Stella's Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough - For Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Windows PC & iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch*

Throughout this walkthrough I use abbreviations for north (N), northeast (NE), southwest (SW), etc., to give directions. There is no compass in this game, but just to make it easier to navigate on screen, we'll assume north is up, west is left, east is right and south is down. Outdoor levels include a map screen in the Inventory in case you get lost. Also, we played using the medium combat difficulty setting so your experiences may differ slightly on a different setting.

*Although the PC, console and iOS versions are similar, there are significant differences in a few areas. This walkthrough covers the original version but may also be helpful to iOS users.

Level 9: Twisting Bridge (Two-Player Co-op)

Updated: 11/15/12()

For the single-player walkthrough, please see here.

Score Challenges: 190K, 210K, 250K (Bonus: Submachine Gun)

Reward Challenges:

  • Collect all 10 red skulls (Serpent Drum Artifact)
  • Navigate the twisting bridge in 6:00 or less (Mask of Itzli Relic)
  • Bomb the rolling fire (Health Powerup)
  • Knock the shield off a shield demon (Ammo Powerup)

Artifacts: Gold Lizard, Serpent Drum
Relics: Golden Knife of Itzli, Mask of Itzli
Weapons: High Power Single Shot Rifle, Submachine Gun
Powerups & Upgrades: 2 ammo, 2 heath

A complete list of artifacts, relics and weapons can be found here.

LEVEL ENTRANCE: There are health and ammunition pickups at the start, along with some gems and a barrel of TNT. Walkways lead off to the left, right and straight ahead. If you're not in a hurry, take a few minutes to explore each of the side areas. For the 6-minute Time Challenge, go forward (NE) and skip down to the "WIDE LANDING" section, below.

The path to the left (NW) is a dead end with some gems. If you hop across the gap in the walkway, several enemies, including an ogre, leap down upon you. Jump back across the gap and try to shoot them before they reach you. The ogre may drop health and/or ammo.

When you re-enter the starting area, a squad of man-sized enemies appear. Kill them all. Then, if you're after maximum points, return to the broken walkway to the NW to trigger the ogre and other enemies again. Shoot them and return to the start.

The path to the right (SE) leads down a flight of stairs, past some gems to a red skull (1/10). (screenshot) Another ogre and 2 regular enemies drop in. You can detonate the TNT at the corner of the walkway to do a little extra damage if you like. Pick up the health and/or ammo the ogre drops when you defeat it. Then return upstairs to the starting area.

WIDE LANDING: Head straight forward (NE) away from the starting area. At the bottom of the stairs is another open area with several TNT barrels and urns. A long-haired ogre and several other enemies converge. You may be able use the TNT against them. Just take care not to injure each other. When the coast is clear, pick up health/ammo from the ogre, and more health, ammo and gems in and around the urns.

Follow the short walkway to the SE. Have Lara grapple Totec and lower either him or herself down to the red skull (2/10) floating below. (screenshot) Climb back up and go to the NW onto a dead-end walkway with a TNT barrel and more gems. Then return to the open area.

ROTATING CORNER: This time, go forward (NE). Beyond the next gap is an L-shaped wooden platform with a bull's-eye switch on it. (This is the "Rotating Corner" indicated on the level map.) Shoot the target twice to turn the ledge so one end of the L points toward the ledge you're standing on and the other points toward the walkway to the (NW). (screenshot) Jump over there and follow the walkway to the end. Here you'll find the entrance to the FIRST CHALLENGE TOMB.

NOTE: The tomb entrance is shown on the level map just above and to the left of the rotating corner. (screenshot) If you're attempting the Time Challenge, skip this tomb, rotate the corner so one end points to the right (SE) and continue that way. Skip down to the section titled "CLEARING WITH HEALTH SHRINE" (below).

