Stella's Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Walkthrough - For Windows PC (Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4


Updated: 12/28/14()

Point Challenges:
Bronze: 30,000, Silver: 45,000, Gold: 75,000  (Unlocks: Hand Cannons)


  • Complete Tomb of the Timekeeper in under 7:00 (Iron Fire Crook)
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls (Weakened Iron Ring of Reach)
  • Kill 4 Scarabs with a Single Bomb (Vulnerable Iron Ring of Reach)
  • Destroy (50) Vases in the Tomb (Max Ammo Upgrade)
  • Complete the Tomb without Grabbing any Time Bombs (Vulnerable Iron Ring of Haste)

Rings: Weakened Iron Ring of Reach, Vulnerable Iron Ring of Reach, Vulnerable Iron Ring of Haste
Amulets: Iron Fire Crook
Weapons: Shotgun, Hand Cannons
Other: 1 Max Health Upgrade, 2 Max Ammo Upgrades

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

NOTE: In the walkthrough for the first level I attempted to note the location of every gem, breakable vase, etc. From here onward, in order to save space, I won't mention them all. So unless you're attempting a time challenge, stay alert. Try to kill every enemy, light every brazier, and shoot or blow up every destructible object, including vases, cracked floor tiles, sarcophagi, etc., for maximum score. Smashing vases is also one of the challenges (above). When you break 50 of them, you'll receive a MAX AMMO UPGRADE.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is located in the Shrine of Osiris section of the Overworld, just southeast of the shrine itself. (screenshot)

STARTING AREA: Smash the first 2 vases for the vase challenge. Then head downstairs and around to the left. Grapple the golden ring, climb up a bit, and jump to the left to get the red skull (1/5). (screenshot) In co-op mode have one of the Egyptian gods extend his or her shield so another character can jump on it to reach the skull.

NOTE: There are more than 50 vases in the level, so I won't mention every single one, but I will note how many you'll have at certain points in the level. Just be sure to smash everything as you go and check your progress on the Challenges screen by pressing L on the keyboard or Back/Select on the controller.

FIRST TIME BOMB: Continue downstairs to a bricked-over doorway. You can glimpse the area beyond it, but your bombs are not strong enough to destroy the wall. On the low ledge to the right is a time bomb. If you're going after the Challenge: Complete the Tomb without Grabbing any Time Bombs, do not touch it.

The bomb only activates once you grab it or remove it from its pedestal. At that point, it begins to tick out a short countdown before exploding, but if you raise the Staff of Osiris, the timer is extended giving you longer to move the ball into position. To move the time bomb without touching it, plant a remote bomb behind it. Raise the staff to extend the timer on the bomb. Then detonate your remote bomb to fling the time bomb down into the area near the bricked-up doorway. If it does not land against the bricks at first, use another remote bomb to nudge it closer. Then lower the staff to let the timer run out. The bomb will then explode destroying the wall. (screenshots)

If you don't care about the challenge, you can just grab the time bomb, roll it off the edge, and push it against the wall. Just be sure to hold the staff aloft while you do this (or have your co-op partner do it) so the bomb doesn't explode before you get it into position. If the bomb explodes before you break down the wall, another bomb will fall from the ceiling onto the round pedestal so you can try again.

Before moving on, be sure to blow up the cracked floor and smash the vases for gems and the vase challenge. You should have around 14/50 vases when you leave this area.

SPIKE PIT: Grapple the golden ring on the wall, swing across the spike pit, and jump down on the other side. (screenshot)

In co-op mode, have Lara or Carter stand on the pressure pad to reveal a grapple ring on the other side of the spike pit. Grapple the ring so the other characters can tightrope walk across. They can then stand on the second pressure pad on the other side of the pit to extend another grapple ring from the wall above the pit so the first character can swing across. (screenshot)

SECOND TIME BOMB AND RETRACTING GATES: Continue to an area with another bricked-over doorway, which you must destroy with a time bomb. Go downstairs to the right and pull the golden handle to open the gate made of spikes. When the handle retracts, the gate closes, so move through quickly. Destroy several skeletons as they arise. Then hop down into the area on the right, where you'll find another time bomb. If you're going after the time bomb challenge, do not touch the bomb! (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't care about beating the time bomb challenge, or if you are doing the 7-minute challenge and need to blow the wall open as quickly as possible, just follow the same basic steps using a combination of remote bombs and grabbing/rolling to move the time bomb.

