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Point Challenges:


  • Defeat Set in under 5:00 (Double Barrel Shotgun)
  • Knock 5 Enemies into the Central Pit (Max Ammo Upgrade)
  • Catch 5 Enemies in one Blast from a Beacon (Silver Ring of Abundance)
  • Run Between Set's Legs at Least Once (Max Health Upgrade)

Rings: Silver Ring of Abundance
Amulets: None
Weapons: Double Barrel Shotgun
Other: 1 Max Health Upgrade, 1 Max Ammo Upgrade

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The doorway into this level is located inside the pyramid on the upper level. See the Shrine of Osiris - eighth visit walkthrough for details. Once inside, head down the stairs to the round platform and use the Staff to close the Mark of Set. Doing so leaves behind a gas jet. Use your torch to light it. (Incendiary weapons don't seem to work here.) This raises a new set of stairs. Continue down to the next round platform, where AMMIT greets you with a big smile and a blast of fire breath. Destroy the Mark and light the gas jet there to drive her away. Then proceed down the next set of stairs to the main area, where OSIRIS confronts SET. (screenshots)

SET BOSS FIGHT - PHASE ONE: As the giants fight each other, they throw off blue and gold energy bolts, which you should try to avoid. Meanwhile, 3 Marks of Set appear and begin spawning various enemies. (screenshots)

There's nothing you can do to harm Set at this point. Before you can attack him, you'll first need to close the 3 Marks and ignite the gas jets left behind. The order in which you do this doesn't matter, but you must move fairly quickly since the Marks reactivate if you take too long. As soon as you've closed one of the Marks, immediately use your torch to light the beacon. Then quickly run/roll to the next Mark and do the same thing again. Repeat once more for the third Mark and beacon. You can drop and detonate bombs as you go in order to deter any enemies that follow, but the main thing is to destroy the Marks and light the beacons, since this will enable you to defeat Set. (screenshots)

The co-op game is basically the same, except SET is proportionally tougher, and there are more extra enemies at each stage. You might want to have some players concentrate on fighting while the others activate the beacons. (screenshot)

NOTE: While you run around lighting the beacons, you may want to check off the simple Challenge: Run Between Set's Legs at Least Once. See the challenge notes below for details.

Once all three blue beacons are lit, OSIRIS immobilizes SET, and he becomes vulnerable. Put a little distance between you and him, select your most powerful weapon, take aim, and fire continuously to do as much damage as possible. The Onyx Rocket Launcher is the best weapon for the task, if you have unlocked it. Otherwise, use the regular Rocket Launcher. (screenshots)

SET BOSS FIGHT - PHASE TWO: After you've taken about a third of Set's health, the 3 Marks reappear and you're attacked by a swarm of scarabs, along with various other enemies. AMMIT also returns, appearing randomly in each of the three corners and attempting to toast you with her fire breath. If you equip fire-resistance items and keep moving, you can effectively ignore her. Use remote bombs to deal with the bugs as you close the Marks with the Staff of Osiris and re-light the beacons with your torch. Again, if you take too long to light them, the beacons will go out and the Marks of Set will return, so you'll need to repeat the process. (screenshots)

NOTE: Phase two is a good time to attempt the Challenge: Catch 5 Enemies in one Blast from a Beacon. See the notes below.

When all three beacons are burning blue, Osiris once again immobilizes Set. Move to a safe distance and blast Set with the rocket launcher just like you did before. (screenshots)

SET BOSS FIGHT - PHASE THREE: When you've taken another third of Set's health, Osiris releases him, and the 3 Marks of Set reappear, along with a horde of larger, tougher enemies. AMMIT also crawls up onto the corners of the platform now and then. As in phase two, if you use items that confer fire resistance and don't stick around when she starts belching fire, you should be OK. (screenshots)

As in the previous phases, the main goal is to destroy the Marks and re-light the beacons, but you'll need to fight at least some of the enemies so you aren't overrun. Use remote bombs and your weapon(s) of choice, and be sure to pick up any health and ammo the enemies leave behind. You'll need these to survive the encounter and finish off Set. Equipping items that confer extra speed also helps, since this will enable you to outrun most enemies as you maneuver from beacon to beacon.

In the co-op game, two characters can concentrate on lighting the beacons while the other(s) fend off the enemies. Or, if there are 4 players, you can split up into two pairs of one archaeologist and one Egyptian. Each pair can light one beacon immediately, then one pair can light the third beacon while the other fights.