FIRST CHALLENGE TOMB: Collect a few gems outside and then enter the tomb. Roll the huge ball into the corridor on the left side of the room. Now move to the edge of the spike pit on the right and have Lara grapple the golden ring on the far side. Totec can then walk across, snagging another red skull (3/10) in the process. Before hopping down on the other side, he should shoot the bull's-eye target off to the left to flip it from green to red. This opens and closes the two gates near the ball. (screenshots)

Once Totec is safe on the far side of the room, he should come around to the left, grab the ball and roll it onto the pressure pad near the relic alcove. This raises a wooden ledge above the spike pit. Lara should grapple the ring once more so Totec can jump back onto the cable. He should then walk almost all the way across toward Lara as she sidesteps to the left as far as possible. This brings the cable closer to the wooden ledge. Totec can then jump from the cable onto the ledge and from there to the stone ledge with the bull's eye. (Again, check the screenshots if necessary.)

Totec should then plant a bomb near the bull's eye, hop back over to the cable, and without detonating the bomb, shoot the target once more to flip it from red back to green. (You can also shoot the target before planting the bomb if that's easier.) Once the bomb is in place and the target is green, Totec should cross the cable to the far side of the room once more. Lara should now move into the corridor between the two gates. Then Totec should detonate the bomb to flip the bull's eye once more, closing and opening the gates so Lara can get through.

Each character can now pull one of the golden handles flanking the relic alcove. This opens the gate so you can claim the Golden Knife of Itzli Relic (Power Shot and Power Bomb). Once you have the relic, all gates remain open, and you can return upstairs and outdoors.

Jump back onto the rotating corner and shoot the target twice to rotate the L so one end points to the right (SE). (screenshot) Jump over to that area and head down the stairs.

NOTE: This is the open area shown on the level map below and to the right of the rotating corner. (screenshot)

CLEARING WITH HEALTH SHRINE: Grab the HIGH POWER SINGLE SHOT RIFLE sitting in the clearing (screenshot) and take care of several enemies. Pick up gems, health and ammo, and use the HEALTH SHRINE if you need it.

Go up the steps onto the terrace in front of the small building. Grab the gems and ammo. Then have Totec use his shield or plant a spear in the wall so Lara can reach the hovering red skull (4/10). (screenshot) Step on the 2 pressure pads to open the door and go in.

DUNGEON ROOM WITH PILLARS AND TILED FLOOR: As you enter this room, a message is displayed about a Reward Challenge: Knock the shield off a shield demon. When you move out into the room (surprise!) a shield demon appears. This new enemy type is basically an ogre dressed up with a big shield. To remove the demon's shield, equip the grenade launcher and lob a grenade at him from a safe distance. (You can also use a remote bomb, but it may take several attempts.) Destroying the shield earns you an AMMO POWERUP. Then you can finish off the demon with any weapons you like. (screenshot)

As you fight the demon, more enemies join in, including a few skeletons and shamans. When you've killed the first shield demon, another demon jumps down from above. Defeat him just as you did the first: use a grenade or bomb to destroy his shield, then guns or spears to finish him off. Don't forget to bomb the skeletons' remains so they don't reanimate.

The various urns here contain 4 health packs and 4 boxes of ammo. The demons also drop health and/or ammo when they explode.

Afterward, go to the NW corner of the room and have one character stand on the first of the 3 pressure pads to raise the first of 3 collapsing wooden ledges nearby. The other character can then hop up onto the ledge. As the first character moves onto the second pad, the other character needs to jump quickly onto the second ledge as it rises and the first collapses. Repeat with the third pad and ledge. From there, the second character can climb onto the solid ledge then into the room above. He or she can then move around to the left and use the grapple to pull the other character up from below. (screenshots)

Walk out along the narrow ledge on the NW wall to collect some gems and an AMMO UPGRADE. Then return to the room on the right and pick up 3 boxes of ammo, some inside the breakable urns. (screenshots)

