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Updated: 1/18/15()

NOTE: Normally a screen listing the various challenges for each level is shown before the level begins. For some reason, that doesn't happen with this one. You can view the challenges by pressing L on the keyboard or pressing Back/Select on the controller and then cycling through the Objectives/Map, Inventory, and Challenges screens.

Point Challenges:
Bronze: 40,000, Silver: 60,000, Gold: 100,000  (Unlocks: Automatic Pistols)


  • Complete Pyramid of Osiris in under 6:00 (Iron Spirit of Heb)
  • Collect 5 Red Skulls (Weakened Iron Ring of Khepri)
  • Free a Skeleton from its Sarcophagus (Max Health Upgrade)
  • Knock 3 Skeletons onto Spikes with Remote Bombs (Max Ammo Upgrade)
  • Destroy All (35) of the Tomb's Arrow Traps (Burned Iron Ring of Set)

Rings: Vulnerable Iron Ring of Strength, Weakened Iron Ring of Khepri, Burned Ring of Set,
Amulets: Iron Osiris's Flail, Iron Fire Flail, Iron Spirit of Heb
Weapons: Submachine Gun, Automatic Pistols
Other: 2 Max Health Upgrades, 2 Max Ammo Upgrades

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

STARTING AREA: Shoot the breakable jars in the area where the four characters are clustered and gather the gems that fall out. If you're playing as Lara in the single-player game or one of the Egyptian gods in co-op, select the Staff of Osiris to slice through multiple jars at once.

Gems, Points, Score Multipliers, and Point Challenges: Gems and points are tallied separately in this game. Gems carry over between levels and can be spent on useful items like rings and amulets. (More on this later.) Bronze, silver, and gold gems are worth 1, 3, and 5, respectively. The total value of the gems you've collected is shown near your character portrait whenever you pick up a gem. (screenshot)

Points only accrue during the current level. As you progress, racking up more points, you'll notice a score multiplier (x1.5, 2x, 3x, 4x) next to your character portrait. (screenshot) This increases the number of points from each gem, kill, etc. If your character takes damage, you'll lose the score multiplier. If your character dies, you lose some points from your accumulated score. If you achieve the Gold Score Challenge for a level, you'll receive a reward. In this level 100,000 points unlocks the Automatic Pistols. If you are not attempting the time challenges, try to explore thoroughly, kill all enemies, and destroy all breakable objects to get the maximum number of points. You'll probably need to play through each level at least twice—once for the point challenge, once for the time challenge.

Follow the walkway forward. Use Lara's torch or Carter's flare to light the 2 braziers. Doing so causes 2 square pillars to rise out of the floor. (screenshot) Braziers may also release gems, so be sure to light all of the ones you find as you progress. Smash more urns and pick up more gems in the areas off to the left and right, including several gems on the other side of a gap in the dark area on the far right. (screenshot) Then climb the square pillars to the upper level. Smash the vases there, gather more gems, and then use the Staff of Osiris to destroy Set's Mark, the yellow orb blocking the exit. This removes the shimmering forcefield across the doorway so you can move on. (screenshot)

GIANT EYE TRAP: When you enter this area, a huge mechanical eye rises out of the spike pit in the middle of the room and glares at you before launching a fireball. If possible, use the staff to shoot the eye before it can hurl the fireball. (screenshot) If it does manage to do so, try to dodge the fire and then shoot back. When you've blinded the eye, the gate on the left opens and the eye rotates clockwise. Hurry over to the left side of the room and shoot the eye once more. Each time you hit the eye, another gate opens, and the eye rotates a quarter turn clockwise. The fourth time you blind it, it is destroyed and all gates, including the exit remain open. In co-op mode, each player must stand on a pressure pad and wait for the eye to focus on them before blasting it. Otherwise the trap mechanics are about the same. (screenshot) Be sure to break all the urns—and in the co-op game light the braziers—for gems before moving on.

OPEN PLATFORMS WITH ANIMATED SKELETONS: After the next cut scene, several skeletons animate near the far wall. On the first playthrough you won't have much choice for weapons, but in single-player mode, the Staff of Osiris is better than pistols. Back away while firing so the skeletons can't reach you. (screenshot) When you've cleared the area, use the staff to destroy the Mark of Set hovering off to the left. This removes the forcefield over the alcove so you can claim the red skull (1/5) inside. (screenshot)

Stand on the square with the glowing green markings in the right corner and lift the staff to activate Osiris's glyphs, raising a pillar beneath you. Jump from there to the ledge ahead. (screenshot)

Fight more skeletons in the open room above. Light the braziers, break the urns, and pick up any stray gems. There is also a stone sarcophagus in the lower corner of this area. Plant a remote bomb next to it (Q/Triangle/Y), get out of the way, and then detonate the bomb (Q/Triangle/Y again) to destroy the sarcophagus. (screenshot) A skeleton may rise out of the rubble and you'll have to destroy it. This completes the Challenge: Free a Skeleton from its Sarcophagus, earning you a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE, which completely restores your health and increases the size of your health bar. In co-op mode, completing this challenge earns the upgrade for all players, not just the one who set the bomb. If no skeleton appears, don't worry; there will be other sarcophagi.

