Stella's Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Walkthrough - For Windows PC (Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4


Updated: 12/28/14()

Point Challenges:
Bronze: 20,000, Silver: 30,000, Gold: 50,000  (Unlocks: Magnums)


  • Complete Tomb of the Silversmith in under 6:00 (Max Ammo Upgrade)
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls (Restricted Iron Ring of Protection)
  • Skewer 10 Scarabs on Spike Traps (Moonlit Iron Ring of Rage)
  • Kill a Large Shield Skeleton with Apep's Spitfire (Max Health Upgrade)
  • Defeat Apep in Under 3:30 (Iron Jeweled Fetish)

Rings: Restricted Iron Ring of Protection, Moonlit Iron Ring of Rage
Amulets: Iron Jeweled Fetish
Weapons: Magnums, Assault Rifle
Other: 2 Max Health Upgrades, 2 Max Ammo Upgrades

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

NOTE: In the walkthrough for the first level I attempted to note the location of every gem, breakable urn, etc. In later levels, I don't mention them all. So unless you're attempting a time challenge, stay alert. Try to kill every enemy, light every brazier, and break or blow up every destructible object, including vases, cracked floor tiles, sarcophagi, etc., for maximum score.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is located in the Khepri Amphitheater section of the Overworld, to the right of the arena. (screenshot)

STARTING AREA: Smash the urns and pick up the MAX HEALTH UPGRADE hidden in the corner to the left of the entrance before heading up the stairs. (screenshot)

FIRST MIRROR PUZZLE: This one is pretty simple. You must direct a single beam of light from the Staff of Osiris through all 3 Set's Marks at once. So stand on the left or right and shoot the beam toward the mirror on that side so the beam hits one orb, then the mirror, then the middle orb, then the second mirror, and finally the third orb. Hold the beam in place until the spheres dissolve and the gate opens. (screenshot)

SECOND MIRROR PUZZLE: As you enter this room, do not smash the jars at first. Use the ones in the upper corner to reach the red skull (1/5) hovering above. (screenshot) In co-op mode one character can jump on another's shield to reach it.

NOTE: If you're playing alone and miss the skull, you can reload the last checkpoint from the main menu, replay the level later, or run back to the entrance, go outside, and then re-enter the tomb to try again.

Now grab the handle on the rotating mirror and push it about 120 degrees counterclockwise, so the mirror's surface faces the column between 2 Marks of Set. (screenshot) Move behind either of the marks and direct the beam from the staff through the orb at the mirror. It should then reflect off the mirror, hitting the second Mark and destroying both so you can exit. (screenshot)

The 2-player version is the same. In 4-player co-op one of the Marks of Set is sitting on a column. Rotate the mirror so it faces the column between 2 Marks of Set. Then have one of the Egyptians hold his or her staff up to lower the column with the orb on it, while the other stands behind either of the marks and directs a beam from the staff through the orb at the mirror. It should then reflect off the mirror, hitting the second Mark and destroying both so you can exit. (screenshot)

ROOM WITH SCARABS, SPIKES, AND THIRD MIRROR PUZZLE: As you enter the next room, the gate closes behind you and a swarm of scarabs and flaming scarabs attacks. You can shoot them or try to lure them onto the retracting spikes for the Challenge: Skewer 10 Scarabs on Spike Traps. In order to do this, you'll want to avoid taking fire damage, so if you have an item that confers Fire Resistance, equip it now. Then just keep rolling around the room, letting the bugs chase you so the spikes can do their work. (screenshot) When you have killed 10 bugs this way, you'll receive the MOONLIT IRON RING OF RAGE (Rate of Fire+, Nighttime Only). Now finish off any remaining bugs with weapons or bombs.

After the fight, 2 Marks of Set appear, along with a glowing sphere, a square pressure pad, and a mirror that rises out of the floor when you step on the pad. First roll the sphere over to the left wall and use it to reach the red skull (2/5) hovering above. Then move the sphere onto the pressure pad to raise the mirror. Direct a beam of light from the Staff of Osiris through one of the Marks of Set toward the mirror so it is reflected through the second Mark, destroying both and opening the exit. (screenshots)

In the 2-player co-op game there is no glowing sphere. So have Lara jump on the Egyptian character's shield to reach the red skull. Then have Lara stand on the pressure pad to raise the mirror while the other character uses the staff to destroy the Marks, just as in the single-player game. (screenshots)

In 4-player co-op there is no glowing sphere and instead there are 3 Marks of Set. As in 2-player, use one of the Egyptian characters' shields so another character can reach the red skull. Then have one of the archaeologists stand on the pressure pad to raise the mirror while the two Egyptians destroy the Marks. One can destroy the left and middle Mark using the mirror, as in the single player-game, while the other shines a beam at the Mark on the right. (screenshots)

Exit through the gate that opens when you destroy the Marks of Set. Pick up the ASSAULT RIFLE on the way out. (screenshot)