The exit from this room is on the NW wall. To open it, begin by having one character stand on the pressure pad on the right to raise the first of 2 wooden ledges to the NE. The other character should then jump onto this ledge and move to the top corner. As the first character moves onto the left pad, the other character needs to jump quickly onto the second ledge as it rises and the first collapses. He or she can then pull the handle to open the exit. As soon as you release the handle, it begins to retract. You must now move quickly to reach the door before it closes. The first character should move back onto the pad on the right. The second character must then jump back onto the first ledge as it rises and the other ledge collapses. Now jump back down to the floor and run through the exit before it closes. If you don't make it in time, you'll have to pull the handle and try again. (screenshots)

TWISTING BRIDGE: You emerge outside on a new section of the bridge. Follow the stairs and walkways up and around to the NE. You'll encounter 2 skeletons and 2 shamans on the way. There's a barrel of dynamite in one corner that you can shoot to damage enemies, as well as more ammo a bit farther along.

FIRST ROTATING PLATFORM: Follow this walkway around to the NW end. Jump across the gap onto the wooden platform. Cross over it and jump to the next stone walkway. Step on the 2 pressure pads to open the wooden barrier ahead, as well as raising and rotating the wooden platform you just crossed. This is "Rotating Platform 1" on the level map. (screenshot/map detail)

Continue under the wooden barrier to the NW. As you step down into the open area ahead, a shield demon appears on the stairs behind you. Again, use a grenade to remove its shield if you can. This will make fighting it much easier. Several other enemies, including some skeletons, emerge all around. There's a cache of TNT on the terrace. You may be able to lure some enemies up here and then detonate it, but I prefer fighting out in the open.

Afterward, pick up health/ammo from the demon, as well as health, ammo and gems lying in the clearing and underneath the TNT. Then pull the handles on the terrace to open the door and go inside.

FIRST CAVERN WITH WOODEN PLATFORMS: Hop across the smaller wooden platforms to the larger one to the NW. When you land there, several enemies appear, including 2 shamans and a skeleton. Shoot them before they do too much damage and destroy the skeleton's bones with a bomb. The urn here contains ammunition if you need it. (These screenshots show how to navigate the whole room.)

To reach the red skull (5/10) on the platform to the north, shoot the bull's-eye switch to the right of it. This raises the folding platform between the target and the large platform you're standing on now. Jump over to the skull. Jump back to the folding platform, then to the one with the bull's eye to collect gems. Then return to the large, square platform.

Jump to the next small platform to the SW. From here, Lara can grapple the golden ring off to the left (NW) and Totec can walk across the cable to it. Totec should hop down onto the round pressure pad. Standing on it raises the 3 folding platforms to the SE and SW. Lara can now jump across the first folding platform onto the large, square platform beyond it. When Lara lands there, several enemies appear, including 2 skeletons here and another enemy off to the NW. Totec can help shoot, but he should remain on the round pad for now. Use the barrel of TNT or your own remote bombs to destroy the skeletons so they don't reanimate.

As Lara continues across the folding platforms to the NW, 2 shamans spawn on the solid platforms, one ahead and one behind. Take care of them. When Lara reaches the solid platform to the NW, another skeleton appears. Kill it and bomb its bones as you have the others. Smash the urns for health and ammo.

Totec should then throw a spear into the wooden wall on Lara's platform so she can reach the red skull (6/10) and gems on the ledge above. (Again, check the screenshots if necessary.)

Lara should then hop over to the platform with the circular pressure pad just to the right (E). This raises the folding platform to the NE of Totec's position. He can then climb up past the golden ring, jump onto the folding platform and then jump from there to the solid platform to the left. Two shamans now appear. Each character can deal with one of them.

Afterward Totec should jump down onto the round pressure pad on his left. This raises the folding platform between him and Lara. She can then jump over to Totec's location. Now both can jump back to the larger platform and head up the stairs. Jump the gaps and pick up some gems on the platform with the TNT barrel. Then head to the right (SE) and up the stone steps to the exit.

