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  • Defeat Khepri in under 5:00 (High Powered Shotgun)
  • Dodge All Falling Meteors (Max Health Upgrade)
  • Dodge All of the Lava Fissures on Khepri's Ball (Max Ammo Upgrade)

Rings: none
Amulets: none
Weapons: High Powered Shotgun
Other: 1 Max Health Upgrade, 1 Max Ammo Upgrade

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is located inside the pyramid, which lies across the bridge to the east of Osiris's Shrine. The section for the Shrine of Osiris - third visit explains the transition from the Tomb of the Silversmith to this level.

STARTING AREA: The timer for the battle doesn't start until after the next cutscene, so you can take your time and adjust your gear. Equip one of your most powerful weapons (e.g., shotgun, bolt action rifle) and items that give you increased Weapon Damage and/or Rate of Fire. You may also want Fire Resistance, but doing the most damage quickly is paramount. Pick up more health and ammo in the entryway before heading down the stairs to confront Khepri.

KHEPRI BOSS FIGHT - PHASE ONE: Step onto the giant ball of dung. (Whee! I'll bet when you started playing you never imagined you'd fight a boss on a huge ball of poop!) The god Khepri, in the form of a ginormous scarab wearing golden armor, scrabbles up onto the ball in front of you.

In order to damage KHEPRI, you must first expose his weak spot. Plant a remote bomb near either of his claws. Then detonate it to release his grip on the ball. He will then rear up, exposing a glowing disk on his abdomen. Shoot it with your most powerful weapon and you should see his health bar decrease slightly. As you do this, try to avoid the round, glowing fissures in the surface of the dung ball. These cause heat damage and stepping in any of them prevents you from beating the Challenge: Dodge All of the Lava Fissures on Khepri's Ball. When Khepri hunches over and grabs the ball again, use another remote bomb on his claw to make him let go. Then continue shooting the vulnerable spot on his belly. Repeat this process until you've taken a third of his health. (screenshots)

My screenshots show the single-player game, but in co-op mode the battle works the same way. Fighting Khepri can be quite a bit easier, with one player bombing his claws and the others concentrating fire during the shooting phase. However, it is a lot harder to dodge hazards while standing crowded together on the ball. You may need to replay the level later in single-player to manage those challenges.

NOTE: If you make a mistake or if you step in one of the lava fissures, you can reload the last checkpoint from the pause menu.

Once you've knocked off a third of his health, Khepri retreats temporarily and the dung ball begins to roll. Keep moving in order stay on top of it and avoid the fissures. Several skeleton archers shoot little homing fireballs at you. Avoid them if possible so you can keep your power meter up, but don't fret if a few of them hit you. These are not the "meteors" in the challenge. We'll get to those in a bit. You can try and shoot the skeletons but, again, points don't matter for this level. (screenshots)

KHEPRI BOSS FIGHT - PHASE TWO: When the ball stops and KHEPRI climbs on again, he unleashes a few new attacks: He smashes the dung ball furiously with his claws, creating more round fissures, which you must avoid if you want to beat the lava fissure challenge. Health packs and ammo sometimes appear on the surface of the ball. Unless you're desperate, try to avoid the ones sitting inside the fissures. Meteors will also begin to strike. You'll need to avoid them all to beat the Challenge: Dodge All Falling Meteors. Yellow rings appear on the surface of the ball giving you a little advance warning so you can move out of the way. If necessary Lara can stand surprisingly low on the ball without falling off. Khepri will also occasionally spit fire. Avoid it if you can, since taking damage will prevent you from using your amulet's powers, but it won't stop you from beating the challenges. (screenshots)

When there's a break in the meteor showers, repeat the same tactic you used earlier: Plant a remote bomb near one of Khepri's claws and detonate it to make him release his grip on the ball and rear up. Then move in closer and shoot the glowing spot on his belly. Repeat this until you've taken his health down to one third. (screenshots)

Khepri retreats for a short break and the ball begins to roll once more. Again, pick up health and ammo as they move past you, but avoid the fissures and falling meteors if you want to beat the challenges. There are also more skeleton archers launching fireballs at you. As with the others, try and dodge them in order to keep your power meter up, but if they do hit you, it won't affect any of the challenges. (screenshots)

KHEPRI BOSS FIGHT - PHASE THREE: Finally KHEPRI returns to finish the fight. He uses all the same attacks as before—smashing with his claws and creating fissures, spitting fire, etc.—but now, between attacks, he also releases swarms of scarabs. Kill them quickly and continue your earlier tactics. Bomb one of Khepri's claws so he releases his grip on the ball. Then move in and blast his underside until he is defeated. (screenshots)

If you beat the challenges you'll receive your rewards as the ball rolls toward the exit. Dodging all of the lava fissures on Khepri's ball earns you a MAX AMMO UPGRADE; dodging all falling meteors, a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE; and defeating Khepri in less than 5 minutes, the HIGH POWERED SHOTGUN. When the ball stops, jump onto the staircase and exit the tomb.

TREASURE ROOM: Vanquishing Khepri, even temporarily, earns Lara and friends a CANOPIC JAR. (Again, did you ever think you'd get a fancy vase full of entrails as a reward for anything? Good job!) Explore the treasure room, pick up more gems and unlock a treasure chest or two if you can afford it. Then return to the golden symbol on the floor to go back to the Overworld.

NOTE: If you didn't beat all three challenges on the first try, you can replay this level at any time by re-entering it from the Overworld.

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