing ledge. The character below should then move onto the second pressure pad. The ledge stays up for a few seconds so the character above can jump onto the second ledge as it rises. Then he or she can jump onto the solid ledge ahead and stand on the pressure pad there to raise a column below so the other character can climb up. (screenshots)

In the 4-player game, the setup is the same as for 2 players, but it's a little easier, since 2 characters can stand on the pressure pads while a third crosses the ledges. The one above then stands on the pad there to raise the column so the rest can climb up. I have not yet tried the 3-player version, but I'm guessing it's similar. (screenshot)

Just beyond the spike pit, there's another brazier (13/32) to light for the challenge, as well as heath and ammo for each character in your party. (screenshot)

SPIKE MAZE WITH THREE METAL CAGES AND THREE ILLUMINATED SPHERES: As you enter this area, the gate closes behind you. Watch where you step, since this entire large room is a maze of hidden spikes. For the most part, the areas with the cobblestones are safe, but it's still a good idea to move cautiously. As long as you don't go too fast, the spikes will pop up before you reach them, allowing you to steer clear. There's no set route for exploring this area. Here we'll go roughly counterclockwise around the room, noting the major encounters, pickups, and challenge items.

NOTE: This area includes a Challenge: Kill 10 Enemies with Spikes in the Maze. I've included tips for beating it below, but if you are attempting the 100,000 point challenge, you may want to skip the spike challenge and destroy all the enemies you encounter here with weapons or bombs, since you don't get points for skewering enemies.

Light the brazier (14/32) directly ahead. Then move forward to the right of it. A Mark of Set appears in front of you and various enemiesskeletons, skeleton archers, possibly some exploding mummies, etc.—emerge. If you're attempting the spike challenge, don't shoot them. Instead, try to maneuver around the maze so they chase you. With luck and good timing, you can lure them onto the spikes, which will then pop up and destroy them. Each time you kill an enemy this way, you'll see an on-screen update. (screenshots)

Once you find a safe path, like the one shown in the screenshots, you can just keep moving around in a circle, letting the enemies follow. Reverse direction now and then to confuse them. Unlike other enemies, the skeleton archers tend to stay put as they fire at you. So you'll probably want to fight them. Don't worry if you don't skewer 10 enemies in this first group. Others will spawn as you continue to explore. (screenshots)

After the fighting, return to the entrance, grab the illuminated sphere and roll it around the spikes into one of the 3 metal cages. Isis says that you must now move quickly to find the other spheres, but unless you're doing the 7-minute challenge, this isn't necessary. You can take your time and explore the maze carefully and thoroughly. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you are attempting the 7-minute time challenge, focus on getting the 3 illuminated spheres into the 3 cages in order to open the exit as quickly as possible. You'll still need to kill the enemies here, since they will interfere with your progress if you don't. Ignore the extraneous pickups, braziers, etc., and use remote bombs to blast the balls over the spikes into the center aisle near the cages, rather than rolling the balls all the way through the maze.

There are health packs and ammo boxes here and there, plus various vases and sarcophagi you can destroy for gems. Some of the sarcophagi release skeletons when you blow them up, and you can either destroy them for points or attempt to lure them onto the spikes for the spike challenge.

In addition to the brazier near the entrance, which we already lit, there are 2 more braziers (15-16/32) in the lower right quadrant of the maze. Light them for the brazier challenge. Then move around to the upper right corner to find another brazier (17/32) and a MAX AMMO UPGRADE. (The tall braziers on stone pedestals do not count for the challenge, since the area already lit when you arrive.) As you move back toward the exit gate, you'll trigger a flaming scarab swarm and a few more skeletons. Keep moving to avoid the fire trails, and try to lure the enemies onto the spikes if you're still working on that challenge. (screenshots)