TWISTING BRIDGE: You emerge outside on a new section of the bridge near the entrance to the SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB. This is the building in the northern corner of the main area on the map. (screenshot/map detail) Head down the stairs and around the corner to the gap in the stone railing on the left. Spear or shoot the shaman who appears on the wooden platform, and fight a few skeletons and other enemies that attack on the bridge. Jump over to the platform where the shaman was. Have Totec throw a spear into the outer wall of the tomb so Lara can climb onto the roof to get a red skull (7/10). Drop down and enter the tomb. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're attempting the Time Challenge you'll want to skip the challenge tomb and continue along the walkway to the SECOND ROTATING PLATFORM.

SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB: Advance along the middle of the corridor between the pounding blocks. These are similar to the ones in the Forgotten Gate level. If you observe carefully, you'll notice that after the blocks open, some of them start to quiver just before they slam shut.

Here's the sequence: Begin by running forward and stopping between the 4th and 5th sets of blocks as the ones behind and ahead close. As soon as the 6th and 7th re-open, run forward to stand between them, as the blocks ahead and behind close. After those blocks re-open, move forward. The 10th and 11th sets open in front of you, then the 9th, 10th and 11th quickly close, so move back between the 7th and 8th. When the 9th, 10th and 11th re-open, move forward and stand between the 10th and 11th as the blocks behind you close. You can now glimpse the Gold Lizard Artifact (+ bomb) beyond the next 2 sets of blocks. When they open, run forward and take the artifact, along with a few gems. All of the blocks behind you then re-open, allowing you safe passage back to the start. (These screenshots and video walkthrough show the single-player version, but the co-op game is identical.)

Return upstairs and outside to the main area. Jump from the doorway to the square, wooden platform then to the bridge. Follow it around to the NE, jumping across a gap and grabbing some ammo along the way.

SECOND ROTATING PLATFORM: Follow this walkway to the SE end and jump another gap to land on the wooden platform ahead. Cross over it and jump to the next stone walkway. Step on the 2 pressure pads to open the wooden barrier ahead, as well as raising and rotating the platform you just crossed. This is "Rotating Platform 2" on the level map. (screenshot/map detail)

Continue under the wooden barrier to the SE. Fight a couple of shamans near the TNT barrel. Take the health pack at the corner and continue downstairs and through the doorway.

SECOND CAVERN WITH WOODEN PLATFORMS: Pick up a few gems near the entrance. Then jump over to the large platform to the SW. Continue SW onto one folding platform then another. Jump from there to the platform with the bull's-eye switch. Shoot the target to raise the folding platform with the red skull (8/10) and collapse the others. Jump over to get the skull. Then return to the bull's eye. (screenshots)

Leave the target as it is (with the green side showing) and jump onto the platform to the SE, then to the one beyond it to the SW. Move to the left corner of this platform, shoot the target again to flip it from green to red, and quickly jump onto the next platform to the SW as it rises and the one you were standing on collapses. There's another red skull (9/10) on the next folding platform to the north, which is collapsed. Shoot the target again to flip it from red to green. Quickly jump onto the platform with the skull as it rises and the one where you were just standing collapses. (Alternatively, you could make your way across from the target to the red skull via the platforms to the NE.)

Move to the bottom edge of the platform where you found the skull. Shoot the target once more to flip it from green to red. Then quickly jump back onto the platform to the SE as the previous platform collapses. From here, you can jump over to the large, square platform with the urns. Smash them to get 3 ammo and several gems. As long as you don't step on the NW edge of the platform (outlined in one of the screenshots) you can move about freely without triggering the next set of enemies.

Shoot the target way off to the NE again. Jump across the 2 platforms to the SE to find a HEALTH UPGRADE. Then return to the large, square platform where you smashed the urns.