SPIKE PIT: Ahead is a spike pit with a MAX AMMO UPGRADE in an alcove off to one side. In the single-player game, use the Staff of Osiris to raise a column in the pit. Keep the staff raised as you jump onto the column and from there to the upgrade, then back to the column and on to the far side of the pit. (screenshot)

In co-op mode instead of a column there is a pressure pad that when stepped on, reveals a grapple ring. Have one of the archaeologists stand on the pad and grapple the ring. Another character can then tightrope walk halfway across the cable and jump over to the upgrade. (screenshot) Then that character can stand on a second pressure pad in the alcove to raise a set of wooden ledges. These remain in place so everyone can cross the pit. (screenshot)

Stock up on ammo and/or health before heading upstairs to the next room.

SKELETON BATTLE AND FOURTH MIRROR PUZZLE: The gate closes behind you and you're trapped inside with a flaming skeleton warrior with a shield. More shielded skeletons and scarabs soon join the fight. The skeletons deflect most of your weapon fire with their shields, so you may want to run around, letting them chase you as you drop and detonate remote bombs in their path. The bombs damage the skeletons and also cause them to stumble temporarily, so they are vulnerable to guns or staff. In co-op mode one character can distract the skeletons while the other shoots them from behind. Just try to avoid the Marks of Set, since they will hurt you. There is more ammo in the middle of the room if you need it.

When you've killed everything that moves, smash the urns, light the braziers, and pick up all the goodies, as usual. There's a red skull (3/5) on a high ledge in the upper corner of the room. (screenshot) Just ignore it for now. You'll get it from the other side in a few minutes.

Now it's time for another mirror puzzle. In the single-player game there are 2 mirrors and 2 Marks of Set. Turn the left mirror just a few degrees clockwise. Turn the right mirror about a quarter turn clockwise. Then stand just to the left or right of the exit and use the Staff of Osiris to shine a beam of light so it goes through the first Mark, bounces off one mirror and hits the other, then is reflected through the second Mark, destroying both and opening the exit. (screenshot)

In the 2-player game there are 4 mirrors and 3 Marks of Set. Have Isis or Horus shine a beam while Lara arranges the mirrors. Start with the Egyptian character standing just to the right of the shimmering gate. Direct the beam through the nearest mark onto the mirror just beyond it. Then Lara can rotate that mirror so the beam crosses the room and strikes the mirror in the opposite corner. Lara can then run to that mirror and turn it so the beam reflects through Mark in the middle of the room onto the mirror in the lower corner. Lara can now go to the lower mirror and rotate it so the beam reflects diagonally across the room to the mirror in the top corner. After that, it's just a matter of turning that mirror clockwise slightly so the beam then passes through the third Mark. This completes the circuit and the Marks dissolve, opening the exit. (screenshot)

In 4-player co-op there are 4 mirrors and 3 Marks of Set, one of which is sitting on top of a column with Osiris's glyphs. Solve the puzzle just as you would the 2-player version, above, except that one Egyptian character will need to hold his or her staff aloft in order to keep the column retracted. Then the other Egyptian shines the beam and the archaeologists manipulate the mirrors. The basic configuration is the same. (screenshot)

STAIRWAY WITH HEALTH SHRINE: Climb the scaffolding to a landing with a HEALTH SHRINE and some gems, as well as a few more braziers, urns, and breakable bits of floor. In co-op mode there is no scaffolding. Instead, use the shield-and-grapple routine to get everyone up. Go around to the left to get the red skull (3/5) you glimpsed earlier from below. (screenshot) Then continue to the top.

On the wide walkway ahead, grapple the golden ring and lower yourself over the edge to retrieve another red skull (4/5). (screenshot) In the co-op game there is no ring, so one character will need to grapple another and lower her over the edge. Stock up on ammo if you need it and enter the large room ahead. If you haven't already done so, you may want to equip items that confer Fire Resistance.

APEP SNAKE BOSS BATTLE: The gate closes behind you and a huge snake, apparently a manifestation of the evil god Apep, bursts out of the floor. Fortunately APEP can't move freely, but he can bite anyone who gets too close, as well as turn 360 degrees and breathe fire. So you'll want to keep moving to avoid being toasted. You can't harm Apep directly, so you'll need to destroy the Marks of Set surrounding him by raising mirrors and sending a beam of light through all of the marks at once. Each time you destroy a the Marks, the boss takes damage. You'll need to repeat the process three times to defeat him.

There are also 2 Challenges for this area: Kill a Large Shield Skeleton with Apep's Spitfire and Defeat Apep in Under 3:30. It is possible to complete both challenges at once, but if it's your first time through you'll probably want to focus on the skeleton and replay later for the time challenge.