Grapple the golden ring on the ledge above and climb up. (screenshot) Then stand on the tile with the glyphs and use the staff to raise a pillar out of the floor. Jump from there to the next ledge. (screenshot) In co-op mode, have one of the archaeologists grapple the ring so the other characters can use the line as a tightrope to reach the ledge before climbing up him- or herself. (screenshot) Then have one of the Egyptians activate his or her shield so the other characters can jump on top of the bubble and climb up onto the ledge. (screenshot) Then the archaeologists can grapple the Egyptians and pull them up.

Kill the scarabs that emerge from the crevice at the base of the wall ahead. Then grapple the golden ring, rappel down the wall, snag the red skull (2/5), and climb back up. (screenshot) In co-op mode, one character can grapple another character and lower him (or herself) over the edge to get the skull.

To get out of here, grapple the golden ring on the high ledge, climb up, and step on the square pressure pad to open the gate. (screenshot) In co-op mode, Isis or Horus can extend a shield so another character can climb up to reach the pressure pad. There are also 2 more sarcophagi at the left end of the ledge if you want to try blowing them up for the skeleton challenge. Sometimes they also yield gems or a health pack.

WIDE STAIRCASE WITH FLYING ARROWS: Head through the gate and follow the on-screen tutorial which suggests rolling under the flying arrows. At the top, plant remote bombs on the cracked parts of the floor and blow them up to get the gems underneath. (screenshot) There are also a pair of sarcophagi and some health packs in the left corners.

Challenge: Destroy All of the Tomb's Arrow Traps. Approach the arrow traps (1-5/35) in the doorway from either side. Plant a remote bomb, move out of the way, and then detonate the bomb to destroy the traps. Repeat if necessary to destroy all 5 traps. There are more of these traps ahead. If you destroy all 35, you'll get a bonus. (screenshot)

There are also 2 sarcophagi in the next corridor. The one on the left is partially obscured by the archway. Destroy them both for possible gems and/or the "free the skeleton" challenge. (screenshot)

OPEN AREA WITH SKELETONS AND SPIKE PIT: In the next area, several skeletons appear. This is a good opportunity to start on the Challenge: Knock 3 Skeletons onto spikes with your Remote Bombs. Run forward and plant a bomb near either of the piles of bones at the edge of the spike pit. Try to position it so the bomb radius (indicated by the colored circle) just touches the edge of the bone pile. Then, when a skeleton jumps down from the ledge above, detonate the bomb to blow the skeleton into the spikes. If you're successful, you'll see an on-screen message: "1/3 Skeletons Skewered." You may be able to blast another skeleton into this pit, but don't worry if you don't manage. There will be other opportunities ahead. (screenshots)

More skeletons jump down from above, and scarabs swarm from ahead and behind. Destroy them all. Some may drop health packs. When the area is clear, light the braziers, smash the urns, and blow up the cracked floor for gems.

Grapple the golden ring above the spike pit and jump toward the wall to snag the MAX HEALTH UPGRADE. Continue holding the Grapple button as you climb up the wall to the next room. In co-op mode, the golden ring is on the right side of the spike pit. Have one of the archaeologists grapple it so the rest of the characters can tightrope walk across the cable to the other side. Then move over to the left side of the pit and have the character on the lower level grapple one of the characters on the upper level. Continue holding the grapple button and jump toward the wall, get the upgrade, and climb the cable to the top. The upgrade applies to all players, not just the one who touched the powerup. (screenshots)

SEALED DOOR AND MARK OF SET: Another one of Set's Marks appears ahead. Direct a beam of light from the Staff of Osiris toward the yellow orb to destroy it and open the exit. (screenshot) Move behind the 3 arrow traps (6-8/35) to set a bomb. Get out of the way and destroy them for the arrow trap challenge. You can also blow up the nearby sarcophagus at the same time. (screenshot) Light the brazier and smash the vases for gems before moving on.