Move over to the NW edge of the platform to trigger the appearance of 2 shield demons, along with a few minor enemies. You can fight them here if you like or jump back onto the previous folding platform. The enemies will not follow, and you can shoot them from safety. (Again, check the screenshots if necessary.) Alternatively, when the shield demons appear, jump down into the room on the left to fight them.

DUNGEON ROOM WITH PILLARS AND TILED FLOOR (again): The room below on the left is actually the area where you first encountered the shield demons earlier. Any supplies you didn't take then should still be available. When you hit the floor, several other enemies join the fight, including a third shield demon, plus several shamans and skeletons. If you're going for the 6-minute Time Challenge or just aren't interested in racking up points, just run through the exit to the SW. Otherwise, keep fighting, and pick up more health/ammo if you need it. Once you've cleared the room, exit to the SW.

CLEARING WITH HEALTH SHRINE (again): When you step down into the area where you found the HIGH POWER SINGLE SHOT RIFLE earlier, several enemies attack. Among them are 3 skeletons. Shoot them and blow up their remains as usual.

Return up the stairs to the NW and jump across the gap onto the ROTATING CORNER with the bull's-eye switch. When Lara and Totec land there, a brief cut scene shows the final wooden barrier rising. This is the path to the exit.

If you followed this walkthrough, the rotating corner should already be in the correct position, but if not, shoot the bull's eye to turn it so you can jump onto the stairs to the NE. (screenshot) Climb to the top and jump across the wide gap beyond the wooden barrier onto the FIRST ROTATING PLATFORM. A pair of shamans and several other enemies attack. Try using Totec's shield to reflect the shamans' energy bolts while Lara takes care of the grunts. (screenshot) Then jump across to where the shamans were standing.

Two more shamans appear ahead, and a skeleton and several regular enemies jump down from above. Kill them and smash the urns for 2 health packs and some ammo.

Before leaving this ledge (i.e., the stone section between the FIRST and SECOND ROTATING PLATFORMS), have Totec throw a spear into the broken walkway above on the left (NW). Then raise his shield. Lara can jump onto the shield, then the spear, and finally the walkway itself. Here you'll find the final red skull (10/10). (screenshot) If you found the others as well, you'll receive the Serpent Drum Artifact (+ bomb, + speed). Lara should then hop back down to rejoin Totec.

Continue NE onto the SECOND ROTATING PLATFORM. A few more enemies attack, including a 2 skeletons and a long-haired ogre. By now you should be able to put them down pretty quickly. The ogre drops health/ammo. Afterward, jump over to the foot of the staircase to the NE.

GIANT STAIRCASE WITH ROLLING BOULDERS AND FIREBALLS: At the foot of the stairs there are 3 health packs and a big urn with some ammo inside. I guess Xolotl wants Lara and Totec to be in top form when they tackle his next fiendish trap. ;)

Start up the staircase to trigger a cut scene: large balls, some of which are on fire, begin rolling down toward you. One of the fireballs hits a barrel of TNT, setting it off and igniting the fuses connected to the other barrels of dynamite positioned at intervals along the stairs. When they explode, the bottom of the staircase is destroyed.

As soon as you regain control, start running up the stairs, avoiding the rolling obstacles as much as possible and keeping ahead of the explosions that knock out each section of the stairs behind you.

This is also the site of a Reward Challenge: Bomb the rolling fire. To do this, drop a bomb in the path of one of the fireballs and detonate it just as the fireball passes. You must do this three times to earn the reward: a HEALTH POWERUP. (screenshots)

Continue to the top of the stairs, gather the last few gems and run through the exit.

If you finish the level in less than 6 minutes, you'll beat the Reward Challenge and receive the Mask of Itzli Relic (Power Shot, Health and Ammo Regeneration).

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UPDATE HISTORY: 11/15/12 - Co-op version posted. For complete update history for this level, see the single-player version.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to both Treeble and my awesome son, Max, for helping with this co-op walkthrough.

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