Now move past the exit and make a U-turn around the spikes below and to the right of the gate to light the next brazier (18/32). From there, head toward the lower left, then up and around to the right to the second glowing sphere. If you're not in a hurry, you can roll it through the maze and around to the cages. Or set a remote bomb on the sarcophagus to the left of it and detonate the bomb to blast the ball over the spikes so it lands in front of the cages. If a skeleton emerges when you blow up the sarcophagi, deal with it now. (screenshots)

If you're doing the time challenge, immediately go for the third sphere. Otherwise, continue exploring. From the spot where the second illuminated sphere was, move toward the left corner of the room to trigger the appearance of another Mark of Set. Destroy it with the staff or just fight the mummies that emerge from it until the Mark closes on its own. Move around the spikes toward the lower right to pick up a red skull (2/5). Then return toward the left corner of the room to light another brazier (19/32) and pick up the HIGH POWERED SUBMACHINE GUN. (screenshots)

Continue along the safe path that follows the upper left wall of the room. Light another brazier (20/32) about halfway along. Then proceed to the upper corner and light the next brazier (21/32). As you round the corner and head to the right toward the third illuminated sphere, a swarm of flaming scarabs attacks. It may help to backtrack along the path to put some distance between you and the bugs as you shoot/bomb them. Then return toward the sphere but just before you reach it, move down/left between the spikes toward the cluster or sarcophagi to find the last brazier (22/32) in this room. If you want to, you can blow up the sarcophagi and fight any skeletons that emerge. Then head for the third glowing sphere and use a remote bomb to blast it over the spikes toward the exit. (screenshots)

Move back through the maze—first to the upper corner, then down to the left, then back over to the right—to reach the glowing sphere. Roll it into one of the cages. Then roll the second sphere, which you blasted over the spikes earlier, into the third cage to open the exit. (screenshots)

SKULL TILES WITH CONCEALED SPIKES: At the top of the stairs beyond the statue of Set there's another brazier (23/32). Light it for the brazier challenge. Then smash the vases and blow up the cracked floor for gems. If your bomb flipped the Eye of Horus switch, shoot it so the red side faces you. This toggles the bars in the middle of the trap ahead. You want the bars on the left side of the first pressure pad open. (screenshots)

In the single-player game, plant a remote bomb near the switch and then run over the skull tiles onto the first pressure pad. As you pass over each tile, spikes pop out of the floor, so don't reverse direction or you'll get skewered. Pause on the pressure pad and detonate the bomb to flip the switch. This closes the bars behind you and opens the ones ahead. Run around to the second pressure pad, snagging the red skull (3/5) on the way. Depressing the second pad opens the last set of bars so you can exit. (screenshots)

The trap in the 2-player game is slightly different. First make sure the switch is positioned so the red side faces out. That way the bars on the left side of the first pressure pad are open. Have one character run across skull tiles onto the pad. As he or she passes over each tile, spikes pop out of the floor, so don't reverse direction. Once the first character is safely on the pad, the other character should shoot the switch to toggle the gates. Now the first character can run around to the second pressure pad, snagging the red skull (3/5) on the way. While the first character stands on the second pressure pad, the other character should now shoot the switch again to toggle the bars, then run across the skull tiles onto the first pressure pad. Depressing both pads opens the exit. The second character should then wait for the spikes to retract before running around to the left to the second pad and then exiting. (screenshots)

The 3- and 4-player trap is the same as the 2-player version. Get the first two characters through as shown above. Then wait for the spikes to retract so the other(s) can run around the left side of the skull tiles to the exit.