Before or after attempting to blow up the crumbling wall, go after the MAX HEALTH UPGRADE hovering in the alcove. If you're trying not to touch the time bomb, place a remote bomb behind and to the left of it. Raise the staff to prevent the time bomb from exploding as you proceed. Then detonate the remote bomb to blast the time bomb across the room and into the alcove. Jump on top of it to reach the upgrade. Move away, lower the staff, and let the time bomb explode. Another bomb will then drop from the ceiling. (screenshots)

Now it's time to maneuver the time bomb up to the crumbling wall. Place a remote bomb behind the time bomb and a little bit to the right of it. Pull the golden handle to retract the spike gates on either side of it. Raise the staff and continue to hold it up as you go. Detonate the remote bomb to shift the time bomb to the foot of the stairs. Then use more remote bombs to propel the time bomb up the stairs and down to the wide gate made of spikes. Lara can't get through this gate, so drop a remote bomb behind the time bomb, run up the stairs on the right, and drop down near the first golden handle. Pull the handle to open the gate. Then detonate your bomb to move the time bomb farther to the left. Bomb it up the stairs and against the crumbling wall. Now you can lower the staff and let the bomb explode. (screenshots)

Meanwhile, a swarm of scarabs comes down the stairs on the left. If you like, you can try for the Challenge: Kill 4 Scarabs with a Single Bomb. I found this impossible in single-player, since you only get 2 scarabs at a time. Don't worry; there will be other opportunities. (screenshots)

Before leaving this area, make sure to light the various braziers and smash the urns for the vase challenge. You should have around 33/50 vases at this point.

CHASM WITH WOODEN LEDGES: Beyond the exploded wall is a chasm with 3 wooden ledges. These are collapsed when you arrive. Grab the wooden handle and turn it 360 degrees to raise the ledges. Release the handle and jump across before the ledges collapse again. (screenshot) In the co-op game, there are pressure pads here instead. Have one player stand on the first pad to hold up the ledges while the others cross. Then have someone else stand on the second pad, on the other side of the chasm, to hold the ledges so the first character can cross. (screenshot)

Before moving on, go after the red skull (2/5) hovering in the chasm by grappling the golden ring above and rappelling down to the skull. Climb up a bit, swing back and forth, and then jump to the ledge on the left. (screenshot)

SANDY STAIRS WITH ROLLING BALLS AND HEALTH SHRINE: Continue to the left, jump across the gap onto the staircase, and immediately run forward to the wall to avoid being hit by 2 spiky balls that roll down from the left. Climb up onto the ledge for some gems. (screenshot) At the top of the stairs is a small room containing a HEALTH SHRINE, which restores your health when you stand in it, plus several sleeping skeletons and a red skull (3/5). (screenshot) There are also some loose gems, a cracked floor, and some vases you can smash for the vase challenge. At this point you'll have around 36/50 vases.

Go down the stairs, staying close to the left wall to avoid the big hole. Bomb the cracked floor to get the gems underneath. Pick up some ammunition and enter the next room. The gate closes behind you.

SCARAB AMBUSH: In a brief cutscene, Set taunts you then unleashes a swarm of scarabs and flaming scarabs. This is a good place to try for the Challenge: Kill 4 Scarabs with a Single Bomb. Drop a bomb and stand near it until the swarm approaches. Then step off and detonate the bomb. (screenshot) If you succeed, you're rewarded with the VULNERABLE IRON RING OF REACH (Bomb Radius+, Defense-).

Kill the remaining beetles, smash more vases for the vase challenge, and collect the various goodies around the room. Then pull the golden handle to lower the bars in front of the alcove on the upper level. Before the handle retracts, step onto the tile with the Glyphs of Osiris and use the staff to raise a pillar from the floor. Jump over to the ledge, run/roll into the alcove, and grab the SHOTGUN before the bars close again. (screenshot) In co-op mode one player can stand by the alcove while the other pulls the handle. When you step on the pressure pad beneath the gun, the exit opens just to the right.

SPIKE PIT WITH GOLDEN RING ABOVE: There are a couple of vases for the vase challenge on the left just before the next spike pit. You should now have smashed close 50 vases. Grapple the ring and jump out over the spikes. Then swing to the left to get the red skull (4/5) before climbing the grapple cable onto the ledge. (screenshot) In co-op mode this area is set up the same. Have an archaeologist character grapple the ring so the other characters can tightrope walk across the pit. Then the archaeologist can get the skull and climb up.

Smash the vases near the column with the golden ring. At this point, you may complete the Challenge: Destroy (50) Vases in the Tomb and receive a MAX AMMO UPGRADE. If you're still a few vases short, don't worry; there are more ahead.

SQUARE PIT AND THIRD TIME BOMB: Several skeletons rise up and attack as you enter the next room. Watch out for the square pit in the middle as you fight. When the coast is clear, jump to the pedestal in the middle of the pit to retrieve another MAX AMMO UPGRADE. (screenshot) In the co-op game there is no pedestal; the upgrade is just floating above the pit. In the 2-player game, have one character grapple the golden ring so another can walk across the cable to get the upgrade. In 4-player, one character grapples another across the pit and a third charter crosses the cable to get the upgrade. (screenshot)

Next comes another time bomb sequence. You may want to do the smash-and-grab routine for gems and light all the braziers beforehand so you can see what you're doing. Then move down into the low area on the far right to find the time bomb. Again, if you are attempting the challenge, do not touch the bomb.