NOTE: Phase three is also a good time to attempt the Challenge: Knock 5 Enemies into the Central Pit. See the notes below.

Again, the order in which you light the beacons doesn't matter. If you take too long, the Marks will reappear and you'll need to repeat the process. Once all three beacons are lit, Osiris once again immobilizes Set so you can finish him off. Equip the rocket launcher and let him have it. When you've reduced his health bar to zero, it's GAME OVER!

BEATING THE VARIOUS CHALLENGES: If you're especially coordinated you may be able to complete all of this level's challenges in one go. I recommend doing everything but the 5-minute time challenge in one playthrough. You can take your time and get a feel for the battle mechanics without worrying about the time limit. Then go back for a second or third pass and defeat Set more quickly.

You can't beat the Challenge: Run Between Set's Legs at Least Once while he is immobilized by Osiris, so be sure to do that at some point while you're running around lighting the beacons. Once you've done it, a notification appears on screen and you receive a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE. (screenshot)

The Challenge: Catch 5 Enemies in one Blast from a Beacon is probably easiest in phase two, where you're pursued by a horde of scarabs. Let them swarm around you as you close one of the Marks of Set. Then when you ignite the gas jet—BOOM!—challenge done and dusted. This earns you the SILVER RING OF ABUNDANCE (Ammo Efficiency+, Bomb Radius+, Weapon Damage+, Rate of Fire+), which you may want to equip immediately. (screenshots)

The Challenge: Knock 5 Enemies into the Central Pit is the most time consuming. You should probably wait to attempt it until the third phase of the battle, when the most enemies appear. It's basically impossible to do with scarabs and the weaker skeletons, since remote bombs kill them rather than knocking them back. Mummies, exploding mummies, and lizardmen can withstand some damage, so they're ideal targets. Run/roll around the central pit, and when you see a cluster of enemies near the edge, drop a remote bomb just beyond them so the radius overlaps where they are standing. Then roll out of the way and detonate the bomb. The blast will hopefully knock at least one of them into the hole. If you're successful you'll see an on-screen update. You can also use the grenade launcher but it can be more challenging to direct the blast with a weapon, as opposed to remote bombs, while also moving around the platform. (screenshots)

You'll probably take some damage while attempting this challenge. If necessary, retreat to a clear area and shoot a few enemies. At least one should drop a health pack. Take your time and stay safe. There's no hurry; enemies will continue to respawn as long as you don't light the beacons. Once you've knocked five of them into the pit, you'll receive a MAX AMMO UPGRADE. (screenshots)

IMPORTANT: If you die while attempting the Central Pit challenge or complete it and then die before reaching the next checkpoint (i.e., actually defeating Set), your progress toward the challenge will not be counted. When the game reloads (at the beginning of phase three) you'll have to start over again.

If you're attempting the 5-minute Time Challenge, you'll probably want to concentrate on that and not worry about beating the other challenges in the same playthrough. Focus on closing the Marks and lighting the beacons then doing as much damage to Set as quickly as possible. Again, the Onyx Rocket Launcher is probably the best weapon for the task, followed by the regular rocket launcher. You'll still need to replenish your ammo before each assault on Set. Equipping an ammo-regenerating amulet is helpful, but only if you're able to avoid injury and keep your power meter maxed. Killing minor enemies should cause them to drop ammo boxes, but you'll need to strike a balance between saving time and replenishing your supplies. If you use the rocket launcher and don't run out of ammo, you should be able to defeat Set within the time limit. When you succeed, you'll receive the DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. (screenshot)

AFTER DEFEATING SET: After the final cutscene and credits, you materialize in another TREASURE ROOM, where you obtain a CANOPIC JAR decorated with Set's likeness. You automatically unlock the Osiris Statue outfit and the Bad...Doggy? achievement/trophy. As usual, you can explore the cavern, collect gems and supplies, and open treasure chests to obtain new items. When you're ready to return to the Overworld, stand in the circle with the golden glyph and press the button indicated.

You emerge outside the pyramid, the sun is shining, and all is well with the world. There are still things you can do in the game, however. Check out the Shrine of Osiris Post-Game section and the Sunken Chapel of Sobek walkthrough for details.

NOTE: Once you've defeated Set, you can replay this or any other level in the game by re-entering it from the Overworld. The first level, Pyramid of Osiris, which was previously inaccessible, is now open. You'll find it inside the pyramid on the lower level. (screenshot)

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