Continue forward and down a flight of stairs. On the first landing you'll find a health pack for each character and the VULNERABLE IRON RING OF STRENGTH (weapon damage+, defense-). (screenshot)

To examine and equip rings, open the Inventory screen and select one of the 2 ring slots. (screenshot) Follow the on-screen instructions to equip rings. To remove a ring, either select a different ring to replace it or re-select the same ring to clear that that particular slot. Early in the game, most rings have both positive attributes and penalties. For example, the Vulnerable Iron Ring of Strength you just found increases weapon damage but reduces defense, meaning your character takes more damage when injured. Note that rings only affect your character; whereas amulets, which you'll unlock a bit later on, apply to all the characters in a co-op game.

SPIKE FIELD WITH SMALL PLATFORMS AND ARROW TRAPS: Bomb the cracked floor and break the urns for gems as you continue down the stairs to the next area, where you can finish up the skeleton/spike challenge. Hop across the gap at the upper right and place a remote bomb between the edge of the platform and the sleeping skeleton. Then jump back across to the larger ledge. Shoot the skeleton just briefly to wake it up without killing it. Then, when it comes fully to life (you'll see a flash of light) detonate the bomb to knock it into the spikes. If you're successful, you'll see an on-screen message showing how many skeletons you've destroyed this way. (screenshots)

In the co-op game, there are additional low walls in this area that prevent you from avoiding the flying arrows. To get through, the Egyptian gods can use their shields to pass through the arrows unscathed and then bomb the traps to make the area safe for the archaeologists. (screenshot)

NOTES: If you are replaying this level after beating the game, you will probably want to avoid equipping items that increase bomb power and radius. Otherwise, your bombs will destroy the skeletons instead of knocking them back. If this happens, you can go to the pause menu and choose "Reload Checkpoint" to try again. Next time, be sure to use un-enhanced bombs and position the bomb so only the edge touches the skeleton, and wait for it to fully animate before setting off the bomb, as shown in the screenshots.

There's another sleeping skeleton a little farther along. Hop over to its platform, plant a bomb between the skeleton and the arrow traps, so the edge of the bomb radius just touches the skeleton. Then hop back to the larger platform and shoot the skeleton just briefly to wake it up. Again, you'll see a bright flash of light when the skeleton animates. After the flash, detonate your bomb to knock the skeleton into the spikes. If you're still a skeleton or two short for the challenge, there are more of them just ahead. When you've destroyed 3 skeletons this way, you'll receive a MAX AMMO UPGRADE, which both refills and extends your ammo bar. (There are additional tips for this section on the page with the screenshots.)

Finish off the remaining skeletons that spawn when you're standing on the platform with the low, broken walls. Then hop over to the platform with the square tile decorated with Osiris's glyphs. Stand on it and raise the staff to extend a column so you can get the red skull (3/5) hovering above. (screenshot) Then jump over to the rightmost platform and step on the pressure pad to open the exit. (screenshot)

In co-op mode instead of hopping across wooden ledges to reach the pressure pad, one of the archaeologists grapples the golden ring so another character can tightrope walk over the spikes to the pad. (screenshot)

Before leaving, make sure you've smashed all the jars for gems and possibly health packs. Also blow up the 12 arrow traps (9-20/35) in this area for the arrow trap challenge. (screenshots) Destroying the traps also helps to get at the gems under the cracked floor tiles without taking damage.

ELEVATED WALKWAY WITH AMMIT BELOW: As you exit this room onto the walkway ahead, AMMIT appears in a cutscene. You can't fight her, so as soon as you regain control, run forward, jumping across the gap in the walkway. When the statue falls across your path, try to jump diagonally from the right side of the walkway to the left in order to clear the gap safely. (screenshot)

CORRIDOR WITH SPIKED ROLLERS: Set threatens the good guys, and the lighting goes all creepy and yellow as you enter this area, but unless you're attempting the time challenge, there's no hurry to get through. Take a running jump over the first of several spiked logs, roll under the two grouped together (screenshot), and then jump over the third. You can also bomb the sarcophagi leaning against the wall, but there doesn't seem to be anything inside.

ILLUMINATED SPHERES AND METAL CAGES: In the next area, light the braziers and jump across the small platforms in the chasm to get the gems there before solving the puzzle. Watch out for the spiked columns as you do this. Now move into the area to the left of the stairs, stand on the circle with Osiris's glyphs, and use the staff to raise a pillar from the floor. Jump from there to the nearest spiked pillar, then to the ledge with the illuminated metal sphere. Light the brazier and grab the gems. Then roll the sphere off the edge and drop down after it. Roll the sphere close to the second spiked column and use it to reach the red skull (4/5). In co-op mode, one of the gods can extend a bubble shield so another character can jump onto it in order to reach the skull. Otherwise this area is basically the same in both versions. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you miss the red skull in the single-player game, you can use the second illuminated ball to reach it; however, once you've placed both balls in the cages, you're out of luck and will have to replay the level to get the skull.