NOTE: The exact configuration of the Marks of Set may vary. That is, there are always the same number of Marks in each phase of the battle, but they may be arranged differently relative to the mirrors. For example, in the first phase, there will be 2 Marks but they may be on the left, right, near, or far side of the boss. (screenshots) So if you're referring to my screenshots, be sure to take into account the orientation of the Marks in your game in order to arrange the mirrors correctly.

APEP - PHASE ONE: Start by fighting off various regular and fire scarabs and avoiding Apep's spitfire as you work on destroying the first 2 Marks of Set. Note that the mirrors will protect you from the spitfire if you stand on the pad behind them. There are 4 square pressure pads, but only one of them will raise the mirror that you need. So roll the metal ball onto the pad between the 2 Marks. Then stand near one of the mirrors diagonally opposite the one that is raised. Shoot a beam from the Staff of Osiris through the first Mark at the mirror. It should then reflect off the mirror and hit the second Mark, destroying both and taking a third of the boss's health. (screenshots)

NOTE: In the co-op game the puzzles are exactly the same, but you can use your characters to depress the pressure pads instead of moving balls around.

Now fight off more minions—scarabs and skeletons of various types—while avoiding Apep's spitfire until the next group of Marks appear. The skeletons with shields can be hard to hit. Either shoot them from behind or use remote bombs to damage them and throw them off balance so you can finish them. You'll find health packs and ammo boxes scattered around the room should you require burn salve or bullets. (screenshots)

APEP - PHASE TWO: Soon 4 new Marks of Set appear surrounding the boss and 2 more metal balls drop from the ceiling, so you now have 3 balls. Move the balls onto the nearest 3 pressure pads to raise 3 of the mirrors. (It doesn't matter which ones.) Stand near the fourth mirror (the one that is not raised) and shine a beam through one of the Marks so it bounces off all 3 mirrors, destroying all 4 Marks in the process. Again, this damages the boss, taking another third of his health. (screenshots)

Before the last Marks appear, you must defeat a giant flaming skeleton which drops down on the left side of the room. If you are attempting the Challenge: Kill a Large Shield Skeleton with Apep's Spitfire, do not shoot or bomb the skeleton. Instead run around APEP, letting the skeleton chase you. Try to position the skeleton between your character and the boss, so that when Apep breathes a gout of spitfire, you can roll out of the way so it hits the skeleton. Meanwhile, various smaller skeletons appear as well. Shoot/bomb them and then turn your attention back to the big one. It takes a while, but if you're patient and just keep luring the skeleton into Apep's sights, eventually it will be destroyed and you'll earn a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE. (screenshots)

NOTE: In co-op mode there are several giant skeletons. You only need to destroy one with the spitfire to beat the challenge.

If you are attempting the Challenge: Defeat Apep in Under 3:30, don't waste time trying to defeat the big skeleton indirectly. Attack it aggressively, using remote bombs to stun it so you can then blast it with staff or guns. You must defeat it quickly so you can move on to the next part of the battle. (screenshots)

APEP - PHASE THREE: In the final phase, there are 3 Set's Marks, two surrounding the boss and one off to the side. (As with the first set of Marks, the arrangement may vary, but there will always be 3 Marks with one set away from the others.) Position 2 metal balls on the pressure pads farthest from the Mark that's off on its own. Leave the other 2 mirrors retracted. Stand near the retracted mirror that is farther from the third Mark. Direct the beam through the nearest Mark so it bounces off the 2 raised mirrors, striking all 3 Marks and destroying them...and APEP. (screenshots)

If you defeat Apep in less than 3:30, you'll receive the IRON JEWELED FETISH (Regenerating Ammo).

NOTE: There are actually 2 amulets in the game called "Iron Jeweled Fetish." The one you get for this challenge gives the Regenerating Ammo power. The other Iron Jeweled Fetish is a common amulet found in one of the treasure chests. It has the Treasure Hunter power (i.e., it increases the chances of gems dropping when you kill enemies or break objects).

Don't forget to pick up the last red skull (5/5) before exiting. It is hovering near the left wall. In the single-player game, use one of the metal balls to reach it. In co-op just stand on one of the gods' shields. (screenshot) Then exit through the far gate to finish the level.

If you completed the level in less than 6 minutes, you now receive a MAX AMMO UPGRADE. If you scored 50,000 points or more you will have already unlocked the MAGNUMS.

Beyond the level exit is another TREASURE ROOM where Lara and her buddies receive the WONDROUS LEFT HAND OF OSIRIS. (Yay!) You can also resupply with health packs/ammo and use your accumulated gems to open treasure chests. Again, you may want to wait until you have collected 500 or 1,000 gems so you can open the larger chests for better rewards. When you're ready to return to the Overworld, stand on the round tile with the golden glyph and press the button indicated.

NOTE: Once you've completed this level you can replay it at any time by re-entering it from the Overworld. You'll need at least two passes to complete the challenges, since it's impossible to achieve both the point challenge and time challenge in the same playthrough.

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