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FIRST VISIT - AFTER TOMB OF THE TIMEKEEPER: After completing the second level, Tomb of the Timekeeper, Lara and her companions return to the Overworld and use a time bomb to open the way to a new area. This is covered in the Shrine of Osiris (second visit) walkthrough.

ARENA FIGHT - OPENING THE TOMB OF THE SILVERSMITH: Upon entering the Khepri Arena, pick up some health packs and use the AMMO CACHE if you need it before stepping down into the arena proper. The gates close, sealing you inside until you complete the next trial. Stand on one of the moving disks with Osiris's Glyphs and raise the staff to extend the disk into a spiked column. Jump over to the central structure with the Eye of Horus symbol on top. Drop a remote bomb there and jump away before detonating it. (screenshots)

Damaging the central structure releases several enemies, including scarabs, flaming scarabs, and flaming skeleton archers. When you defeat them all, 3 moving disks appear, along with a few more scarabs, just to make things interesting. Again, stand on one of the disks and raise the staff to extend a spiked column, from which you can reach the central structure. Plant another bomb there, move away, and blow it up. (screenshots)

This triggers the appearance of more scarabs, flaming scarabs, and a giant flaming skeleton. In the co-op game there are also a few giant skeletons of the non-flaming variety for an added challenge. The giant skeletons are not too difficult to defeat if you keep moving and firing. You can also make a skeletons chase you as you drop remote bombs and detonate them when the skeleton moves over them. Just be careful doing this in co-op, since you can injure your companions as well. (screenshots)

When you defeat these enemies, 2 spiked columns rise up and begin moving around the inside of arena, 3 moving disks with glyphs move in the opposite direction around the outside edge, and random enemies continue to spawn until you destroy the central structure. Stand on one of the disks, use the staff to raise a column, jump from it to one of the regular spiked columns, and from there to the central structure. Drop and detonate one more remote bomb to destroy the central structure and finish the battle. (screenshots)

You're rewarded with a large quantity of gems and a glowing sphere, which you can then use to open the TOMB OF THE SILVERSMITH. To do this, roll the sphere up the slope on the right and into the metal cage next to the tomb entrance. (screenshots)

AREA SURROUNDING THE ARENA: If you like, you can continue exploring this area before entering the tomb. There are lots of loose gems, as well as ammo and health packs, vases to be smashed, and a few treasure chests. To the right of the tomb entrance you'll find a red skull (1/5) atop a column. Climb the scaffolding and jump over to the skull. (screenshot)

There is a MAX AMMO UPGRADE floating above the tomb entrance. To reach it, go around to the left and jump onto the lintel. Then grapple the golden ring and climb up to reach to the upgrade. (screenshot)

Now head for the AMMO CACHE near the entrance to the arena and from there, move southward into the corner to find the another red skull (2/5) sitting on some scaffolding. (screenshot) From there, move to the left and through a gap in the rocks to find the next red skull (3/5) along with some gems. (screenshot) In the co-op game the skull is held aloft by a statue. Have an Egyptian character extend his or her bubble shield so another character can reach the skull. (screenshot)

NOTE: After beating the arena battle and before opening the tomb, as described above, some of the gates in this area will remain closed, preventing you from exploring. Roll the glowing sphere into the cage next to the tomb entrance to open all the gates. (screenshot)

SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB: The entrance to this optional tomb is on the west side of the Khepri Amphitheater area. (screenshot) Its location is marked with a star on the Overworld map. (screenshot) The SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB WALKTHROUGH is included on a separate page. You can try it now or return later.

The next red skull (4/5) is found on a tall column nearby. Head southeast from the Challenge Tomb entrance and jump from the ledge to the pointy rock, then to the column with the skull. (screenshot)

To find the remaining pickups in this area, return to the Challenge Tomb entrance on the ledge above, then go up the narrow stairs beside the tomb to an open area with a HEALTH SHRINE, a metal ball, several treasure chests, and 2 round pits. (screenshot) Roll the metal ball around to the left and use it to reach the final red skull (5/5). (screenshot) In co-op mode use one of the Egyptian gods' bubble shields to reach it. If you've found all the others in this area, you'll be rewarded with a MAX AMMO UPGRADE.

To reach the MAX HEALTH UPGRADE floating above the health shrine, roll the metal ball up the stairs, position it on top of the shrine, and use it to reach the upgrade. Again, in co-op mode, one character can use another's shield for a boost. (screenshot)

You should now have everything. Return to the east and enter the tomb to continue the story. Skip the next section and continue with the Tomb of the Silversmith.

COMBAT CHALLENGE: Later in the game, after you complete the Tomb of Khepri, a glowing obelisk will appear in the middle of the Khepri Amphitheater arena. (screenshot) Approach it and press the button indicated to take on an optional Combat Challenge. Defeat the enemies that spawn to earn a reward. For more about this feature, see the Community and Combat Challenges page.

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2/16/15 - Attempted to clarify the Community Events and Combat Challenge section and moved this info to a separate page. I apologize for any confusion my initial rough description caused.

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