Before heading up the stairs, light the brazier (24/32) and smash the vase on the landing. (screenshot)

LANDING WITH STATUES IN ALCOVES AND MARK OF SET: At the top of the stairs light another brazier (25/32) and then head to the right. (screenshot) Another Mark of Set appears ahead, and a swarm of scarabs emerges. (screenshot) In the co-op game, there are 2 Marks, one at each end of the landing. (screenshot) If you're going for the point challenge, do not destroy the mark(s). Just kill the bugs as they emerge and the Marks will close on their own. Break any remaining vases and blow up the cracked floor tiles for gems. Also be sure to light the 3 braziers (26-27/32) on this landing for the brazier challenge. (screenshot)

On the way downstairs to the next area, light 2 more braziers (28-29/32), plus another brazier (30/32) at the bottom near the tile with the Glyphs of Osiris. (screenshot)

MORE SKULL TILES WITH CONCEALED SPIKES: Ahead is another floor made of skull tiles with concealed spikes. In the single-player game, run onto the first pressure pad to reveal a grapple ring above. The carefully run across the clear tiles to the second pressure pad. Standing there raises a wooden ledge to the right of the grapple ring. Getting the red skull (4/5) without getting skewered is tricky. I found it easiest to run onto the tile to the right of the pressure pad, then forward to the skull, then quickly run back to the pressure pad via the tile above and to the left of it. Whatever you do, don't cross over a skull tile you've already stepped on. (screenshots)

Once the spikes retract, run around to the third pressure pad. (You can reach it from the left or right.) Stepping on the third pad reveals a second grapple ring to the right of the wooden ledge. Again, wait for the spikes to retract and then run carefully back to the start. (screenshots)

Use the staff to raise a column from which you can jump onto the landing halfway up the stairs. There's no need to hurry, though; the ledge and rings are not timed. Use the grapple rings and wooden ledge to cross over the spikes to another pressure pad on the upper level. This opens a gate down below on the far side of the maze. It's not really necessary unless you missed the red skull. Then you can go back for it. (screenshots)

Do not go through the gate ahead yet. It will close behind you, and you won't be able to finish the brazier challenge. Skip down to the next section, below.

In 2-player co-op, there are no grapple rings. Instead each pressure pad controls one of 3 wooden ledges above the spikes. So one player must depress the pads while the other jumps across the ledges. Start by having one character run out to retrieve the red skull (4/5) then run carefully back to the first pressure pad. That character should then continue to stand on the first pressure pad to keep the first wooden ledge raised, while the other jumps onto it. The character below should then run onto the second pressure pad. As soon as the second ledge rises, the character above should jump onto it before the first ledge collapses. Then the character below should run onto the third pressure pad, and the one above should jump onto the third ledge as it rises and the second ledge collapses. She can then jump over to the pressure pad on the upper level to open the gate below so the other character can exit. (screenshots)

The 4-player co-op game is basically the same as the 2-player, but instead of timing the jumps so carefully, all but one character can take turns moving across the spikes onto the pressure pads. While they hold up the ledges, one player can jump across and open the gate so the others can get out of the spikes. Again, I'm not positive about the 3-player version, but I imagine it is similar. (screenshot)

Before moving through the gate on the upper level, be sure to light the last 2 braziers (31-32/32) for the brazier challenge. One is just to the right of the pressure pad. The other is halfway down the stairs on the right. (screenshot) If you have lit all 32 of them, you will be rewarded with the WEAKENED BRONZE RING OF SET (Cold Resistance, Fire Resistance, Poison Resistance, Weapon Damage-).

FINAL AREA - GAUNTLET OF SPIKES AND ENEMIES: When you're ready for the final trial, return to the top of the stairs. As soon as you step through the gate, it closes behind you and the action begins. So check your equipment and make any changes beforehand.

NOTE: If you are attempting the Challenge: Survive the Final Battle without Using Weapons or Bombs, you may want to equip items that improve speed and fire/cold resistance over ones that improve weapon and bomb power, since you'll be running and evading rather than fighting. If you are going for the 100,000 point challenge, you may want to skip the no-weapon challenge and destroy all the enemies you encounter here for maximum score. In that case, equipping weapon/bomb enhancing gear makes more sense.