Once you have the red skull, roll the ball up the stairs and into one of the 2 round cages. Then go down into the area on the right to retrieve the second illuminated ball. Roll it up the stairs and into the second cage. This extends the drawbridge allowing you to reach your first weapon pickup: the SUBMACHINE GUN, which you retrieve from the rotting corpse of Nathan Drake! Follow the on-screen instructions to open your inventory and select one of the weapon slots to equip your new gun. (screenshot) If you're playing the Xbox or PC version, you'll also unlock the "Gotta start somewhere" achievement/trophy for this. (screenshots)

When you pick up the weapon, several flaming skeletons come across the bridge toward you (screenshot), while scarabs swarm from all directions. In the single-player game, once you've destroyed the skeletons with the SMG, you may want to switch to the staff to slice up the bugs. Bombs can also be useful against the swarms. Just take care to drop, run, and then detonate so you don't hurt yourself. Some enemies leave ammunition when you destroy them. After the fight, continue across the bridge and up the stairs.

BROKEN BRIDGE WITH SARCOPHAGI AND AMULET: Smash the vases and blow up the sarcophagi in the next area to release more gems and/or skeletons. The golden object floating above the sarcophagus at the end of the walkway is actually a pair of amulets: the IRON FIRE FLAIL (fire projectiles) and IRON OSIRIS'S FLAIL (scatter shot). (screenshot)

To examine and equip an amulet, open the Inventory screen and select the amulet slot. (screenshot) Follow the on-screen instructions to equip the amulet you want. To remove an amulet, either select a different one to replace it or re-select the same one to clear the amulet slot. To activate an amulet's abilities, collect gems and inflict damage in order to max out your power meter. You'll notice lightning flashing around your character's portrait when this happens. At this point all characters in your group gain the amulet's special abilities, not just the character wearing it. These powers remain in effect until the character wearing the amulet takes damage. So you could conceivably have 4 active amulet powers if you were playing a 4-player game and everyone's power meter was maxed.

For example, in this screenshot, I have the IRON FIRE FLAIL equipped in the single-player game. My power meter is maxed out, so Lara's staff shoots fire. In this screenshot, I am playing as Carter Bell (green circle). My power meter is not maxed, but since two of my companions' meters are, and each has a different amulet equipped, I have both fire projectiles and scatter shot.

SPIKED PILLARS WITH SKELETON ARCHERS: After sorting out your amulets, drop down into the low area on the right. Watch out for the rotating spiked pillar as you move around lighting the braziers, smashing the urns, blowing up the coffins, and destroying any skeletons that emerge. Gather whatever gems you can find. Then climb up on the ledge to the right and destroy the sleeping skeleton before it animates. (screenshots)

Step a little farther to the right to trigger a brief cut scene in which 2 skeleton archers appear on top of the spiked columns. More skeletons then rise up around you as you fight. Do your best to dodge the archers' fireballs as you take them down with your weapon of choice. The SMG works fine, as does the Staff of Osiris. When you've dealt with them, more skeleton archers appear, followed by a swarm of scarabs. If you can avoid taking damage, your amulet powers will help you defeat them more quickly. (screenshots)

After the fight, be sure to light all the braziers, destroy any remaining vases and sarcophagi, and pick up stray gems and other goodies. Then grapple the golden ring on the ledge above and climb up. In the co-op game, the golden ring is mounted on the wall above some spikes. Have Lara or Carter grapple it so the others can climb up safely. Then move to the left side of the ledge, so the character down below can grapple one of the ones above and climb up. (screenshots)

Light the brazier in case gems might pop out. Then stand on the green glyphs and use the staff to raise a square column from the floor. Jump from there to the next ledge. Move to the lower corner of this ledge and jump onto the column with the last red skull (5/5). Extend the next square column to reach the bridge above. (screenshot)

In co-op mode have one of the gods extend the blue bubble shield so another character can jump up to the red skull. (screenshot) Do the same thing again to get some of the characters onto the ledge. Then grapple the remaining characters up. Finally, use the Staff of Osiris to raise the square column to reach the bridge above.

If you have found all 5 red skulls, you will be rewarded with the WEAKENED IRON RING OF KHEPRI (explosive resistance, weapon damage-).