Keep the Staff of Osiris raised the entire time you're manipulating the bomb so it doesn't explode prematurely. Start by placing a remote bomb behind the time bomb and blasting toward the ledge with the square pressure pad. Then place another remote bomb under and behind the time bomb (roughly on the spot indicated by the black scorch marks on the floor) and use it to blow the time bomb onto the ledge with the pad. In co-op mode, if you plant 2 remote bombs behind the time bomb while it's still on the round pad, you can probably fling the ball onto the ledge in one blast. (screenshots)

When the ball lands on the pressure pad (or you step on it) the gate opens. In co-op mode, a bunch of enemies appear, including scarabs, flaming scarabs, and possibly some skeletons. Take care of them and go back for another time bomb if necessary. Now use remote bombs to maneuver the time bomb beneath the ledge on the right, taking care not to blast it into the pit. If that happens, you'll need to start over with another bomb. Blast the ball up onto the ledge, then over to the crumbling wall. Once it's in position, you can lower the staff so the bomb explodes, opening the way into the next room. (screenshots)

NOTE: As with the previous time bomb sequences, if you don't care about beating the challenge, or if you are doing the 7-minute challenge, just follow the same basic steps using a combination of remote bombs and grabbing/rolling to move the time bomb.

RETRACTING DRAWBRIDGE AND FOURTH TIME BOMB: Pick up as many of the 4 health packs as you need and advance toward the bag of gems. Lara correctly assesses that this is a trap as the gate closes behind you and the drawbridge you're standing on begins to retract. Shoot the Eye of Horus switch across the gap to raise a wooden ledge above. Then when a time bomb lands on that ledge, raise the Staff of Osiris to extend the block with the glyphs on it, pushing the bomb off the ledge onto the drawbridge where you're standing. If you are attempting the challenge, do not touch the bomb. Just stand at the outer corner of the drawbridge, lower the staff, and let the drawbridge retract until the bomb explodes against the crumbling wall. Then run through the opening. (screenshots)

NOTE: You won't know whether you have successfully completed the bomb challenge until you finish the level, but if you have not grabbed any of the four time bombs, you should have it.

WIDE STAIRCASE WITH ROLLING SPIKED BALLS: Run up the stairs collecting gems and jumping across gaps as you go and either avoiding the spiked balls or using remote bombs to blow them out of your path. The final red skull (5/5) is sitting on top of the third column in the middle of the stairs. In the single player game, run past it, turn around, then take a running jump from the flat spot on the stairs just above to grab the column. Pull up and take the skull. (screenshot) In co-op, one of the gods can extend the bubble shield so another character can reach the skull.

If you have found all 5 red skulls, you are rewarded with the WEAKENED IRON RING OF REACH (Bomb Radius+, Weapon Damage-).

Continue running upstairs, dodging hazards and jumping across gaps. There are a few more vases at the top in case you have not achieved the vase challenge yet. Go through the doorway to finish the level.

If you beat the time bomb challenge by completing the level without grabbing any of the bombs, you are now rewarded with the VULNERABLE IRON RING OF HASTE (Speed+, Defense-). If you beat the gold point challenge by scoring more than 75,000, you unlock the HAND CANNONS. If you completed the time challenge by finishing the level in less than 7 minutes, you receive an amulet: the IRON FIRE CROOK (Fire Bomb).

TREASURE ROOM: Lara and friends then enter an end-of-level anteroom, where they obtain OSIRIS'S MONUMENTAL RIGHT HAND. There are also gems, health packs, and ammo boxes to pick up, and various treasure chests. Like the chests in the Overworld, these have lights on top indicating which ones each character can afford to open (red for Lara, yellow for Isis, etc.) Approach each chest to see how much it costs to unlock. (screenshot) Press Enter/B/Circle to spend the gems you've collected to open that chest. You will thenRemember the more expensive chests yield better items. So you may want to wait until you have 1,000 gems to open the largest chest for a better reward. receive an item, like a ring or amulet, from inside.

When you're ready to return to the Overworld, stand on the circle with the golden glyph where you found the piece of Osiris and press the button indicated to exit. (screenshot)

NOTE: Once you've completed this level you can replay it at any time by re-entering it from the Overworld. You'll need at least two passes to complete the challenges, since it's impossible to achieve both the point challenge and time challenge in the same playthrough.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 12/28/14 - First draft of walkthrough posted.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to my co-op crew, Alonzorion (Isis), NathPlays (Lara), and ShotgunJen (Horus), and to Treeble for general support and advice. Thanks also to Omgarrett for the idea of using two remote bombs at once to move the third time bomb.

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