Move into the area between the two gates. As you step forward, the gate behind closes, while the one ahead opens. White circles on the floor show where spikes are about to pop up. Jump across the gap to the upper right. More spikes prevent you from going farther at first. Watch the floor and when you see white circles, quickly move onto a safe spot before the spikes pop up. This happens several times, so stay alert. When it looks like you're boxed in and the only 2 safe tiles are about to be filled with spikes, don't panic. Just wait for the strips along the left and right to clear and move to either side. Shortly afterward, the rest of the spikes will retract so you can jump down onto the ledge below. (screenshots)

There's no time to rest, though, since more spikes are about to pop up. Take a running jump across the gap to the right. Follow the walkway forward and around to the left, then right again to snag a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE before jumping across the next gap onto a wide, flat ledge. This is where the Challenge: Survive the Final Battle without Using Weapons or Bombs occurs. Watch the floor and move off the white circles before more spikes emerge. After a moment, random enemies begin to spawn as well. These may be skeletons, mummmies, exploding mummies, etc., with varying element types. I mostly encountered flaming varieties, but there were some frozen ones as well. I believe the types vary with the weather outside. (screenshots)

This goes on for a few minutes with spikes popping up in different configurations. If you're attempting the challenge, don't use weapons or bombs. Just do your best to avoid both enemies and spikes. If possible try to run/roll away from the enemies so they end up in the spikes or on the other side of them from you. Again, when it looks like you're boxed in and the only safe tiles are about to be filled with spikes, it means you're almost done. Just wait for the areas on the left and right to clear and move to either side. A moment later, the last remaining enemies should impale themselves on the spikes and you'll receive another MAX HEALTH UPGRADE for your efforts. (screenshots)

If you don't care about the no-weapon challenge, or if you're attempting the score challenge instead, you'll probably want to shoot these enemies. If they're killed on spikes, you don't get the points. You'll still need to avoid the pop-up spikes, so stay alert and dodge as needed.

When the fight is over, the spikes retract—but only temporarily. Climb the ledges to the upper left as the spikes begin popping up behind you. The upper ledge is higher than the others. In the single-player game, use the grapple ring above to climb up. In co-op mode, use the bubble shield and grapple to get everyone onto the top ledge. (screenshots)

Head to the right as more spikes encroach from the left. The last red skull (5/5) is sitting in the near left corner of the skull tiles with pop-up spikes just ahead. To get it, run onto the first clear tile on the left, make a U-turn around to the right, snagging the skull in the process, and then turn and run forward along the clear tiles, taking a slight turn to the right near the end to avoid the permanent spikes. If you found all of the skulls, you'll get the VULNERABLE BRONZE RING OF ABUNDANCE (Ammo Efficiency+, Speed+, Weapon Damage+, Defense-) now. (screenshots)

Beyond the skull tiles, is an elevated walkway leading to the exit. Run forward as more spikes pop up behind you. Move through the bag of gems on the low pedestal to open the exit. If you're attempting the time trial, keep running through the exit. Otherwise, stop and gather the goodies before leaving. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed the last red skull, it's possible to go back for it once the spikes on the walkway retract. You'll die in the process, since you must block yourself in with spikes. (screenshot) The checkpoint on the ledge below will reload, and you'll need to repeat the final run to the exit, but it may be worthwhile if the skull is all you're missing.

If you completed the level in less than 7 minutes, you now receive the BRONZE SET'S ANKH CROOK (Bomb Damage+, Leech Magic Projectiles, Leech Bomb). If you scored 100,000 points or more you will have already unlocked the RAILGUN.

Beyond the level exit is another TREASURE ROOM where Croft and crew obtain the EPIC PELVIS OF OSIRIS. You can also resupply with health packs/ammo and spend your accumulated gems to open treasure chests. To return to the Overworld, stand on the round tile with the golden glyph and press the button indicated.

NOTE: Once you've completed this level you can replay it at any time by re-entering it from the Overworld. You'll probably need at least two passes to complete all the challenges.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/19/15 - First draft of walkthrough posted.

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