AMMIT PURSUIT ON BROKEN BRIDGE: Pick up a few gems at the left end of the bridge then head to the right. A cutscene ensues in which AMMIT, "Devourer of the Dead," "Eater of Hearts," etc., chases you along the bridge. If you've played Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, this will be familiar. Remember "Chompy," the giant anglerfish boss in the Jaws of Death level? You can't destroy Ammit, so you'll need to outrun her while avoiding the hazards on the course. There are also a few key pickups and challenge items along the way.

From the starting point, run/roll forward along the walkway, steering around the spiked columns. Just ahead are 4 sets of spiked rollers. Jump over the first, roll under the second, jump over the third, and roll under the fourth. Next comes a pair of moving spiked columns. Avoid them and head to the left. Set a remote bomb near the 3 arrow traps (21-23/35) and detonate it as you continue running. These count toward the arrow trap challenge. (screenshots)

If you can manage to snag a few gems along the way, by all means do so, but it's more important to go fast and stay alive. Rolling lets you move faster but can also make your character a little harder to control. So you may want to roll on the less dangerous parts of the course and run/jump when you need to avoid hazards.

Beyond the first set of arrow traps is another moving spiked column, followed by a hole in the floor with a spiked roller moving back and forth across it, then another moving column. Try to steer along the right side of the hole if possible, since just ahead on the right are the next 3 arrow traps (24-26/35) for the challenge. Destroy them as quickly as possible and move on. (screenshots)

Just ahead is a skeleton archer up on a pillar. If you're playing the single-player game don't bother trying to kill it. Just concentrate on getting the next power-up. Move onto the circle with the green glyphs and use the staff to raise a column from the floor. Now jump across the 4 moving columns to the fifth, where you'll find a MAX AMMO UPGRADE. If you're playing a co-op game, some players could go after the upgrade while others deal with the enemies. (screenshots)

Once you have the upgrade, jump down and run/roll along the right edge of the next hazardous area: a pit with holes in the floor and a moving spiked roller. Again, ignore the skeleton archers on the pillars and just run/roll forward between the columns and the right wall, then continue along the right edge of the next pit-and-roller hazard. Just beyond, on the right, are the next 3 arrow traps (27-29/35) for the arrow trap challenge. Plant a bomb next to them and detonate it as you go. (screenshots)

The next hazard has 3 spiked columns lined up in a shallow pit with 2 moving rollers. If possible, jump across the columns to avoid injury. Otherwise just try to avoid the rollers and get through quickly. On the other side, veer to the left to bomb the next 3 arrow traps (30-32/35) for the challenge. Next comes a shallow pit with 2 long rollers and a hole between them. If possible, run/roll along the outer wall as the roller moves away from you. If that's not possible, try to jump over the roller as you go, then continue forward. As soon as you jump out of the pit, run to the right to find the final 3 arrow traps (33-35/35) for the challenge. Set your bomb and keep running as you detonate it. If you manage to destroy all of the arrow traps in the level, you'll be rewarded with the BURNED IRON RING OF SET (cold resistance, weakness to fire). (screenshots)

You're almost at the end now. Try to avoid the gaps in the floor as you run toward the wall ahead. Grapple the golden ring above and climb up onto the ledge, where Ammit cannot reach you. In co-op mode there is a golden ring for grappling, but you can also use the Egyptian's shields as stepping stones for the other characters to reach the ledge. Then grapple the characters down below so they can climb up. (screenshots)

If you beat the gold point challenge by scoring more than 100,000, you unlock the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS. If you completed the time challenge by finishing the level in less than 6 minutes, you receive an amulet: the IRON SPIRIT OF HEB (Regenerating Health).

After the end-of-level cutscene, Lara and friends find themselves outside the Pyramid of Osiris in the OVERWORLD. This is a large hub area connecting the various levels. Follow the walkthrough by clicking "Next Area" below.

NOTE ON REPLAYING THE PYRAMID OF OSIRIS: There is no final statistics screen for this level. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature. Also, as you progress through the game, the other levels can be replayed at any time by re-entering them from the Overworld. This level is the exception. In the game Set controls the pyramid until the end of the game. Once you beat the game, you can then re-enter the Pyramid of Osiris and replay the level to clean up any challenges you may have missed the first time through.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 12/28/14 - First draft of walkthrough posted.
1/18/15 - Amended notes about the skeleton/spike challenge.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: My gratitude goes out to Meagan Marie and the team at Crystal Dynamics for letting me preview this game back in October and sending me a copy for review/walkthrough purposes on launch day. Special thanks also to my co-op crew, the wonderful Alonzorion (Isis), NathPlays (Lara), and ShotgunJen (Horus), and to Treeble for general support and advice. You guys are the best!

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